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Amanda Bynes Retires


Amanda Bynes walked out of her apartment, June 25, 2010 and right into a blanket. The actress was quickly subdued and bound and hustled into the rear seat of a large black SUV with its motor running. Once she was successfully locked in place her kidnappers got into the vehicle and sped off into the night.

Time passed slowly for Amanda, but after what she had felt was about an hour of travel time she felt the vehicle turning and coming to a stop. The door was opened and once again she was lifted out of the car and felt herself being carried into a room and laid on a table. The blanket was cut away and her arms and legs were tied to the table, her blindfold was left in place. After a time she heard and door open and a low voice spoke to her.

Good afternoon Miss Bynes it is a pleasure to finally meet you in person. Untie me she said, get this blindfold off of me. Regrettably I cannot do so he said. You are tied for you protection so that when you are examined you will not fall off the table. The blindfold is for your protection. If you saw us before we were ready you might be able to identify us to the police and we would have to kill you. Amanda felt a chill. His voice was so even, so matter-of-fact, he spoke of killing her as easily as he would order groceries. Why are you going to examine me? Miss Bynes our organization specializes in procuring quality female specimens for select clients around the world. In the last year or so your foray into "grown-up" endeavors such as your very beautiful Maxim photo shoot have brought you into the view of some of our clients. We have been commissioned to examine you, report on you condition and when the time comes make you available for our client. Who is your client? Our client at this time prefers to remain anonymous. I can only assure you that he is a wealthy individual who can easily support you in the manner to which you are accustomed, in return for your being his companion. You mean his slave. Actually the term wife is preferred. You will be awarded all of the stature of a wife in return for your companionship, and of course the services that wife would render.

Amanda could feel herself blushing. You mean sex. Yes Miss Bynes, sex and possibly even procreation. In exchange for living in a place like a queen with all of your needs met by a husband who will revere and adore your forever. You are very fortunate, my dear. Oh yes, lucky me. If you don't mind Miss Bynes we have a time limit so we must begin your examination. Your entire body will be thoroughly examined first while you are still blindfolded. Once your body is finished our physicians will disguise their appearance and examine your head, including your face, mouth, ears, eyes etc. I regret that your current apparel will probably be destroyed but we will find something suitable for you to wear on the trip home.

Amanda could tell that there was suddenly a flurry of activity around her, mostly involving the sound of cloth being cut or torn. Within moments she was feeling very cool and realized that she had been stripped naked. Over the next hour or so she was pushed, prodded, pinched and pricked. She felt herself being given a thorough breast exam and was embarrassed to feel that both her vagina and rectum had been thoroughly scrutinized. Finally the prodding stopped, but then she felt her blindfold being lifted. She could tell that she was in a dark room with bright lights but that was all. Two people she assumed to be physicians began looking in her nose, mouth, ears and all over her face and in her hair. Finally roughly two and a half hours after it began her ordeal had ended.

I would like to thank you Miss Bynes for your cooperation, the low voice said. The results of your tests were very good. We are a little disappointed that your hymen is not intact, this would have added much to your value, but I suppose that would have been asking a lot for a woman of your age. Your breasts are in excellent health and quite firm and perky, and of course your trademark legs are breathtaking in their shape and beauty. One of our people even noted that you have a nice ass and commented that the choice between your vagina and ass will be a difficult one for your new owner, but equally pleasurable. We even ran eeg's and ekg's both with outstanding results. We are confident that you will provide years of trouble free service to your lucky owner. You will be blindfolded again rewrapped in your blanket and deposited at your home. Over the next few days it would be wise for you to sever all personal and professional ties in Hollywood and the States. When our client is ready we will pick you up again and deliver you to him and you will begin your new fantasy life. Do you have any questions? Yes, what happens if get back and call the police and tell them about all this, They can protect me and stop all this.

Miss Bynes trust me when I say our organization is very powerful and far-reaching. There is no place you can go that we cannot find you to fulfill our contract. Our clients are very powerful and wealthy people and our fee is easily enough to ensure that we deliver. In addition, he said lowering his voice even more; if you become troublesome we will find and kill all of your friends and family in the slowest, most painful way possible. Amanda shuddered. She believed him. She allowed herself to be rolled up in the carpet again and was deposited in her apartment. While she struggled to free herself from the rolled blanket her kidnappers made good their escape. Amanda finally kicked the blanket loose and made her way into her bedroom to find some clothes. She got dressed, poured herself a drink and began considering her options. She realized that she had no options. At 3 am on Saturday June 26, she twittered a message that she was retiring from the movie business. She called her publicist and gave the same information. She had left the set of her last movie and would not be back and was closing the world around her. She was going to just stay at home now and wait, wait for her life to permanently change and to disappear from all she knew and loved. She burst into tears for a while, then dried her eyes, sat back. and prepared to embrace her future.

Chapter 2

Weeks had gone by and Amanda had almost forgotten her experience. Almost, but she still looked over her shoulder all the time and jumped at any noise. One night though, her time finally ran out. She was coming home from a dinner in the evening. As usual she looked all around and did not see anyone, but as soon as she had stepped inside there was a knock on the door.

She looked through the porthole and saw a little girl in a girl scout uniform carrying boxes of cookies. She sort of chuckled to herself that she was so jumpy and opened the door.

The two men swooped in with the speed of eagles. The little girl scout was gone and Amanda found herself staring at two men all dressed in dark clothes. Her heart sank, she knew why they were here.

Is it time, she asked them? It is time, they replied. Let me get my purse, she said. There is no need, you will not need anything for the trip they replied.

Amanda walked out of the door and closed it behind her. Her old life as a teen movie and tv star and model was over she was now walking into her new life, a life that was a total mystery to her. They all entered a waiting limousine with blacked out windows and began the drive to LAX.

The limo was whisked through a diplomatic gate and parked near a Gulfstream jet aircraft. Amanda was given a black robe to place over her clothes and a black vail to hide the features of her face as she boarded the jet. Within moments they were airborne and heading towards her new life. Amanda looked around the cabin of her jet, "well at least my new husband is rich" she thought. She tried to ask questions of the crew but was met with polite blank stares. The men that came to pick her up were able to tell her that the prince was the sole heir of the throne to his country and that he was now 25 years old and eligible for a wife and to rule the country.

She learned that he had seen her in a movie and had instantly fallen in love with her and told his father that he wanted her as his bride. That statement set everything that was now happening into motion.

Can you tell me any more about the prince, Amanda asked, like what does he look like?

With that one of the agents pushed a button and a photo of a young man in royal robes appeared on the t.v. screen. He looked young and very tall and seemed to be in good physical condition. His face was dark, clean shaven and Amanda thought quite handsome. Well, Amanda thought, if I am going to be stuck with someone forever at least this one is rich and good looking.

Amanda passed the rest of the flight in silence, even dropping off to sleep for a while.

Amanda woke up, wondering if it was all a dream, but no she was strapped into an airplane seat so at least part of the dream was true. She soon realized that the plane was descending and all of her remaining questions were soon to be answered.

The plane stopped at a terminal and the doors were opened. Miss Bynes, if you please, we have arrived, please exit the aircraft and enter the waiting limousine. Amanda got up from her seat and made her way out the door. Sitting on the tarmac with engine sighing quietly was a Rolls Royce stretch limousine. Amanda entered and settled back in the comfortable seat. The car whisked her away and she sat in silence for the twenty minute drive to the palace.

The journey took no time at all and Amanda looked out the window to see an immense palace looming before her. The car pulled into the courtyard and her door was opened. A beautiful young woman was waiting for her. Miss Bynes I am Sariah and I am you personal handmaiden. The prince has asked me to make you comfortable after your flight and to prepare you to meet him.

Amanda was taken into huge bath chamber with a large heated bath, sauna and all of amenities. No doubt you need some personal time after your flight Sariah said. There are bathrooms over there, then you will be bathed and given a change of clothes before meeting the prince.

Amanda was glad to retire to the bathroom, it had been a long flight and the adrenaline had long since worn off so she was ready.

After a glorious time Amanda made her way out to meet Sariah again. Sariah was standing in front of the large hot tub. Miss Bynes, she said, it is now time for your bath, let me assist you. With that Sariah removed Amanda's veil and her robe. She then unbuttoned Amanda's blouse and slid it quickly from her shoulders, followed by her bra. Amanda's slacks followed suit and her panties and then in no time at all she was standing naked before her new servant. Miss Bynes you truly have a lovely body Sariah said, I am sure that the prince will be most pleased with you. Amanda blushed, first at being naked in the presence of a stranger, then thinking of being naked in the presence of the prince.

Sariah then removed her own clothing and took Amanda's hand and led her into the hot tub. Sariah then spent the next half hour thoroughly bathing her mistress. Amanda was struck by the fact that Sariah was a lovely girl in her own right, with an exotic face and large breasts amd beautiful legs. Sariah may I ask you something, Amanda asked? Anything mistress, I am yours to command. Why is it then that the prince chose me, I mean you are a beautiful woman and there must be many others in your country, why seek an outsider?

I am pleased that you find me beautiful mistress. It is not up to me to question my prince, but all of the women of this country are dark in countenance where you are light of hair and skin and are famous in the Western world. The prince has followed you for years on American television and you amuse him, he feels that he knows you from watching you all of the time and he fell in love with you because of it. Amanda sat back in tub an contemplated that for a while.

Amanda was not use to being bathed and she found herself reacting to this beautiful naked woman who was touching her in all of her most private places. Mistress Amanda, said Sariah, is everything alright? Yes Sariah just fine, I just am not used to being bathed, it makes me a little uncomfortable. Oh please miss, lie back and let me comfort you, if you are not completely happy the prince will be angry with me. Amanda lay back in the tub which caused her breasts and now hard nipples to show. Sariah began to work over Amanda in earnest, kissing her lips, kissing and sucking and fondling her nipples and sliding her hand between Amanda's thighs and into her vagina. It was not long before the warm water and the ministrations of Sariah brought Amanda to an incredible climax and orgasm that contorted every muscle in her body. Finally Amanda relaxed almost slipping entirely beneath the water, just her head sticking out allowing her to breathe, although now a bit irregularly.

When Amanda had calmed down, she was led from the bath and carefully dried off and then anointed with perfumed oils. She was dressed in flowing silk robes and her hair was lovingly combed and brushed until it shined radiantly. Miss Amanda looks lovely, is she ready now to meet the prince? Amanda nodded nervously and she was led into the throne room. It was a huge room with high ceilings large windows and ornate decorations. At the far end from the door was a large chair with someone sitting on it. As Amanda approached she saw that the person in the chair was the prince, and he was dressed in silk robes as she was. He looked exactly like his photo and Amanda was pleased to see that he was tall and looked to be in very good physical condition. Amanda stopped about ten feet in front of the throne and stood still at something near attention.

The prince rose from his throne and approached her, her circle her carefully and slowly like a shark and then returned to his throne,

Miss Bynes, he said, I am prince Rajian. In public you may call me your highness, in private you may call me Raj. May I call you Amanda? Amanda nodded. Was you journey pleasant, and the preparations that awaited you here? Very pleasant Amanda responded, if I was not being kidnapped and held against my will it might even have been pleasant.

The prince smiled, you have spirit he said, I am glad to see that you have not lost it. It is true that you may be here against your will but I am hoping that we can soon change that. How is that? Amanda asked? Amanda I am a very powerful and wealthy man and set to be the ruler of this country, Unlike many of my religion I do not believe in multiple wives, I believe in love and in having one for all time. To that end, my wife will share in all my power and riches, no need or desire shall be unfulfilled and I will love her emotionally and physically. I have been told by my bathers that my physical capabilities should be most adequate, I regret that until now I have never had the opportunity to prove the emotional part, but looking at you Amanda I must say that I find you very beautiful and for all of the years watching you that I thought I was in love with you, so far I have seen nothing to change my mind. But how can you know anything about me, Amanda asked, all you have is television shows, photos, and now me but you have not seen all of me.

That is true Amanda, I have not, please take off all of your clothing so that I may see you. Amanda blushed furiously, wow I should have seen that one coming she thought to herself!

I am sorry your highness but I do not do nude scenes. This is not a scene in one of your movies, Amanda. This is your real life soon to be husband asking his soon to be wife to share her body with him. Did I mention that I am the prince and I will not be denied? I don't have to, you really do not wish to deny me do you, I think I fascinate you to some extent. Besides, he lowered his voice, if I like what I see I may extend the same privilege to you. Amanda looked at him and blushed again, how did he do that? Was he reading her thoughts? She really did think about what he looked like naked for a second or two.

Amanda slowly began to unfasten her garments. The latches and fasteners were new to her but she soon found the feeling of material giving way and soon layers of material began dropping to the floor. Soon she stood before him totally naked.

The prince looked her over from top to bottom, paying particular attention to her breasts and her pussy, but she could tell his eyes were traveling the length of her legs too,

Please turn around, he asked. Amanda did as told and he spent more time examining her. He then asked her to turn and face him again. Amanda I am not disappointed he said. Your face is lovely, your breasts exquisite, and your legs and derriere are fantastic. You are all that I hoped you would be.

Amanda bent down to pick up her clothes. No, leave them there the prince said, I believe I promised you a quid pro quo?

With that the prince began to undress. Amanda's eyes grew wide as he revealed his broad shoulders, chiseled pecs, large arms and tight 6 pack abs. She blushed and turned away as he reached his waist but she could not help but look back in time to see formidable thighs and calves. In between his legs was the shock though. Ten inches of flaccid cock hung there supported from large ball. It did not remain flaccid long though. As he looked at Amanda's nakedness he began to have and erection and within seconds his member was huge and inviting. Amanda heard herself gasp.

I take it that that sound means you are pleased? Yes your highness, Amanda replied, you bathers were correct you are quite impressive.

The prince gesture to Amanda pointing at a settee located at the side of the room. Come and sit with me over there and we shall talk further. The prince went first and made himself comfortable and then Amanda sat down. The only way she could be really comfortable was to lean back into him and so she did and felt his massive chest pressing up against her back. She also could not miss the feel of his massive organ pressing against her back. They sat and spoke for some time with the prince cupping her breasts in his hands and rubbing her nipples. She began to get very wet between the legs and very aroused in general. She could still feel his penis in her back. Finally she could take it no longer, Raj, she said quietly, yes Amanda he replied, your penis cannot be comfortable where it is, would you please put it inside of me. The prince laughed, you are so proper dear Amanda he said. With that his powerful arms lifter her up until her vagina was positioned directly over his penis and then he slowly lowered her down onto it. Inch by inch he began to fill her until he could feel her soft buttocks pressing down on his thighs and scrotum.

Amanda began to move up and down on his shaft and the prince allowed his hands to wander over her soft breasts and stomach. He moved her hair back and began to kiss her neck and licked her ear. Amanda had never felt like this before, she was so full of him she could not believe it. The two of them continued locked together like this, Amanda moving up and down and the prince fondling her and kissing her all over. Amanda had never really done it like this and did not know quite what to expect, but she knew that she liked the feeling. She almost went over the edge entirely when she felt her uterus contract on the prince's penis, over its entire length. She heard him moan and could tell that he was getting close too, just a few more should do it. She began to shudder and felt the contractions coming from deep within, and she could feel him responding too. Within moments they both climaxed holding each other tightly until the spasm ended and then they collapsed in each others arms.

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