tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAmanda-Christina's Misadventures Ch. 05

Amanda-Christina's Misadventures Ch. 05


After over-indulging in beer and tequila, Amanda and Christina were suddenly opening their minds to things they'd never considered before. Amanda was naked in the bathtub and passionately kissing Christina, who was kneeling beside the tub. Christina was topless, but she was still wearing her tight denim shorts. Amanda had her hand on one of Christina's full firm breasts as Christina massaged Amanda's back with her soft soapy hand.

As the girls pushed their tongues into each other's mouth, Amanda continued squeezing and massaging Christina's big boob. Then Amanda paused to softly caress Christina's delicate pink nipple. Christina scooted forward on her knees to get closer to the tub while Amanda applied soap to her fingers. Then Amanda reached out with both hands and used her soapy slick fingers to make gentle circles over Christina's round rosy nipples.

The sensation of Amanda's fingertips teasing Christina's nipples was exquisite and it sent chills up and down Christina's spine. Christina had never in her life imagined making love to another girl, but after the traumatic experience that the girls shared together earlier in the day, she felt a strong bond to Amanda. Christina also had a tremendous sexual yearning for her cute little redheaded friend.

Amanda said, "You know, Christina, we should both take a bath after being in that dirty police station all day."

Christina's eyes got big as she asked, "You mean together?"

Amanda replied, "Sure. There's room for both of us in the tub."

Christina had a big smile on her face as she stood up and unbuttoned her shorts. Amanda watched as Christina unzipped her tight shorts and pushed them down her smooth shapely legs. Since Amanda was sitting down in the tub, Christina's hairy triangle was at eye level to Amanda. Then, after stepping out of her shorts, Christina lifted her leg over the side of the tub and dipped her dainty little toes into the warm water.

From her sitting position, Amanda was able to look right up between Christina's legs and see her pretty pink pussy lips. It took all of Amanda's might to keep from reaching up and touching Christina between her legs, but she contained herself. This was new to both of them and Amanda didn't want to spoil the mood by rushing things.

Not a word was exchanged between the two girls as they caressed their soapy hands all over each other's body. There was plenty of kissing and breast fondling, and Christina was in heaven because Amanda couldn't stop playing with Christina's delicate pink nipples. Christina loved the gentle touch of her friend's fingers on her nipples and Amanda was more than happy to do it.

Then Amanda poured a cup of water over her head and asked Christina to wash her hair. Christina applied a dab of shampoo to Amanda's reddish-brown hair and then she gave her friend a terrific scalp massage. Amanda's eyes were closed, but Christina's eyes were opened wide and focused on Amanda's bare titties. She loved the way Amanda's breasts wobbled as she rubbed shampoo into her friend's head.

After rinsing her hair, it was time for Amanda to return the favor. Amanda rubbed shampoo into Christina's hair, but Amanda had a slightly different technique. She leaned forward just enough to let her erect nipples softly rub against Christina's bare chest. Christina loved having Amanda run her fingers through her hair, but it was nothing compared to the sensation of having her stiff pink nipples gently caressed by Amanda's sweet soapy nipples. The nipple rubs ended much too soon for Christina as Amanda poured cups of water over Christina's head to rinse out the soap, and then Amanda announced that it was time to wash her butt.

Amanda turned her back to Christina and got up on her knees. With her bare ass right in Christina's face, Amanda began rubbing her soapy hands all over her butt cheeks.

Then Christina asked, "Was it embarrassing?"

Amanda said, "Huh...what?"

Christina asked, "Was it embarrassing when you were standing there, stark naked in front of all those men, and that cute Mexican girl did this," and then Christina took her soapy finger and started sliding it gently up and down Amanda's sensitive butt crack.

Amanda said, "Mmm...that feels good."

Christina asked, "Well...did it feel good when that chick cop did it?"

Amanda said, "Not like this. That Latino bitch was trying to humiliate me in front of all those men, but I feel like you're doing it out of love."

Christina leaned forward and kissed the small of Amanda's back, but never stopped toying with Amanda's butt crack.

Christina said, "Yes...yes, I guess it is love. I felt so bad for you today that I wanted to cry."

Amanda said, "Yep, it was terrible all right. All those men looking at me, leering at me, wanting to touch me and I was naked, stark naked, and powerless to hide my body from them."

Christina added, "It must have been horrible. Those men could see your perky breasts bouncing as you walked and they watched your nipples stiffen under the cool breeze of the air conditioner. They saw your beautiful bare butt when the cops made you bend over in front of them, and then they turned you around so that everybody could see your girl fur."

Amanda said, "And they didn't stop there. I wanted to die when the cops spread my legs apart so that all the men could see my pussy lips. Those men saw everything and there was nothing, but lust in their eyes. I was mortified...humiliated beyond belief!"

Christina hugged her friend from behind and pressed her big breasts into Amanda's back. Then she reached around and grabbed Amanda's firm titties while giving her a nice hug.

Christina said, "You might have wanted to die, but I'm glad you didn't. If you had, then I wouldn't be hugging your bare body right now. When I saw you standing there naked in the police station, I was filled with anger and rage, but when I look at you in the nude now...well...it's me with lust in my eyes!"

Tears began running down Amanda's cheeks as she turned around and passionately kissed Christina. Both girls were kneeling in the tub and as they kissed, the girls found each other's love holes with their fingers. Amanda easily slid her finger deep into Christina's wet waiting pussy and began making little circles inside of her.

Christina loved what Amanda was doing to her so she mimicked everything Amanda did. When Amanda worked her finger in and out of Christina's pussy, Christina did the same thing between Amanda's legs. When Amanda paused to gently caress Christina's love button, Christina followed suit and massaged Amanda's little clitty. Soon the feeling began to build inside each of the kindergarten teachers' bodies, and it kept building stronger and stronger as the girls massaged each other's pleasure places.

Then Christina called out, "Oh, oh my, I can't believe you're making me feel this way. I can't hold back much longer. I...um...I have to...um...mmm...I have to cum."

Amanda said, "Me too! Me too!"

Then, almost simultaneously, the girl's bodies stiffened up and started to shutter as Christina let out a big groan.

Christina yelled, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!"

Amanda begged, "Don't stop, baby. Please don't stop what you're doing. Almost there...almost there...mmm...um...yes, yes! I'm cumming, I'm cumming, too...so good...mmm...yes, yes, yes!"

Then the girls collapsed into each other's arms. They could almost feel one another's heart beating fast because their bare chests were pressed tightly together. Amanda and Christina laid back in the tub until they could regain their composure.

Eventually Amanda and Christina washed each other off again to make sure that they were squeaky clean, and then they stepped out of the tub and toweled themselves off. The girls now had a common bond. They had both enjoyed their first girl-on-girl experience together and it was a memory that neither girl would ever forget.

With bath towels wrapped around their naked bodies, Christina and Amanda took a seat on the bed. As Amanda searched for a TV show that wasn't in Spanish, Christina called to have a pizza delivered to their hotel room. Amanda found a chick-flick that no guy would ever want to sit through, which was precisely the type of movie she was looking for. Then Amanda fixed a couple more tequila drinks.

Christina asked, "Don't you think we've had enough Tequila?"

Amanda said, "Come on, baby. One more...just one more. We're on vacation!"

Christina reluctantly said, "Oh, okay."

Then Christina asked, "Shouldn't we get dressed?"

Amanda replied, "No. In my opinion, we're wearing too much!"

Christina giggled and said, "Maybe for the two of us, but the pizza man is coming."

Amanda said, "So what! I was naked in front of a hundred men today, not counting all the people on the streets. One more man seeing me without my clothes is no big deal."

Christina laughed and said, "That's just the tequila talking. You're a kindergarten teacher, remember?"

Amanda said, "And you showed your butt and bush to the men, too, remember!"

Christina said, "Sure do...and I was horrified. I don't ever want to go through that again."

Amanda said, "Then keep your towel on. Personally, I think turning men on and then turning them away is the best punishment I can give them...as long as I've got you by my side after they leave."

Christina smiled and said, "I've always got your back...and your front!"

With that said, there was a knock on the door. The girls grinned mischievously at each other as Amanda reached for the door. The girls weren't sure how they were going to do it, but they both knew that the pizza delivery man on the other side of the door was about to get flashed and teased!

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