tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAmanda-Christina's Misadventures Ch. 16

Amanda-Christina's Misadventures Ch. 16


Deanna was totally nude and lying on the floor of the Los Cufrado Police Station with the naked female cop sitting on Deanna's bare chest. Carla was straddling Deanna with her brunette bush a mere six inches away from Deanna's mouth. With the position that the girls were in, Alex and James became hopeful that Carla's next move would be to sit on Deanna's face. The tension in the room intensified as Carla slowly began to scoot forward over Deanna.

Deanna waited nervously as she felt Carla's smooth naked butt cheeks slide forward over her bare breasts. Then Carla leaned forward and her curly pussy hair rubbed up against Deanna's chin. The guys were really getting excited as they watched Carla slowly move up until her precious pink pussy lips actually made contact with Deanna's mouth. They assumed Carla was going to make Deanna satisfy her desires, but Carla only moved forward so she could reach out and grab her white uniform shirt.

Carla slipped the shirt on and fastened a couple buttons as she said to Deanna, "Don't mess with me or I'll make your life a living hell!"

With her pussy lips still pressed against Deanna's mouth, Deanna managed to reply, "Okay, okay. Get off me and I won't touch your uniform."

Carla asked, "What did you say? I couldn't understand you."

Deanna replied, "You can't here me because you're covering my mouth with your pussy. Please get off me!"

Carla said, "Okay, okay. I'll get off you," and then she slowly slid forward, dragging her pussy all the way across Deanna's face.

Deanna's little nose actually slid right between Carla's wet pussy lips. Even after she was released from Carla's grip, Deanna could still smell the fragrance of Carla's pussy on her face. The essence of Carla's sweet nectar was a constant reminder to Deanna of who was in charge.

Alex and James watched as the pretty Mexican cop stood up and draped the rest of her uniform over the partition wall. All Carla had on was her white uniform shirt. Carla fastened one button about an inch below her breasts and another one right over her bellybutton. She didn't bother to fasten the rest of the buttons. The cute Mexican girl retrieved the handcuff keys from her uniform pocket and then she turned to face the guys.

Carla said to Alex and James, "I'm an officer of the law, so don't let me catch you guys trying to sneak a peek under my shirt!"

In unison, Alex and James said, "Yes ma'am," even though the cute young officer was just daring the guys to try and steal a glimpse of her fantastic naked body barely concealed by her starched white uniform shirt.

The shirt stopped right at the bottom of Carla's soft dark pussy hair and as she walked, the shirt would separate in front and expose a little bit of her hairy triangle to the guys. In back, the shirt didn't cover Carla's entire ass and a portion of her tanned butt cheeks hung out below. Carla was still wet from her shower when she slipped the shirt on and the shirt became even more enticing when Carla's damp skin made the shirt wet in front. The thin white material became semi-transparent where her firm breasts pushed out against the front of the shirt, allowing Carla's dark nipples to show through.

Alex and James thought Carla was even hotter in her shirt than when she was stark naked. The guys followed Carla while she walked to the Chief's office to free Amanda and Christina. They watched every step the cute Mexican girl took because with each step, the back of her shirt flipped up and allowed a few inches of her perfect butt to peek out below. Carla had a great body because she worked out with her cop buddies all the time and she wasn't afraid to flaunt her firm tight figure in front of the guys. She loved teasing all the men in town and since Carla was a cop, she always had a gun by her side in case things got out of hand.

As Alex and James stood behind her, Carla leaned over to unlock Amanda's handcuffs. The handcuffs were down low behind the chair so Carla had to lean way over to unlock them. When she did, her white shirt rode up in back exposing much of her bare butt cheeks to the boys. Carla knew that Alex and James were looking at her. She was also well aware that the hem of her shirt was riding up and exposing her fine ass to the guys.

Carla acted like she didn't know Alex and James were behind her, which actually enhanced the teasing experience for the guys. Alex and James tried to be nonchalant as they peeked under the cute girl's shirt and took a nice long look at her smooth firm butt cheeks. Unfortunately for Carla, she couldn't reach Amanda's handcuffs so she had to bend over a little more. Over half of Carla's butt crack was hanging out now. Carla also had to spread her legs apart to reach the cuffs. Alex and James seized the opportunity and crotched down to get a closer look. From their vantage point, the guys were able to see Carla's pretty pink pussy lips, too.

After Amanda was freed, she just sat in the chair rubbing her sore wrists. Then Carla moved over to where Christina was sitting and bent over to unlock her handcuffs. Christina's chair was at an awkward angle which forced the cute Mexican cop to bend over even further than before. This time, Carla's shirt slid up so far that her entire butt was on display for the guys to observe. Alex and James couldn't help staring at it. Carla's beautiful butt was smooth, round and firm, and there wasn't a trace of tan line to be found.

Then, much to the guys' surprise, Carla spread her legs wide apart. The guys hated to take advantage of the half-naked girl, but the view that Carla offered to the boys was too hard to resist. Alex and James immediately crotched down again and they were amazed by how much of her pussy Carla revealed to them.

As Alex and James stared at Carla's perfect ass and sweet pink pussy lips, Carla called out, "Don't think I don't know what you guys are doing. Go ahead, take a good look at my ass...or whatever else you can see. Then take a good look at my foot as I kick you in the balls!"

Alex and James quickly stood up and turned away from the female officer as Deanna said under her breath, "What a tease," followed by Randi saying, "What a bitch!"

After setting Amanda and Christina free, Carla lead the two clothed guys and the four naked girls to the door.

As the girls walked out of the station, Deanna turned and asked, "Don't you have anything we can wear?"

Carla said, "As a matter of fact, I do. There's plenty of T-shirts and jackets around here."

Deanna's eyes lit up, but then Carla said, "But since you and your friend called me a tease and a bitch, I see no reason to give anything to you."

Deanna spoke up, "But you deliberately teased our husbands. You stuck your ass and pussy right in front of their faces."

Carla said, "Well, I figured the guys deserved to see what a real woman looks like."

Amanda said, "You are a bitch!"

Carla responded, "And you're naked," as she slammed the door shut in Deanna's face and locked it.

Deanna walked over and punched James in the arm for peeking under Carla's shirt. Then she looked out and noticed that there were still a lot of people in the police station parking lot. Deanna quickly put an arm across her chest and a hand between her legs, assuming the position that Amanda, Christina and Randi had already taken.

With all the girls hunched over, trying to hide their breasts and pussies from the crowd, Randi said, "This is so embarrassing!"

Amanda said, "You're not kidding. By the way, what happened to Deanna and you? Where are your bikinis?"

Randi replied, "Destroyed! We're both naked just like you."

James chuckled and said, "Come on girls, it's not that bad. So you're naked. So there's a bunch of people looking at you. So it's a long walk home. So there's a guy with a camera over there. No big deal!"

When Deanna saw that the filmmaker was still in the parking lot, she punched James again and screamed, "It's no big deal because you have shorts on. If you don't want to get punched again, you'd better find a way to get us out of here right now!"

At that moment, James spotted the Captain from the boat and his brother standing next to their pickup truck. They were still hanging around and waved for the group to come over.

James said, "There's our ride home."

Randi said, "But he's parked all the way over on the other side of the parking lot."

Alex said, "It's either walk over there or walk home," as the men began making their way across the lot.

Deanna and Randi couldn't believe how callous their husbands were acting. It was as if the men enjoyed watching the public humiliation of their naked wives. However, the girls didn't have time to worry about that now. They had to get across the parking lot to catch a ride home.

Christina went first. She ran with a hand over each boob, leaving her bare butt and dark hairy triangle right out in the open for everyone to see. That got a big cheer from the crowd. Then Amanda followed. She ran with one hand covering her auburn bush and the other hand attempting to hide as much of her bare butt crack as she could. Amanda's style left her titties bouncing as she ran, which got an even bigger cheer from the crowd.

Deanna and Randi stood there for a minute trying to work up the courage to make their jaunt across the parking lot. Finally, Deanna and Randi counted to three and then they took off together. Like Christina, Randi held a hand over each boob to keep her bare titties from bouncing around, but it left her smooth hairless pussy exposed to everyone. Randi had a nice ass, but her shaved beaver attracted all the attention.

Deanna started out with a hand over her soft brown pussy hair and one covering her butt crack, but when Randi got ahead of her, Deanna dropped her hands allowing her to run as fast as she could. Her boobs were bouncing, her ass was wiggling and her hairy triangle was totally exposed, so Deanna ended up getting the biggest cheer of them all!

When the naked girls reached the pickup truck, the Captain told them to climb into the back and he would take them to the hotel. One by one the girls carefully climbed up on the back bumper of the truck and leaned forward over the tailgate. Then they threw a leg over the back of the truck and climbed in. The cameraman assumed a low position for the shot because as each girl climbed up on the bumper and bent over, her bare butt was pointed right at the camera. Then when the girl threw her leg up over the side, it provided the cameraman with a great beaver shot.

After jumping into the back of the truck, the girls put their legs together and crossed their arms over their breasts to block everyone's view of their bare bodies. They still caused quite a stir as they drove through town. Even though their wrists were not handcuffed behind them any longer, the naked girls were still a sight for the people to behold. Like the cops, the Captain drove slowly through town, giving all the tourists and the locals a chance to look into the back of the pickup truck and see all the bare flesh on display.

When they arrived at the hotel, Deanna and Randi took off for their hotel room followed by their husbands. The men looked extremely excited as they chased their naked wives down the hallway, undoubtedly anticipating some great sex once they reached their room. Unfortunately, Amanda and Christina locked their key inside the hotel room before they left in the morning, so they had to stop at the front desk.

The disgusted woman behind the counter looked up and said, "Can I help you?"

As a few hotel workers and guests crowded around to get a look at the naked girls, Amanda said, "We locked ourselves out of our hotel room and we need another key...and hurry, please!"

The woman behind the counter seemed angry to witness the girls strolling through the lobby of the hotel without a stitch of clothing on. Amanda and Christina were turning red from humiliation as everyone moved closer to get a better view of their boobs, butts and bush which were open to public viewing. Sensing that the girls were highly embarrassed, the woman decided to extend their public nudity predicament by taking her time while getting Amanda and Christina their hotel room key.

The agitated woman asked, "Do you have any identification?"

In an angry tone, Christina said, "Where would I have identification? In my vagina?"

Some of the guys hanging around laughed as the women responded, "There's no need to be rude. Just wait while I look you up in the computer."

The woman was irritated by the presence of the naked girls and she was annoyed even further by their bad attitudes. To punish the girls for their behavior, the woman decided to type as slowly as possible. She used just one finger to enter their names into the computer and she intentionally made mistakes to provide an excuse for her to start over. It was obvious to everyone that the woman wanted to prolong the girls' humiliation, which was deeply appreciated by the guys standing nearby.

Both girls were facing the front desk with their hands over their butts, trying to block the crowd's view of their exposed asses. Then a couple of hotel workers, including a security guard, walked around behind the desk to get a look at the girls' bare titties. Amanda and Christina blushed knowing that they had no choice, but to stand there and let everyone gawk at them.

Amanda and Christina actually became angry when the woman asked them to step back from the counter. The woman claimed that the girls were crowding her. Amanda and Christina knew that the woman just wanted them to step back so the guys behind the counter could get an unobstructed view of their hairy triangles. At first Amanda and Christina refused to back up, but when the woman behind the desk refused to wait on them until they moved away from the counter, the girls had no choice except to step back and let everybody have a nice long look at their firm breasts, delicate nipples, smooth butts and and soft pussy hair.

Finally the woman confirmed their room number and the security guard said, "I'll escort the girls to their room and let them in with my master key," so once again Amanda and Christina were naked and being paraded through a crowd by a man in uniform.

The man was not shy about staring at the girls' bare bodies as he escorted them to their hotel room. A small gathering of men also followed the girls and checked out their bare asses the whole way. Finally, the girls got into their room, showered and went to bed. However, there was no love making this time. Both girls were totally fatigued. They just gave each other loving hugs and sweet caresses as they fell fast asleep.

Early the next morning, Amanda and Christina got on the bus that took them to the airport. On their bed in the hotel room, Amanda and Christina left behind the collection of revealing clothes that they purchased specifically for the trip. Amanda and Christina decided that their old conservative ways suited them just fine, and they were anxious to get home and assume their old way of life again.

Alex, James, Deanna and Randi came out to wish them a safe trip home. Amanda and Christina hugged them and thanked the couples for everything they did. Amanda and Christina never found out that the couples were actually the force behind the girls' second day of naked misfortunes, although Deanna and Randi did receive a taste of their own medicine.

At home, the kindergarten teachers' lives returned to normal and Mexico became just a memory. With their revealing clothes left behind in Mexico, there was no hard evidence to remind Amanda and Christina of all the public nudity and humiliation that the girls were forced to endure. It's a good thing that Amanda and Christina didn't make a habit of surfing the Internet for pornography. Otherwise, thanks to that filmmaker guy in Mexico, they would surely stumble upon the popular video of their naked misadventures in the Los Cufrado Police Station!

The End

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