tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAmanda-Christina's Misadventures Ch. 15

Amanda-Christina's Misadventures Ch. 15


It was quite an evening at the Los Cufrado Police Station. Amanda and Christina were once again being held for violating the strict public nudity law in the town. After showering in front of around thirty people, which were almost all men, Christina was now handcuffed bare-assed naked to a chair in the Chief's office with the office door wide open. While Christina waited patiently with her breasts and bush on display to anyone that poked their head into the office, it was Amanda's turn to receive a shower at the hands of Carla, the resident female cop. Carla was often referred to as a dominatrix to other females that invaded her domain and Amanda was currently her target for public humiliation.

Deanna, on the other hand, was not being forced to humiliate herself in public. She was doing it by her own free will. Deanna was so turned on from watching the two girls in the shower that she was unable to control her own emotions. As she stood in the lobby, Deanna began doing to her own body what Carla was doing to Amanda's body inside the shower room.

As Deanna watched Carla rub her soapy hands all over Amanda's bare body, Deanna rubbed her hands in a similar fashion over her own body. There was a four and a half foot partition wall hiding Deanna from the crowded lobby of the police station, so Deanna assumed that nobody could see her. However, Alex and the Chief were hiding behind a pillar and watching every move Deanna made.

The two men saw Deanna remove her bikini and casually push it away, nearly five feet from where she was standing. Alex climbed up on a chair allowing him to see inside the shower room while still keeping an eye on Deanna. The Chief stayed on the floor, keeping both of his eyes on beautiful Deanna as she toyed with her bare titties with one hand while rubbing her pussy with the other.

Alex called down to the Chief, "That Carla really knows what she's doing. She's standing to the side of Amanda, tickling Amanda's butt crack with one hand while using the other hand to play with Amanda's pussy. Now Carla's kissing and licking Amanda's nipples, too. That girl's putting on quite a show!"

The Chief replied, "I'm satisfied with the show your friend is putting on in the lobby. She's really hot!"

The Chief was right. Deanna could no longer stand up and look into the shower room. She needed support so she leaned against the partition wall. That made the Chief very happy because Deanna was now facing him. The tequila must have really been working it's magic on Deanna because she had her legs spread, offering a clear view of her sandy-brown pussy hair to the Chief before slipping her finger deep inside her wet waiting pussy. Deanna began to moan as she played with her bare titties while working her finger in and out of her pleasure place.

Suddenly Deanna's moans were drowned out by Amanda screaming, "Yes...yes, I'm cumming...I'm cumming."

It was followed by a loud whack and a cry of, "Ouch, that hurt!"

Carla commanded, "You're not cumming. You're faking."

Amanda whimpered, "No, I had an orgasm."

Carla said, "You're not even breathing hard. If you don't want another spanking, then you'll give us a real orgasm, got it?"

Amanda sighed, "Yes ma'am."

Amanda may have been faking, but Deanna wasn't. She was completely naked with one hand teasing her nipples and the other hand going to town on her pussy. Soon Deanna's body tensed up and moments later she let loose with what appeared to be a powerful orgasm. Deanna's finger was pumping furiously in and out of her pussy as she fought to catch her breath, and then her whole body went limp. After climaxing, Deanna leaned up against the wall in utter exhaustion.

The Chief sent a radio message to his staff, "Okay, you can end the shower theatrics whenever you're ready."

The message was relayed to Carla in the shower room, and then the two male cops that delivered the message walked into the partitioned area. They quickly spied Deanna nearly passed out against the wall with her bikini lying on the floor several feet away from her. The bare-assed naked beauty was leaning up against the wall with her eyes closed as she tried to recover from her explosive orgasm. She had no idea that the cops were standing there staring at her.

When Deanna opened her eyes, she spotted the two guys positioned in front of her and she didn't have a stitch of clothing on. Deanna was thoroughly embarrassed, but she began to panic when she saw that one of the cops was holding her bikini. Alex wanted to rush over and help Deanna, but the Chief stopped him. He wanted to see what was going to happen next.

Deanna said, "Okay, you caught me. I'm naked. You want to look at me, that's fine. Here's my breasts, here's my bush and back here is my butt. There, that's all there is to see. Now can I have my bikini back?"

The cop said, "Your bikini? This is your bikini? I thought it was trash."

Deanna said, "Whatever. Can I have it back?"

The cop said, "I don't think so. We're going to do with it what we do with all our trash."

Terrified, Deanna meekly asked, "And what do you do with your trash?"

The cop smiled and said, "We shred it!"

Then the cop dropped Deanna's bikini into the paper shredder. Deanna ran over with her bare breasts bouncing, grabbed her bikini and began to pull. She yanked hard, but she was no match for the industrial strength paper shredder. With one last pulled, a piece of the material came out, but it was only half of a bra-strap. Deanna's bikini was destroyed and she was now totally nude in a crowded room.

As she held the tiny piece of fabric that used to be her bikini, Deanna whimpered, "Oh, no! Look what you did to my bikini. Now I'm naked! You've got to give me something to wear. Please, I'm begging you. I'm naked and all those people over there can see me. You've got to give me something to cover up with!"

The cops looked at each other, and then they laughed as one of the cops said, "Sorry, babe. This ain't a clothing store. It's a police station."

The other cop added, "And it's a crowded police station!"

Then two more cops entered the restricted area as several people peered over the partition wall. Deanna put and arm across her chest and a hand between her legs in an attempt to block everyone's view of her bare body as Deanna quickly came to the realization that she was now discovered by the crowd. After Carla finished showering Amanda, many of the people watched as Amanda's nude figure was paraded through the lobby en route to the Chief's office. However, at least fifteen of the men were now trying to get a look at the newest naked beauty in the room.

Deanna whimpered, "This can't be happening...this just can't be happening," as a few cops moved behind Deanna to get a look at her beautiful bare ass.

Then a call came over the police radio. The Chief leaned over the radio desk to take the call and there was a look of concern on his face. A bar fight had erupted on the outskirts of town and all available officers were being called to the scene.

The Chief stood up and yelled, "Fun's over guys. Let's get moving."

One of the cops that was staring at Deanna's bare ass asked, "Why do we all have to go?"

The Chief replied, "It sounds dangerous. They have guns and one guy has a broken bottle up to a barmaid's throat."

The Chief quickly took charge instructing the officers to clear the lobby. He said to take anyone waiting to be processed down to the holding cell and told the officers to clear everyone else out of the lobby.

Alex asked the Chief, "You're leaving?"

He replied, "Yeah. There's a motorcycle gang that comes down from Los Angeles and every time they get liquored up, all hell breaks loose."

Alex asked, "What about the girls?"

The Chief thought for a moment and then he said, "Carla's still in the shower. When she comes out, tell her to set the girls free."

Alex added, "And the fine?"

The Chief smiled, looked over at Deanna and said, "Your naked friend already paid the fine!"

In a matter of minutes, the police station was cleared and the front door was locked. All that remained in the station were Alex and Deanna along with Amanda and Christina, who were naked and handcuffed to chairs in the Chief's office. Deanna was also naked, but she was not in handcuffs. Alex stood for a moment and stared at Deanna's bare body, which thoroughly embarrassed her. She put an arm across her chest and a hand between her legs in a vain attempt to block his view from her breasts and bush, but Alex gawked at her anyway.

In a frustrated tone, Deanna said, "Go away, creep!"

Alex replied, "There was no one plotting against you, Deanna. You brought this on yourself," as he casually circled Deanna to get a look at her mighty fine ass.

Then Deanna asked, "Where the heck did Randi and James disappear to?"

Alex looked around and then he heard noises coming from the men's room. He walked over to the men's room door with Deanna following right behind him and then he threw the door open. There was Randi and James! Randi was naked with her bikini lying on the restroom floor. She was bent over the sink and James had mounted her from behind. James was slamming himself up against Randi's ass, causing her firm titties to bounce back and forth with each thrust.

The couple was surprised by the sudden intrusion, but they were too close to satisfying themselves to stop. As James pushed his rock hard penis in and out of Randi's pussy, Deanna reached down and snatched Randi's bikini off the floor. Randi was unable to stop Deanna from running off with her bikini, and she was so busy moaning and gasping for air that she couldn't even say anything.

Alex followed Deanna as she made a beeline for the shredder. Deanna quickly fed Randi's swimming suit into the machine and watched as it chopped the little bikini into tiny pieces.

Alex put his hands on Deanna's shoulders and said, "You have no reason to be mad. We traded wives on the boat, remember? James screwed Randi right next to you and you didn't say a thing then."

Deanna responded, "But that was spontaneous and impulsive. This is more like cheating."

Alex asked, "Is that why you shredded her bikini? Is that why you ruined something that you could have put on to hide your own nudity?"

Deanna looked down at her bare body, blushed and said, "That was pretty stupid, wasn't it?"

Alex replied, "Yes, it was. You're really just frustrated because you were caught naked in public by all the people that were in the lobby and you took it out on Randi."

Then Alex reached out and held Deanna in his arms to comfort her. That's when James and Randi emerged from the men's room.

Randi demanded, "Where's my suit?"

Deanna replied, "Um...well, there's been a little accident."

Randi shouted, "An accident? That's all I had to wear! What happened to it?"

Deanna pointed to the shredder and said, "It sort of fell in there."

Randi yelled, "You shredded my bikini? You bitch! What the hell is wrong with you?"

Then Randi looked at Deanna and asked, "Wait a minute. You're naked, too. What happened to your suit?"

Deanna replied, "It suffered the same fate as your suit did, only it was worse for me. The place was packed when I lost my bikini."

The girls glanced down at each other's bare body, and then they broke down and hugged each other. Their tempers cooled quickly as the women concluded that they were both naked in public.

James asked, "So what do we do now?"

Alex said, "We're free to go as soon as Carla gets out of the shower."

James asked, "Carla?"

Alex replied, "Yeah, she's that cute female cop."

Deanna said, "Then what are we waiting for? Let's go get her."

Randi, Alex and James followed as Deanna headed towards the girls' shower room. She quietly opened the shower room door and there stood Carla, standing under the shower totally nude. Carla was rinsing the soap from her body and didn't hear the door open so she didn't know that anyone was watching her.

Carla's back was to the door as she held the shower nozzle over her tight ass and rinsed the soap suds out of her butt crack. Then she rinsed her breasts as she turned around to face the door. Carla's eyes were closed as she allowed the water to pulsate over her neatly trimmed brunette bush. After her dark hairy triangle was thoroughly rinsed, Carla raised a leg and pointed the water directly at her pretty pink pussy lips. Suddenly, Carla opened her eyes and spotted the couples staring at her.

Carla screamed, "Who are you? What do you want?"

Alex said, "The Chief told us to inform you that you're to release the girls."

Carla put her hands over her firm titties and asked, "Where did everyone go?"

Alex replied, "There was a bar fight and the Chief left you in charge."

Carla said, "Okay, leave me alone for a few minutes so I can get dressed. Then I'll release everyone."

Deanna looked up, saw Carla's uniform on a hanger and said, "I could use this!"

Carla yelled, "Oh no you don't," and then she chased Deanna across the lobby.

Alex and James found the chase very exciting because both girls were naked and their breasts bounced around freely as they ran through the room. Finally Carla caught up with Deanna and pulled Deanna down by her hair. There was a brief struggle, and then Carla straddled Deanna and sat on her chest.

Carla's legs were apart with her dark pussy hair less than six inches away from Deanna's mouth. It looked like a perfect opportunity for Carla to punish Deanna for her misbehavior. As Carla scooted her bare butt forward over Deanna's topless breasts, Alex and James moved into position to witness what was shaping up to be the most exciting action of the day!

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