tagBDSMAmanda Ch. 03

Amanda Ch. 03


With a quick tug of his hair, Amanda pulled Jacob back tight, tugging the rope even tighter than before. Jacob grunted as the rope bit into his skin, but moaned deeply as he was shifted a bit more into position. Amanda smiled with pleasure and finished tying the slip knot before inspecting her work.

Spring had come finally to their small haven of depravity. The snow that had piled up for two months melted away to small mud puddles in the yard. The tender shoots of grass were beginning to show on the rejuvenated lawn and the back fields had wildflowers just starting to bud.

Three contractors had been notified of Ms. Kathleen's plans for a bunkhouse and since there was ample acreage and utilities available, plans were soon drawn up. There would be plenty of room now for Ms. Kathleen's guests.

Jacob had been part of the first work crew that Ms. Kathleen had personally selected for the construction. There had been 15 men in all, some with specialties, including an electrician and a plumber. Over the course of two months they had trudged up to the work site, and were within a week of finishing. It would house 20 guests and had separate bathing facilities as well. True, it was nothing more than a communal shower and bunkbeds, but it would provide the space needed for the extensive training that Ms. Kathleen had planned.

Amanda found more and more of her time divided. She was still responsible for the office work and was exceeding Ms. Kathleen's expectations. But now, her training was taking on more and more intensive levels. Ms. Kathleen had time and again enforced each rule, each ethic involved in professional Domination. She had taken the time that they were snowed in just after the holidays and had gone over the male anatomy in excruciating detail with Mitchell and Gregory as models, pointing out areas of highest sensitivity, and areas that were never to be struck under ANY circumstances. Ms. Kathleen had showed her that a soft feather could arouse as much as the heaviest whip depending on the individual. It was the Dominant's responsibility to find out each individual's tastes, limits, and then use that to their advantage and the pleasure of the submissive.

Ms. Kathleen had made Amanda pore through old reports on submissives, books on BDSM, and even websites full of fantasy fiction. Although there were still aspects of the lifestyle that made Amanda a little squeamish(she knew in her heart she could never train a toilet slave), most of the information was helpful as her own Domme persona grew under Ms. Kathleen's tutelage. It was a diverse rich lifestyle she was venturing into, but amazingly enough, there were times she still felt submissive.

Amanda looked down at Jacob again. Oh he looked so nice. He had been spread out with a bar in the back attached to his knees, so that he couldn't pull them together. The rope twined down his large arms to his hands almost like a cast of pure white cotton. She walked around front where the chrome cbt device secured around his cock shined brightly in the dim of the basement. His dark eyes were rolling now, his breath coming out in short pants. Amanda moved forward and stepped her foot lightly against the bell surrounding his cock. "Ready?"

"Yes Mistress", the panted reply came out.

Amanda's aim had improved over the winter and with a quick flick the quirt found a tender spot, made Jacob jump within his bonds. Amanda continued the scene focusing entirely on Jacob, unaware that others had stopped and were watching her with veiled eyes, the reaction from Jacob, her intensity.

Amanda stepped away 20 minutes later, Jacob striped nicely and truly floating in the sensations that she was able to draw from him. The smile that lit her face was in reflection of his pleasure. She turned to Ms. Kathleen and then realized her audience. She blushed softly at the admiring looks and asked, "How did I do?"

"Lovely pattern, sweetling," Ms. Kathleen moved forward now, raising Jacob's chin and noting the dazed look within the dark pools of his eyes. "You've done exceedingly well, hasn't she Jacob?"

Jacob whimpered and whispered, "Thank you Mistress."

Amanda carefully wiped down the quirt and set it aside. The whispering around her returned, filling the silence that had penetrated with the inspection. She turned back to Jacob and smiled again. Ms. Kathleen was definitely right about the striping. The pattern almost looked like a rattan chair marking. None of them intense enough to bruise, but the red was vivid against his pale skin. Amanda moved forward into the last part of her scene, gently stroking the passions still echoing through Jacob as the man was removed from his bonds.

Ms. Kathleen turned back to Mitchell and the others that had remained after the day's work of construction and talked quietly to them in low tones. They moved quietly around the dungeon, setting up various scenes. Not all would be participating, but the lucky few were strapped in, tied up, or were mentally preparing themselves for the coming events. Scening with Ms. Kathleen was always fun passionate painful. Some were wondering now though if Miss Amanda would join in the play as well.

Jacob slowly dripped to the floor in a puddle of emotions. Amanda smiled softly and held him, rocking slowly as the waves slowly ebbed and he was made aware of his surroundings once more.

"Are you alright, Jacob?" Amanda asked softly as her nails dragged through his hair. Jacob's eyes closed, but a smile tugged at his lips. He turned and nuzzled against her chest. Amanda sighed and held him, watching the activity in the room. She knew that ‘comedown' was very important within a scene, but there were some slaves that took advantage of this time and then jealousy flared when the Dominant went to another scene to work on someone else.

"Yes Mistress. Thank you for staying with me, if even for a few moments. I mustn't be selfish though," Jacob's whispers came up from her chest and his voice vibrated against her. Amanda kissed his forehead and stood up, shifting his body into a sitting position. She stretched and viewed the dungeon before her.

Amanda had found that instead of tiring her out, this sort of play usually revitalized her, made her very aware of herself. Often times she sped through her morning work only to be nervous in anticipation for the afternoon training time.

Now she looked with eager anticipation to where Ms. Kathleen indicated for her to go to next. The late night sessions with Ms. Kathleen had been hard at first, each night going into a different part of submission, her needs being drawn out yet at the same time experiencing each torture that she would eventually inflict on others. Ms. Kathleen was a patient and practiced Dominant, eagerly watching Amanda's face as each emotion was tested, each new feeling experienced. She had tested Amanda's limits time and again, keeping her on the edge so that she would often safeword out of the scene. Ms. Kathleen then patiently answered each question about the aspects that had caused Amanda's distress.

Ms. Kathleen smiled at her and nodded to the wax room. Amanda chuckled softly. Wax tended to be her favorite playtoy, even with all the other toys she had collected over the months. She walked briskly to the room, noting that the candles had been lit for about 30 minutes and had already collected a fine pool of melted wax.

Mark moved a bit on the table before her. Another construction worker, Mark wasn't fully into the lifestyle. A good looking tanned thirty something year old, his chest was hairless. He had had a long talk with Jacob about certain fantasies that he had experienced regarding Ms. Kathleen. She had chosen to directly supervise site, day after day, always holding a small crop, tapping it impatiently at her thigh. Jacob had dutifully, with a smirk on his face, told Ms. Kathleen and Mark had been brought in for an interview. Amanda had listened in on the last part of it, readily agreeing to introduce the ‘virgin' to the same things that she had been introduced to over the past few months.

Amanda looked down and ran a finger nail down Mark's bare chest to the hollow of his navel. "Hello pet," her soft voice came out.

Mark shivered. Amanda couldn't tell if it was fear or arousal. She knew that he'd been listening to Jacob's scene. Listening, not watching for Ms. Kathleen had made sure to hood him before having Mitchell secure him on the table. "Hello Ma'am."

Amanda slid an ice cube against Mark's chest, watching the squirming and the reaction of his nipples. She was still amazed at the amount of pleasure SHE received when she teased and tormented others for their pleasure. As the rivulets of water collected at his navel, Amanda picked up the first cylinder candle and dramatically splashed some against Mark's skin.

"Aaaaaahhhhhh," Mark cried out, fighting the binds, but Amanda watched his penis harden and then struggle upwards as his mind realized the reaction and fought it.

"More?" Amanda purred, running the ice cube against the bare skin once more.

"Fuck no," Mark hissed out, wiggling.

"Ok." Amanda pulled the ice cube away and sat quietly to the side, watching in silence as Mark dealt with the conflicting emotions.

It took all of five minutes before the whispered plea surfaced from under the hood. "Ma'am?"

Amanda smiled and slowly tilted the candle until a drip formed on the rim, letting it fall and then continuing to drip in a pattern. She watched the penis react once again, feeling her own body respond to Mark's grunts and groans of pleasure. Soft moans escaped from under the hood mixing with the hiss of a quick intake of breath when the wax hit skin.

Amanda stood back and admired her lovely waxing. She had chosen several different temperature wax and had made a pattern, alternating while she gauged Mark's response. By now, Mark was panting heavily, clenching and unclenching his fists as his penis bobbed with each movement. Precum beaded at the tip of Mark's penis and Amanda knew that it was time for a shift. Setting the candles aside and looking around for her new knife, Amanda took a few moments to think back to Gregory and her first time waxing. She had done so many things wrong that night, but it had revealed her need to Dominate.

Amanda looked around the wax room for her new ornamental Scottish dirk. It was given to her by Gregory after he had finally left and Amanda shuddered to think of it's value. It had personal value as well and she used the dirk for just this purpose. Amanda moved back to Mark's side, noting the small audience again out of the corner of her eye. She was pleased that they enjoyed her work, but she would rather have a one to one experience with a bottom. She blocked them out and drew the dirk across Mark's arm, where the wax had not settled. A timid gasp beneath the hood and then, "Ma'am?"

"If I were to leave any of this lovely wax on you, pet, I would be in dereliction of my duties, wouldn't I?" Amanda smiled as she scraped the first drips of wax off, peeling it back with the sharp edge of the knife, noting how very very still Mark had become.

With a casual determination, Amanda scraped and tickled, running the edge of the knife so that the feeling of it against skin was unmistakable. Never once did she draw blood and she was proud of that, but Mark didn't know that, nor did any bottom who she scened with. Mark was panting just as hard as before if not harder but was absolutely still.

Amanda relieved the last bits of wax from Mark's body and stood back from where he lay. She looked down at the dirk laying in her hand, thinking again of Gregory. Gregory had stayed with them two long months. He had been a changed man when he left, more respectful and more humbled than Amanda thought he had ever been in his life. He had not wanted to leave at all, but his business interests were calling to him until he could no longer deny them. A month after he left, a dozen roses had arrived for Ms. Kathleen and the dirk had arrived for her, with a personal note saying simply, "Thank you." Gregory had promised to return, but had been unable to get back as of yet.

Mark heaved a sigh, sending a huge shudder along his body. Amanda set the dirk to the side and gently drew off the hood, sponging away the sweat and tears mixed on Mark's face. Talking in low tones and continuing the gentle ministrations, Amanda explained about safe words and how the power rests within the hands of the submissive. She explained about limits and how far some people were willing to go. She even explained about sub-space, watching as Mark nodded in understanding. Amanda tilted his chin, kissing him softly on the cheek.

"I would suggest you wander around and view as others scene. Go back to how you felt under the wax, the need for more, the pain, the pleasure. Think about your own limits and how far you would want to stretch them. Watch how submissives can ALWAYS use their safeword, or if they are gagged, some other signal to the Dominant to convey their wishes." Amanda released the straps from Mark's arms and legs, gently massaging the flow of blood back into them before assisting Mark into an upright position. She made sure that he was back from his venture to bliss before she turned to walk away.

Mark's hand on her arm drew her back. "Mistress, umm..thank you." Mark's head dropped as the soft shade of blush teased across his tan face.

Amanda reached up and grabbed a handful of his hair, tugging it tightly back and watching the surprise across his face. "You're welcome."

Amanda walked away and was served an iced apple juice by Mitchell who whispered softly to her about Ms. Kathleen's scenes that had taken place while she was working with Mark.

"He safeworded before Mistress could finish warming him up," Mitchell confided quietly. "She feels that if he watches a bit more he may get more comfortable."

Amanda nodded. "Mark was the same way. I think it's more a curiosity rather than an actual need for the pain or domination sometimes." Amanda looked to the scene taking place. The crack of the bull whip always demanded attention, but within the small confines of the dungeon, even more so. Ms. Kathleen was marking a more experienced bottom that had been in the original crew. He was arching beautifully to the call of the whip as it whistled through the air. Ms. Kathleen was aiming just so, teasing against his back and buttocks, alternating spots where the whip would land.

Amanda suddenly felt exhausted. She leaned against a support beam and closed her eyes briefly, trying to remember if anything had felt amiss earlier or why she would feel this way now. She sipped thoughtfully at the apple juice sighing deeply, trying to shake herself out of the funk she felt herself falling into.

When Ms. Kathleen finished the scene, Amanda gently begged off training for the rest of the afternoon and returned upstairs to her room. Amanda lay down on her bed and promptly dropped into a very fitful sleep.

When she finally awoke, the light from outside was the muted dusk of afternoon. She felt like she had slept longer than a couple of hours and when she went to rise from her bed, she found herself in one of her ‘comfie' nightshirts and an IV taped to her arm.

Amanda blinked her eyes focusing and then realized there was someone else in her room. She tried to speak, but it came out as a croak. The person stood up from the chair that he had been lounging in and came over to her.

"Don't try to get up just yet, Amanda," Sean said, checking her IV lead.

"Well," Amanda coughed and regained her voice. "Dr. Campbell makes a house call."

Sean's face lit up with a quirk of a smile and he bent over her. "And Mistress Amanda pushed herself too far."

"Hmm?" Amanda licked her lips. "What happened? How long have I been out?"

"Three days." Sean dragged the chair over to the bed and sat down again with a soft groan. "I've been here for two of those, on leave from Lady Olivia, the darling bitch that she is. For YOU to ask to leave a training session was too out of the ordinary for Ms. Kathleen and when she sent Mitchell to check on you, you wouldn't wake up to the strongest callings. They called me immediately but I had rounds at the hospital and couldn't make it out until the following morning. They checked your vitals and you were breathing fine and had a heartbeat, just were so utterly exhausted your body refused to let you be awakened."

A soft knock came at the door and Mitchell peeked in. "I heard you talking, how is she?"

"I'm fine Mitchell." Amanda sighed deeply. "This is really too much concern over my own stupidity. I'll just get a bit more sleep at night and I'll be fine."

Ms. Kathleen strode in past Mitchell and stood behind Sean. "Well yes, you'll do that too hon. But first you need a complete rest to recuperate. Once you're back to 100% then you'll adjust your rest and diet to accommodate for your more active lifestyle."

Sean nodded. "That's exactly what you need."

And so Amanda's first vacation was planned rather quickly. A houseboat on the Columbia River would be her place of convalescence. Despite her more vigorous protests, she was packed and tucked in and sent on her way by a hired car.

Once she arrived though, her spirits lifted. The weather was glorious and as the driver unpacked and put her suitcases in the room, Amanda went from room to room opening windows to the beautiful blueness and the sounds of the river.

Amanda made the obligatory call to Ms. Kathleen to let her know that she had arrived. But then as the driver left her, she realized this was the first time she'd been alone in almost a year.

The houseboat was a small affair, but with a large living room with a huge view and deck. There was even a small hot tub on the deck. There were other houseboats in the vicinity but not close enough to be a nuisance. There was a small town within walking distance with a grocers that she could go to if she needed anything. The water was very calming and had a hypnotic effect on Amanda as she fixed herself an iced tea from the kitchen and sat down with a book in the living room.

She awoke again to early dusk, the calls on the river of boaters going in for the evening, barbecue smells drifting through the air. Her stomach rumbled lightly and Amanda determined it must be dinner time.

After surveying the well stocked larder, but under stocked refrigerator, Amanda made a hearty soup and some crackers for herself and sat down to make a list of things to do while she ‘rested'. She would need to do some grocery shopping tomorrow, and then she would really vacation, become a tourist.

Some of the literature scattered around the rented houseboat were local businesses promoting their services and Amanda enjoyed looking through each one and then planning a day in the following week to sample the activities.

On her first night, Amanda curled up in the warmth of the houseboat, listening to the lapping of the waves, and fell deeply into sleep.

And so the first week crept by. Amanda browned up nicely, but she still had dark circles under her eyes. She rested every afternoon in the heat of the day, curling up in the cool living room with a book and venturing out again in the early evening. She filled the refrigerator with fruit juices and salads, and the occasional red meat to slap on a grill. She had plenty of books to read and things to do, but she felt oddly out of sorts.

Amanda sat in the hot tub and contemplated her problems. Had she really pushed herself too much? She didn't think she had, because it was mostly mental activity that had taken place in the previous months. She thought about Ms. Kathleen and the fact that, even after the scening was finished, Mitchell was there to care for her every need. Often times, Amanda longed for that sort of relationship as well and had contemplated asking permission from Ms. Kathleen for such a situation, but didn't quite know how to ask. That seemed sordid compared to what they did. Almost like calling Ms. Kathleen a pimp which she definitely was not.

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