tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAmanda-Christina's Misadventures Ch. 10

Amanda-Christina's Misadventures Ch. 10


As Alex and James slipped on their swimming shorts, Amanda looked at Christina and said, "I guess we should put our bikinis on, too."

That's what the Captain did not want to happen. He desperately wanted the girls to remain in the nude.

Thinking quickly, the Captain said, "Hey girls, the men haven't caught any fish all day. Maybe you should give it a try."

Amanda said, "Okay, but let us get dressed first."

The Captain leaned over the side of the boat and said, "No, you'll have to come quickly. There's a school of fish right below us!"

In their drunken state, Amanda and Christina rushed over to the fishing chairs without even checking to see if there really were any fish in the water below. After the girls took a seat in the fishing chairs, the Captain buckled leather belts over their shoulders. The belts were designed to hold the girls in their seats in case one of them hooked a big one.

The Captain took the liberty of sliding his fingers over the girls' breasts and intentionally touched their hard nipples while he secured the straps. Amanda and Christina were in giddy moods, so they merely laughed at the Captain's advances. The girls didn't object at all as the Captain continually made contact with their bare titties. Christina even pushed her massive melons out proudly to insure that the Captain paid close attention to them. When the Captain was finished, the straps hid the girls' boobs, but left their pussies right out in the open for everyone to see.

As the Captain baited the fishing hooks for Amanda and Christina, he tossed a few pieces of shrimp into the air. Out of nowhere, some seagulls flew by and snatched the shrimp right out of the air. Deanna noticed that the seagulls were hanging around waiting for more shrimp and it gave her an idea. After everyone was finished getting dressed, except of course for Amanda and Christina, Deanna shared her idea with Randi and the guys.

Deanna said, "Those seagulls are hungry for shrimp. If I hook a few shrimp to the girls' bikinis, the seagulls will fly away with them and the girls will think we had nothing to do with it."

Alex added, "And if the police are waiting at the hotel, the girls will get arrested and our plan to see the girls get hauled off to the police station in the nude will come full circle!"

James said, "I've got a better idea. If the Captain lets us off at the marina, there are always police in the area so our plan couldn't fail."

Randi asked, "Why would he take us to the marina?"

James thought about it for a moment and replied, "Because that's where they'd tow us if we had engine trouble."

Randi said, "But we don't have engine trouble."

James said, "Sure, we'll all know that, but the girls won't know that!"

Deanna asked, "Do you think the Captain will go for it?"

James said, "I guarantee it! You just make sure Amanda and Christina don't suspect any tampering with their bikinis when the seagulls fly off with them. If we want to watch them being humiliated at the police station, they'll have to believe we're their allies."

Deanna put her arm around Randi and said, "You can count on us!"

After hearing the plan, the two couples looked at each other and let out a soft menacing laugh.

Alex and James walked over to discuss their plan with the Captain, but he was too busy with the girls to listen. Amanda and Christina were securely strapped into the fishing chairs and holding the oversized fishing poles out in front of them. For leverage, the girls had their feet planted firmly on the floor with their legs spread. They were offering a clear view of their bare pussies to the Captain, who was standing right between the fishing chairs and staring down at Amanda and Christina. The Captain did not want to walk away from the naked girls, but when Alex flashed a roll of cash in front of him, the Captain was quick to listen to what the men had to say.

Alex pulled the Captain aside and asked, "What would you do if you had engine trouble?"

The Captain said, "I'd radio my brother and he'd tow me back to the marina."

James gave the Captain some cash and asked, "Is this enough to pretend you have engine trouble?"

The Captain counted the money, smiled and said, "It's more than enough!"

Then Deanna walked up to the Captain and added, "One more thing...do you have any towels or T-shirts on the boat?"

The Captain replied, "There's some in the seat locker over there."

Deanna glanced at the naked girls, turned back towards the Captain and said, "Make sure anything the girls could cover up with stays locked in there."

The Captain grinned deviously at Deanna and said, "I could do that, but the men offered me cash for my help. What are you going to offer me?"

Deanna looked at over at her husband, who made a fist and moved it up and down in front of him. Deanna smiled back at James to let her husband know that she understood what he wanted her to do.

Deanna squirted some suntan lotion into her hand and said, "I can prevent you from getting a sunburn."

The Captain laughed and said, "My skin's like leather. I don't need any suntan lotion."

Deanna smiled at the Captain, put her finger in the waistband of his shorts and then she pulled them down. The Captain's big boner sprang free and stood up like a flagpole.

Deanna stated, "It looks like you could use some lotion right here," and then she gripped the Captain's erection with her creamy hand and began sliding her fist up and down his raging hard-on.

The Captain nearly fell over as he leaned back against the railing of the boat for support.

Then the Captain said, "I was wrong. I really do need suntan lotion and you found the place that needs it. I wouldn't want to get burned there!"

With Deanna's soft hand gliding up and down the Captain's rod, Deanna said, "Don't worry, I'll make sure you won't get burned. I'll put plenty of lotion on you," which made the Captain smile.

As Deanna continued stroking the Captain's manhood, she said, "You're really hard! Did we get you all excited when we made love in front of you? I'll bet you took a good look at me while I was naked! Did you like looking at my breasts and my pussy? Maybe you're an ass man. Maybe you were more interested in my bare butt."

Then Deanna glanced up and noticed that the Captain was looking over at Amanda and Christina.

While still stroking the Captain, Deanna said, "Oh, I see. You like looking at those girls. Well, that's okay. They're both very pretty. I love Amanda's breasts. They're so round and firm, and look at Christina's breasts. They're so big and her rosy nipples are so cute."

Deanna could feel the Captain's erection getting even harder in her hand, so she kept talking to him as she gripped his boner a little tighter.

Deanna continued, "If you lean over a little bit, you can see right between their legs. See? Look at Amanda's soft red pussy hair. Don't you just love it? Or maybe you like brunettes. Christina's dark pussy hair looks good, too. And the girls have their legs spread so far apart that I can even see their pussy lips. Can you see their pretty pink pussy lips, too?"

The Captain muttered, "Yes...yes I can."

Deanna squirted a little more suntan lotion on the Captain's hard member without ever stopping her hand from sliding up and down.

Deanna said, "There...now it's really slick!"

Then Deanna glanced up and noticed that the Captain's eyes were focused directly between Amanda's legs, so she said, "I see you're taking a good look at the redhead's hairy bush. Did you watch me when I licked and touched that pussy? Her pussy was really tight and wet! Mmm...I loved making out with her. Did you watch us? Did you watch me tease her pussy? I'll bet you did! I'll bet it really turned you on!"

The Captain moaned, "Oh yes. I watched...I watched!"

With the naked girls right under his nose and Deanna sliding her soft hand up and down his rock hard rod, the Captain was breathing heavily, but he still managed to add, "What you did to that little redheaded girl was great, but what you're doing now is even better!"

Deanna said, "It must be. You're as stiff as a board. I'll bet you're about to cum."

Then Deanna stopped what she was doing and the Captain yelped, "What's going on? You can't stop. Not now!"

Deanna said, "Then will you help us with our plan to publicly humiliate Amanda and Christina?"

The Captain replied, "Yes...yes. I'll do anything you want. Just please finish me off!"

Deanna smiled and said, "Okay, I will," and then she took the Captain's massive manhood in her hand again.

This time, Deanna gripped the Captain's boner a little tighter and she stroked him a little faster as the Captain stared down at the naked girls sitting in front of him. The Captain was positioned to the side of Amanda and the girls were having so much fun fishing, they didn't even notice that the Captain was having his weenie whacked. Moments later, the Captain began firing his missile and he launched steady streams of bodily fluid all over Deanna.

When the Captain was finally done shooting his cannon, Deanna chuckled and said, "Alex's cum is still dripping down my back and now I have the Captain's cum running down the front of me."

As the Captain fought to catch his breath, he said, "Sorry about that, but you can rest assured that the girls will find nothing on the boat to cover up with. I'll even make sure that there's nothing available on my brother's rescue boat, too."

Then Deanna stepped off the back of the boat and lowered herself in the water. She proceeded to wash the cum off her body.

The Captain said, "Again, I'm really sorry about that."

Deanna giggled and said, "Don't worry about it. I had to pee anyway!"

While still in the water, Deanna waved her bikini panties over her head, showing everyone that she was bottomless. Then she tossed her bikini bottoms up onto the boat deck. Deanna took a deep breath, and then she smiled with a look of relief on her face."

Deanna said, "Going pee feels so good after drinking beer and tequila all day."

When she was finished in the water, Deanna climbed back into the boat, but her panties were still lying on the floor. After giving Alex, James and the Captain one last look at her sandy-brown pussy hair, Deanna picked up her bikini panties, stepped into them and pulled the panties up her legs. When Deanna's hairy triangle was finally hidden from view, Amanda and Christina were once again the only naked girls on the boat.

With Deanna no longer distracting the Captain, Alex and James were able to confirm that the Captain agreed to go along with their plan to publicly humiliate Amanda and Christina. Then all the men went over to where the girls were fishing. Alex gave a thumbs-up to Deanna, which was the signal for her to implement the second phase of the plan. Alex gave Amanda and Christina another shot of Tequila as Deanna took fishing hooks and attached a few shrimp to the girls' bikinis. Then she walked over next to the girls.

Deanna said, "Girls, I don't know how to tell you this, but while you're sitting there fishing, the men are gawking at your pussies."

Amanda giggled and said, "We know, but what can we do about it?"

Deanna said, "I brought your bikinis with me. You should put them on right away."

Christina smiled and said, "After that shot of Tequila, I'm not even sure I can stand up."

Amanda added, "Besides, the Captain has us strapped in."

There was a guide wire leading from the back of the boat where the girls were fishing to a radio antenna on the top of the boat. Deanna spotted the wire and knew instantly that it would work perfectly for what she had planned. Deanna draped the girls' bikinis loosely over the guide wire, making sure that the shrimp hooked to the suits were facing away from the girls.

Then Deanna said, "I hung your bikinis on this wire over here, girls. They're hanging here waiting for you."

Amanda said, "Thanks a lot, Deanna," and Christina added, "You're a doll for taking such good care of us!"

Then Amanda looked at Christina and said, "Maybe we should put our bikinis on."

Christina said, "I guess you're right."

Then Christina looked over at the Captain and asked, "Hey Mr. Captain, can you free us from these bondage straps?"

The Captain said, "Sure," and then he slowly began unbuckling the leather straps over Christina's big bare breasts while seizing the opportunity to once again gently run his fingers over her round rosy nipples.

As the Captain toyed with Christina's ripe melons, Randi called out, "Hey, everybody...watch this," and then she started throwing shrimp up in the air to attract the seagulls.

Randi changed her aim so that she was throwing the shrimp right next to where the bikinis were hanging on the guide wire. Then, just as Christina was set free and turning to reach for her suit, the gulls swooped in and snatched the shrimp laced bikinis off the guide wire. Amanda and Christina watched in horror as their only source of clothing flew away.

Amanda shrieked, "Our suits...there gone! How could that happen?"

Deanna rushed over, put her arms around the naked girl and said, "I don't know, honey. I guess you've just had some bad luck the past couple of days, but don't worry, we'll take good care of you."

As Amanda hugged Deanna, she pushed her bare chest up against Deanna's mid-section and said, "I'm so glad we have you to protect us."

From the way Amanda and Christina were reacting to their naked dilemma, it was obvious they had no idea there were shrimp attached to their bikinis. Amanda and Christina felt secure knowing that Deanna and Randi were there to comfort them. Unfortunately, everyone else knew that Deanna and Randi were the source of the girls' public nudity predicament.

Then the Captain spoke up, "Don't worry, girls. I'll take you back to your hotel right away so you can get some clothes."

That put a look of relief on the girls' faces, but moments later, the Captain returned and announced that the boat wouldn't start. When he said that he needed to call another boat to give him a tow, the look of relief on the girls' faces instantly turned to fear.

Christina yelped, "Another boat? With men on it?"

The Captain responded, "Just my brother...nothing to worry about."

Amanda asked, "Do you have a T-shirt, a towel, anything we can put on?"

The Captain winked at Deanna, and then he replied, "Sorry girls...not a thing."

Amanda looked at the others on the boat. Deanna and Randi were both wearing conventional bikinis and neither of them had a cover-up to wear over their suits. The three men were shirtless. All they had on were swimming shorts. Amanda and Christina were doomed. It appeared they were destined to stay naked for the remainder of the fishing trip!

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