tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersAmanda and Me Ch. 04

Amanda and Me Ch. 04


Slowly opening my eyes I blinked several times to clear away the sleep. It was still dark but with dawn approaching I could just see the outline of the arm lying across my chest. And what a sexy arm it was too, attached to the sexy girl whose body was snuggled up against mine and whose head rested against my shoulder.

I turned my head to look at the clock on the bedside table. 6:08AM. Crap, I had to go to work. I started to slide my naked body towards the edge of the bed but as soon as I started moving I felt Amanda's arm tighten across my chest.

"Where do you think you're going?" Amanda asked in a sleepy voice.

I glanced back to see Amanda with a smile on her face but her eyes still closed. She looked sexy even with her face pressed into a pillow and her hair a mess. "Unfortunately I'm going to be late for work if I don't leave now." I again tried to wiggle towards the edge of the bed but I was unable to get any separation.

Amanda giggled into the pillow at my feeble attempts to slide away. Granted, I wasn't trying all that hard. How could I when the feeling of her naked body pressing against me made me want to stay where I was and never leave?

Turning my head back towards Amanda I planted a big kiss on her forehead. Turning her face up towards me she made kissing noises in the air until my lips found hers. Our sweet morning kisses continued until I began to feel a small stirring in my previously dormant cock. I knew that if we kept kissing I would never be able to make myself get out of that bed.

Reluctantly breaking the kiss I turned back towards the edge of the bed as Amanda sighed contentedly and sank her head back into the pillow. This time I was able to wiggle out of Amanda's warm embrace and climb out of bed. Gathering my clothes I dressed quietly and then leaned in to give Amanda a goodbye kiss. I smiled as she mumbled in her sleep and I took one last look at her beautiful face before heading out the door.

I hurried home and took a quick shower before arriving at work a few minutes late. Sitting down at my desk I booted up my computer and started my day. It felt so unfair to have to come to work after such an amazing night. Couldn't I just spend all my time with Amanda instead? Shaking off that tempting thought I opened my email inbox.

Work went by relatively quickly in the morning. After lunch I returned from the cafe to find a text message on my cell phone. As always I was thrilled to see that it was from Amanda.

A: Hey cutie!

Me: Hey there, how is your day going?

A: Pretty good so far. Hopefully I didn't make you late this morning. :)

Me: Haha, maybe a little but the kissing was definitely worth it.

A: So Kimmy stopped me on my way out the door this morning...

Me: Oh really?

A: Yeah, she feels really bad about what happened last night. How are you feeling about it?

Me: Me? I'm fine with it. Like I said I was surprised but after my initial shock it was fine.

A: Ok good. I told her not to worry about it but she still feels bad. She wants to make it up to us by taking us out to dinner.

Me: She doesn't have to do that. It's no big deal.

A: I know but she said she would feel better about things this way. She wants to know if we are available tonight. I am, how about you sweetie?

Me: Yep, I'm available.

A: Fantastic! How about you come over at seven tonight and we can go from there?

Me: Sounds good! Are you sure you won't get sick of me at this rate?

A: Well now that you mention it... Haha, of course not silly! I was going to try to think of an excuse to see you tonight anyway but Kim just saved me the trouble!

Me: If you say so. :)

A: I do and I'll see you at seven. Have a good day baby!

Me: You too!

Once again my heart was aflutter as I set my cell phone down and let out a long sigh. Great, now I had another day at work I couldn't wait to finish. Time began to move slowly.

At 5:00PM I practically ran out the door and jumped in my car. Getting home in record time I quickly made my way to the shower to repeat my steps from the day before. I finished using the enema kit then showered and shaved. Not knowing how fancy the restaurant we were going to was I went with my "nice" jeans and a collared shirt and in no time I was heading out the door.

Buzzing her apartment I headed up the stairs. I had to admit it felt a little weird to be back at her place so soon. Not weird because it wasn't what I wanted but weird because it was exactly what I wanted. I couldn't remember the last time I liked someone this much and for her to seemingly return my feelings was shocking to me. I was having the best sex of my life with the most amazing girl I had ever met and I still couldn't believe how lucky I was. Finally reaching her door I knocked.

Amanda opened the door and once again I was struck by how beautiful she was. She had a cute face and perfect slim body accentuated by a sexy black skirt and flowing top. Her outfit was sexy yet classy and I smiled as I drank in the sight of her. Amanda wasted no time pulling me over the threshold. "Hey cutie" she said with a seductive smile as she pulled me into a long kiss. Our tongues swirled and for a moment I lost myself in the taste and scent of her.

Pulling back Amanda sighed contently and breathed "yummy," giving me and my outfit the quick once over and then nodding in satisfaction. "Kim will be ready in a second. You know how we girls are."

I playfully agreed as we walked over to the couch to sit down and wait for Kim. I took a seat next to Amanda so that I could reach over and place my hand on her bare knee.

"You look great by the way," I said as I admired her ability to look comfortable in every outfit I had ever seen her in.

"Aww, thanks, you're so sweet. You don't look so bad yourself," Amanda said with a smile. "Are you ready for some good food tonight?"

"Sure, any idea where we are headed."

"Well, Kim wants to surprise us but if I had to guess I would say it will be this seafood place she likes. She told me last weekend that she is dying to go there again." She shrugged her shoulders. "Don't worry though, Kim has excellent taste, I'm sure that wherever we go it will be good."

I nodded as I heard a bedroom door open and I turned to see Kim walking out of her room. "Hey guys," she said cheerily, "how's it going?" As Kim walked towards us I got my first non-distracted look at her. She was really cute! She had a short, petite body frame with a medium-sized bust. Her light brown, wavy hair swayed as she walked towards us in heels and her skin radiated a soft, healthy complexion. Her high cheekbones and soft smile made her seem much more approachable than when she had caught Amanda and I having sex the night before.

Catching my eye Kim had a slight moment of hesitation before taking a seat on the couch. Sitting down nervously she looked me directly in the eye and took a deep breath. "I'm sorry about barging in on you guys last night."

I started to shake my head that everything was fine but Kim kept going.

"No, look, I should have known better since Amanda told me you would be coming over last night. I'm really sorry I overreacted and yelled. I was just so caught up in my own thoughts that I was taken off guard. If I'm being totally honest my initial reaction had more than a little jealousy in it. I mean, Amanda has been bragging about 'the amazing guy she met' for days and with my date not working out I let my emotions get the best of me. It's just been really hard ever since Ryan and I broke up and I've been so sexually frustrated lately-"

Amanda cleared her throat behind me which made Kim stop and think about what she was saying. Her cheeks flushed a faint pink as she collected herself. "Well anyway, I'm sorry we got off on the wrong foot. Can we start over?" Extending her right hand towards me she smiled shyly and introduced herself formally. "Hi, I'm Kim."

Amanda barked a laugh behind me. "You've seen him naked and you start with a handshake? Just hug it out already."

I laughed nervously as Kim smiled and stood up. I followed her lead, standing up and stepping towards her into a comfortable hug. She smelled good with what I thought was a hint of lavender and her body was warm to the touch. Almost instantly I became aware of her breasts pressing against me and although I knew Amanda was the girl I wanted to be with I couldn't help but be affected by Kim. Although we only embraced each other for a matter of seconds I had to step back before her affect on me caused a reaction in my pants.

Stepping apart I quickly turned to help Amanda up from the couch. I discretely adjusted myself as Amanda and Kim embraced in a long hug of their own. They whispered quietly to each other as I studied the end of the couch and tried not to listen. Stepping back they both smiled at me and I got the distinct feeling that they were talking about me. Not wanting to know what was said I smiled nervously as Amanda took my hand and we followed Kim out the door.

We all climbed in Kim's car and she drove for about ten minutes before pulling up in front of an old brick building. Amanda leaned over and whispered "I told you it was the seafood place" as we walked in. Looking around I was impressed with the charming interior of the restaurant. With the soft lighting it seemed to have a relaxed, familiar atmosphere. Since it wasn't too busy on a Wednesday night we got seated right away in a semicircle booth towards the back of the restaurant. Amanda climbed in first and Kim and I sat down to either side of her.

Looking over the menu I was really impressed with the selection, they had so many types of fish prepared in many appetizing ways. Deciding on the mahi mahi I asked Amanda what she was getting.

"I'm thinking about getting a shrimp cocktail," she said with a smile and a glance at Kim.

"Ha ha, very funny," Kim replied. Turning to me Kim sighed. "One time Amanda and I went to this seafood place down on the pier and when I asked for a recommendation the waiter said they had the best shrimp cocktail. So I ordered it but it wasn't good, in fact something felt off as I was eating it." Amanda was laughing behind her hand. "It's not funny Amanda," Kim said but she was smiling. "I got really bad food poisoning."

"Do you remember how that became our favorite saying for a while?" Amanda asked. She was laughing out loud now as she leaned over and hugged Kim. Turning to me Amanda said, "'Shrimp cocktail' became our code word for 'a mistake about to happen'. For instance, one time Kimmy met this cute guy at the bar and-"

"Come on, not that story."

"Yes that story. Anyway Kimmy met this cute guy and within two seconds of conversation with him I turned to her and said 'shrimp cocktail.' He seemed like such a weirdo but of course Kim blew me off and kept talking to this guy, giving him her number at the end of the night." Shaking her head and laughing she at Kim with a smile on her face. "How long did that guy stalk you for anyway?"

"He was harmless. It was only a few phone calls... and he stopped by a few times unexpectedly... and he might have mailed me some letters..."

Amanda was laughing again. "Stalker. I told you."

"Alright fine, you were right, it was a mistake to talk to that guy. You always were the better judge of character." Kim took a quick glance at me and smiled.

After the waiter came and took our orders Amanda and Kim continued telling stories from all the years they have known each other. Some were funny and some were sweet but it was great seeing two friends that were so close that they could tease each other with embarrassing stories and then laugh about it together. It was nice getting to know more about Amanda's past and to see her having such a great time.

Dinner arrived and I enjoyed the fact that we each tried a little of every dish before digging into our own. After dinner as we continued chatting Amanda scooted a little closer to me and gently put her hand on my leg under the table. Although she was rubbing my leg in an innocent way I started to think about the night we met and what her leg rubbing had led to. I couldn't help but begin feeling a small stirring in my cock as Amanda continued her affectionate rubbing. It only took a few minutes for my cock to go from stirring to half hard to rock hard.

"I need to use the little girl's room," Kim stated as she started sliding towards the edge of the booth. Looking back at Amanda she asked, "Want to join me?"

"Nah, I'm good."

As Kim left the booth and walked towards the bathroom Amanda scooted even closer to me and glanced down at the tent in my pants. Leaning in close she whispered, "Looks like someone is happy to see me."

I just smiled as Amanda moved her hand up my leg and placed it on my hard cock. She began slowly rubbing my cock through my pants. Not wanting her to be left out I reached over and put my hand on her bare leg. As Amanda continued to rub my cock through my pants I slowly made my way up her leg and slid my hand under her skirt.

Rubbing the bulge in her panties I felt her cock start to grow and push against the confines of its lacy prison. Looking up I saw Kim walking back towards the table and I started to withdraw my hand. Quickly taking her hand off my cock Amanda intercepted my hand and placed it back on her bulge. As Kim sat down in the booth I was thankful for the fact that the tablecloth blocked her view of my hand up Amanda's skirt.

"How was the bathroom?" Amanda asked nonchalantly as I slowly rubbed her bulge under the table.

Kim looked suddenly excited. "Good! Instead of a sink they have this mini-waterfall thing to wash your hands under. You should check it out it's really cool." Looking at us sitting closer together than when she left Kim smiled and asked playfully, "my aren't you two getting cozy?"

I laughed nervously but Amanda covered it with a genuine laugh, "Yep, nice and cozy." She reached over and pulled me into a quick kiss. Using our movement as a cover, Amanda reached down and in mid-kiss she quickly pushed her panties to the side to free her large cock. It sprung into my hand as I masked my gasp of surprise behind our kiss.

Continuing our three-way conversation as if nothing was going on I slowly stroked Amanda's cock under the table. I tried not to make too much motion with my arm because then it would be obvious to Kim what was happening. I moved my hand up and down her hard cock, gently rubbing the back of her cock head with my thumb and then tightening my grip as I slid my hand all the way down the shaft. It felt so exciting to be playing with her cock under the table while pretending nothing was happening.

For dessert the three of us decided to share a large slice of chocolate cake. Digging in I ate with my left hand because my right was still wrapped around Amanda's cock. I tried to make it seem natural and I thought I managed to pull it off except for the one time I dropped my fork. After our dessert plate was cleared away there was a small break in conversation. Wiping my mouth with my napkin I looked up to see Kim making eye contact with me. Looking back and forth between us Kim then asked me in a conversational tone, "So... is your right arm getting tired?"

Immediately stopping the slow up and down motion of my arm I put on my most innocent face. "What?"

She leaned forward and lowered her voice, "you've been stroking her cock for a while now." It was not a question.

I blushed a faint red and glanced over at Amanda but she just smiled at her roommate. "Yeah, ever since you went to the bathroom."

Kim had a thoughtful look for a second but then smiled at Amanda. "Wow, you must be getting close then."

"Not really, he's been going slowly so you wouldn't see." She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. "But now that you know maybe he will pick up the pace."

I gave a tentative smile at Amanda's wink and then looked at Kim. She laughed at my uncertainty. "Doesn't bother me lover boy."

Taking that as my cue I slowly increased the pace of my stroking. We tried to continue talking but Amanda's breathing became shallower as I went faster. Even Kim seemed to be affected as she watched us with a small smile on her face. Leaning towards me Amanda whispered seductively in my ear, "climb under the table baby, I want to finish in your mouth." I looked at Kim who was unconsciously biting her bottom lip and then I glanced around for the waiter. Not seeing him I quickly ducked down and slid under the table. Thankfully the table cloth covered me so that no one could see me from the outside.

Hoping that the waiter would just think I went to the bathroom I put my hands on Amanda's knees and positioned my body between her legs. Moving my head forward in the low light under the table I could just see the outline of what I wanted. Taking in the smell of her cock before my mouth made contact I began salivating and I couldn't wait a second longer as I enveloped the head of her cock with my hot, wet mouth. Not for first time I wondered how her cock could smell and taste so distinctly feminine. I was so turned on that I took as much of it as I could right away. Hearing a small gasp from Amanda I started to pull my head back up when I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye.

Careful to be as quiet with my sucking as I could I glanced over at the movement. I suddenly stopped moving with half of Amanda's cock in my mouth as I saw Kim stroking her cock under the table. I was frozen in place watching her hand slide up and down her cock in the low light. Even though it was in shadow I could tell that it was a good size, probably not quite as big as Amanda's but it was definitely a little bigger than mine.

Shaking myself out of my shock I continued to move my mouth up and down Amanda's cock as I watched Kim stroking. After a few seconds I started having the urge to reach out and take Kim's cock in my hand while continuing to go down on Amanda. I even began thinking about how great it would be to suck off Amanda and then scoot over and suck off Kim. Wait, what was I thinking? Shaking my head to clear those thoughts I turned back towards Amanda and concentrated on giving her the best blow job I could.

Even from under the table I could tell Amanda was getting close to orgasm. Her shallow breathing reached a crescendo and she grabbed my hair in a firm grip as her first shot of cum blasted into my mouth. Her second shot was even more powerful than the first, hitting the back of my throat with force and then pooling on my tongue. Shot after shot of her cum filled my mouth and by the time her cock stopped pumping I had a mouthful. Taking a moment to savor the flavor of her cum I swallowed her load one gulp at a time.

As soon as I finished swallowing Amanda's cum I heard a similar intake of breath from Kim's direction. Looking over I watched as Kim increased the stroking of her cock and once again I had the urge to help. I even found myself leaning towards Kim before I realized what I was doing. Catching myself I watched with envy as Kim passed the point of no return. Her first shot of cum went straight up out of her cock, hitting the bottom of the table with such force that most of it stuck there. Her next shot went up in the air about two inches before falling back down onto her hand. The rest of her cum oozed out of the tip of her cock and slowly covered her hand in sticky, white liquid.

Once again I was mesmerized. I realized that I was licking my lips as I watched her cum fountain slowly subside and that I was dying to know what her cum tasted like. Was it as good as Amanda's? Was it wrong to want to know? I couldn't imagine Amanda understanding the lust I had seeing Kim's cock erupt like that while also knowing that Amanda was the only one I wanted to fall asleep with every night.

Shaking off the thought of Kim's cum in my mouth I slid over and ducked back up into the booth. Glancing around I saw that the coast was clear and that Amanda was looking at me with a huge smile on her face. I glanced over at Kim to see that she was still trying to gather herself after her powerful orgasm I had witnessed. Amanda pulled me closer to her and gave me a big kiss, whispering in my ear how amazing my oral skills were.

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