tagMatureAmanda Ch.1

Amanda Ch.1

byRed Hugh©

Amanda was the sister of one of Paul's customers. His job as a mobile computer repairman meant that he got to see into lots of peoples houses and from time to time he would get a pleasant surprise from a grateful owner. However Amanda was only 19. He first saw here in a bright yellow bikini by the pool as he worked on one of her brother' machines. He eventually was hired to maintain her brother's machines which meant regular visits.

Amanda was just what he liked, young, brunette and not yet rid of her puppy fat. She was always friendly and they would sometimes chat when her brother was a bit late. From time to time he's see a bit more cleavage than he ought or a flash of lace panty when she wore a short skirt and sat opposite him.

One night in town about, a year later, he ran into her literally. She was staggering out of the toilets at a big hotel and ran smack into him. She was pretty wasted and he held her as she regained her footing. She smiled, said "hello" and made her way back to the bar. He couldn't see who she was with, if anyone, and hung around the bar for another couple of hours catching glimpses of her from time to time. She was certainly knocking it back.

He noticed she went back into the toilets and after about five minutes hadn't come out. Concerned, he walked over to the door and asked the next woman going in to have a look for her. A minute later the womn re-emerged and told him he'd better come in if he was a friend of the young lady. Amanda was slumped in a cubicle.

Her dress was hiked up and her little lace panties at her knees. This was not how Paul ever wanted to see her with her pants down. He lifted her and the woman obligingly put her panties back in place. She came around, but was very woozy.

Paul decided to take her back to his place. It was in the next city block about five minutes away the walk would do her good. She was clinging to him and not looking too good. Getting her outside the night air hit her with a wallop. She began to retch and just made it to a rubbish bin to throw up. Still holding her Paul wiped her face and a couple of stains on her dress with his handkerchief and threw it away into the bin. She was unsteady on her heels so he persuaded her to take them off and with Paul holding her tightly they headed for his place.

By the time they got to his appartment she was groaning and looking green again. He got her in the door and over the toilet bowl just in time.
She became quite upset about Paul seeing her in such a state. He told her not to worry that she would be staying the night. Her parents would have to be told something. He rang her brother's mobile and he told Paul he'd make up some story to cover her arse with their parents.

Paul's next problem was to get her sober and cleaned up. The dress had to go and it was pretty clear she had no bra on. She'd wet her pants according to the woman in the toilet. Sitting her on the toilet seat he went and got a robe for her. When he got back her head was in her hands and she was moaning. He began to unzip her dress. She looked up at him still very drunk and slurred that this wasn't how she'd imagined getting her gear off with him. That was an interesting thought he'd file away for when she was sober.

He got her dress down around her waist and her full breasts hung free without a hint of sag. He lifted her and pulled the dress and her wet panties to the floor. Drunk or not she was a stunner. As he put her down and knelt to collect her clothing her legs fell open. Paul would be wanking to that sight for a long time to come. Lifting her one last time he got her into the robe, got her to the sink, had her wash her mouth and face and carried her to bed. He put a bucket and a glass of water beside her. She lay on the covers passed out again. He stripped to his underwear and got into bed. This was not how he'd fantasised about sleeping with Amanda.

The next morning when he woke Amanda was sprawled where he'd left her, the robe was open and he was greeted my her well tended pussy. He covered her as best he could, got dressed and took her dress to the local 1 hour dry cleaner. Leaving it there he went to the nearest department store and bought her a clean pair of panties.

She was still asleep when he returned from his errand but she stirred about noon. Shambling out looking deliciously dishevelled. She thanked Paul for saving her last night and apologised for making such a spectacle of herself. It was only when she saw her dress and the new panties that she really blushed. Paul explained that hers had got wet and she'd thrown up on her dress.

"Well I suppose you got to see the goods." She sighed.

"I suppose so. Let's just say you weren't at your best but what I saw you should be very proud of"

"I don't mind that you saw me. I just wish I'd been sober when it happened!" she grinned. "I still feel terrible."

"You will for a while. Maybe I should give you lessons in social drinking."

"I've learnt my lesson. I could have been raped and left in the gutter. How about I put my cheffing skills to use and cook you dinner next Saturday as a 'thankyou'?"

"It's a deal. Oh, by the way Mike's covering for you at home"

"You think of everything!" she said examing her new panties.

"Wonder what Mother would think about you buying me knickers?" she chuckled.

Amanda took her dress and went to shower. She emerged looking refreshed and asked Paul to zip her up. She'd ordered a taxi to take her home and as the knock came on the door she kissed Paul on the lips and told him to keep Saturday clear.

That night Paul found her used panties had been placed under his pillow. They felt wonderful as he rubbed them up and down his cock.

Amanda got away with her cover story at home and said that she'd been hired to cater the following Saturday.

She'd long fancied Paul even though he was twice her age. He was in very good shape and as she masturbated that evening she imagined how he would feel inside her. She hoped he'd enjoyed her panties.

That Saturday she drove off to the supermarket bought her ingredients and headed to Paul's. She was dressed casually for cooking in a tight t-shirt and faded jeans. She looked pretty, young and good enough to eat. She worked away in the kitchen for a few hours. She made her intentions very clear when she hugged Paul and told him she'd worn 'his' panties for the occasion. "I'll show you later!" the little vamp teased.

Everything ready Amanda announced she had to change for dinner.
An hour of primping and preening and she emerged in black heels stockings and a little black dress which barely contained her breasts. She looked ravishing. Planting a long kiss on his lips she raised her hem to show him that she was indeed wearing the cream coloured lacy panties he'd bought her. She also revealed that her stockings were held in place by a black garter belt. She calmly lowered her panties and handed them to him.

"Just so there is no misunderstanding about my intentions and anyway they don't match tonight. Now I bet you'd like to eat." She added ambiguosly.

Dinner was wonderful, enough wine flowed for them to become very playful.

They made their way to the sofa and Amanda was all over Paul. She was a great kisser.

She whispered in his ear "Thank you for helping me last week. Now I must suck your cock." With that she slithered to the floor and unzipped him reached for his cock and took him into her mouth. In between kisses to his expanding erection she told him that she was his to do with as he pleased. Would he like to cum in her mouth her pussy or her bottom?

He told her he intended to explore all three but really wanted to get a good look at what he'd glimpsed last week.

"All in good time. I want to taste your cum if you can't make up your mind."

Her mouth was back on him and he felt her tickling his balls. He lasted a minute or two before splashing her mouth with cum. She cleaned him and swallowed. She sat back satisfied, her legs spread.

"Can I offer you a taste while you recover?"

Paul stood up and lifted her to her feet. They made for the bedroom. He managed to disrobe and Amanda dropped her dress.

"Would you mind if I sat on your face?"

"I've thought of little else since I first saw you."

"You dirty old man!"

His reply was muffled as her vagina kissed his face. She had had herself waxed during the week and her lips were soft and completely devoid of hair. He tasted her and she was sweet. As he ran his tongue along her crease she reached for her clit. As she opened to him he caressed her inner petals and probed her.

He moved slightly and replaced her finger with his mouth. She cradled his head and slumped forward. As he sucked on her clit his nose was in her remaining patch of pubic hair. He was breathng deeply inhaling as much of her scent as he could. She began to buck and drenching his face she came throwing herself off his face onto her back.

"Fuck that was nice." She announced.

"You taste delicious." He told her.

"You too." She said licking her lips.

"Were you serious about taking me in your rear?"

"Yep. I want to give you something nobody else has had."

"Do you think size might be a problem?"

"I was wondering now that I've seen you. It's not the length but Christ, you are thick. I can't wait to fuck you though but even that might take some doing."

"Well we could leave it tonight. I don't want to hurt or hurry you."

"OK but it's only postponed. Shall we fuck now or take a break. I must admit I'm a bit bushed." She undid her stockings and peeled them off, removing her garter belt in one swift movement.

"Did you enjoy them?"

"You looked very sophisticated tonight, but I think you'd look beautiful anyway."

"I like to dress up from time to time. I've got my old school uniform for when you feel like being a really dirty old man."

Paul grinned at the thought.

"I've always fancied you but didn't know if I'd get anywhere until last weekend. You were so nice. If I hadn't got drunk that night and I'd seen you I'd have tired my luck there and then."

Amanda went on to explain that she liked older men and had only gone out with one boy her age. He'd been useless in bed and so she went back to men with experience and never looked back. She snuggled up to him and went to sleep in his arms.

She woke the next morning and brought him out of his sleep with a shower of little cock kisses. His bladder was very full so he kissed her briefly and went to relieve himself. As he pointed his semi-erect cock at the toilet he felt a hand move around his waist and take over from him. When he had finished she sat and emptied herself. She was nothing if not bold.

"Can I stay over on Tuesday? I'll come straight from work."

"Sure I'll not be working."

"Good now how about a fuck before I go?"

They coupled on the bathroom vanity unit. It was his first time inside her and she felt streched when he withdrew leaving cum dripping from her opened hole.

She went off home and life returned to semi-normal for Paul. Amanda sensing his needs had left him her used panties to masturbate with. She was wise beyond her years.....

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