tagMatureAmanda Ch.2

Amanda Ch.2

byRed Hugh©

See how Paul and Amanda got together in "Amanda Ch.1".

As arranged Amanda turned up on Tueday evening. She showed Paul her old uniform and asked if she should dress up. He eagerly agreed. She went off to have a shower and returned about half an hour later in her uniform, her hair in pig tails and no make up. They had dinner and sat on the sofa kissing. She with her blouse open to display her firm braless tits.

Amanda told him she'd worn special schoolgirl panties for him that evening and lifted her skirt to show him her white cotton panties with little strawberrys on them. That did it, he picked her up and carried her to bed. Paul undressed and settled down to explore his girlfriend.

Amanda had only fucked Paul once briefly on a sink bench so she was looking forward to some unrushed lovemaking. She pulled her pants down and lifting her skirt asked Paul to put his cock in her. She lay back. He got between her legs and as she opened as wide as possible began to feed himself into her.

She was quite a sight still in her knee length socks, legs spread her blouse open. She wiggled around on Paul's cock feeling the fullness of having him in her. She'd take a bit of time to get used to his girth but she hoped to get a lot of practice. He was nearly all the way inside her. She was hanging onto him as he began a slow steady thrusting. After about ten minutes he was able to move in and out of her almost the entire length of his cock. Her nipples were hard as diamonds and her clit was throbbing. She could feel his cock in her as it moved and rubbed slowly, constantly, against her walls.

She was passionately kissing Paul and sobbing her arousal to him. Paul sank into her one last time and not withdrawing he ground himself against her mound. Her breathing became ragged and after a couple of minutes she gave a shreak and went rigid. That was all it took Paul pulsed inside her and emptied his stored up seed into her.They had been going for nearly an hour. Amanda felt that she had been turned inside out and might be a bit tender the next day. It took Paul five minutes to deflate and she felt an awful emptiness as he slipped from her. She felt a few little dribbles from his cock run across her cheeks and down the cleft between them.

They decided to have a bath to clean up. Paul ran it as Amanda sat on the toilet and emptied herself. She liked the warm water on her cunt and felt herself to see if she was tender. Just a tiny bit which given the workout she'd had wasn't bad. A little more practice and she'd be fine. She was pretty certain that taking Paul up her arse would kill her. He took the news well. He'd already figured that one out.

She felt she had let him down and began to think about ways of making it up to him. Paul felt no loss he was very happy to have Amanda. She felt she had broken her word to someone she loved.

Paul's birthday was coming up and she decided on a special present for him. She decided to hire someone for his birthday. She thought she'd go for someone very different to herself. A tall slender blonde or redhead even better if she'd take it up the arse.

She combed the escort advertisements on the internet came up with a short list of three whom she contacted. Two a redhead and a blonde did anal. She told each about Paul's girth and she was left with one, a blonde called Kirsty who was willing to have Paul in her bottom.

As arranged on the evening of his birthday Amanda opened the door to Kirsty and introduced her to Paul. He was taken rather aback to find that this tall attractive young woman was going to take him in her arse.

Amanda said she'd like to watch as she was paying and they repaired to the bedroom. Kirsty stripped off and the others followed suit. She had a selection of condoms and lubricants. Amanda offered to suck Paul to an erection and went to work. Kirsty asked Paul to fuck her cunt for a while just to warm each other up . She lay back and spread her legs. Amanda popped a condom on him gave his backside a swat and told him to make her proud.

Kirsty took him with no difficulty at all. She masturbated explaining that an orgasm would relax her enough for anal sex. By some miracle Paul held off as she wanked to orgasm. She asked him to withdraw and coated his condom with lubricant. Bending over she asked for a little tube of lubricant to be inserted in her anus and emptied. To his surprise Amanda did the job.

Taking up his position at her rear entrance Kirsty told him to apply steady pressure. She promised him that there was plenty of room as she'd had an enema before coming over and was clean and empty. Slowly but surely her sphincter relaxed and about half an inch of Paul's cockhead was in her. Kirsty breathed deeply and gave a shove back, his head was fully in.
He'd never felt anything as tight as this. Amanda who had watched everything closely began to touch herself. Kirsty asked her if she'd like her to do that. Amanda had never been with a woman but was up for most things. She spread her legs in front of Kirsty who lowered her head to her cunt and expertly ate her. It was different to have a woman do it. The touch was more certain and expert. She came in no time. Paul meanwhile had four inches in Kirsty's rear.

She began to masturbate again and make a fucking movement to further stimulate Paul. All the lubrication meant that he moved in and out reasonably freely. As he got to his hilt Kirsty had another self induced orgasm. This and her contractions were all Paul could take. He filled the condom and a few seconds later withdrew from Kirsty's arse with a plop. Amanda wrapped the condom in tissue and disposed of it.

Kirsty seemed a bit drained and rested for a minute before asking to use the shower. Paul gave Amanda a kiss and thanked her. She said she'd had a good time herself especially with Kirsty's tongue. They agreed that they might try something like this again. She'd enjoyed a woman's touch but hadn't felt a strong desire to explore Kirsty. It would be her birthday next and Paul was having thoughts about getting Kirsty and an accomplice back to have her pamper Amanda.

He'd got Kirsty's card and a month later for Amanda's birthday she got the full treatment. She was caught completely by surprise as she walked into Paul's flat. Kirsty and another tall blonde called Rachel greeted her and told her to prepare to be pampered. They had run a perfumed bath for her and took her and undressed her before washing every part of her.

Nearly an hour later she emerged swaddled in a robe. Dinner was ready by now and she sat down to her favourite meal of lobster and a couple of glasses of champagne. Amanda was not quite sure what she was expected to do but Paul assured her that she was the object of everyones efforts tonight. All she had to do was give in to pleasure. Paul of course was rock hard at the thought of three women getting naked.

They escorted Amanda to the bedroom and laid her naked on the bed. Paul sat in a chair and watched as the escorts removed their clothes. Kirsty sat down and cradling Amanda began to massage her face. Her succulent breasts were swaying as she worked. Rachel was crouching on the bed her arse towards Paul she took each of Amanda's toes in her mouth and slowly sucked them. Her sex and indeed her entire rear was on display.

As Rachel did this her hands roamed up and down Amanda's legs slowly massaging her calves and then returning to her feet to rub them. Amanda was in heaven she spread her legs a bit to get comfortable. After about fifteen minutes Rachel had got as far as her parted thighs.

With her head still resting in Kirsty's crotch the latter's attention had moved down her body to her chest. As she leant over Amanda's face her breasts would touch her. From time to time Amanda would kiss one of the soft mounds.

Amanda's nipples were pointing skyward and hard as she could remember. The masseuses would eventually meet at her pussy and as they reached her centre which was beginning to water they stopped and asked her to turn face down. She rolled over with an almost disappointed sigh.

She laid her head on her hands and looked up the bed. As Rachel sat down a few inches from her eyes her legs were spread showing herself immodestly. She told Amanda to relax her head and shoulders as she reached her soothing hands down her neck and onto her back. Kirsty had opened Amanda's legs and kneeling between them was working on her legs and teasing her buttocks and inner thighs.

After about twenty minutes Rachel replaced her hands with her lips. Getting up and kissing Amanda all over her back. Kirsty started at Amanda's ankle and ran her tongue all the way up one leg across her bottom and down the other. Amanda was quite aroused now. It didn't matter at all that women were responsible for this. As Kirsty began to concentrate on and nibble her bottom Amanda moaned and ground herself into the bed. This was the signal they had been waiting for. Licking a slender finger Rachel inserted it into Amanda.

Kirsty quietly got up and readied herself with a strap-on. Amanda was now on her knees and as Rachel withdrew her finger Kirsty inserted her 'cock' and Amanda gave a muffled cry. Rachel managed to get underneathe her and begin sucking on her distended clit. This was as close to heaven as Amanda had ever been including being impaled on Paul.

These women knew what they were doing, their touch was different and exciting.Amanda came and came and came. She moved to lie down. Rachel rubbed and kissed her stomach and Kirsty lined her cock up and set about fucking her again. Amanda now had a decision to make.

She was on her back with a woman fucking her. Casting her inhibitions aside she put her arms around Kirsty and took a firm tanned breast in her mouth.

Paul meanwhile had lowered his pants and was quietly masturbating in the corner. Rachel went over to him and asked him if he'd care to fuck. and led him to the bed beside Amanda. She was preoccupied suckling on Kirsty's ample breast and bucking against her 'cock'.

A condom was rolled onto Paul's cock and Rachel mounted him. She liked big cocks and had hoped she'd get him between her legs. She'd do a cock like his for free let alone the handsome fee she was getting for tonight. She felt stretched and very full but she knew Paul would come very soon and he did. She should have blown him first
- nevermind maybe she'd have him another day.

The evening ended fairly soon after Amanda had her last orgasm. In bed later she told Paul that she'd never thought she'd enjoy another woman as she'd come to enjoy Kirsty. It had felt nice as far as she'd gone. Paul asked if he should have got her a man. She smiled and kissed him and told him maybe next time or one of each. They agreed to make extra partners a regular feature of their lives.

Rachel had never had such a present. She moved down the bed to find Paul's cock semi hard and juicy at the tip. He'd come only once that evening and very quickly. The poor thing was undoubtedly very horny. This was confirmed as she slipped her lips over his cockhead and he began to expand and twitch immediately. She looked up and dropping him from her mouth for a moment whispered, "Just empty into Mandy's mouth Baby." Her mouth was only just over his tip as he began to squirt uncontrollably into her mouth.

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