tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAmanda-Christina's Misadventures Ch. 07

Amanda-Christina's Misadventures Ch. 07


The following day, Amanda and Christina slept until noon. The girls enjoyed a leisurely brunch and intended to spend the rest of the day as quietly as possible, allowing them to recover from the turmoil of the previous day's events. Their plan was to lounge around the hotel pool, followed by a nice peaceful dinner.

Amanda and Christina had exhausted all of their funds and needed to rely on their credit cards for the remainder of the holiday weekend. Since the only clothes the girls brought with them were the skimpy outfits purchased specifically for the trip, that's what Amanda and Christina were forced to wear.

Before heading to the pool, Christina slipped into a pair of low-cut bright yellow bikini panties. There were little plastic clips on each side that held her bottoms on. Next Christina put on a matching yellow top that consisted of two small triangles which barely contained her big boobies. The top was buckled together behind her back by a small plastic clip and it also had a clip connecting the straps around her neck. The tiny top left Christina's majestic cleavage on full display.

The only swimming suit remaining for Amanda was a white bikini with tiny triangles on top tied together by strings around her neck and behind her back. The matching white bikini panties were tied high on Amanda's hips and the high V of the material in back left most of her butt cheeks exposed. It was a daring bathing suit, but it did a better job of concealing her body than Christina's bikini did.

Amanda and Christina walked out into the hallway and pulled the hotel room door closed behind them. Then they suddenly realized that they'd left their handbags and towels lying on the bed in the room. They couldn't go back inside because their room keys were in their handbags so they walked down to the hotel lobby.

As Christina walked through the lobby, she constantly had to pull her bikini top together. Walking caused her ripe melons to wobble and when they did, the tiny top shifted and allowed her pretty pink nipples to pop out where everyone could see them. It was quite embarrassing for Christina because her breasts were like magnets to all the men's eyes. Every guy she passed seemed to look directly at her breasts.

Christina's bikini bottoms shared a similar issue. Since they rode so low on her hips to begin with, as Christina walked, her panties worked their way down even further and she could feel her butt crack hanging out. As embarrassing as it was for Christina to have her butt crack exposed in back, it was even more embarrassing to have her pussy hair exposed in front.

As Christina's panties drifted down her hips, a small portion of her girl fur would hang out above the waistband of the low-cut bikini panties. The contrast of Christina's dark bush against the bright yellow bikini called extra attention to Christina's misfortune so she constantly had to check the position of her bikini as she walked.

Amanda giggled as she watched Christina fight with her tiny yellow bikini. Amanda enjoyed the fact that Christina was showing more skin in public than she was, especially after the horrifying experience Amanda had at the Los Cufrado Police Station the day before. It was uncharacteristic for Amanda to let her butt cheeks hang out, but after being naked in front of around a hundred men for most of the previous day, the skimpy panties Amanda had on today felt like they offered plenty of coverage.

Christina finally said, "This bikini feels like it's falling off. I wish it had ties instead of clips so I could tighten it."

Amanda said, "Too bad we forgot our towels. Otherwise you could wrap one around you. Hopefully they'll have some at the pool."

When the girls stepped onto the pool deck, there were two American couples floating around in the water. The men looked like they were in their forties while the women only appeared to be in their early thirties. The designer sunglasses and expensive bikinis that the women wore combined with size of the diamonds on the girls' wedding rings implied that both couples were rather wealthy.

The couples were floating on blow-up rafts in the pool. The wives were very attractive, but that didn't stop their husbands from eyeing Amanda and Christina. Amanda and Christina were not intentionally flaunting their great bodies in front of the men, but their skimpy bikinis made it appear that way.

As Amanda and Christina sat down on chairs near the edge of the pool, Amanda said, "Oh darn, Christina. We also left our suntan lotion in our hotel room."

One of the women in the pool said, "You're welcome to use some of ours."

Amanda and Christina stood up and walked to the edge of the pool as Christina said, "Thanks!"

As Christina reached for the lotion, her barely-covered breasts hung down in front of both couples. When the women in the pool noticed how intensely the guys were staring at Christina, they laughed and told the men to offer their rafts to the girls. Amanda and Christina said that they didn't want to impose, but the men insisted so Amanda and Christina walked towards the steps leading into the pool.

The men watched every step the girls took as Amanda and Christina slowly entered the pool. The wives were amused by the behavior of the men and didn't seem to be threatened by Amanda and Christina in the least. The girls finally made it over to the rafts, which were floating in four and a half foot deep water. Since the girls were only a little over five feet tall, they had to bounce up and down to keep their heads above water.

One of the women said, "Hi, I'm Deanna and this is my friend, Randi."

Amanda said, "Nice to meet you. I'm Amanda and this is Christina."

As Christina waved hello, Randi added, "And this is my husband, Alex, and Deanna's husband James."

As the men nodded, Randi added, "You'll have to excuse the way they're staring at you. They can't help it...they're perverts!"

Amanda sarcastically said, "Aren't all men?"

The four girls laughed at that statement, and then James said to Amanda, "Let me help you get on the raft. I'll hold it while you jump on."

Amanda said, "Thank you," and then she jumped up so that her butt landed in the middle of the raft.

Amanda laid back and stretched out on the raft, and then Christina declared, "Whoa, Amanda! You should have tried that suit on while it was wet."

Amanda asked, "Why?"

Christina answered, "Look down and see!"

Amanda glanced down at her skimpy white bathing suit and she was shocked to discover that the tiny bikini became transparent when it got wet. The cool water made her pink nipples poke right through the gauze-like material and her reddish-brown bush was totally exposed beneath the disappearing fabric. It almost looked like Amanda was naked and she suddenly had flashbacks to the previous day. Amanda quickly threw an arm across her chest and put a hand between her legs as her face turned bright red.

Deanna said, "Relax girl. These men aren't going to bother you all here to have fun, right?"

Amanda giggled nervously from embarrassment as she said, "Sure, I guess so," but Amanda was in no hurry to remove her hands.

Alex held the other raft in place and said, "Okay, Christina...your turn."

Before hopping up on the raft, Christina bounced up and down a little to insure that her bikini did not become transparent from getting wet. When Christina bounced up out of the water, she couldn't see through her bikini. However, the force of the water caused her big titties to spill right out of her little top. Alex smiled at Christina to let her know that he got a good look at her round rosy nipples, which made Christina blush.

Christina declared, "I'd better hold onto my top when I jump up to get on the raft or you'll be able to see my boobs...again!"

With a hand holding each breast, Christina hopped up on the raft and landed on her stomach. As Christina wiggled to get up on the raft, she could feel that something was wrong...really wrong! When she heard everybody laughing, Christina was mortified because she knew exactly what was had happened.

Since both of Christina's hands were holding onto her top, there was nothing securing the bottoms of her bikini. The force of the water pushed Christina's bikini panties almost all the way down to her knees. She was lying on her stomach and her beautiful bare butt was pointing up in the air. Christina's smooth firm ass was completely exposed with Alex and James standing right beside her.

Christina fought to pull her swimming suit up as she simultaneously flipped over onto her back. When she turned over, Christina's breasts wobbled and caused her tiny top to shift. Now both of her precious pink nipples were hanging out of her top and her hairy triangle was showing, too.

Amanda called out, "You'd better cover up, Christina. We don't want to end up in jail like we did yesterday!"

Amanda was laughing because Christina managed to divert everyone's attention away from her own see-through bikini problem. Christina was finally able to pull her bikini bottoms up and adjust her top to cover all of her private places. Then the curious women asked what Amanda meant when she said that they didn't want to end up in jail again. As the men brought over some tequila drinks for all of the girls, Amanda began sharing her embarrassing story.

Amanda was still holding an arm across her chest, but she had to relinquish the hand between her legs in order to hold her drink. Deanna could tell that Amanda was very embarrassed because she was trapped in a public swimming pool wearing a tiny bikini that became transparent when it got wet, and now there was no way for her to hide her auburn bush from the guys in the pool. After watching Amanda suffer the humiliation of having Alex and James relentlessly gawk at her, Deanna finally got off her raft and waded over to where Amanda was floating in the pool.

With a tube of suntan lotion in her hand, Deanna said, "Since you don't have a free hand, I thought I'd come over and put a little lotion on you before you burn."

Amanda smiled and sweetly said, "Thank you."

Deanna instructed Amanda to roll over so that she could work on her back first. Amanda rolled over, giving everyone peek at her pink nipples and a better view of her reddish-brown bush, which was visible beneath the veil-thin fabric of her bikini. Once she was lying on her stomach, Amanda reached back and pulled the bottoms of her bikini out of her butt crack. Even after making the adjustments, Amanda's bikini bottoms still didn't hide much because there was just a narrow strip of see-through material running up her backside. It wasn't a thong, but the high V cut panties still left most of Amanda's butt cheeks hanging out and longing for suntan lotion.

Deanna began applying a liberal amount of lotion onto Amanda's upper back. Amanda turned her head sideways to get a good look at Deanna. Deanna had blonde hair, a pretty face and a warm inviting smile. She was taller than Amanda, but at only five feet tall, almost everyone was taller than Amanda. The bikini Deanna wore offered much more coverage than the suits Amanda and Christina were wearing, but her shapely thirty year old body filled it out well.

Then Randi floated over near Amanda and said, "So tell us more about the naked adventure that sent you to the police station yesterday."

As Deanna gently rubbed lotion on Amanda's back, everyone listened as Amanda told of how she shed her bikini on the beach and made out with a total stranger. Then she explained how the police swooped in, confiscated all her clothes and marched her across a busy street in the nude with her wrists handcuffed behind her back. Amanda described how humiliating it was to be naked and handcuffed in front of a crowd of people. She said that it was so embarrassing because the handcuffs prevented Amanda from shielding her breasts and pussy from all of the onlookers.

Amanda expected sympathy from the couples as she told her story, but listening to the details of the previous day's events had a different affect on the couples. Both the men and the women began imagining what it would have been like to witness Amanda being humiliated in public. The thought of seeing Amanda naked was very enticing to both the men and the women. As Amanda explained how the police paraded her totally nude body through town in the open-top Jeep, a hotel worker entered the pool area and announced that the boat was ready.

Christina asked, "Boat...what boat?"

Randi said, "The boys chartered a fishing boat and we have to leave...and just when the story was getting good!"

Alex suggested, "Why don't you bring Amanda and Christina along? Since you girls aren't interested in fishing anyway, you could have a few drinks and allow Amanda to finish her story."

Amanda and Christina accepted the invitation and followed the couples to the beach. Everyone had to wade out into the ocean to get on the boat and the water went all the way up to Amanda's chin. When she climbed up the ladder to get into the boat, the Captain's eyes bulged out because the ocean water made Amanda's suit wet again, which made the bikini so transparent that it looked like she wasn't wearing anything at all.

The Captain also watched as Christina climbed the ladder. As he looked down at the beautiful brunette, he feasted his eyes on her deep cleavage. When Christina pulled herself up the ladder, the force of the water pulled her bikini bottoms down just as it had done when she jumped up on the raft in the pool. Now the Captain was treated to a view of Christina's dark bush as half of her hairy triangle was hanging out above the waistband of her tiny panties. The men also got another look at most of Christina's bare butt as they looked up at her from the water below.

When Christina finally made it up on deck, she quickly adjusted her bikini so that all of her girlie parts were covered, but Amanda wasn't so lucky. Her wet swimming suit was still practically transparent and she quickly became the focal point of everyone on the boat. Eventually everybody got onboard and the boat was ocean bound.

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