tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAmanda-Christina's Misadventures Ch. 03

Amanda-Christina's Misadventures Ch. 03


As the Police Jeep slowly drove away with poor naked Amanda seated up in back like the Homecoming Queen in a parade, Christina asked Cortez for help. Unfortunately, Cortez did not want to get involved. Fearing that he could get arrested for his part in the scandal, Cortez came up with a pitiful excuse.

Cortez said that having him plead Amanda's case could make things even worse for the girl. He said the police would assume that a local, such as himself, would have explained the public nudity laws to Amanda as soon as she tried to remove her bikini. Therefore, the cops would accuse Amanda of knowing the law and ignoring it, whereas if Amanda was there by herself, she could argue that she didn't know it was illegal to be naked in public.

The excuse Cortez gave was ridiculous, but Christina actually bought it and hurried off to chase the Police Jeep on her motor scooter all by herself. She had butterflies in her stomach as she imagined what it would feel like to be in Amanda's humiliating predicament. In the Jeep, Amanda's stomach was also doing flip-flops. She was sitting up high in the back of the open-top Jeep with her wrists handcuffed behind her. There was a cop sitting on each side of her, while two cops rode in the front seats. Three of the four cops were men, but all four cops seized the opportunity and thoroughly examined Amanda's fully exposed breasts and bush.

As they drove through the middle of the town, the officer slowed the Jeep to a crawl. Amanda was mortified as all the people on the street pointed and stared at her nakedness. She was also getting angry because the cops sitting beside her casually leaned back so that they would not block the crowd's view of their naked prisoner.

Amanda urged, "Can't you go any faster?"

The driver replied, "The speed limit is twenty-five miles per hour and we always abide by the law!"

Then the other cop in front said, "With so many people lining up on the sidewalk, maybe we should slow down to ten miles per hour."

Amanda begged, "No, please don't slow down. You'll just make it easier for them to see me!"

The driver chuckled and said, "Well I think it's a good suggestion. It's better to be safe than sorry," and then he slowed the Jeep down to ten miles per hour.

Amanda was already frustrated because the Jeep was barely moving, and then they came to a stop.

Amanda yelled, "What are you stopping for?"

The driver said, "There's a group of people waiting to cross the street and I'm stopping to give them a chance to cross."

The other cop in the front seat said, "But we have the right of way."

Then the two cops looked back at the naked girl, laughed and the second cop said, "You're right. We'd better let them cross!"

All of the cops laughed as the driver remained stopped so that the group of people could cross in front of the Jeep. The police had the right-of-way, but the driver couldn't resist stopping for the crowd. It allowed the people on the street to get a good look at the poor naked girl.

The people moved very slowly while crossing the street, thus prolonging Amanda's embarrassment. The group also got as close as they could to the Police Jeep in order to get the best view possible of Amanda's bare titties. Amanda squeezed her legs together, but a portion of her auburn bush still showed and there was nothing she could do to hide from the crowd. Her round rosy nipples were right out in the open for everyone to see causing Amanda's face to turn crimson red.

As the Jeep proceeded onward, the cop in the passenger seat said, "Hey, you just passed up the police station."

The driver chuckled and said, "You're right. I guess I was so distracted that I drove right past it. Oh well, we can go around again and catch it next time."

The second cop said, "That's fine. We're in no hurry. I don't mind driving through town again."

Amanda screamed, "Through town again? Please don't make me go through town again. I'm naked! Everybody will line up to get a look at me again."

The officer in the passenger seat said, "She's right. The crowd might be even bigger this time."

The driver chuckled and said, "Then we'd better slow all the way down to five miles per hour!"

That made all of the cops in the Police Jeep laugh as Amanda began to shake from nervous frustration and public humiliation. Amanda was mortified by the number of people that were treated to a view of her totally nude body as the police slowly paraded her through town. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity to Amanda, the Police Jeep arrived at the Los Cufrado Police Station. Amanda felt light-headed from fear and embarrassment as the cops pulled her out of the Jeep in the parking lot of a large police station.

Then Amanda's heart sank when she heard one of the cops say, "Wow, it's a busy day at the station today. Look at all the people."

The female cop added, "Yeah. I'd sure hate to be caught naked in front of this crowd," and then she looked at Amanda and laughed.

There were at least fifty men standing outside the building as well as inside the lobby. The men were surprised to see the cops parade a sweet innocent girl around stark naked, right before their very eyes! Amanda's arms were still handcuffed behind her back, so her perky breasts, round rosy nipples, smooth firm butt and auburn pussy hair were total exposed for everyone to behold. A short time later, Christina showed up and tried to give Amanda some clothes, but she was forbidden from doing so by the cops.

A cop explained, "She was happy to flaunt her naked body in public, so she will remain that way in here. Plus, we need a witnesses to sign and confirm what they saw before we can allow her to cover herself."

Christina said, "I'm a witness."

The cop countered, "You're also a friend so we'll need to speak to someone else."

Christina said, "But the only other witness isn't coming to the station."

The cop chuckled and said, "Oh, that's most unfortunate. Well then, I guess she's gonna be naked for quite a while!"

Christina knew the cops were just making excuses to force Amanda to remain nude in front of all those men. Christina pleaded with the cops to allow Amanda to get dressed. She even pulled the sundress from Amanda's bag to show that she'd brought clothes for Amanda to wear. Unfortunately, the cops wouldn't listen. They even confiscated Amanda's dress and all her belongings.

It seemed to Christina that the cops enjoyed humiliating the poor naked girl. Amanda began to beg for something to wear, but her begging was dealt with by a firm slap on her tight bare butt cheek. It was administered by the cute female cop who appeared to really enjoy her job.

Amanda yelped, "Ouch, that hurt!"

The female cop said, "Open your mouth again and you'll get another one!"

Christina went into the Police Chief's office and tried to pay the fine of two-hundred dollars to get her naked friend out of jail. However, the Chief declined her offer figuring that Christina would offer a bribe after watching her friend suffer a fair amount of humiliation at the hands of the cops. Besides, most tourists know about the strict anti-nudity laws in the town so the cops didn't get the opportunity to embarrass a nude young girl very often. They planned to exploit Amanda's situation as long as possible.

The Chief called out, "Please bring the naked girl in here."

Two male officers took Amanda by the arms and led her to the entrance of the Chief's office.

The female officer stopped them at the door and said to the cops, "You know the drill. We need to search her for weapons before she enters the Chief's Office."

As the cops gave a condescending laugh, Amanda cried out, "Weapons? I'm naked! Where could I possibly hide a weapon?"

The girl said, "It's standard procedure, ma'am," and then she began caressing Amanda's back with her soft hand.

The female cop was already popular in the station because of her good looks and great body. Knowing how much the male cops enjoyed watching the humiliation of a female prisoner, she figured that an enticing performance with the nude beauty could make her even more popular. The female cop also hoped that exploiting the poor naked girl in front of her male coworkers would show how invaluable she was to the department and it could possibly put her in line for a promotion. With that in mind, the Mexican girl moved her hand up and down Amanda's back, and gradually worked her way down onto Amanda's bare ass.

As all of the men in attendance watched, the girl softly said, "We need to do a thorough inspection," and then she gently dragged her fingertip up and down Amanda's sensitive butt crack.

Amanda begged, "Please don't touch me there," but the Mexican girl ignored her.

She softly slid her finger up and down the crack of Amanda's bare ass, and then she instructed Amanda to lean forward and spread her legs. Amanda refused, but the two male cops holding her arms made sure that Amanda complied with the request. With Amanda secured in the vulnerable position, the female cop stepped to the side so that everyone could watch as she separated Amanda's tight butt cheeks and probed the young girl's ass. It caused Amanda to squeal, which made the presentation even more enjoyable for all the male cops and local criminals in attendance.

Amanda was still bent over slightly as the cute Mexican girl began caressing the insides of Amanda's legs. The female cop would go down to Amanda's ankles and then slowly move up until her hand was high on Amanda's inner thigh. Amanda quivered nervously when the girl would get close to Amanda's totally exposed pussy, but the cop would stop before making contact with Amanda's sweet snatch.

Soon the men in the lobby began yelling, "Go for it," so the female cop smiled back at the crowd and then she moved her hand all the way up to Amanda's pretty pink pussy lips.

Amanda pleaded, "No, not my pussy! Please don't touch my pussy in front of all these men. Please, I'm begging you."

The female cop giggled and called out, "She's begging for it boys!"

Amanda sighed, "Oh no," as the Mexican girl slid her finger back and forth across Amanda's bare beaver.

The cute Mexican girl knew exactly what she was doing as she paused briefly and made little circles over Amanda's love button. Amanda was so embarrassed that she wanted to die, yet she couldn't help moaning from the gentle touch of the female cop.

The female cop sadistically said, "You're wet little girl. You like it, don't you! You like it when I touch you between your legs. You want me to touch your pussy, don't you? Yes, yes you do! You're a bad, bad little girl," and then she slapped her hand across Amanda's bare butt cheek.

The Chief gave the female cop an approving smile as she instructed the cops to turn Amanda around. Now Amanda was facing the crowded lobby and everyone's eyes were focused on her. The female cop used both hands to caress Amanda's upper body and they quickly landed on Amanda's firm round breasts. After massaging the beautiful globes of flesh for awhile, the female cop began rolling Amanda's precious pink nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. Once Amanda's nipples were as hard as they could get, the girl started pinching and tweaking them.

Amanda was mortified, but she couldn't fight the feeling. All of the sexual stimulation combined with the public humiliation was more than Amanda could withstand and she felt her love juices begin to build heavily between her legs. Then the cop moved her soft hand down so that she could caress Amanda's inner thighs and moments later, the girl inserted her finger deep into Amanda's wet waiting pussy.

As the cute Mexican girl gently moved her finger around inside Amanda's tight love hole, Amanda begged, "Please stop. You know I don't have any weapons in there. You...um...you don't know what you're doing to me."

The female cop said, "I know exactly what I'm doing to you, and so does everyone else in the room!"

Then one of the cops holding Amanda's arm said, "Don't forget about the chemical test."

Amanda asked, "Chemical test? What's that?"

The male cop said, "We have to make sure your body isn't contaminated with dangerous chemicals that could harm the Police Chief. It's a simple taste test," and then the male cop smiled at the cute Mexican girl as she moved forward and began licking Amanda's hard nipples with her tongue.

As the female cop licked and sucked on Amanda's pert nipples, she continued moving her finger in and out of Amanda's wet pussy. The cute girl occasionally paused to move her fingertip in soft circles over Amanda's love button, but she never stopped kissing and teasing Amanda's precious pink nipples. Amanda gasped for air as she look around at all the male eyes upon her.

Then Amanda closed her eyes and begged, "This is too much for me to take. I can't hold back much longer. So many men...um...so, so humiliating! Please don't make me cum. Please don't...mmm...um...cum in front of all these men," but that only inspired the female cop to work harder.

Tears welled up in Christina's eyes as she watched along with the men in the lobby. She could tell by the expressions on Amanda's face that it wouldn't be much longer before Amanda erupted with a very public orgasm. Then it happened. Amanda's face tensed up, and then her body started to shutter wildly. Every man in the Los Cufrado Police Station was gawking at poor naked Amanda as she climaxed right in front of them.

Amanda called out, "Oh no...I'm...I'm cumming! I'm cumming. So...so embarrassing...so humiliating...so many men watching. But...but it feels...feels so good...mmm, I'm cumming...cumming!"

Amanda couldn't take it anymore and begged the female cop to stop, but she wouldn't listen. The cute Mexican girl continued thrusting her finger in and out of Amanda's over-stimulated pussy until the female cop was good and ready to quit. She finally pulled her finger out of Amanda's dripping wet pussy after which, Amanda broke down and cried. Seeing Amanda's tears caused Christina to cry. After Amanda finished sobbing, moaning and twitching, she was finally lead into the Police Chief's office.

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