tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAmanda-Christina's Misadventures Ch. 11

Amanda-Christina's Misadventures Ch. 11


Everyone on the fishing charter knew that the engine trouble they were experiencing was just an act to help publicly humiliate Amanda and Christina. However, as far as Amanda and Christina knew, they were really stranded at sea. The girls lost their bikinis because of a prank played on them by another girl onboard the boat. Unfortunately for Amanda and Christina, the prank was so successful that they didn't even know Deanna was behind it. The girls were actually turning to Deanna for help with their naked dilemma when Deanna was actually the mastermind that caused Amanda and Christina to end up nude in the first place.

With nothing else to do, the couples and the Captain sat with the naked girls and drank a beer. Even though everyone had already seen Amanda and Christina totally nude, the girls suddenly felt great shame because they were the only ones among the group that had nothing to wear. While the others on the boat were able to sit back and relax, Amanda and Christina struggled to hide their breasts and bush from the men as they waited for help to arrive.

Seeing how uncomfortable Amanda and Christina were, Deanna and Randi decided to make it even more uncomfortable for the girls by reminding them of their naked encounter from the day before. They asked how it felt to be naked and paraded through the streets, and they also asked what it felt like to be completely nude and handcuffed in front of a roomful of men. They continued their inquisition by asking how it made the girls feel to know that their entire body was on display and they were helpless to hide it from all the men in the room. Plus they wanted to know what it felt like to have a strange girl make them cum in front of a crowd.

Since most of the questions were directed at Amanda, she answered them in great detail. Unfortunately, memories of the previous day in the Los Cufrado Police Station flashed back vividly in both of the girls' minds as the questions were answered, which was very distressing for the girls. It made their faces turn red and caused butterflies to dance in their stomachs. However, their humiliation was quite entertaining to the other people on the boat as they watched the naked girls blush, squirm and fidget while responding to the questions.

When the Captain's brother finally showed up, the girls were relieved that he was the only one in the little rescue boat. Unfortunately for the girls, he was shirtless and also did not have a towel or anything else onboard that would allow the girls to cover their bare bodies. The man acted quickly, even though it was difficult for the Captain's brother to take his eyes off the naked beauties. Moments later, the boats were moving. The girls watched nervously as the boat approached the shoreline, but when Amanda and Christina noticed that the boat was heading away from their hotel, they began to panic.

Amanda screeched, "Where are we going? The hotel is that way!"

The Captain said, "We have to go to the marina for repairs."

Amanda yelped, "The marina? We can't go to the marina. We're naked! Everyone will see us!"

Deanna said, "Don't worry. There are plenty of places to shop at the marina."

Christina sarcastically said, "Sure, we'll go shopping...in the nude! That's a great idea."

Deanna chuckled and said, "Yeah, that may be a problem. Well, don't worry girls. We'll think of something."

Alex said, "You'd better think fast. The marina is coming up on the left."

Amanda and Christina hugged each other in fear as they looked out at all the people walking on the docks. Then the Captain threw a rope to the dock so that the deckhands could guide the boat into the slip. The two men up on the dock were shocked to find two beautiful naked girls on the boat. Amanda and Christina had an arm across their chest and a hand between their legs as the deckhands offered to help the girls step up onto the dock.

Amanda begged, "Please don't make us get off the boat. We don't have any clothes to wear."

The Captain commanded, "I'm terribly sorry girls, but the men have to work on the boat so you'll have to leave."

Deanna said, "You heard the Captain. We have to get off the boat. Come on, girls. I'll take you over to the T-shirt Hut."

Christina whined, "But the T-Shirt Hut is right on the main street."

Deanna said, "Well, it's your choice...T-shirt Hut or total nudity."

Amanda said, "Come on, Christina. We don't have a choice."

Amanda and Christina were almost in tears as they climbed up out of the boat. The girls had to reach up with their arms so the deckhands could help them step up onto the dock. With their hands stretched out in front of them, there was no way for the girls to cover themselves. Therefore, everybody in the dock area was treated to a clear view of the kindergarten teachers' firm breasts, smooth butts and hairy triangles.

To exit the boat, Amanda and Christina had to swing their legs up over the side of the boat. In their vulnerable position, each girl gave the deckhands a beaver shot. Then Deanna took Amanda by the arm while Randi grabbed Christina's hand to lead the naked girls off the dock. Everybody turned and stared as the totally nude girls passed by. Alex and James followed close behind, staring at the exposed asses of the kindergarten teachers the whole way.

There weren't many people on the docks, but when they reached the street, there was a fairly large crowd on hand. Everyone turned to look at the naked beauties, and Amanda and Christina were once again embarrassed beyond belief. People were pointing and laughing as several men held their camera phones up to get a picture. The girls finally reached the T-shirt Hut, and Amanda and Christina quickly picked out a couple of T-shirts.

Deanna stopped them and said, "Not so fast. The locals in this town will try to take advantage of you. Let's make sure we're getting a good deal."

Amanda screeched, "A good deal? I don't care about a good deal!"

Christina added, "Yeah. Everyone is looking at us. I just want to put something on...anything!"

Deanna said, "Okay. Go ahead and pick out a T-shirt. I'll be waiting across the street."

Amanda nervously said, "But we don't have any money. You said that you would buy us a T-shirt."

Deanna said, "Okay, okay. I'll buy each of you a T-shirt, but if I'm paying for it then I want it to be a nice one. Now let's see what they have to offer."

Deanna moved slowly as she sifted through the T-shirts, thus prolonging the agony of the girls' public nudity. At that point, Amanda and Christina were totally embarrassed. However, they were afraid to say anything out of fear that Deanna would walk away and leave the naked girls to fend for themselves among the crowd of onlookers.

Then Christina meekly said to Deanna, "I know you're trying to help us and everything, but is it possible for you to hurry up. There's a lot of people looking at us and in case you've forgotten, we're still naked!"

Deanna paused, looked around and said, "You're right. You girls are drawing quite a crowd. I guess we'd better hurry up and buy a couple of T-shirts."

Amanda sarcastically said, "Ya think?"

Then the worst thing that could possibly happen to the girls happened...again! Two cops pushed through the crowd to see what was going on and they found Amanda and Christina in all their glory. Even worse, one of the cops was the female officer from the previous day.

The female cop said, "Well, well, well! If it isn't the Los Cufrado nudists. Didn't you girls learn your lesson yesterday? We have laws against flaunting your tits and asses in this town."

Amanda said, "This isn't our fault."

Christina added, "Yeah, little birds stole our bikinis."

The male cop asked in disbelief, "Little birds?"

Amanda said, "That's right. Little birds grabbed our bikinis and flew away with them, leaving us with nothing to wear!"

Behind the girls' backs, Deanna mimicked a drinking motion with her hand to imply that the girls were drunk. The female cop nodded at Deanna as if she understood what Deanna was trying to say.

Then the female cop said, "I've heard enough. You girls know the drill...hands behind your backs."

In shock, Amanda screeched, "You're arresting us?"

The cop said, "That's right, now put your hands behind your back so I can cuff you."

With the large crowd in front of them, there was no way for Amanda and Christina to run away. Therefore, the girls simply gave up and put their arms behind their backs. Amanda and Christina were terrified because they were about to be taken to jail in the nude for the second day in a row!

Amanda nervously called out in disbelief, "This can't be happening again. It just can't," as the female cop cuffed Amanda's wrists behind her.

While the male cop put handcuffs on Christina, she begged, "Please don't do this to me. I'm naked! Everyone is looking at me. How can you be so cruel?"

The male cop smirked, "You were naked before we got here, so what's the big deal?"

Teary-eyed, Christina whined, "Because I'm naked. That's what the big deal is! This is all a big misunderstanding."

The insensitive male cop responded, "Well, if it's just a misunderstanding, then you'll be able to clear this all up at the station."

Then he chuckled and added, "Of course, you'll be naked during the ride to the station...and you'll be naked when you get there!"

A second Police Jeep arrived and two male cops got out to help clear a path for the girls. With their breasts and hairy triangles completely exposed in front of them, and their wrists handcuffed behind them, Amanda and Christina were pushed through the crowd. Some sleazy men, and even a few women, reached out and touched the girls' bare boobies. One man even put his hand down between Amanda's legs and ran his fingers through her reddish-brown pussy hair. The cop casually told the man to remove his hand, but that was as much effort as the cop made to protect Amanda from the crowd.

As Amanda and Christina were escorted towards the Police Jeeps, Deanna, Randi, Alex and James were all watching from the sidewalk. Everyone was running out of the nearby shops and restaurants to watch the girls step up into the Police Jeeps. Many of the people had camera phones, and some even had regular camcorders to record the event. That made Amanda and Christina very nervous because they had no idea where those videos would end up.

Christina had to lift her leg up high to get into the Jeep, which forced her to spread her legs wide apart. As Christina stepped up into the Police Jeep, she was mortified because a man with an elaborate camera was down low and filming the beaver shot she was providing. When Christina leaned forward to climb into the back of the Jeep, her bare butt was pointed right at the filmmaker, giving him a terrific view of her butt.

Christina was finally able to sit down, but the officer instructed her to scoot over so he could sit down beside her. This forced Christina to spread her legs again, giving the filmmaker another clear beaver shot. After Christina was finally situated, the officers said that they had to wait for the officers to load Amanda into the other Police Jeep. As they waited, the cameraman continually scanned Christina's blushing face, bare boobies, round rosy nipples and most of her dark pussy hair. With her wrists handcuffed behind her, there was no way for Christina to hide from the filmmaker. Therefore, all she could do was sit there and pose for the camera.

The guy with the camera finally left when he saw the treatment Amanda was receiving. When Amanda tried to step up into the Jeep, the female cop reached between Amanda's legs from behind and tickled her pussy. Amanda stepped down and turned to yell at the cop, but she slapped Amanda on her bare butt cheek and ordered Amanda to climb up into the Jeep.

The cameraman was able to assume a low position, shooting up at Amanda when she tried to get up into the Jeep again. This time, with Amanda's legs spread and her pussy vulnerable, the female cop slid her finger back and forth over Amanda's slick pussy lips, separating them for the camera. One again Amanda stepped down and yelled at the cop. This time, the female cop spanked Amanda on both cheeks of her bare bottom, which generated laughter from the crowd.

With pink marks on Amanda's backside from the spanking she received, Amanda decided that she was going to climb into the Jeep this time regardless of what the Latino bitch cop did to her. As she stepped wide to get into the Police Jeep, the filmmaker got a great shot of Amanda's auburn bush and her pretty pink pussy lips. Then the cameraman panned up to Amanda's bare ass where the female cop took the liberty of tickling the kindergarten teacher's exposed butt crack with her fingertip. Amanda had to awkwardly lean forward in order to get into the back of the Jeep and when she did, the female cop spread Amanda's butt cheeks apart as the cameraman got a close up.

After all the humiliating treatment, Amanda was forced to sit up in the back of the Jeep and allow the filmmaker to video her perky breasts, erect nipples and reddish-brown bush. As the Police Jeep finally pulled away, the Latino bitch even tweaked Amanda's nipples as she smiled for the camera.

Then the female cop yelled out to the cameraman, "Come down to the station. You'll get some great shots there!"

The filmmaker gave the female cop a thumbs up and Amanda's stomach sank knowing that there was more humiliation in store for her at the police station.

As the Jeeps drove down the street, Deanna called out, "Don't worry girls. We'll get you out of this mess."

With sad eyes, Amanda replied, "Thank's Deanna, but please hurry," still unaware that Deanna was actually the cause of the girls' unfortunate situation.

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