tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAmanda-Christina's Misadventures Ch. 13

Amanda-Christina's Misadventures Ch. 13


The door to the girls' shower room in the Los Cufrado Police Station was wide open. Everyone in the lobby had an unobstructed view into the shower stall as the police officers prepared Amanda and Christina for a shower. Now the girls were really on display for everybody to see. With their wrists handcuffed to a steel bar attached to the ceiling above their heads, there was no way for the girls to shield their naked bodies from all the onlookers. That included a filmmaker with his elaborate camera.

The filmmaker positioned himself so he could capture the entire shower stall. The cameraman recorded everything, including Christina as she went pee right in front of all the people in the lobby. Christina was extremely embarrassed, but the female cop didn't make a big deal about it. The cop simply turned on the hand-held shower nozzle and washed the pee down the drain in the shower stall.

After the last of Christina's yellow river disappeared down the drain, the female cop pointed the nozzle towards Christina's chest. Unfortunately for Christina, the water was ice cold. Christina's round rosy nipples became rock hard when the cold water was sprayed on them. The cute Mexican cop noticed that Christina's nipples were standing up so the cop playfully tweaked and twisted them while she smiled for the camera.

Then the cop giggled and said, "Sorry about that. It takes a few minutes for the water to warm up in here."

As she waited for the water to warm up, the female cop stood with her back to the camera. Before entering the shower room, the cute Mexican girl removed her starched police uniform and put on a one-piece swimming suit. Her suit had a high neckline that didn't offer the slightest glimpse of cleavage, but the chill in the air made her nipples poke out like headlights against the thin dark material. The sides of the suit were cut high so the female cop offered plenty of bare ass to the camera. However, the cop didn't offer nearly as much ass to the camera as Amanda and Christina did because they were completely naked!

Once the water was warm, the female cop got behind Christina and held the shower nozzle over Christina's head. Then she applied some shampoo to Christina's hair. With the cop positioned behind Christina, everyone in the lobby could see Christina's ripe melons, which wobbled and bounced as the cop vigorously massaged Christina's scalp. When she was finished, the cop used the nozzle to rinse Christina's hair and then she instructed Christina to turn around.

With her back to the lobby, and to the cameraman, Christina waited patiently as the female cop lathered up her hands. Then the cop washed Christina's outstretched arms and underarms before sliding her soapy hands over Christina's sides. Christina squirmed because the touch of the cute Mexican girl's fingers on her sides tickled Christina. That prompted the cop to tickle Christina several more times before moving to Christina's back.

If this had been a private shower, Christina would have been enjoying herself because the cop really knew how to give a good back massage. Unfortunately, there was a cameraman, along with a roomful of people watching, so it was not easy for Christina to relax. Then came the moment that Christina was dreading. The female cop's hands slid down Christina's back until they reached her bare ass, and the cop was just as thorough with Christina's butt as she was with her back.

The cop stood to the side of Christina to insure that she did not block the view of the cameraman or anybody else in the lobby. Then the cute female cop began caressing and kneading her soapy hands all over Christina's bare butt cheeks. The cop spent a good deal of time on Christina's outer ass before gently sliding her soapy fingers up and down Christina's sensitive butt crack. After probing Christina's ass a few times, which made Christina squeal, she spread her butt cheeks for the camera, and then proceeded down the back of Christina's legs.

Once the female cop was finished with Christina's backside, she instructed Christina to turn around and face the lobby. Christina slowly turned around and with a blushing face, she pointed her big boobies and brunette bush at the crowd. Then the cop began lathering up Christina's flat tummy. There was silence in the lobby as the men intensely watched the shower scene being played out before them. The cop ran her fingers all over Christina's mid-section, and she even dipped her finger into Christina's bellybutton, which made Christina giggle.

Finally the cute Mexican girl moved her hands up to Christina's full breasts, which was what the crowd really wanted to see. The cop moved behind Christina and reached around with both hands as she massaged the large globes of flesh before using her soapy fingers to gently caress Christina's delicate nipples. After making soft circles over Christina's pert nipples to make sure they were nice and hard, the female cop began rolling them between her thumbs and forefingers before tweaking and pulling on them as the cameraman zoomed in for a close-up.

As she played with Christina's nipples, the female cop whispered, "You like this, don't you? Admit it, you like it when I play with your nipples."

Christina replied, "No! No, I do not like it at all."

The cop said, "Well, you may not like it, but everyone else does. Just look out at all the happy faces of the men watching you. Besides, I'll find out in a few minutes whether you really like it or not. Your pussy juices can't lie!"

Christina begged, "Please stop. I don't want you to do this anymore."

The cop replied, "I can't stop now...I'm not finished. You went pee down your legs, remember? I have to make sure you're all clean down there," and then the cop squatted down so she could wash Christina's legs.

The cute female cop ran her soapy hands down the front of Christina's legs, and then she slid her hands up Christina's inner thighs. A collective gasp could be heard from the lobby as the Mexican girl's hands approached Christina's pussy, but the girl's fingers always stopped just before making contact with Christina's pleasure place. Then the girl turned Christina so that she stood sideways to the crowd.

Christina asked, "What are you doing?"

The female cop replied, "I need to wash your feet."

Christina bent her knee and lifted it behind her, but the Mexican girl grabbed her foot and said, "No, I need it out to the side."

With her foot in the female cop's hand, Christina was powerless to stop her and the cop lifted Christina's leg out to the side. Since she was standing sideways to the crowd, Christina was now showing her pink pussy lips to everyone in the lobby. She was so embarrassed as the cop took her time washing Christina's dainty foot. The cute Mexican girl made sure she carefully washed between each toe while Christina provided a beaver shot to all the guys in attendance, including the filmmaker who zoomed in between Christina's legs for a close-up of Christina's most private area.

When the cop was finished with Christina's left foot, she moved over to the right foot. Christina did not put up a fight when she lifted her leg for the cop because her right leg was facing the back of the shower stall. Unfortunately, the cop took the liberty of rotating Christina so that her pussy was once again on display for the crowd to see. Many of the guys were hunched over so they could look up between Christina's legs at her pretty pink pussy lips, which mortified Christina.

Then some guy called out, "Tickle her foot!"

Christina became very uptight because her feet were very ticklish, but the female cop yelled back, "That wouldn't be very nice."

Christina was relieved momentarily, but then the female cop continued, "I don't think she'd like it very much if I scratched my fingernails up and down the sole of her foot like this," and then the cop proceeded to move her fingernails around on the bottom of Christina's foot.

Christina wiggled around and yelled, "Stop, stop, please stop. That tickles, that tickles! I can't take it much more."

The cop loudly asked, "See, I was right. She doesn't like it when I do this," and then the cop moved her fingernails around on the bottom of Christina's foot again.

Then the cop raked all of her fingernails up and down the sole of the poor naked girl's foot. Christina squirmed in anguish as she tried, but could not escape the tickle torture administered by the female cop. She begged the cute Mexican girl to stop as she hopped around on one foot, which caused her big boobs to bounce for the crowd. It was pure torture for Christina as the female cop relentlessly tickled Christina's foot.

Eventually, the cute Mexican girl allowed Christina to put her foot down and then she declared, "The only place left that needs to be washed is between your legs."

The crowd began to cheer as Christina begged, "Please don't touch me down there. This is so humiliating."

The cop replied, "I have to wash you down there. You're the one that went pee on the floor. I have to make sure you're nice and clean after pulling that stunt, don't I?"

Christina answered, "No, no you don't," but the cop didn't listen.

The female cop merely lathered up her hand once again and stood to the side of Christina as she applied the soapsuds to Christina's dark bush. She shampooed Christina's hairy triangle for a long time before sliding her fingers down between Christina's legs. Then she teasingly separated Christina's pink pussy lips as the camera zeroed in on the action.

The cop moved her finger up and down Christina's sweet snatch several times, paying close attention to Christina's little clitty. Having her love button touched by the cute Mexican girl's soft fingertips made Christina moan and wiggle. Christina's moaning seemed to excite the men watching from the lobby and when Christina wiggled her body, it made her ripe melons wobble in front of her. The crowd loved watching Christina's bare breasts bounce and bobble, so the female copy continually made contact with Christina's little clitty until Christina begged her to stop.

Christina pleaded, "Please stop. I can't take it anymore!"

The female cop asked, "What's wrong little girl? Am I getting you all excited? Am I making you wet?"

Christina wouldn't answer, so the female cop moved her finger down between Christina's legs and pushed her finger deep into Christina's wet waiting pussy. The cop proceeded to move her finger around inside Christina's love hole as Christina's body tensed up and twitched right in front of all the people in the lobby. Christina was totally humiliated, yet she could no longer hold back the sexual tension that was building inside of her.

The female cop said, "Just as I suspected...you're nice and wet down here, but I want to make sure it's really you and not just the soapsuds."

When the cop pulled her finger out of Christina's sweet snatch, Christina whimpered. It was as if Christina didn't want the cute Mexican girl to stop what she was doing because Christina was too close to climaxing. Unfortunately, the cop stepped away, leaving Christina standing there totally nude and sexually frustrated. As the naked beauty stood there helplessly, about thirty men and also a few women waiting patiently to see what the female cop was going to do next. They didn't have to wait long as the Mexican girl returned with the shower nozzle.

As the cop began spraying warm water between Christina's legs, she said, "I'm going to rinse away the soap from between your legs and then I'm find out for sure if you're enjoying this."

The shower nozzle was actually a shower massager and after all the soap was rinsed away from Christina's body, the female cop set the massager to "pulsate" and then she pointed the water flow right between Christina's legs.

Christina called out, "Oh, oh my, you don't know what you're doing to me."

The cop asked, "Does it hurt?"

Christina moaned, "No...doesn't...um...doesn't hurt."

Then the female cop asked, "Do you want me to stop?"

Christina said, "Um, no...no, don't stop."

The sadistic little Mexican girl said, "I think I should stop," and then she pointed the nozzle to the floor."

Christina pleaded, "Oh no...don't stop. Please don't stop!"

The female cop said, "Then you have to beg me to make you come. Beg me loud so everyone can hear you."

Christina's face turned an even deeper shade of red as she moaned, "This is so embarrassing. You're humiliating me, but I want it...I want it so bad."

The cute Mexican girl said, "What, what was that? I can't hear you."

Christina called out, "Cum...I need to cum. I'm begging you, please make me cum!"

Then the female cop said, "That's more like it," as she directed the pulsating water onto Christina's exposed and obviously aroused little clitty.

Christina's eyes were closed and she was gasping for air as the water stimulated her love button in the most pleasurable way. Then the Mexican girl reached under and began thrusting her finger in and out of Christina's wet pussy. While the cop moved her finger around deep inside Christina's love hole, she continued to direct the water at Christina's little clitty, which made Christina moan loudly.

Then the female cop whispered in Christina's ear, "You're wet little girl. Your pussy is nice and wet. I knew this was turning you on. I knew you'd like it. Now cum...cum for me little girl!"

Christina wasn't exactly young. She was in her mid-twenties, but at only five-three, she definitely qualified as a little girl. And the little girl was about to cum. The cute Mexican girl had a finger wiggling around inside of Christina while the water sprayed onto Christina's love button. Then, as an added bonus, the female cop began kissing and sucking on Christina's delicate pink nipples. When she did that, it was all Christina could take and she called out in pleasure.

Uncontrollably, Christina yelled, "Oh...oh my. I'm...I'm cumming, I'm cumming. Don't stop...please don't stop. I'm cumming, I'm cumming...mmm...I'm cumming!"

Then Christina's bare body when limp and she just hung there from the handcuffs attached to the steel pipe above her head. The female cop used the shower massager to rinse Christina off one last time time so that she was squeaky clean before they removed her from the shower room.

Then the female cop called out, "I'm done with this one. You can take her away!"

Amanda, who was standing there on pins and needles, knew what that meant. She knew that it was time for the female cop to go to work on her naked body, and that's exactly what the female cop did!

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