tagInterracial LoveAmanda's Path to Discovery Pt. 01

Amanda's Path to Discovery Pt. 01


Chapter 1

Amanda Cooper was down in the dumps. Her 18 year old son, Eddie, had left for college two weeks ago and she was missing him terribly. It was now just her and her husband of 19 years, John, in the house.

Amanda and John have been together since meeting in their own freshman year of college. They married during the summer break and she became pregnant with Eddie soon after. She continued in school until the late stages of pregnancy and then dropped out to be a 'stay at home mom'.

Being her only child, Amanda doted on Eddie. Careful not to spoil him, she still devoted as much time as possible to be with him. Summers were amazing. Every year she renewed their family membership in their town's public pool and she and Eddie would spend their days there. He was able to meet and play with friends and she was able to swim laps to both regain and maintain her figure. She would often pick a spot to lay out in the sun where she could both keep an eye on Eddie while also enjoying some free time to read or do crossword puzzles.

Once Eddie entered first grade, Amanda started taking classes again and ended up completing her teaching degree. Though it took far longer than she wanted, she has been teaching for just over 4 years now and her career has allowed her and Eddie to have the same breaks, making his departure that much more difficult.

The other difficulty is her husband John. As with many marriages, Amanda and John had hit the 'same old, same old' rut; with each focusing on their own things and not focusing on each other. John worked hard in the business world in an effort to move up the 'company ladder' and was often tired when he got home or brought work home with him. Amanda felt their youth slipping away and was concerned they'd be old before they knew it.

When Eddie left for school Amanda was hurt. She tried to hold back the tears as he drove off, but she couldn't help just realize just how much she had come to enjoy his companionship. They enjoyed the same movies, TV shows, or sometimes just playing games. She was very proud of her accomplishments as a mother and was now feeling the pains of letting go.

As she blinked back the tears as his car rounded the corner, Amanda vowed to make changes even if she had to go it alone. She was going to go out and enjoy a social life. Most of her fellow teachers were either older than her or just starting out so she really couldn't expect them to be part of any activity. Plus, she didn't want to talk about the kids in the class all night. What she wanted was something to take her mind off missing her son and her boring home life. She looked at schedules of shows and things like concerts or public events in the area. But in the two weeks Eddie has been gone she had yet to take the plunge.

"This Friday," she vowed to herself, "this Friday I am going out!"

That Friday, Amanda told John she was going out and headed to a place about 15 minutes away that served food, drinks, and played country and western music. She had been to the place before and figured it would be comfortable place to hang out for her first time out.

It turned out to be a mistake.

One problem was that Eddie liked C&W music so it made her miss him that much more. But the real problem was the crowd. There were couples just like her and John all over the place. Some were as detached from one another there, as she was at home. Others were the flip side, enjoying themselves as couples as she should have been. She was there less than an hour before heading home frustrated and disappointed.

On the drive home, Amanda debated with herself if she was making a mistake or should she continue. She wondered what it was she was even looking for. Then she scolded herself for being so quick to give up and realized that her choice of going somewhere familiar was the mistake. She needed to go somewhere outside of her comfort zone. Somewhere that didn't make her dwell on her home life, but would be fun and a change of pace.

So, if country and western was her first choice, maybe somewhere in the city with a more urban feel should be second.

The following Friday, Amanda dressed in what she felt would be appropriate for the venue in a nice form fitting but still modest blue dress. Her blonde hair gently draped her shoulders and she had just a hint of extra makeup. Her 36C breasts and the rest of her swim-fit body looked quite nice in the mirror as she appraised herself and she left the house with a bit of a spring in her step.

She parked in a nearby parking garage and immediately felt out of place. She sat in her car for probably 10 minutes before finally getting the nerve to step out and head for the club she had selected. It was a beautiful autumn evening and that combined with the activity on the sidewalk picked her spirit (and her nerve) up a bit. She could hear music spilling out the door as she approached the place.

And then she was immediately intimidated; so intimidated in fact, that she probably would have not entered had she not had to get out of the way of another club goer walking in.

Feeling foolish for being so hesitant, Amanda made a beeline for the bar and sat down. She ordered a margarita and was about to take her first sip when a deep voice to her right asked "This seat taken?"

Amanda could barely form the words to speak as her mind quickly jumped to the idea that whoever the man was might have thought she was out looking for a date. She finally squeaked out a "No" as she shook her head. Amanda felt her face flush at how foolish and naïve she must look and sound. She dared not look at who was speaking to her but that only made her feel that much sillier.

Finally drawing up the nerve to glance to her right, she saw a tall bald headed black man smiling at her. He didn't have to say anything. It was clear he knew she was new at this.

Amanda's mind was in overdrive now. All she could think of, was "I am married. I am not out looking for anything more than just some company." Yet, even as she thought that, she began to scold herself at what she was even doing there in the first place. She was a married woman! Why did she put herself in this situation and how could she get out of it without further embarrassing herself?

All sound seemed to stop in the club as she heard the scrape of the chair's wooden legs scrape across the floor. Reflexively, as if to try and salvage some form of self-esteem, Amanda smiled at the black stranger as he sat down next to her.

The man gave her the slightest of head nods then motioned for the bartender and ordered a beer. Those brief couple seconds were critical to her catching her breath as she giggled to herself about whether she had been breathing at all! She took another sip of her margarita and shifted in her seat to stand and excuse herself when the man calmly put his hand on her forearm.

He didn't say anything. He didn't have to. The command was clear. "Stay here."

With that, Amanda unknowingly committed her first act of obedience...she sat back down.

The man picked up his beer and asked "What's your name?" and took a drink. Amanda was back to wondering if she had breath to actually speak before finally answering him.

She expected him to reply with his own name but he just took another drink and looked at her as if appraising her.

Amanda's mind was a mix of emotions. On one hand she wanted to be a trail of smoke out the door and back to her quiet, if not sedate, life. She had already exceeded any possible plans for her second foray out into the social world. On the other hand, she felt a strange heat in his seeming desire for her. A heat she had not felt in a long time. It made her feel good, like a woman, like she wanted to feel.

To fill the quiet seconds when he did not offer his name, Amanda took a quick sip of her margarita and then turned to him and asked, "How are you?" She didn't mean for it to sound sexy and she briefly wondered if she even knew how to sound sexy anymore anyway. But when the words came out, the mixture of the confused emotions, the heat of his gaze, and the slight influence of the margarita made the words sound that way to her ear.

His reply was twofold, both abrupt and commanding. He simply said "Good" and then stood up and grabbed her wrist to lead her to the dance floor.

Amanda committed her second act of obedience when she dutifully fell in step behind him.

The brief walk as she was being led to the dance floor gave her a sense of relief. It simultaneously removed the potential for a conversation and gave her the ability to work off some of the nervous energy that had built up over the last few minutes.

She needed that short respite because things picked up immediately upon setting foot on the floor.

Amanda was quickly pushed towards her nameless partner as the crowd seemed to grind together in unison to the beat. Any possible desire of not making full contact with him was removed within two seconds.

She felt her breasts press into his chest and his hands on her hips. Amanda attempted to innocently look up at him as if to gage his reaction, but the look had more of an impact on her than anticipated.

She had never been this close to another man other than her husband other than maybe brief hugs with family or friends. But this was different. Those other men never had the look in their eyes that this unnamed black man had, and any contact with them was fleeting. This was not. Yet, she could not pull away with her body or with her eyes. Amanda did not know what else to do other than enjoy it. And smile.

She began to mimic his movements as they danced. Amanda felt herself being turned around and then pulled back towards him. The dance floor was filled with people, primarily black men with a relatively even mixture of black, white, and Hispanic or Asian women. Why did she not notice that before?

Then her world froze for a moment as she felt the bulge of his penis...no, the bulge of his cock, touch the small of her back. She was grateful his hands were on her hips because she felt she might fall over had they not been there.

The sight of all those faces...the sensation she felt in his touch...the beat of the music...this flipped a switch in Amanda's mind and it was like a slap in the face to the monotony and boredom of her life, and it provided her a sense of relief. She had come out to have fun and she realized at that moment that she actually was out doing just that! All the more, she didn't know anyone there and no one knew her; so this gave her a sense of increased freedom.

Amanda began to dance more freely, moving her hips a bit more seductively, and ever so slightly pushing back into the bulge against her lower back. Her partner picked up on this nearly immediately and began sliding his hands from her hips up her sides slightly. Like a stone rolling downhill, momentum was building. Amanda soon found herself with her hands raised above her head as she danced. Her legs bending then straightening as she found the beat. The motion of her fit torso giving her an increasingly delightful sensation as she felt his cock sliding up and down her back.

Her partner then spun her around to face him and she met his gaze with a smile of near gratitude for providing her this relief. He pulled her closer and for a moment she felt that wonderful cock press into her belly.

And then in an instant things crested to a whole new level. He leaned down and kissed her on the lips.

Amanda's first instinct was to recoil from his sudden advance. But then she paused. In a matter of a split second she reflected on where she was, why she was there, and what she was doing.

And she returned his kiss.

Amanda Cooper, married for 19 years, mother of an 18 year old son who just left for college, was in a nightclub kissing a man that was not her husband. A black man.

This revelation should have driven her to leave both the dance floor and this black stranger, but it did the opposite. She leaned into him and welcomed his tongue into her mouth as she felt her breasts touch his chest. Her partner's hands slid down to cup her ass cheeks then back up her sides. The sensuality of this new 'dance' was a completely new sensation for Amanda.

She simultaneously felt secluded and on display as the focus of her passion was on him, while her body was occasionally bumped by other nameless strangers on that dance floor. That made her feel wanton in her conduct and she liked that feeling.

Somehow during this tongue dance, her partner had led her to the edge of the dance floor. He broke the kiss and spun her around before pulling her towards him again. His cock pressed into the small of her back as if prodding her from behind to move forward. He led her to an empty booth and they resumed kissing. The confines and privacy of the booth found his hands wandering with greater freedom.

Amanda's breasts had always been sensitive and when his hand finally slid all the way up her side to cup her breast from the side, she could not help but give a guttural moan into their kiss. And when fingers found her left nipple through her dress and gave it a gentle tweak, Amanda arched her back to encourage him further.

At the same time the physical sensations were spurring her on, her conscience began to wage its own battle. What was she doing? She was married! Who was this man? And what was she doing in nightclub booth making out with him?

The subtle tweaking of her nipple and their tongues intertwining was incredibly pleasurable, but her conscience was beginning to close the gap. She had to think of a way to get out of this situation. She had to break free from his grip and flee the club.

She was about to pull back from him and let me know this was inappropriate, when his hand guided hers to that magnificent bulge in his pants. Yes, it was magnificent. It emanated power. It captivated her. Without words it commanded her hand to pleasure it.

And Amanda did.

Amanda's hand stroked his bulge, marveling at its size as her mind began to paint a picture of what it looked like. 'Did it have the same dark skin as him?' 'Were the veins prominent?' 'How big are his balls?' 'Were they full of his seed?'

Amanda finally did pull back from his kiss, but only to catch her breath as she felt his finger slip up her thigh and inside her panties to touch her moistened clit. Her forehead pressed into his chest as the pleasure wave washed over her. Then a moment later, in the nightclub booth with this black stranger's finger massaging her clit and her hand massaging his bulge, Amanda Cooper orgasmed with a man other than her husband for the first time in her life.

The sensation was incredible and she did not recall ever cumming with such force in her life.

Amanda momentarily withdrew her hand from the bulge in his pants to lightly grab the hand massaging her clit. She needed just a moment of pause to catch her breath. In that short respite, the guilt of what she was doing dropped upon Amanda's shoulders like a ton of bricks.

She was cheating. She was breaking her marital vows with a nameless black man. How could she be doing this? But how she loved what she felt and the experience. The conflicting emotions battled for supremacy in her mind.

As she wrestled with this while slowly coming down from the peak of her orgasm, her partner led her hand back to his cock which he had discretely pulled from his pants. When Amanda's hand made contact with the raw heat of his bare skin, her guilty conscience lost traction and her lust-filled side took precedence in her mind. The power emanating from his cock was almost measurable. It was wordlessly commanding her to stroke it.

Amanda obeyed.

She worked his cock under the table. While her surroundings enhanced her arousal, they also served as an inhibition upon her ability to actually put her eyes on this majestic tool she was stroking. Her partner, seeming to sense this, leaned in close to her ear and said "Let's get out of here."

Every fiber in the moral part of her mind told her to let go of his cock and run from the club. But the moral part of her mind was reeling from the dominance of the sexual side of her mind as it was fueled by her recent orgasm and the cock in her hand.

Amanda nodded her agreement to his command and slipped from the booth with her partner quickly following. He led her towards the door with a hand on each hip and his bulging cock pressing into her back as if he was holding her at gunpoint. She felt as if all the eyes they passed were upon her.

Then suddenly, almost magically, her partner was opening the backdoor of a black Expedition and guiding her inside. Amanda knew at that moment if there was to be a point when she stopped things from going further, this was it.

And she let the moment pass.

Her partner leaned into her and she welcomed his kiss. His hand once again found its place squeezing her tits and tweaking her nipples. Amanda leaned back casually against the opposite door as they kissed. Within moments her panties were on the floorboard as his fingers found their way back to her pussy. He took her to the brink of a second orgasm before pulling back and leading hands back to his now exposed cock.

The dim light from the dashboard gave just enough light for her to see the dark outline of his cock, and Amanda's eyes locked on it. It was clearly larger than her husband's in both length and girth. In addition to that, it seemed to have a silent voice of its own as it seemed to be beckoning her mouth forward.

Amanda diverted her gaze from the cock which had captivated her attention to her nameless partner. He looked at her with the unspoken command "Suck my black cock." And with that, Amanda leaned forward and planted a wet kiss on the head of his cock.

A seeming electric shock of pleasure then coursed through her body when her lips made contact. And she wanted more of it. Amanda then ran her tongue around the head of his cock before gently sucking the head into her mouth. She nursed his cockhead for a brief few moments before pulling her mouth back, and looking up at him asked, "What's your name?"

And with that question, with the fingers of her right hand rubbing her clit as her left hand stroked his cock, Mrs. Amanda Cooper began to cum at the sheer naughtiness of sucking the cock of a black man, outside of her marriage and with a name she did not yet know.

He didn't respond with his name. Instead, he responded by pulling her mouth back towards his cock. The sensation of her lips wrapping around his cockhead only intensified her orgasm. It was magnificent. And it helped wash away more of the guilt she should have been feeling.

Amanda continued to slide his cock into her mouth, struggling to take much more than half of his length. She had a burning desire inside herself to please him and she was hoping she was doing the job. She continued to look up at him to judge how he was feeling and thereby her own performance.

He continued to smile down at her as she blew him. Then, he spoke.

"Don't suck cock too often huh?"

His words hurt and made her feel as if she was not doing a good enough job. But his following statement clarified nearly everything in her mind. He said, "Your husband doesn't have you do this, does he?"

With that statement, Amanda realized exactly what was wrong in her life. He husband didn't have her do this. He didn't behave sexually towards her. He didn't devote any time and energy towards her. He was overly focused on work and she and the family came second. In short, was a selfish, insensitive man who didn't make time for her needs.

As these thoughts raced through her mind, Amanda gazed up at the man whose cock she was sucking and realized that this is what she needed. That she wanted to be right there, kneeling on the floorboard of his SUV, sucking his cock because there was a mutual desire between the two of them.

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