tagBDSMAmanda Ch. 02

Amanda Ch. 02


The drive from the library to my house was pretty short, but it seemed to last forever. Amanda stayed right behind me in her car the entire time. Before long we were pulling into my driveway and getting out of our cars. I helped Amanda carry her bag inside. As soon as we were through the door I set down the bag and turned to face Amanda.

"You know the rules." I told her.

"Yes Sir." Amanda replied and began to undress. One of my rules was that she had to be naked anytime she was in my house, with a few exceptions of course. As Amanda stripped she put her clothes on a small table by the door that I had placed there just for that reason.

I watched as Amanda removed her clothing, and enjoyed the sight of her curvy young body. "Mmmm, excellent my pet." I said in pure admiration. "Come with me." I said as I walked away from her. Amanda followed a few paces behind me like any good sub would. As I led the way to my new playroom I glanced over my shoulder to see Amanda following me with her head bowed in submission. I opened the door to the playroom and held it open for Amanda after I had stepped inside. The look on her face was like the look on a child's face as they walk into a candy store. It was a look of Amazement, joy and disbelief all rolled into one. "What do you think of my playroom Amanda?" I asked with a smile as I watched her take in the room and all the BDSM equipment inside.

"Oh Daniel sir, I love it! It's wonderful!" Amanda replied.

"That's good, because you're going to be spending a lot of time in this room." I told her.

"Very good Daniel sir." Amanda replied.

"You might not feel that way for very long my pet." I said with a wicked grin.

"Sir?" Amanda asked confused.

"This room is designed to facilitate pain as well as pleasure Amanda." I replied.

"Yes Sir." Amanda replied much less eager than before.

"Come with me my pet, there are a few other things I need to show you." I said as I moved away from the door to my playroom. I guided Amanda around the rest of my house showing her the basics, like the bedrooms, bathrooms and the kitchen. I also showed her the patio at the back of the house that led to my pool, hot tub and walled in backyard. When her impromptu tour was over I led Amanda back to the master bedroom where I sat on the edge of my king sized bed while Amanda kneeled at my feet.

"So what do you think of my house?" I asked.

"It's a wonderful house Daniel Sir. I like it very much." She replied.

"That's very good, because you'll be spending a lot of time here." I told her and it brought a smile to her lips.

"Make me feel good my pet." I said.

The smile on Amanda's face grew even larger as she reached forward and removed my shoes and sock, and then she leaned forward a little more and took the bottom of my t-shirt in her hands and pulled it over my head and tossed it off to the side of the room somewhere. Next she began to unbutton my jeans, then she pulled down the zipped before taking the waste band in her hands and pulling my pants and underwear down gently. I lifted my ass off the bed to help her and before I knew it she had my pants down to my knees, ankles and off my body and tossed in the general location of my other clothes. Amanda moaned softly and her eyes sparkled as she met my gaze savoring the moment before she again leaned forward this time she kissed the head of my rapidly hardening cock. She took one hand and held my cock around the base as she licked down one side of my shaft, and then the other. As she took the head of my cock in her mouth Amanda used her free hand to massage my balls, rolling them around in her palm, then lightly pulling on them and squeezing them. Amanda's mouth was so hot and wet as it glided up and down on my cock. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven, and I let her know it by moaning loudly. Encouraged by my obvious sign that I was enjoying her efforts Amanda continued to bob up and down on my cock taking it a little deeper each time. I could feel my self starting to get closer and closer to my release, but I didn't want to cum yet, I wanted to hold off a little longer so that when I finally did cum it would be big.

"That's enough of that for now pet." I said as I gently pushed back on Amanda's shoulders. Amanda looked a little disappointed and pouted a little bit, but went back to a kneeling position and awaited my next command like a good sub.

"I want to eat some of that sexy pussy of yours, so get up here and ride my face." I said.

Amanda flashed a huge smile and practically leapt on to the bed next to me and quickly straddled my body above my chest. As she began to position herself over my head I told her, "I don't want you to stop until you cum at least once, but don't let yourself cum more than three times."

"Yes Sir." Amanda replied and with an eager grin she positioned her pussy over my mouth and slowly lowered herself until her lips met mine.

As I felt Amanda's pussy lips touch my mouth I pushed my tongue out eagerly and it went straight in her pussy. Amanda moaned softly as she felt my tongue enter her. I reached around behind her and took an ass cheek in each hand and pulled her harder on to my face as I devoured her beautiful bald pussy. My tongue explored every last nook and cranny of Amanda's sopping wet pussy. She tasted so good that I moaned from the pleasure of her taste. She started grinding her hips, trying to work my tongue deeper into her. I kneaded her cheeks as I continued to eat her. I moved my tongue to her clit and went to work stimulating it. As my tongue first touched her clit Amanda cried out.

"Oh God! Oh Sir! That feels so good! Please don't stop Sir!" Amanda cried.

Encouraged by her cries I worked even harder to bring her to her climax, I wanted to send her into orbit. I sucked her clit in between my lips and worked it over with my tongue, and then I pushed it out and sucked back in. I continued sucking her clit in and out of my mouth like I was sucking on a piece of hard candy. It had the desired effect Amanda's orgasm crashed into her like a runaway freight train.

"AAAHHHH!!!" Amanda screamed loudly as her pussy spasmed against my face and she mashed it against my lips.

When her orgasm finally subsided Amanda rolled off my face and lay on the bed beside me. I rolled onto my side so I could face Amanda. "Did you enjoy that my pet?" I asked.

"Oh yes Daniel Sir. It.... Was.... incredible." Amanda replied breathlessly

"Good. Are you ready for what comes next?" I asked.

"Yes Sir." Amanda replied eagerly.

"Excellent." I replied a huge grin appearing on my face. "Go stand over there in front of the window facing outside." I told her.

Amanda got up and obeyed my command. She stood in front of the window with her hands at her sides and looked outside, even though my house was a way from the road she could still be seen quite clearly if anyone happened to look up at the window from the street.

"Is that the way you're supposed to stand?" I snapped.

"No Sir!" Amanda said and quickly assumed the submissive pose I had instructed her to use during our many Internet and phone conversations. Amanda spread her legs so that her feet were a little more than shoulder width apart and clasped her hands behind her head with her elbows facing straight out to the sides and her back arched ever so slightly.

"That's better." I replied with mild scorn. I got off the bed and went to my walk-in closet. When I came out I had leather wrist and ankle cuffs, as well as several lengths of rope and the equipment to attach them to the cuffs. I took 2 of the lengths of rope and ran them through the steel rings I had attached to beams in the ceiling. I brought the ends down and looped them around the legs at the foot of the bed, each one going to the leg on its respective side. The ends of the ropes hanging from the hooks each had clips on their ends for easy attachment to bondage cuffs. I estimated the length I'd need to bind Amanda's arms above her head and tied the ropes off to the legs of the bed. When I was satisfied that things were ready I picked up the cuffs from where I had set them on the bed and walked over to the window where Amanda stood waiting obediently.

As I got closer I noticed that she was blushing fiercely. I followed her gaze to a young man standing on the side of the road staring at her through the window. I smiled wickedly and opened the window and yelled out, "Hey! Do you want to come in and join us?" the look on Amanda's face was priceless. Her eyes went wide as saucers and her blush grew even deeper if that were possible. The young man looked shocked and ran for it. I closed the window and turned to Amanda and said, "Oh well, I guess he didn't want to come and play with us." Amanda looked mildly relieved and unless I'm mistaken a little disappointed.

I quickly attached the leather cuffs to each of Amanda's wrists and ankles. When I was satisfied they were on and secured properly I led her to the foot of my bed, her hands were still clasped behind her head. I reached up and attached each wrist cuff to its respective rope. Amanda's arms were barely long enough to reach the ropes if they were any shorter she would have to stretch or else stand on her toes so she wouldn't hang off the ground. Then I used the remaining rope that was tied to the legs of the bed to secure her ankles and keep her legs spread slightly wider than her shoulders. Now she was completely open to me.

I went back into my closet and came back out carrying a bag full of various toys and BDSM supplies I had acquired over the years. I kept them in the bag so that I could take them with me if I wanted to play outside the house. I set the bag on the bed in front of Amanda and went to stand behind her. I wanted her to wonder what was in there. I knew the suspense would drive her crazy. I stood behind her and caressed her body all over. I started at her shoulders and trailed my hands down to her ass, then around to her belly and up over her tits, then down her sides and around her thighs before I came back to her belly and around to her back where I started from.

"Are you ready little one?" I asked. Amanda's only response was to nod her head.

I went back over to he bed and rummaged around in the bag before I finally pulled out a riding crop, a black leather flogger, and a wooden paddle with the letters S-L-U-T cut out of the center of it. Amanda's eyes widened slightly at the sight of the items I placed on the bed. I smiled at her and reached back into the bag and pulled out 2 more items, a large buttplug and a tube of K-Y Jelly. And set them on the floor a little ways behind and beside Amanda. I decided I'd start with the riding crop and picked it up first. I trailed the flat over her shoulders, down her spine to the top of her ass, and then I brought it around to her right hip and slid it up to her underarm before I brought it back down and over to her ass again, then I did the same with her left side. Amanda was letting out soft moans as I teased her body.

I brought the shaft of the crop down the outside of her left leg and around her calf before bring it back up the inside of her leg all the way to her inner thigh. I moved the crop to her inner right thigh giving her pussy the barest of touches as I did, then I moved the crop down the inside of her right leg to her calf and back up the outside before returning it once again to its resting place at the top of her ass. Amanda's breathing was becoming more shallow and her body was almost trembling with anticipation and desire. I began lightly tapping each of her ass cheeks in turn. Then I did the same to her shoulders. I moved to stand at her side and gave her tits the same treatment. It didn't hurt her, only served to arouse her more and more. I tossed the crop on the bed in front of her so she could see that I was done with it, and then I went back over to the bag and pulled out a set of nipple clips. They had a screw so the intensity of the tension could be adjusted, there was a third clip the hung on its own chain from the center of the chain connecting the other 2 clips giving them a "Y" shape. The top 2 clips to her nipples and the third I fastened on her clit. AS she felt the third clip bite down Amanda let out a sharp gasp.

"Are you sure you wish to continue little one?" I asked. Again Amanda's only response was a nod of the head. "Very well." I replied.

I bent down and picked up the wooden paddle. Amanda could tell I picked up something, but she couldn't tell what it was. I knew the anticipation had to be killing her. I watched as her body tensed waiting for what was to come. I held the paddle in one hand and drew it back before bring it forward again in a strong swing to make a loud SLAP, as hit her across both cheeks. Her body giggled with the impact of the paddle and she cried out in both pain and surprise.


I brought the paddled down on her ass three more times equally as hard, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, and Amanda cried out loudly with each impact.


Tears began to trickle down Amanda's cheeks and her ass had turned a bright red wherever the paddle struck.

"Do you wish to continue or have you had enough?" I asked her.

"I...can...continue." Amanda said between gasps."

"Excellent." I replied.

I bent down and picked up the buttplug and the lube and thoroughly covered the plug with the lube. I pressed the tip of the plug between Amanda's ass cheeks until it was resting against her tight hole. The lube had a short lived cooling effect on Amanda's red hot ass. It didn't last long, because I shoved the plug all the way in her with one brutal shove. "AHHHHHHHHHHH!" she screamed in pain as the sudden penetration I had forced on her. Tears now flowed freely down her face and she sobbed openly. As I gave the plug a quick slap to make sure it was completely seated inside her she let out another small cry, "AH!"

I took the paddle back in hand and preceded to administer 4 more hard smacks across her ass, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP! Each time the paddle came down on her ass it made contact with the buttplug forcing it deeper inside for that split second. Each time the paddle came down on her ass Amanda let out another cry, "AH, AH, AH, AH!"

Amanda continued her sobbing as tears flowed down her cheeks.

"Do you wish me to stop little one or can you handle more?" I asked.

"I... want...to.... continue...Sir" She replied between sobs.

"Are you sure? There will be no shame if you can not go on." I told her

"Yes...Sir...I...want.... to...go on" She replied still sobbing.

I was more than surprised at her willingness to continue. Amanda had never been a painslut. "Very well. This will be the last time I use the paddle today." I told her.

She didn't say anything, she just stood there bound to the bed sobbing.

I took the paddle in both hands like you would a baseball bat and swung it hard against her as 2 more times, SMACK! SMACK! "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Amanda screamed at the top of her lungs. I tossed the paddle on the bed in front of her. She was sobbing uncontrollably now, tears pouring down her face. Her ass was a dark shade of red that was already turning to a purplish color. She had once complained to me that another man had spanked her and it only hurt for a few seconds afterwards. She was disappointed, she had wanted it to hurt for a while. I didn't think that would be a problem for her this time.

I picked up the flogger and climbed on the bed kneeling on it in front of her.

"That was the last of the paddle for today my pet. Are you okay? Do you still want to continue, or do you want to stop?" I asked.

At first there was no answer, just sobbing. After a few more minutes passed and she regained some control I asked the question again. This time she answered, " Yes Sir..... I'm ok Sir."

"Good. Do you still want to continue?" I asked.

"Yes Sir." She replied. Her breathing was becoming more controlled now.

"Excellent." I said happily.

I began swinging the flogger in a "figure 8" pattern in front of her. I watched as her eyes followed the flogger's movement. Without warning I brought the flogger's tails down on her left tit fairly hard, then her right, never breaking the pattern. I continued to whip her tits with the flogger for a few minutes, the tails would slap across the clips on her nipples adding extra sensation. Then I began moving the flogger from side to side whipping her belly lightly. The tails cause the chains holding the clips on her nipples and clit to jerk back and forth adding a little more pleasure/pain to the mix. When I was satisfied I stopped the flogging and climbed off the bed and moved behind her. I began whipping her shoulders the same way I had her tits earlier, occasionally moving downwards slightly to her upper back. After a few minutes of this treatment I moved down to her lower back and lightly whipped it the same way I had her belly. The flogger had left red stripes on her tits and shoulders, but they were already beginning to fade.

I tossed the flogger onto the bed in front of her letting her know I was finished with it for now. I moved close behind her pressing my naked body against hers.

"Did you like that little one?" I asked.

"Yes Sir." She replied.

"Is your pussy wet?" I asked.

"Yes Sir." a deep blush covered her from chest to the top of her head as she answered.

"Excellent. I think ill check and see just how wet you are." I said, and suiting action to words I reached around her body and placed my hand against her pussy. She was absolutely sopping wet. In fact she was so wet her upper thighs were covered in her own juices.

"Mmmm. Pet your making my cock hard." I said and pressed my rock hard cock against the crack of her ass.

I reached down and pressed my cock against the entrance to her sopping wet hole. In one quick stroke I buried my entire 8 inches in her right to the balls!

"Oh!" she gasped at the sudden invasion.

I held my cock deep inside her and reached around her body releasing first the clip on her clit, then the clip attached to each nipple and tossed them on the floor beside the bed.

"Ahhhh! She gasped softly with the sudden pain of the returning blood flow to her nipples and clit.

I brought my hands down to her hips and pulled my dick almost all the way out of her except for the head, I held it there and then I slammed it all the back inside her!

"Uh!" she grunted.

Without any more time for her to adjust I began pumping my cock in and out of her pussy as hard and deep as I could. With every trust in I pulled her hips back towards me, and my small belly crashed into her ass hitting the buttplug each time. I could feel the plug rubbing against the top of my cock as I fucked her.

"Uh, uh, Ohhhh." Amanda grunted and moaned as I fucked her hard.

My cock was penetrating her so deeply I could feel the head of my cock hitting her cervix on the inward thrusts. I wanted her to cum hard so I reached around her body with my right hand and began playing with her clit.

"OHHHHHH! OHHHHHH! OHHHHH!" Amanda's moans got louder and louder.

"OH GOD! OH! OH MASTER! CAN I CUM PLEASE?" Amanda cried out.

"Hold it!" I grunted as I continued my hard thrusting and playing with her clit.

"OOOOOOOH! OOOOHHHH! AAAAHHHH! PLEASE MASTER! PLEASE LET ME CUM!" Amanda cried begging me for her release.

"What...are... you?" I asked between thrusts.

"I'M A SLUT SIR!" Amanda screamed.

"Whose slut are you" I asked.

"YOUR SLUT!" She cried.

"Whose slut?" I asked taunting her.

"DANIEL SIR'S." Amanda screamed.

"Daniel Sir's what?" I asked.

"I'M DANIEL SIR'S SLUT!" Amanda screamed.

"Are you my whore?" I asked between grunts of my own.


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