Amanda and Me Ch. 03


The feel of her cock against me brought my mind back to her intense grinding. I had the sudden urge to taste her cock so I took my mouth from hers and began to slide my body down. I almost instantly regretted the decision as her finger slipped from my ass but I was focused on her hard cock that now pressed against my stomach. Continuing my downward motion I stopped only when my eyes were level with her panty-covered cock.

Running my fingers over the large bulge in her sexy black panties I was amazed that such a small piece of fabric could contain such a large surprise. Hooking the top with my fingers I pulled her panties down and her beautiful eight inch cock sprang into view. Was it bigger than last time or was I just so close that it looked bigger? Not caring what the answer was I opened wide and took the head in my mouth.

Amanda let out a gasp as my mouth closed around the head of her cock. Looking up I made eye contact with her as I slowly slid more and more of her huge cock into my mouth. I felt her cock touch the back of my throat and I held it there for a few seconds before sliding my mouth back up. Lubricating the length of her cock with my saliva I began a steady up and down motion on her cock.

As the slurping noises of me sucking Amanda's cock grew louder I heard an echo of those sounds coming from the TV. In my lust for Amanda I had completely forgotten that the TV was even on but glancing over I saw a very similar scene to the one I was engaged in. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that the woman onscreen had a cock but I was. Masking my momentary surprise I continued my rhythmic sucking of Amanda's cock as the guy in the video did the same to his shemale partner.

"Getting any good tips?" Amanda purred as she saw me watching the video. In answer I tried to copy the guy in the video by tickling the back of her cock head with my tongue and making eye contact with her as I bathed her cock in my warm breath. Her answering moan and the tightening of her hand in my hair told me that I was in fact getting some good tips.

Turning back to the TV I continued to watch the video as I sucked Amanda's cock. The guy looked like he knew what he was doing so I tried to follow along as he continued sucking. First he took the entire shemale's cock in his mouth and although I couldn't manage the same feat I came close. Then he sucked on each of her balls one by one as he continued stroking her cock. Following along Amanda moaned her approval each time I followed the guy on the video. After about five minutes of sucking the guy finally stood up and started kissing his shemale.

"I think we better continue following along" Amanda said with a smile on her face. "We wouldn't want to be left out of anything."

Standing up I helped Amanda up and then glanced at the TV to see that I should be helping her remove the rest of her clothes. I pulled her shirt over her head and then reached my arms around her to undo her bra. I couldn't help myself being that close to her and I kissed her as our bodies pressed together. Hooking her fingers in the top of my boxers she slid them all the way down as her tongue attacked mine. Stepping back so she could quickly remove my shirt I took another quick glance at the TV and smiled when I saw the guy was now naked and bent over the porch railing.

"Hmmm, that's looks like a good idea" I said as Amanda grabbed my arm and practically dragged me around the couch. "Over the back of the couch?" I asked as I started to lean that way.

"Yes please" Amanda giggled as she reached over the couch and grabbed her purse. Pulling out a small bottle of lotion she squirted some in her hands and began rubbing it on her cock. I put my elbows on the back of the couch and arched my back so my ass was pointing directly at her. Standing behind me Amanda rubbed the lotion on my crack and then used her index finger to prepare my hole for penetration.

"What an amazing view!" I looked back to see Amanda stroking her cock and staring at my lubed up hole. "I've been thinking about this all day." I smiled as I realized she wasn't the only one.

Leaning forward Amanda lined her cock up with my hole and began a slow and steady push. Pushing my ass back towards her I felt her rock hard cock head pop into my ass and then slowly slide further in. We moaned in unison as her cock continued to slowly push deeper and deeper into my ass. Placing her hands on my hips she slowly eased the rest of her cock in until she bottomed out.

Letting out a huge contented sigh Amanda slowly began pulling her cock back out. Gripping the top of the couch with one hand I reached back between my legs and slowly began stroking my cock as Amanda slowly slid her cock in and out of my ass. Bending my knees a little more to rock back and forth with the rhythm of her thrusts I reveled in the sensation of having my ass penetrated by Amanda again.

Once again hearing an echo from the TV I lifted my head to see the guy getting penetrated in the same standing, bent-over position I was in. Taking my hand from my own cock I emulated the video by placing both my hands behind me on my cheeks and spreading them. I heard Amanda giggle and then felt her hands tighten on my hips as she began penetrating me with longer, harder strokes. The harder thrusts caused me to close my eyes and moan at the wonderfully heightened pleasure. Arching my back and spreading my cheeks as much as I could I smiled as I heard Amanda moaning and panting with every thrust.


My eyes shot open and my head whipped towards the door as the unfamiliar feminine voice boomed through the apartment. Standing inside the front door was a short, pretty woman about my age wearing a tight fitting black dress and high heels. She took in the scene with a shocked look on her face and I was so stunned I couldn't move. I heard Amanda intake a quick breath as she stepped back, pulling her wet, throbbing cock from my ass.

"Kim..." Amanda breathed uncertainly, "I thought you said you wouldn't be home until late." While Amanda's voice has started quietly she finished the word "late" in an almost accusatory fashion. Recovering myself enough to stand up straight, I tried to edge my way down the couch to give me some cover from Kim's now thoughtful look.

"Unfortunately my date didn't go as well as I had hoped," Kim said. "Clearly yours did." Kim's face was beginning to take on a decidedly amused look as I glanced at Amanda to figure out if I should run and hide or just continue my uncomfortable dance to cover myself in clear view.

Amanda placed her hands on her hips and ignored our nakedness. "You should have knocked Kimmy, you knew I had a date tonight."

Looking back to Amanda, Kim said defensively "I didn't think I had to knock at my own apartment." Swinging her eyes back to me she smiled and added, "besides, you didn't tell me he had such a sexy ass." Glancing down at my backside pointing towards her I turned my body only to have my still hard cock bounce into her view. She continued smiling as my face went beet red.

Glancing at me Amanda asked if I could please go into her room and give them a minute to talk. Thankful for the chance to cover myself I scurried around the couch and scooped up my clothes as I practically ran towards her room. Looking back when I got to the door I saw two sets of eyes and two smiles watching my naked behind as I pushed open the door and scooted into Amanda's room.

Shutting the door behind me I sat on the edge of Amanda's bed with my clothes in my lap and tried to process what had just happened. I still couldn't believe her roommate had walked in on us having sex. And not just having conventional straight sex but having anal sex where I was the one being penetrated. My first thought was that getting caught being fucked in the ass should make me so embarrassed that I would never be able to look Kim in the eye again but I guess I was more comfortable with my sexuality than I thought because that really didn't bother me, I was really only embarrassed by being caught off-guard and naked.

Amanda certainly wasn't embarrassed. In fact, after her initial shock she seemed to be much more upset with Kim for interrupting than Kim was for having walked in on us. Strange as it seemed to me, Kim only seemed to be upset for a second but then she seemed almost amused! She must have been babbling though when she said I had a sexy ass. Did she really say I had a sexy ass? Wow, I can't remember ever being treated like a piece of meat before. I laughed to myself as I thought that it felt good to be seen that way for once.

I was pulled out of my thoughts as the door opened and Amanda walked in carrying her clothes. "Sorry about that sweetie, Kimmy can be so rude sometimes." Closing the door and tossing her clothes into the hamper in the corner she sat down next to me on the bed, pressing her naked body against mine and sliding her arm around me.

"It's no problem," I said sheepishly, "she just surprised me. I've never actually been caught in the act before." I forced a small laugh.

Amanda laughed out loud. "Me either. But don't worry about Kim, she was just bitter because things didn't work out for her tonight." Leaning over to lightly start kissing my neck she continued, "ever since things didn't work out with her ex she has had a hard time finding an understanding guy. It isn't easy out there for girls like us."

I cleared my throat. "Umm, girls like us?"

"Yeah" she said as she continued kissing my neck, "she's a special girl... like me."

"Really?" I asked as Amanda reached down and pushed the clothes out of my lap onto the floor.

"Yes really" she breathed as she started kissing down my chest. "Now let's get back to the fun."

Reaching into my lap she took my soft cock in her hands and began massaging it back to life as she sucked on my nipple. Taking a deep breath at the pleasure she was giving me I followed her lead and reached into her lap to start stroking her semi-hard cock at the same time. After kissing all over my chest then back up to my shoulder Amanda leaned in and whispered in my ear, "do you remember our conversation on the phone last night?"

My cock twitched in her hand as I breathed "of course I do."

"I would love to find out if that's really what you would do."

"I guess there is only one way to find out", I whispered as I stood up and walked over to the light switch by the door. Flicking the light off I turned around to see Amanda pulling the covers over her naked body in the low light from the window. Smiling at my luck of having my phone sex fantasy about to come true I made my way over to the bed and lifted up the blanket and sheet to get in.

Sliding my naked body over next to Amanda I began kissing her neck. I hoped I could remember exactly what I said last night but I remembered the broad strokes and I figured that should be enough. Reaching down I got a firm grip on her cock and began stroking it as my mouth moved from her neck to her lips. Swirling my tongue with hers for a few seconds I slid under the covers towards her cock, licking each nipple on the way down.

Quickly taking Amanda's rock hard cock in my mouth I was happy to hear her now familiar moan as I went down on it. Using my right hand to massage her balls I reached up with my left hand and cupped one of her small breasts. Using my hands to massage her body and my mouth to massage her cock I marveled at the pleasure I could give her and her reaction to it. Besides her heavy breathing and quiet moaning, her hips lifted in rhythm to my sucking. One of her hands tangled in my hair while her other hand came down on top of mine to help massage her chest.

"Oh baby... it's every bit as good... as I knew it would be." Taking a breath she continued, "you are getting... so good... at that..."

Amanda's breathing grew heavier and I knew she wouldn't last long. Focusing on increasing the rhythm of my sucking I was surprised when suddenly the covers were tossed back. I looked up and made eye contact with her as she asked between breaths, "are you... ready baby?"

"Mmmm hmmm" I murmured with my mouth full of her cock. Her sudden increase in precum and her cock twitching told me she was past the point of no return. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her back arched as I felt her first warm load of cum shoot into my mouth. Her body shook and she gave a loud girlie moan as her second shot of cum followed the first. Massaging her balls I felt them contract and tighten with every subsequent spurt of warm cum into my mouth. When her cock was finally spent I slowly removed my cum-filled mouth from her cock and sat up.

I looked up to see Amanda panting and exhausted and then I brought my attention back to the large load of her cum in my mouth. Really trying to taste it for the first time I noticed that the texture was unlike anything I had tasted before. It was kind of between a liquid and a heavy cream and it had a slightly salty taste. Moving it around in my mouth I swallowed a gulp, and then two, and ultimately it took four big gulps before I could swallow her entire load. With a satisfied "ah" I looked up to see Amanda smiling down at me.

"Taste good?"

"Yep, just as good as I remember!"

"Want some more?"

"More?" I asked with a confused look on my face. I glanced down at her rapidly softening cock and became even more confused. "More cum?"

"Yeah, come here" she said, motioning me to come to her with her finger. Crawling up to lay beside her Amanda rolled me onto my back and wrapped her fingers around my still hard cock. "Don't worry, I'll share." She winked at me and then lowered her head.

Taking my cock in her mouth Amanda quickly built up a steady rhythm. Meanwhile she slid first one, then two fingers into my still lubricated ass. Increasing the pace of her sucking she penetrated my hole with steady strokes. I knew I couldn't last long and I heard her make an "mmmm" sound as I went over the edge and began filling her mouth with my cum. She took shot after shot until I was finally spent and I felt her mouth slide up and off my cock.

Panting to catch my breath Amanda laid down beside me and turned my head towards her. Putting her lips to mine she opened her mouth and I felt my warm cum flow from her mouth to mine. I was expecting it so I swirled my tongue with hers and allowed my cum to fill my mouth. Closing my mouth I swallowed my own load in three big gulps.

"Was that better or worse than mine?" Amanda asked.

"Not as good as yours that's for sure, but certainly not bad." I dropped my head back to the pillow and smiled at Amanda. "Thanks for sharing."

"It was my pleasure" she said as she snuggled close to me. Tangling our legs in a playful way she placed her head next to mine and kissed my cheek. "You're amazing", she whispered as I closed my eyes and relaxed.

"Not as amazing as you," I whispered back as I breathed in her scent and the scent of cum on our breaths. Laying there listening to her breathing I thought about how I had never been more sexually satisfied than I was at that moment. I drifted off to sleep thinking that I could die happy right then.

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