tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAmanda Pays the Price

Amanda Pays the Price


Amanda was in the second semester of her freshman year of college when things started to go terribly wrong. The pretty, petite brunette had been spending too much time partying at the expense of her studies. Final exams were due and Amanda learned from her academic advisor that she was at risk of being kicked out unless she aced a pair of exams. Something she doubted she could accomplish.

Amanda couldn't face the thought of facing her strict parents if that happened. She would also be at risk of losing the grant she had been awarded from her parent's church to help pay for college if she failed.

Amanda sat before one of the counselors telling her story, begging for any assistance possible. The thirty-year old woman before her had listened in silence as Amanda spun her tale. Rhonda Edmonds had heard such stories before. While sympathizing to a small degree she felt that these students deserved what they got. She eyed Amanda carefully as the young girl continued. Amanda was thin, weighing only 105 lbs, with medium length brown hair, a very pretty face complete with just enough freckles to enhance her natural beauty. Her skinny legs showed scratches on her knees, but were otherwise fine. Rhonda guessed that the girl was only an A-cup but that did little to detract from her overall looks. Amazingly, the 18-year-old Amanda looked more like a girl of 15 or 16 than a college freshman. After hearing Amanda's tale of wow Rhonda made a startling suggestion…

Amanda sat in stunned silence as she heard Rhonda's offer. The counselor told her that she could intervene to get her grades boosted and help Amanda earn some cash as well. If Amanda was willing to pose for some provocative lingerie pictures for a friend of her's. Amanda was no prude, but this was something she had never considered. Back in church she gave everyone the impression of being the sweet innocent little girl, but that was mostly for show. Amanda had had her share of fun. She had only gone "all the way" with two guys before coming to college. But during high school she had learned how to give blowjobs very well. Once she sucked off three guys in one evening. And she loved receiving oral in return even more. In college Amanda had struck up a relationship with a fellow student and the two had become a hot item for a while. But he broke up with her two months earlier leaving her without anyone significant in her life.

Rhonda assured Amanda that these photos would be used only in closed circles so there was no worry of anyone back home seeing them. Finally, out of sheer desperation, she agreed to do it. Amanda was given an address in town and instructed to come by on Friday night after completing her exams.

Friday rolled around and Amanda nervously complied. She took a bus to the downtown address, a seedy looking warehouse-style apartment complex, and walked up the stairs to apartment B-4. She nearly turned around to flee twice before knocking. She paused, inhaled deeply, and knocked. A nice-looking man in his early twenties opened the door and asked, "You Amanda?"

She nodded in reply.

"Well come on in, darling." He opened the door wide for her.

Amanda walked inside and clenched her jaws as the door closed and bolted behind her.

"We have some legal formalities before we can begin, sweetheart." The man informed her. She saw camera equipment lying around the room. He led her to a table against the wall with several pieces of paper lying scattered about. "I need your drivers license first." He said.

Amanda opened her purse and gave him her license. He walked over to a computer, placed it on the scanner and made a copy. "Just to prove you're 18." He said as he handed it back to her. "My name is Roger. Glad to meet you."

Amanda smiled and returned his greeting. Roger rushed her through signing several pieces of paper. Mostly "release agreements and stuff like that" he informed her. Explaining that they were necessary for him to have in order to use her pictures.

He offered Amanda a sheer nightgown and told her to put it on. She excused herself to the bathroom and changed. She stepped back out into the room feeling uncomfortable in the short, almost transparent, outfit. Roger led her into the next room. A rather large, well-lit room, with only a queen sized bed for furniture. There was a closet and another door in the room. Roger told her to lie on the bed while he grabbed a video camera and began filming her.

"I thought this was supposed to be photos?" Amanda asked.

"It will be," Roger explained. "This is digital, so I can print photos off it."

Roger stepped back from the bed to get a full shot of the pretty girl lying on the bed. "Action!" He yelled. And the side door flew open and four masked men rushed into the room. Amanda screamed and jumped, but not before the men could grab her and pin her down to the bed. Two held the struggling girl in place and the other two produced rope and tied her spread eagle to the bed. Amanda looked up to see another masked person enter the room. It was obvious by her shape that this newcomer was a female.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Amanda cried out. Struggling against the bonds that held her in place. Then the female spoke. With a shock Amanda recognized her as Rhonda Edmonds. "We're going to have some fun with you, Amanda. And Roger here is going to get it all on tape for us."

"Let me go or I'll call the cops!" Amanda demanded.

"Won't do you any good." Rhonda told her. "You signed a release form and contracts to make hard core porno films. Call the cops and you're secret porno lifestyle will become public. What will your parents and their church friends think when they learn that little Amanda has flunked out of college and been making porno's as well?"

Amanda was stunned. She didn't know what to do or say. She didn't have time to consider the matter longer as the four men jumped on the bed and began ripping the nightgown from her body. Amanda felt hands grope and probe her small tits and pussy. Her nipples were pinched until they were hard. Then sucked and tweaked more. One finger thrust its way into her tight pussy, followed by a second and third. All the while she struggled and begged for them to stop.

She felt something slap at her face. When she opened her eyes she found one of the men kneeling by her head, his erect cock only and inch away from her. "Suck it." He insisted.

When Amanda refused he grabbed her left nipple and twisted it ferociously. Amanda opened her mouth and allowed him to shove his cock deep into her throat. Her head was pinned by his hands as he began fucking her mouth.

Amanda felt someone between her legs begin to lick her pussy. Whoever it was, he was working her clit expertly. Despite her horror at what was happening to her she felt her clit grow and throb under his manipulation. Soon she was involuntarily thrusting her hips back and forth with each and every lick. Amanda heard the man above her moan and realized that he was about to cum. With a savage thrust he began emptying his balls into her throat. She had no choice but to swallow his load.

Just as her attacker pulled his semi-hard dick from her mouth Amanda felt her body ready to respond to the licking between her legs. She rolled her head back feeling the mounting pressure of her impending orgasm. As much as she hated it she was about to enjoy this release. It had been two months since anyone other than herself had gotten her off so her body was welcoming this. But just as she neared the peak of release Rhonda yelled, "Stop!" And the man between her legs pulled his head away.

Amanda thrust her hips in protest, silently hoping for him to begin licking her again.

"You'll cum, bitch. But not yet." Rhonda spat. "But we want to play first."

Amanda didn't have to wait long to understand what Rhonda meant by "play". She watched as Rhonda withdrew a metal binder clip from her pocket and approach the bed. As Rhonda squeezed the shiny silver ends Amanda saw the black mouth of the clip open wide. She screamed and jerked against the ropes as Rhonda lowered it close to her left tit. With her left hand Rhonda squeezed Amanda's tiny tit, holding in place as she closed the clip on the poor girls hard nipple. Amanda cried out in agony, jerking and spasming to escape the pain. Her eyes were clenched shut and she did not realize that Rhonda was repeating the same action on her right nipple until she felt the metal lips close tight.

To her anguished horror Amanda fought helplessly as Rhonda put one on each of her tender pussy lips. Then finally she saw the woman moving her hand towards her swollen clit. "Noooooooooo!!!!" Amanda begged for mercy as she thrust her hips in a useless attempt to evade the oncoming pain. When the clamp closed on her clit Amanda thought that she would pass out from the sheer pain. It was worse than all four other clamps combined.

"When you get us all off I'll remove them." Rhonda said sadistically.

The man who had earlier licked her close to orgasm straddled her pain filled chest, laying his large cock at her chin. "The sooner you suck us all off the sooner we take off those clamps." He informed her.

Amanda opened her mouth and took in his cock. She fought back tears as she began working her tongue and mouth to bring him to an orgasm. If she needed to suck them all off to escape this agony then she would willingly do it. She sucked with every ounce of energy she could muster and felt a sense of grim satisfaction when his dick exploded in her mouth. He took way too much time to pull out and get off of her. But when the next man took his place Amanda began sucking immediately. This one wasn't as big, and to her satisfaction it took him less time to fill her mouth with his seed than either of the other two had. Amanda looked to the final man praying that he would finish quickly as well. He slowly climbed over her and lowered his thick cock into her mouth. Amanda gulped it down and worked it feverishly. After several minutes he too filled her mouth with his cum. Amanda laid back begging for them to remove the clamps.

"One more left." She heard someone say. Amanda looked to Roger who was holding the camera.

"Not him, me." Rhonda said.

"Wh-what?" Amanda asked.

Rhonda was now naked, except for her mask. Her C-cup breast stood firm before her. Her shaved pussy glistening from the excitement. "Now you get to lick my cunt, whore."

Amanda protested as Rhonda began climbing over her. Her protest quickly ended with a yelp as Rhonda reached back and tugged on the clamp on her clit. Amanda had no choice but to comply and began licking Rhonda's soaking pussy. She felt Rhonda's clit against her tongue. Pain and humiliation washed over her but she continued to lick the woman above her. Out of the corner of her eye she could see the camera capturing every moment of her forced lesbianism. Rhonda grabbed her hair and began moaning with delight. The sound of her voice filled with pleasure disgusted Amanda to no end. But she continued licking. Rhonda began shaking, grinding her crotch harder into Amanda's face. "Yes, make me cum, bitch!" She cried out. Amanda could feel her juices splashing over her face and into her mouth as Rhonda's orgasm erupted. The woman on her rode her face to an intense climax, then pulled herself off the hapless victim.

"Pl-please let me go." Amanda practically whispered.

"Not yet," Rhonda told her. "But we will take those clamps off now.

If Amanda thought the clamps hurt going on she wasn't prepared for the intense pain when they were removed. As the blood flowed back into the tightly pinched nerves of her nipples, pussy lips and clit the 18-year-old screamed bloody murder.

"Now you're ready to be fucked." Rhonda told her.

She was quickly untied and pulled on top of one of the men. She was forced to straddle him and sit on his hard cock. No sooner was he inside her than another was behind her pressing his cockhead against her anal ring. "No, oh please don't." She begged. Amanda had never tried anal before. Her protest was ignored as her rapist brutally shoved his cock into her ass. She was impaled by two cocks at once. The pain of the twin assault raced through her body, as she lay limp between her two attackers. In her mind she could picture how the scene must look through the viewfinder of the camcorder recording her rape. The two men continued pounding her intensely, ignoring her whimpering cries. After several minutes she could feel their thrust increase and knew that they were both about to cum inside her. The one in her ass blew first, shoving even farther inside her as he did. Amanda cried out in shock then felt the dick in her pussy unload it's warm cum into her as well. Each man continued to pump her until satisfied that every last drop was released before withdrawing from her ravaged body.

Amanda felt the next two take their place. Once more she was thrust atop one man and forced to ride his cock as another penetrated her torn asshole. This time it wasn't as painful, and she actually felt her pussy starting to respond from the stimulation. As the two men pounded her cunt and ass she began fucking back. Feeling her body coming to life with every twin stroke inside her. Amanda was ashamed to admit it but she was beginning to enjoy what was happening to her. She began moaning and fucking the two men. Her actions brought even more of a response from them. She felt both men cum simultaneously inside her and began quickening her pace in effort to have an orgasm of her own before they finished. But it was not to be as both men pulled out and tossed her aside.

"Your turn." Rhonda told Roger, who quickly handed the camera to another of them men and dropped his trousers. Amanda looked up to see a hard 11-inch cock thrusting from Roger's waist. He moved to the bed and rolled her onto her knees. Amanda spread her legs waiting for him to slide inside. But Roger had another target in mind. Amanda rose in protest as Roger's cock took her in the ass. She shouted out in pain as he sank all eleven inches into her buttocks and began fucking her upturned ass. "Oh god, no!" Amanda pleased. "Please fuck my pussy!"

"What did you say." Rhonda asked.

"Make him fuck my pussy!" Amanda pleaded.

"Only if you lick mine again." Rhonda offered.

Amanda agreed, and Roger pulled his massive cock out of her asshole. Rhonda climbed on the bed to lay above Amanda's head. Amanda buried her face into her counselor's crotch for the second time that night as she welcomed Roger's pole into her waiting pussy. She thrust back against the cock inside her as she licked Rhonda's pussy. With her free hand she reached back and began massaging her clit. She felt Rhonda unleash another orgasm but continued licking. Soon her own pussy was throbbing. Her juices spilled around Roger's cock as she squealed in delight as her own climax was achieved. Roger thrust harder and faster, his hips slamming against her ass until he grunted and released his seed into her belly. As her orgasm subsided Amanda collapsed on the bed. She passed out, and when she awoke found only Roger and Rhonda sitting in the corner watching her with interest. The other four men were gone.

"What are you going to do with me?" Amanda asked.

"Nothing, Amanda." Rhonda replied. "You're free to go anytime you want."

Seeing the look of confusion on her face Rhonda continued. "Oh we're not worried. You signed legal agreements to participate in rape-fantasy videos. Next time maybe you should read a contract before you sign it. So if you go to the cops we have all the proof we need to protect ourselves. But don't worry, nobody will know, unless some of your church members secretly buy these types of films off the internet."

Amanda sat there wide-eyed listening to her counselor.

"Oh, and your passing grades will be posted on Monday. Congratulations, you'll be back again next year. Which is good because you're under contract to us for three more films."

Amanda was shocked at that. But surprisingly felt her pussy stirring at the thought. "Who…"

"Don't worry about them." Rhonda interrupted. "You don't need to know who we bring in to fuck you. Some may be students, some may be teachers. Some townspeople who pay to fuck a hot young student. Just think, when you're sitting in class you won't have a clue if you've been fucked by a classmate or your professor."

Amanda couldn't believe that her pussy was growing wet again at the thought of being raped repeatedly by strangers and all of it to be filmed for sale. But after the initial ordeal she realized that she had just been through the best fuck of her life. And if it helps her get through college then maybe she'll just stay on to do more than three more films.

"Can I ask you one favor before I leave?" Amanda asked.

"Depends." Rhonda replied. "What?"

Amanda pointed to Roger. "You can do whatever you want with me, but please let me have his cock one more time before I go."

Rhonda and Roger looked to each other in fascinated satisfaction...

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