tagToys & MasturbationAmanda's Journey into Submission Ch. 02

Amanda's Journey into Submission Ch. 02


Thanks for all the feedback on the first story. Here is the second part. It will make more sense if you read part 1 first. I think there will be one more part after this one. Again, feedback is appreciated.


Once she was in Mike's office, he closed the door, walked around and sat down at his desk. He gestured to the chair on the opposite side, "Here, sit down. There's something we need to discuss."

Amanda felt her chest tighten in fear. It couldn't have been him could, it? This would surely be the end of her career here. She sat there quietly and waited.

"First let me say that you have been working here for a while and have been a valuable contributor. I've always thought you had a lot of potential here at the company, but, your recent performance has been brought to my attention."

Recent performance? Oh shit. This was it. Someone had told Mike about her online activities. Amanda felt a sinking feeling in her stomach, dreading what was certainly coming next. She would be fired. What would she tell her parents and friends? Fired because she was caught masturbating online like a slut.

She was stunned when he continued, "About your performance -- your recent performance has been spectacular! The work you did on the Smithson project was phenomenal. You worked long hours, demonstrated great leadership, and really got the job done. You knocked it out of the park. Because of this, we are going to be giving you an award at the all-hands meeting this afternoon."

What? He was talking about the project? Not her slutty online masturbation? Relief flooded Amanda as she finally started breathing again. "An award? Um, thank you. This is, this is very exciting."

"The meeting is at 2 in the large room downstairs. The whole division will be there. Mr. McKenzie from corporate is in town too, so it's a pretty big deal. Congratulations!" With that, he stood and led her back out of the office. "See you at 2!" he said as he went back to sit down.

Amanda slowly walked back to her cube, still recovering from the roller coaster ride she had just been on. Looking at her watch, she realized she still had a couple of hours before the meeting. 'I can get some work done and focus my mind on something productive,' she thought as she entered her cube. Her eyes immediately went to the monitor. No new yellow stickys. Maybe that situation would resolve itself after all.

But as she pulled out the chair to sit down, she noticed the brown, inter-office envelope sitting there. It was the old-fashioned kind with the small round holes and the little red string to hold the flap closed. She picked it up and noticed it had 'Olsen' in the last 'To' section, but the last 'From' section was blank. With slight unease, she sat down and slowly unwound the string. Inside was a typed note on single sheet of paper:

'Well, slut, are you nervous? Knowing that someone knows your dirty little secret? Wouldn't it be interesting if everyone else did too? Oh yes, you would be quite popular around the office. The little slut that masturbates online for anyone who might be watching -- her boss, the corporate vice-president, maybe even the janitor cleaning the bathroom.

They would all know what a slut you are. If you would like to keep your little secret quiet, here's what you need to do:

Before the all-hands meeting today, go to the bathroom and remove your panties. They are probably a little damp right now anyway, aren't they? You little sluts get turned on so easily. Put your panties in this envelope. Address the envelope to Mailstop 3D52 and leave it in the outbox on Mrs. Jones desk.'

Amanda sat and thought about the situation. Take off my panties here at the office? What? Mail them to who knows where? Her mind was working hard on all the scenarios and implications. She had worn jeans today, so it was unlikely anyone would actually notice she was commando. It wouldn't be that bad, would it? 'Wait, am I actually considering this? Well, what choice do I have really?' She wasn't sure who was sending the notes or what they wanted. It was probably better to play along if this was as dangerous as it got.

Amanda thought more about it. She had gone out without panties before. Just not to work. Of course it always made her a little horny, knowing she had a secret that nobody else could know. She always fantasized about someone finding out. Bending her over her desk or the hood of her car. Pulling up her skirt and using her exposed pussy. Fucking her hard, like a little slut. Actually, every time she left the house without her panties, she ended up back at home later that day giving her favorite black dildo a serious workout. And now to actually do that here in the office? She felt a little tingle between her legs as she thought about it. Her mind was made up -- she was going to do it. She would go take them off and drop the envelope on Mrs. Jones' desk on the way to the meeting. Mrs. Jones, also known as Doris, was the secretary of Mike's boss.

Decision made, she spent the next 2 hours analyzing the envelope. Trying to figure out whose names were on it, where they worked, what they did. Anything that would help her figure out who was pulling her strings. In the end, she could not figure anything out, aside from the fact that the mailstop in the letter did not seem to exist.

At ten till two, Amanda took the envelope and made her way to the bathroom. Once inside, she locked herself in the end stall. She took a deep breath and unsnapped and unzipped her tight jeans. She slipped off her sandals and quickly slid her pants and panties down her long legs to her ankles. She stepped out of the pants and stood naked from the waist down there in the stall. She felt a little dirty as she stood there, bare-footed on the cold tile, clad only in her bra and tight white knit shirt.

For the last few hours, she had been trying to get her mind around the situation she found herself in. She was being controlled, blackmailed even. All because she had given in to her basest urges last night on the webcam. Thinking back to last night, she remembered exactly what she was thinking of as she pounded her snatch with the vibrator: she were having that fantasy again about being taken forcefully by the janitor. The one where he used her like a cheap, mindless, fucktoy right here in the bathroom. That one never failed to drive her to a huge orgasm. But she always felt so disgusted afterwards. She was a high-powered professional woman, on the fast track here at the company, but she had these nasty thoughts that scared her. She tried hard to keep them in check, but sometimes they made their way to the surface.

She snapped back to reality with the realization that her hand had crept between her legs and she had been rubbing her hardening clit for the past few minutes. Pulling her hand away, she knew she would be late for the meeting if she didn't hurry. Amanda quickly placed her red bikini panties in the envelope and stepped back into her pants. She slid the rough denim up her smooth thighs and let out a little gasp as the seam of her jeans settled in between her slightly swollen cunt lips and nestled against her hard clit.

She almost ran down the hall to Doris' desk to drop off the envelope. Just as she got there, she noticed Mike talking to Doris. They both looked up and he said "Hey, there you are. I thought you would be downstairs already."

"I'm on the way now. I just had to drop this envelope off in the box." As Amanda placed the envelope on top of the out box, she noticed that the red fabric of her panties was visible through the holes in the envelope. Praying they didn't notice, she said "Want to walk downstairs?"

"Sure, let's go." As she and Mike walked towards the elevator, Amanda became acutely aware of the seam of her jeans rubbing against her clit with each step. Trying to maintain her composure, she followed Mike into the large meeting room and took a seat in the front row next to him.

The meeting agenda was 2 hours long, with the awards at the end. As the vice-president, Mr. McKenzie, droned on about quarterly earnings, upcoming initiatives, etc, Amanda tuned out and let her mind wander. All the sexual thoughts of the past 24 hours were fresh in her mind. If it wasn't so real, the situation she was in right now would make for a great masturbation fantasy. As she sat there in the front row, wearing no panties, she discovered that if she squeezed her thighs together and rotated her hips slightly, she could generate a nice little friction on her clit. Feeling especially dirty, she experimented with these sensations. For the next 45 minutes, she worked herself towards the brink of orgasm, only to back off each time, keeping herself right on the edge. Amanda knew this was not her normal behavior, but she was having a hard time maintaining control.

As she was climbing back up towards that peak, she heard the VP call her name. 'Shit. They were already at the awards and you weren't paying any attention. You had been too busy pleasing your pussy like a little slut. What is wrong with me?' she thought. Regaining composure, she stood up and walked up to collect her award.

It wasn't very obvious to the casual observer, but one set of knowing eyes saw her situation clearly - pink, flushed cheeks, hard nipples visible through her tight shirt, and a slightly darker, damp spot in the crotch of her jeans. That observer knew just what a slut Amanda secretly fantasized about being.

The vice-president talked about Amanda's accomplishment and handed her a plaque. He mentioned there was also a check to pick up from Doris after the meeting. Amanda accepted the plaque and looked back out at the room full of people. She felt all their eyes on your body as she wondered who was the one that was doing this to her. Who was the one that knew her secret urges? Smiling to everyone she sat back down next to Mike. The meeting finished soon thereafter and she walked back upstairs to Doris' desk.

Doris was already back at her desk when she got there. "Congratulations! I suppose you are here for your money. Everybody likes a nice check. Let's see.." She picked up a stack of envelopes on her desk and flipped through them."Ah, here it is." As she handed it to Amanda she said, "Oh, wait, there's another one in here too. Looks like you really made out!"

As she walked back to her cube with the two envelopes, Amanda felt that familiar sense of dread returning. Mr. McKenzie only mentioned a check. She opened the first envelope and, sure enough, it contained a check for $500. That would come in handy, she thought. As she opened the next envelope, she found a folded piece of paper, with the now-familiar hand written text:

'Congratulations slut. It is good to see you know how to follow orders. If you keep this up, I might not have to expose your behavior to everyone in the office. You know, I got an interesting package in the mail this afternoon: a nice pair of red panties. Quite aromatic too. I wonder what old man McKenzie would say if he knew his up and coming star ran around the office with no underwear. In front of the entire division no less. He just might keel over with a heart attack.

Here is your next task: I want you down in the mechanical room on the first floor at 5:30 this afternoon. Come alone and don't be late. And don't even think about not showing up, slut. You don't want to find out what will happen.'

Alarm bells were going off in her mind. Secretly running around the office without panties was one thing, but this was something else entirely. The mechanical room was the room with all the air conditioners and pumps and pipes for the building. Amanda had been there once on a tour and knew it was noisy and dirty. And isolated. Way at the end of the first floor. And by 5:30, there would be nobody anywhere close. She would be completely on her own. This was way too risky. She could go in there and who knows what could happen. She knew she shouldn't go. She thought again about taking the notes to HR. Then her mind came back to her career and what would happen to it. She knew she had no choice. She had to go.

Amanda passed the rest of the afternoon growing increasingly more agitated and nervous. She was genuinely worried about what was going to happen next, but she had developed a plan: She had a small can of pepper spray in her purse. She would play along until she could figure out who was black mailing her. Then she would escape. Using the pepper spray if she had too. She had to expose the blackmailer before they ruined her career. At this point it was only their word against hers. The situation might get ugly, but she decided her standing in the company should help her survive this. She looked at the clock: 5:20, time to head downstairs.

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