tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAmanda is SO Wicked!

Amanda is SO Wicked!


A collective sigh went around the place as Amanda arrived for work on Monday morning.

Amanda Sinclair was nineteen years old and she was gorgeous, one of those girls who stopped men in their tracks, made them lose their train of thought. She was blessed in every department. At five foot six, she was slim but curved in all the right places. Spectacular legs, great tits and an arse to die for. Perfect skin of course, smooth and lightly tanned. Cascading brown hair, rich and wavy, framing a face that possessed true beauty. Liquid brown eyes, generous mouth, lips that were full and pouting but not to the point of cliché. A face that was truly lovely and managed to mix innocence with sexiness in exactly the proportion that's pretty much guaranteed to drive men crazy.

Second week of her new job and Amanda was settling in nicely. "Morning boys," she said, flashing a smile as she sashayed across the room to her desk. Several pairs of longing male eyes followed her every move.

She knew the guys were ogling but it wasn't a problem as far as she was concerned. Being the object of male desire was something Amanda was used to. Any case, she enjoyed the attention. Rather fun, in fact, to be a hot looking girl in an office full of men!

She was wearing a low cut top and a form fitting skirt, cut a couple of inches above the knee. Nothing you would call slutty, or inappropriate for the office, but the top was nevertheless quite revealing, especially as she was braless, and the skirt ... well, Amanda knew that John and Colin, who had desks with a good view of hers, were already picturing what was going to happen when she sat down and crossed her legs, how the skirt would slide teasingly up her thighs as she shifted around and got comfortable. The very same thing had happened on her commute this morning. So funny, every guy in the carriage craning to get a better view!

Amanda enjoyed it when men stared at her legs on the train. She liked the thought of them wistfully comparing her to their plain looking wives, imagined them fantasising about her, longing to be able to do more than just look, while she sat there tantalising them in her sexy little skirt.

"Fuck Amanda, you look hot this morning," leered Greg Malone, as she passed by his desk.

"Why, thank you Greg," she smiled, enjoying the way he was looking at her. Kind of like a dog staring at a juicy bone. Greg was about her age and he wasn't bad looking, in truth, and so she didn't mind flirting with him a little.

Looking around, she could see that her entrance already had Colin Chowdry fiddling surreptitiously with his trousers. Such a loser, thought Amanda. No wonder he was the butt of so many jokes around the office.

Colin Chowdry was considerably older than the other guys in their small company, a couple of years older, even, than the boss, Mr Lucas. He was also short, overweight and totally lacking in confidence. Colin was, in theory, the office supervisor, the number two to Lucas, but he had virtually no real authority and Amanda had noticed how Greg and the others either ignored or made fun of him.

Amanda sat down and made as if to cross her legs but then, teasingly, she didn't. Knowing exactly what she was doing, she decided to sit quite demurely for a while. Fun to toy with guys like this. Play with their minds.

All the guys were in before her, Colin and Greg, John Mason, Pete Cole, Barry Anderson, but Lucas's office over in the corner was empty.

"Where's the boss?" she enquired.

"Day off," said Barry.

"Yeah just us today, babe," grinned Greg.

"Guess Colin is in charge, then," she said, smiling.

"Mmmm guess so. Gonna be working double hard with Chowders in charge, aren't we chaps?" Greg's voice dripped with sarcasm.

Outbreak of sniggering from the others. "Oh absolutely," agreed John Mason and Amanda giggled.

Colin didn't say anything, just looked down and tapped away at his computer.

For an hour or so, things were fairly normal. Amanda continued sitting demurely at her desk, deliciously aware of being ogled by five guys.

In the office, like everywhere else, different guys looked at her in different ways. Some of the bolder types, like Greg, ogled quite blatantly. With others, the ones that were more polite, or else were the shy, timid sort, it was more furtive. Admiring, lustful glances when they thought she wasn't looking.

Like Colin Chowdry now, for example. God, what a jerk the guy was.

Amanda, recognising the perfect victim, made a point of looking straight at Colin as she swivelled her seat towards him and then slowly, sexily, crossed her legs. She smirked to make it clear that she knew he'd been ogling and he looked away, blushing furiously.

Amanda smiled to herself. She particularly enjoyed teasing loser guys like Colin Chowdry. Reminded her of school.

It was back in school, three or four years ago, that Amanda started to notice the effect she had on the male of the species. At first she found it slightly awkward but, before long, she relaxed and began to relish being the sexiest girl around. She loved how the boys looked at her. The male teachers too. The yearning etched across their faces when she was in their presence. So obvious how they all desired her.

She became a tease, took to wearing outfits that flaunted her luscious body. Tight, low slung jeans with skimpy, cropped tee-shirts. Short skirts that showed off her legs. Silky blouses with enough buttons undone to reveal tantalising glimpses of her breasts. She drove the boys insane and loved every minute of it.

And the way boys behaved around her, she liked that too. Hanging around like lapdogs, fawning over her, competing in ever more desperate ways for her attention. Amanda found it a little pathetic but she also found it exciting. Such fun to mess with their heads, egg them on a little, coolly observe as they made complete fools of themselves.

Amanda did some traditional dating stuff with a few of the cuter looking buys, just to try it out, and because she enjoyed making the other girls, especially the ugly ones, jealous but she soon realised that what really turned her on was the POWER of being a gorgeous looking girl. Realising she could get away with just about anything, Amanda became cruel and capricious. Her heart stopping beauty meant that she could, if she so wished, bring great pleasure to others but it also granted her the power to tease and torment and it was this, she found, that really interested her.

During her final year in school, she developed strongly in that direction. She led boys on shamelessly, got a kick out of torturing them. When she dated now, it was purely because, sometimes, going out with a boy made teasing him even more fun. Amanda would spend the date manipulating the hapless boy, alternately inflaming and denying his passion. Get him all worked up then leave him, at the end of the night, horny and frustrated. One of her favourite things was to drive some poor boy so wild with lust that he would literally end up begging to make out with her. He'd plead like some tearful puppy dog and Amanda would just giggle, let him grovel for a while, and then send him home.

One thing she particularly liked doing, back then, was picking on the more nerdy guys. They were so helpless, some of them, and it was fun to humiliate them. Chubby little loser guys like Colin Chowdry who, to Amanda's amusement, was again casting sneaky, longing looks in her direction. It was obvious he was trying very hard not to stare at her legs but couldn't help himself.

With the boss being away, Amanda decided today was an excellent opportunity to have a little fun with Colin Chowdry, to really tease the poor guy.

"You okay there, Col?"

"Um, yes Amanda," he mumbled, blushing and uncomfortable.

"Not ogling my legs, are you?" grinning wickedly.

Colin looked down, too embarrassed to answer, as jeers rang out from Greg and the others.

Amanda smiled and considered her next move. She was in control of this situation and was experiencing a thrill of power. She knew that it was mean of her, making fun of Colin like this, especially in front of the whole office, but there was something quite pathetic about him, something helpless, which made Amanda want to see just how far she could go.

"Colin, come here," she ordered, waggling a finger at him, "C'mon, Chubs, I wanna talk to you." Sniggering from the others at hearing Amanda use one of the many unflattering nicknames they had for Colin.

Colin clearly didn't want to leave his seat but felt he had no choice. He got up and shuffled over to Amanda.

Once he got there, Amanda ignored him for a while, kept him standing at her desk while she dealt with a couple of emails. With where he was standing, she knew he'd be getting a good view down her top and that he'd be struggling not to stare at her tits. After about five minutes she looked up and, sure enough, poor Colin was caught in the act.

"What are you staring at, Colin?" she demanded, looking at him and trying not to laugh.

"Um, nnnothing Amanda."

Amanda was pleased to see that, despite his obvious discomfort, and despite the sniggering from the other guys, Colin had a bulge in his pants. It was known that Colin Chowdry had no success whatsoever with women. He was nearly forty but still lived with his parents, probably hadn't had a shag in years, if ever, and such a close up view of the gorgeous Amanda Sinclair, sitting there in her tight skirt and skimpy top, legs and cleavage teasingly on display, was having a major league effect on the poor guy.

Amanda, really enjoying herself now, glanced down to check how much of her breasts were on view to someone standing where Colin was standing. She didn't need to do that, of course, because she knew exactly how revealing her top was but the sarcastic pantomime served to increase Colin's embarrassment and it added to the general hilarity in the room. Greg and the others were falling about laughing.

Amanda looked up and stared at Colin. Her gaze was cool and amused.

"Strange, because I could have sworn you were drooling at my tits."

Amanda glanced over at Greg Malone and winked at him. Big bad Greg was a nasty bully and Amanda had noticed how he loved to persecute the unfortunate Colin.

"What do you think, Greg? Was Mr Chubby Chops here staring down my top?"

"Too fucking right he was," said Greg, grinning, "Guy's a fucking pervert as well as being a lard arse."

"Aw, c'mon Greg," she giggled, "that's really mean. He's just a bit on the chubby side, that's all. And he's not a pervert, it's just that he fancies me like crazy. That's what I think anyway."

"Yeah, I bet he does," chuckled Greg.

"I know, let's ask him, shall we? ... so, Colin, which is it? ... are you a pervert, or do you really really fancy me?"

Colin stood silent, wishing the floor would open up and swallow him.

"C'mon Chubby Cheeks, we'd really like to know," said Amanda, forcing poor Colin to answer.

"I fffancy you, Amanda," he managed to stammer, to the massive amusement of everyone.

"You see, Greg. Told you, didn't I? Colin likes looking at me because he thinks I'm absolutely gorgeous. That's right isn't it, Colin?"

"Yes, Amanda," mumbled the horribly embarrassed Colin.

"Yes what, Colin?" giggled Amanda. She had poor Colin on the spit now and was slowly roasting him.

"I like looking at you, Amanda"

"And why's that?"

"Because you're gggorgeous"

"Aw thank you Colin, so sweet!" giggled Amanda.

"What a fucking dork!" shouted Greg, to hoots of laughter. He and the other three guys were thoroughly enjoying watching Amanda humiliate the unfortunate Colin.

"And sexy?" she pouted, "Do you think I'm sexy, Colin?"

"Oh yes, Amanda" blurted Colin. He knew Amanda was mocking him but he did think she was the sexiest thing he'd ever laid eyes on. He fantasised about her, day and night.

"Well that's nice of you to say, Colin. I'm glad you think I'm sexy. What about my outfit today, do you like it?"

Colin nodded. His face had gone beetroot red and he was starting to sweat. Amanda, cool and amused, was smiling at him and he could hear the others jeering.

"Which do you like best, my skirt or my top?" asked Amanda, and the room erupted in laughter.

Poor Colin, too embarrassed to speak, nodded again.

"Has the cat got your tongue or something? Come on Colin, I need to know ... my skirt or my top? ... which is more sexy in your opinion?"

"I dddunno ... your sssskirt, I suppose," stammered Colin, feeling more and more humiliated as this went on.

"Oh, so you don't like my top then?"

"I ddddo, Amanda," stuttered Colin, miserably.

"Because I know most guys would like me in this top. Greg, you like my top, don't you?"

"Love your top, Amanda," grinned Greg.

"You see, Colin?" said Amanda, looking quite sternly at Colin.

"Yyyyes, Amanda."

"Yes what? ... yes, you just love how sexy I look in this top?"

Colin nodded, acutely ashamed and embarrassed. His face was burning and he could feel the sweat trickling down his neck and inside his shirt. He was desperate for Amanda to stop making fun of him.

"Looks like Fatboy likes Amanda's top, then" said John Mason, sardonically. His timing was good and everyone, including Amanda, fell about laughing. Everyone but Colin that is. Colin was not laughing, he was making a kind of whimpering noise.

Amanda went quiet and just stared at Colin for a while, relishing the situation, revelling in her power. He was completely helpless and it was just a matter of deciding the most amusing way to carry on tormenting him.

"Listen Colin, from now on if you want to ogle me, just ask me first okay?"

"Okkkay Amanda."

"Like if I'm wearing a short skirt, for example, just say ... "Amanda, please can I admire your sexy legs for a few minutes?" ... and, you never know, if I'm in the mood I may just let you. You understand?"

"Umm, okay," mumbled Colin.

"I might wear fishnets tomorrow, by the way ... would you like that? ... would you like to see how my legs look in fishnets?"

Colin nodded.

"Mmmm, a nice pencil skirt and fishnets ... I bet you can picture that right now, can't you?"

He nodded again.

"You don't have to be shy about it, Colin. I like men looking at me. Just so long as it's only looking, of course. And you're only ever going to be ... err ... looking, aren't you Chubs?" she chuckled.

"Yyyes, Amanda," stammered the hapless Colin.

"That's all he ever does," said Greg. More laughter from everyone in the room.

"Aw, don't you have a girlfriend then, Col?" asked Amanda, taunting him.


"Have you ever had a girlfriend?"

"Nnnno, Amanda."

"Oh, you poor sex starved man! You must be so ... I dunno ... frustrated I suppose is the word I'm looking for. Can you imagine that, Greg? Can you imagine how frustrated poor Colin must be?"

"Yeah Amanda, bet he's fucking gagging for it the whole time!" grinned Greg.

"Are you frustrated then, Col?" asked Amanda.

Colin nodded but couldn't answer.

"Aw, poor old Chubsy," giggled Amanda, "and here's me, who you really fancy but who you can't have, coming to work every day in short skirts and revealing little tops, looking all sexy and gorgeous ... almost like I'm deliberately torturing you, isn't it?"

"Hey Amanda, I think he's ogling you but I didn't hear him ask," piped up Barry Anderson.

"Yeah Amanda, he's taking liberties, the fat little bastard," agreed Greg.

Amanda just looked up at Colin and quizzically raised an eyebrow. She had the poor guy dangling on a string.

"Colin?" she said.

"Err Amanda ... ppplease can I umm ... can I please ogle you?"

Amanda had a fit of the giggles, then nodded and reclined back in her chair. She stretched her arms back so that her tits pushed against the flimsy material of her top, slowly crossed her legs and allowed her skirt to ride a little further up her thighs. She wriggled one of her feet out of her shoe and let the shoe dangle provocatively from her red painted toes. The whole teasing performance had the desired effect on poor Colin whose erection was now back and looking more obvious than ever from where Amanda was sitting. It was also pretty clear to Amanda that he wasn't very well endowed.

"You don't think I enjoy tantalising you, do you Colin?" she grinned. "You don't think I'm a ... you know ... a bit of a tease, do you?"

It was an impossible question and Colin mumbled something unintelligible as jeers and laughter rang around the room.

"Because that's not a nice thing to say about a girl. Just 'cos I'm pretty and I like wearing short skirts and showing off my sexy legs to get men worked up and excited, that doesn't mean I'm a tease, does it?"

"Nnnno, Amanda."

"And you are excited, aren't you Colin?" she giggled, looking pointedly at the front of Colin's trousers and winking at Greg to make it obvious what was going on.

"Hey Amanda, has he a got a boner?" jeered Greg.

"Why don't you come and take a look?" said Amanda, grinning at Greg. "Come on," she giggled, "bring your chair over and let's play a little game."

A couple of minutes later and poor Colin was stood there, facing both Amanda and Greg. The others stayed where they were, watching avidly.

"So, Colin," giggled Amanda, "we were wondering if you've got a hard-on from all the drooling over me you've been doing this morning."

Amanda could see that Colin did still have something of a hard-on ... as indeed, in rather bigger proportions, did Greg!

"Ppplease Amanda," whined Colin, getting rather distressed now. It was bad enough being tormented by Amanda Sinclair but it felt a whole lot worse now she'd roped in that bastard, Greg Malone. Greg had joined the company about six months ago and he'd made Colin's life at work a total misery, for almost all of that time, with his sadistic bullying. Colin hated him and he hated himself even more for being such a wimp and allowing it to happen.

"Pppplease Amanda," said Greg, cruelly mimicking Colin, "ppplease don't ask me stuff like that."

"Aw don't make fun of him, Greg," giggled Amanda, "it's not his fault if looking at me has made his dick hard. I bet you've got a hard-on too, haven't you sweetie?"

"Yeah, but at least mine is worth talking about," said Greg, giving her a wolfish grin, "not like pencil dick here." Greg pointed at Colin and waggled his little finger to make it clear to Amanda what he meant.

Amanda chuckled at that. "Mmmm, I can see you've got nothing to worry about in that department," she said, looking at Greg's very sizeable bulge and licking her lips appreciatively, "but ... you know ... maybe Colin just needs a little female attention."

"Am I right, Colin?" giggled Amanda, slipping off a shoe, stretching her leg out towards Colin, "do you need a little female attention?" and she placed her bare foot up against the little bulge at the front of Colin's trousers.

For the next few minutes, Amanda's foot lazily toyed around with Colin through his trousers. She pressed against him, moved the sole of her foot up and down his dick, every so often, just to really drive him mad, she wiggled her toes around where she could feel the end of his hard little cock was.

Colin didn't know where to look or what to do. He felt humiliated by Amanda's cruel teasing, and he wanted her to stop, but he was powerless to resist. The girl was just so gorgeous looking. And the way her legs looked in that skirt, especially the leg she'd stretched out to torment him with ... oh god oh god. His poor, starved cock was tingling was excitement and he was getting more and more desperate to explode. Somehow, though, every time he got to the verge of that happening, the tormenting little bitch seemed to sense it and she would ease up on the stimulation until the moment passed. It was sheer torture!

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