tagGroup SexAmanda's Magic Mirror

Amanda's Magic Mirror


Chapter One – Amanda receives a birthday present

Amanda had just turned 19 years old when she was called down to the Headmaster's office at the prestigious Prestwick Academy. Prestwick was an all-girl's school with an excellent academic reputation. What could the headmaster possibly want with her today Amanda wondered as she made her way to the office?

Amanda was a pretty girl with a very shapely figure. She had blond hair that she wore in pigtails and blue eyes. The school uniform covered up most of her 34-20-34 body but she still looked incredibly sexy. Amanda's tits were 34 B cup with eraser sized nipples and she had a gorgeous ass. Her ass reached out and beckoned to others to touch her which her roommate often did. Amanda was still a virgin and had only had sex with her roommate Christy. Christy was a carbon copy of Amanda with the exception of having brown hair and brown eyes. The two of them could easily pass for sisters. Christy was also 19 years old.

Six months ago she and Christy had begun to experiment and touch each other, eventually graduating to oral sex. They often licked each other's pussy in a 69 position until they drenched each other's faces with cum. Recently Christy had targeted Amanda's ass. It started when she had Amanda kneel on all fours with her perfect ass perched in the air. Christy would eat Amanda's pussy as she caressed her beautiful ass cheeks. One day Christy started by planting kisses on Amanda's ass. The feeling was incredible as Christy kissed and licked her round globes. Amanda was shivering and had goose bumps on her buttocks as Christy made love to her bottom. Christy then caught her totally by surprise when she probed Amanda's asshole with her tongue.

Amanda had stiffened up in shock but remained silent as Christy returned to kissing her buttocks. Christy would kiss her bum and then probed her asshole with her tongue. Amanda was overcome with the sensation of having her asshole tongued. Christy continued licking Amanda's asshole and even stuck her tongue deeper into her rectum. As Christy probed Amanda's asshole with her tongue she began to finger Amanda's pussy at the same time. All this was too much for Amanda and she experienced the most intense orgasm of her young life. Amanda's hips involuntarily bucked and her body shook with tremors and she came and came. Amanda collapsed on the bed and Christy pursued her as she sucked up all of Amanda's juice from her cunt. The two beauties embraced after that and held each other until they fell asleep.

Amanda knocked on the Headmaster's door and she was told to enter. As she entered she hoped that she and Christy had not been discovered as lovers.

"Good day Amanda," said the Headmaster, "I have a package for you it must be for your birthday."

Amanda almost sighed with a sense of relief and took the package thanking the Headmaster. "Do you know who sent it," she asked?

"No Amanda I have no idea it was just left at the gate addressed to you, maybe there is a card inside," the Headmaster replied.

Chapter Two – Amanda learns the dark secret of her mirror

Amanda took the package and returned to her room where she excitedly opened it. It was a beautiful mirror with intricate carvings all around the frame. Amanda searched the box and the wrappings thoroughly but could not find a greeting or delivery card. She wondered who could have sent such a beautiful gift. She had already received birthday gifts from her parents, relatives and friends so she was at a loss as to who gave her the mirror. She placed on her dresser and it looked stunning.

As she looked at the mirror she became intrigued with the carvings around the frame. As she looked closely she noticed the carvings were figurines of both boys and girls that looked liked little cherubs. There was also an inscription on the frame that was difficult to read. Amanda got her magnifying glass out so that she could read the inscription. It was in a foreign language but as she tried to pronounce the words they came out as if she knew the language. All of a sudden the mirror came to life. The figurine cherubs started moving around and into very graphic sexual positions. She could not believe what she was seeing.

The cherubs engaged in all sorts of sexual acts. There were boys fucking girls, girls sucking boys, boys fucking other boys and girls eating other girls. No sex act was left out oral sex, anal sex and vaginal sex were all taking place in front of her. Girls were taking three cocks at the same time and boys were taking two cocks at the same time. Amanda was getting turned on with all this sexual activity before her and she sneaked her hand under her skirt and into her panties to rub her pussy.

As she rubbed her pussy and diddled her clit she approached an orgasm. Amanda was panting and her hand was racing over her pussy as she brought herself off. Amanda shuddered with her orgasm and then something strange happened. Amanda found herself being drawn into the mirror. It seemed that her orgasm triggered her entry into the mirror as if it had opened a gateway into another world. Amanda struggled trying not to be pulled into this new world but it was hopeless. She was scared and all sorts of thoughts crossed her mind.

"Where is it taking me? Will I be harmed? How will I get back? What will my parents do?" were among the many fears that crossed her mind.

The sensations of being dragged subsided and Amanda felt relieved. She looked around and did not recognize the surroundings but she seemed to be on some sort of an estate. She walked around trying to find her way when she heard a voice.

"There you are I wondered where you had got off to. You must be careful it is very easy to get lost on the property when you are not familiar with it." A very beautiful young woman said to her.

"Where am I," asked Amanda.

"My dear have you forgotten already, you are at the Prestwick estate and you are going to help me celebrate my 21st birthday." The lovely girl said. "Now come along our guests are waiting," she urged and took Amanda by the hand.

"What is your name," Amanda inquired.

"I am called Helen," she smiled as she answered.

Helen led Amanda by the hand into the mansion. Amanda was in awe of the opulence surrounding her. Helen led her into a massive room where six men were present all dressed in tuxedos. They were sipping champagne and looked toward Helen and Amanda and raised their glasses in a toast.

"Happy Birthday Helen," they chimed in together.

"Thank you gentlemen and allow me to introduce you to my good friend Amanda. She is here today to help us celebrate my birthday." Helen replied.

Amanda was handed a glass of champagne along with Helen. It was Amanda's first taste of champagne and she loved it. Amanda joined Helen on the couch at Helen's urging and they drank until they both were a little tipsy. One of the men brought out an opium pipe and set it on the table in front of Amanda and Helen. Amanda had never tried any drug or narcotic but she didn't want to be a party-pooper and took a small drag on the pipe. At first nothing happened but then the room began to spin. Helen leaned over Amanda, tilted her head back and kissed her full on the lips. Helen blew smoke into Amanda's mouth and kept her mouth over Amanda's mouth until she inhaled the smoke.

The shot of smoke was like a knockout punch. Amanda felt herself spinning out of control. Helen held her lips to Amanda's and shoved her tongue into her mouth. Amanda had only kissed Christy up to now but she found herself responding to Helen's insistent and searching tongue. Everything was moving quickly. Amanda felt her blouse being pulled up out of her plaid uniform skirt. Her bra was unhooked and a hand found its way to her breast. Her blouse was next unbuttoned and pulled opened.

Helen was no longer kissing her lips. She was sucking Amanda's nipple rolling her hard little nub around in her mouth. Someone else reached under her skirt and slid off her cotton panties. Amanda lay back with her blouse open, her skirt bunched around her waist and still wearing her knee high socks. Helen moved so that she could remove her own blouse and bra. She guided Amanda's mouth to her nipple. Amanda found herself sucking it between her lips just as she had so often done with Christy.

A cock slid between Helen's lips while Amanda sucked her nipple. At the same time a finger pushed into Amanda's pussy bumping up against her hymen. This was the first real cock that Amanda had ever seen. She knew this was all wrong but she couldn't stop herself. It was as if someone had taken over control of her body.

Holding onto the cock that she was sucking, Helen slid down and kissed Amanda on the lips and then guided the swollen head in between their open mouths. For the first time in her life Amanda was touching a real cock and with her mouth not her hands. They continued to kiss while licking and sucking on the smooth skin of the knob pressed against their lips. Helen fed the hard meat into Amanda's mouth and watched as the swollen shaft slowly disappeared through her open lips.

Amanda felt the hard flesh press against her tongue and push against the back of her mouth as a cock penetrated one of her holes for the first time. She wasn't sure which man's cock she was sucking. Helen moved down her body until she was between Amanda's legs. She felt shivers run up her body when Helen's eager tongue flicked across the wet folds of her pussy and over her hard clit. Amanda loved the familiar touch of a loving woman.

The cock in her mouth slid in and out faster and faster. She felt a pair of hands grab her head and move it back and forth on the penis that was fucking her face. Helen pushed two fingers up Amanda's cunt as she continued to lick her pussy. Helen discovered that Amanda was still a virgin. Helen started to play with Amanda's ass and tickled her anus with her finger and then rimmed her asshole with her tongue. Amanda was confused by everything that was happening to her but her body had taken over and was responding of its own accord.

The cock that was fucking her mouth pulled out, her head was turned in the other direction and a new cock slid between her lips. Amanda watched one of the men get behind Helen and plow his large cock into her pussy. Helen rubbed a finger across lubricating Amanda's rosebud with her own juices and continued pressing until it slipped inside her tight passage. Amanda tensed at the sudden but not unpleasant intrusion into forbidden territory even Christy had not fingered Amanda's asshole.

Amanda's entire body tingled with desire. The feel of hard flesh sliding across her tongue only added to the exotic sensation surging through her loins. She could not hold back the rush of pleasure that exploded from her pussy as her body tensed and then released coating Helen's face with her juices. Amanda tried to scream but it was muffled against the cock in her mouth.

Helen licked up the juices from her gushing cunt and rolled Amanda's engorged clit in her teeth. Her finger continued to dig around inside Amanda's ass. A secondary explosion gripped Amanda expelling even more pussy juice into Helen's mouth. The man removed his cock from her mouth allowing Amanda to breathe as she gasped for air. Amanda started to recover slowly but she was still in a daze from the mixture of champagne, opium and sexual intoxication. As she lie in a stupor the rest of her clothes were removed and her knee highs were peeled down and off of her legs.

Totally naked now, Amanda felt her body being turned until she was on her knees facing the back of the couch. Someone stepped up behind her and slipped a cock into her dripping pussy, driving it deep into her belly taking her virginity. She felt the momentary sharp pain as her hymen was broken and then the pleasure that she would forever remember. She had no idea who was fucking her and it didn't matter. She was overcome with uncontrollable lust. The man that had been fucking Helen stepped in front of her and dangled his huge cock in her face. She looked up at him briefly with glazed eyes before wrapping her lips around his thickness. A strong taste of Helen's freshly fucked pussy filled Amanda's mouth. Oh if only Christy could see her now!

The cock fucking Amanda pounded up into her body again and again. The hard meat in her mouth added to the pleasure. It was the first time Amanda had one much less two cocks inside her at the same time. The debauchery made her feel sensual and excited and she could feel that another explosion was slowly building in her loins.

Across the room a naked Helen was on a table with her legs pulled up and her head bent back over the side. A cock pounded into her cunt on one side of the table. On the other side of the table Helen held a cock in each hand taking turns sucking them into her mouth as the two men alternated fucking her mouth, squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples.

The men fucking Amanda switched places and she quickly sucked the hard meat dripping with her juices into her mouth. Amanda loved the taste of her own pussy. The other cock pounded her pussy rocking her body with yet another orgasm.

Amanda looked up and saw the man fucking Helen in her pussy pull out and then he pushed his cock against her asshole. It slowly stretched her ass open until the head popped inside. Amanda watched in amazement as he fucked her, the man's big dick slowly disappeared into Helen's dark passage. He fucked her slowly at first and then began to pound her asshole. His cock would come almost all the way out and then totally disappear in Helen's ass. While Helen was getting ass fucked one of the men came in Helen's mouth and his cum began to pour out from the corners of her cock filled mouth and run down her face. The third man pointed his cock at Helen's chest and sprayed his hot seed all over her tits.

Amanda felt the cock slam hard into her pussy driving into her cunt deeper than it had ever been. The man held her by her pigtails and for the first time in her life she felt a jet of hot cum sprayed into her belly. He kept fucking her pulling out and slamming into her again and again filling her pussy with another flood of his creamy seed. Amanda's pussy quivered and gushed with another orgasm soaking the cock in her womb. She could feel his cum and her pussy juice leaking from her cunt and running down her thighs.

Amanda felt the cock in her mouth swell and her head was forced down pushing the cock head to the back of her throat. She felt the man stiffen and shoot his load into her mouth the thick stream of cum almost made her gag. He pulled his cock from her mouth so that he could shoot the remainder of his load on her face. The second jet of cum sprayed up the side of her face and into her hair. The cock kept spewing cum all over her face and across her nose and forehead. Amanda tried not to swallow any cum but some of it did make its way down her throat and into her belly. The rest she let ooze from her mouth down her chin and drip on her tits.

The men left her and Amanda sat back on the couch feeling wickedly satisfied. The effect of the opium was still affecting her. It started to set in on what she had done. She was embarrassed but she also felt very good as her pussy still tingled from the royal fucking. She had lost her virginity and sucked her first cock and she felt good. Even the taste of cum wasn't that bad and she pledged to swallow more the next time. Her pussy had been stretched to new dimensions and she could still feel the intense tingling between her legs. She was hooked on fucking and wanted more.

Between the opium she had smoked and the intoxication of the sex Amanda had become a fuck toy. Over the next hour Amanda and Helen were fucked repeatedly by the six cocks one after another until cum was oozing from and covering their bodies. They would lick each other clean and kiss like two lovers waiting for the men to rejuvenate. The rest of the night was a blur of cocks, pussy and cum filling her body and splattering across her face and tits. Drained of all energy Amanda felt the walls closing in and drifted off into darkness.

Chapter Three – Amanda tells Christy about the mirror

When Amanda woke up she was in her room at the Academy. She looked around at the familiar surroundings and spotted the mirror on her dresser where she had placed it. She was confused she was still in her school uniform. Did this really happen or was it an erotic dream? Her body was sore and achy leading her to believe that maybe it did happen. She was about to lower her panties and check her pussy when the door opened and Christy came in.

"Where have you been? I have been looking all over for you," Christy blurted out.

"I am not sure, something strange and amazing happened," Amanda said. "Wait until you hear what I have to tell you," she continued.

Christy sat next to Amanda and listened to the story as Amanda covered every detail. Christy sat there with her mouth open in awe and somewhat disbelief. The story had turned her on though and her pussy was sopping wet.

"You either had one hell of a dream or a great imagination, either way you got me hot and my pussy is dripping," Christy panted.

"No really it's true, it really happened," I swear it.

Christy walked over and picked up the mirror and studied the carvings. "So when you say some special words these figures come to life and start fucking each other, this I have to see," Christy mocked.

Amanda excited replied, "That's right and then I got turned on and rubbed my pussy and as I got off the mirror swept me away."

"Let's do it then," Christy said in a disbelieving tone.

Amanda picked up the mirror and repeated the words she had earlier. The words flowed from her lips as if it was her native tongue. Sure enough the figurines came to life and began their orgy. Christy could not believe her eyes as every imaginable sexual act was performed before her. Christy could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter. Then Amanda reached under Christy's skirt, put her hand down into Christy's panties and began to finger her pussy. Christy reciprocated and did the same to Amanda. The two girls stood next to each other watching the orgy and fingering each other's pussy. As they both reached an orgasm they felt themselves pulled into the mirror's gateway.

Amanda and Christy arrived in the same place that Amanda did earlier. Amanda took Christy's hand and led her toward the mansion.

"Where are we and where are we going," Christy asked uncertainly.

"We are at the Prestwick Estate and we are going up to the house and I will introduce you to Helen," Amanda told her.

When they reached the front door Helen was there to greet them.

"Right on time Amanda and I see that you brought your friend Christy as well," Helen addressed them. "I am so glad that you are here I have many guests today and I will need help serving them," she continued.

Christy was dumbfounded that Helen knew her by name. The girls followed Helen into the house and Helen showed them to a room for them to change clothes. Helen had laid out similar clothes for them but they were much skimpier and more risqué then their school uniforms.

"My guests love school girls in their uniforms but I have made a few changes for you. Please remove everything except your shoes and knee highs and put on these clothes but no bra and no panties," Helen instructed.

Amanda and Christy stripped as they were told and put on the new school uniforms. The blouse was made of a coarse-like material that rubbed against the girls nipples. Any movement caused the material to brush and tickle their nipples into an erect state. The plaid uniform skirt was cut so short that it just covered their pubes and the cheeks of their shapely behinds. The girls were excited before they even left the room.

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