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A Race Around The World


The following story is purely a fictional story of my fictional time on a fictional Reality TV show. I am not a real person and the make believe show in my story is not a real show. Any similarity to any real persons or real show is purely coincidental, so sit back, relax, and hopefully enjoy this work of pure and utter fiction and fantasy ...


This is the story of my adventure as a contestant on the popular, award winning reality television show, A Race Around The World. I can't believe that it's already been quite a few season's past, the memory of which I had basically suppressed. These memories have recently been brought back to the fore of my thoughts, though, with the recent reports of sexual abuse on public transport in India.

In this race around the world we raced in teams of two and my teammate and I had finished middle of the ever shrinking pack on the last, grueling leg of the race. Despite finishing in the middle of the pack, though, the last leg was very close and we were fortunate enough to be amongst the four top teams, all of whom finished the last leg within minutes of each other.

The last leg had brought us here and I have to admit I was not thrilled to be in India, as it had struck me as an overcrowded, less than appealing place based on what I had seen of it a season prior to my plutonic male friend and I having been selected to participate in the race.

I was not happy about being in India and I was not about to let their third world culture deter me from continuing with my winning strategy. That strategy being to flaunt my looks and sexiness whenever it seemed like doing so might help us to gain valuable minutes to keep us ahead of most other teams. Already in the race, my sexy card had brought us favor in several situations where willing help from bystanders made a world of difference in how quickly we could complete a task or gain valuable information and insight in the race ahead.

Prior to leaving to start our next leg of the race, the network crew had specifically come up to me to warn me that I may want to tone down the "sexiness" just a tad in this country. I took what they said under advisement, but my favored attire for in warm climates had been my mid thigh, loose, charcoal colored flirty skirt with my black punker girl ankle high boots and whatever particular tank top seemed to catch my fancy on each particular day.

India was dreadfully hot and I was not about to put on a pair of hot, constricting pants or an overly heavy top. My black spaghetti strapped tank top seemed to suit me fine, as it matched my hair and boots perfectly, but this time I made sure to wear a bra for this leg of the race, in an attempt to curry the favor of the network crew.

Three teams had departed just minutes before us and it was now our turn to race one. The first clue had us making our way through the busy streets by rickshaw to the train station. As we raced to find a rickshaw pedalled by as strong looking of a young man as possible, we found our "cab" in short order. All the while, I felt the eyes of the throngs of mostly men that had gathered to watch us race glued onto me. There was no doubt that so much attention being fixated upon me was due to my athletically lithe body, white skin, catlike green eyes, and dark brunette hair. I was very conscious of the fact that this white American girl stood out in a sea of brown, horny men.

We made it to the train station just in time to learn that there was a train leaving in a matter of minutes on what was to be a 4 hour train ride to our next destination town. The next train after was an hour later, so it was imperative that we scramble to make it onboard with the three teams ahead of us, lest we be relegated to the back of the pack with the three teams still behind us.

It was a mad scramble to make our way through the excessively over crowded train platform. As we tried squeezing our way through, I seemed to be attracting too much attention by what seemed to be a 98% predominately male crowd. My partner seemed to not have a problem fighting through the crowd, but all these men seemed to not want to easily let me by, instead preferring me to have to literally squeeze past them, with my body scraping against their own. In so doing, a lot, and I do mean a LOT of stray hands seized the opportunity to grope and grab at my boobs and ass as I squeezed by them.

As we approached the open train doors with crowds of people spilling inside, I handed my heavy back pack to my partner, yelling at him that it was too hard for me to carry the pack and make my way to keep up. With aggravation, the sweet dear that he was took my backpack and with the camera man assigned to us, was making his way to the rear door of the train car we were in front of.

As I tried to follow, though, the crowd of guys seemed to will the sea of people around me to direct me to the next car to the right, preventing me from following into the same car as my partner. I recalled the camera guy filming me as my partner yelled at me to just get on the train then make my way through the pass-through to their car once I was on board.

The train bell began to ring and the train started to slowly move for departure. As I was scrambling to try to get back to the car that my partner and camera man had loaded onto, the guys hanging from the door in front of me grabbed my hands and helped pull me onboard. Thankfully I did not miss the train, but my gosh, I was seemingly a lone girl in the very over crowded train car behind.

As the train accelerated at an ever increasing rate, nobody else could now get onboard. I am not really sure if I was voluntarily making my way to the middle of the inside or if I was being unwillingly caught in a current of bodies ushering me further into the car, but regardless, I could see the pass-through between the car I had been pulled into and the car my partner and our camera man had gotten into and I was trying to move toward it.

Growing up as a teenager and also as a young adult, I have been on some very crowded buses and subway trains in my time, and I was no stranger to being occasionally groped in such a situations, but never in my life had I been in such an utterly overcrowded mode of public transport before with so many straying hands. As I continued to press through the crowd to the pass-through, hands kept groping at my boobs, with some hands being so bold as to try and grab at my bottom underneath of my loose, flowing skirt. I glanced down at my top and I could see that my nipples, despite having a bra on, were protruding through my tank top and strangely, for as appalling as the situation was, I also found it to be weirdly exhilarating.

As I neared the pass-through I could see the camera man standing on the other side of it filming toward me. Suddenly, though, my progress was blocked by first one and then two other rough looking guys that were leering at me in a disturbingly uncomfortable manner. Looking past these three guys, as some other guy behind me was groping at my ass, I yelled toward the cameraman, "This is a fucking grope fest!" I could see both my partner and the cameraman, who was still filming with his camera pointed toward me to capture my difficulties. Their effort to come to my aid was stopped in their tracks however, as another few guys simply got in front of them to stop their progress toward me. At that same moment, all of a sudden I felt a rough hand from behind me pretty much slap right down upon my left shoulder. The hand then closed, with fingers hooking under both the straps of my tank top and of my bra. With the straps of my garments in hand, the hand then dragged the straps off of my left shoulder and down my arm. A couple of more guys pressed their way in front of me, blocking my view of my partner and the camera man, and surely blocking their view of me.

Trying to ignore the hand trying to pull my top down, I tried to press forward toward the pass though, but I suddenly found myself being pushed and pulled backward deeper into the car behind me. At the same time, whomever had his hand hooked onto my shoulder straps was manoeuvring the straps below my elbow, which caused my left boob to fall out of my shirt, fully exposing it. The guy behind me pulled my left arm back out from under shoulder straps of my top and bra and then allowed his hand rise up and clamp securely onto my left boob, the rough flesh of his palm on the soft flesh of my boob.

I let out a gasp and then a scream, which was quickly muffled, as a hand wrapped across my mouth to prevent me from screaming out any further. While still being pulled backward, one of the guys that was in front of me reached out and grabbed the shoulder straps on my right shoulder and then similarly began to pull them down my arm. Some other guy grabbed onto my right arm to pull it up through the straps and then voila, my shirt and bra were both hanging down around my waist and both of my boobs were now fully exposed, if not for being partially covered up by squeezing hands grabbing and pulling at them.

I guess my body language indicated that I had stopped struggling too fervently, as the hand covering my mouth released. I did not scream further, though, as it was becoming clear to me that to do so at this point would be a mistake. When I suddenly felt my skirt being pulled up from behind me, with a set of fingers hooking onto my panties and pulling them aside from my snatch, pushing at my slit, I knew I was in deep trouble and there was nothing I could do about it.

As my boobs continued to be grabbed at, one of the guys in front of me knelt partially down to take my left boob and nipple into his mouth. He began to suck very aggressively on my left nipple and then he bit down hard onto it causing me to yelp. From behind me I felt my skirt being pulled up and then I felt first one and then a second finger push past my pussy lips up inside of me. I let out a pained gasp, but tried my best not to let out a scream.

As his fingers worked in and out of me between my legs while at the same time my boobs continued to be groped and sucked on, I felt arousal building inside of me. Suddenly chills shot down my neck as one of the guys behind me began to suck on and lick the side of my neck. Despite the mental horror of what was happening to me, my body was overriding my brain with my arousal building and building.

Suddenly, I felt hands grab me by the back of my thighs and my bottom being pulled up off the ground with my upper body being pushed forward. It took only a brief moment to compute what was now happening, when any further thought of confusion faded from my mind as I felt a man's hard-on push between my legs from behind. His penis easily make entry inside of increasingly wet pussy lips.

His hands hooked underneath of my thighs and then hoisted me up further into a partial sitting position hanging in mid air, as he hastened his pace of fucking me. When I briefly opened my eyes as I was being thrust up and down onto his manhood, I could see several guys undoing their pants and taking their dicks out into their hands, either to whack themselves off while watching me and or in preparation of having their turn with me.

Suddenly I was being moved up and down at an increasingly vigorous pace and I could sense what was about to happen. It took almost no additional time when I felt the explosion of cum into my vagina as the guy behind me let out a loud moan of satisfaction. Just a few thrusts later, the guy fucking me withdrew his penis and released me.

There was no reprieve for me, though, as almost immediately without delay, one of the guys in front of me that had his pants hanging open with his stiff manhood hanging out toward me moved right up to me and wrapped his hands around my waist, grabbing me just below my butt cheeks. Effortlessly, he then lifted me up and onto his waiting hard on. With my own juices of arousal mixed in with the cum dripping from my vagina, it took only one bounce up before I came back down right on top of his penis, which easily slipped deep up inside of me.

Aided by his hands which were still holding me by my butt cheeks, he hoisted me up and down as he fucked me. A set of hands then cupped my boobs from behind pulling my upper body back toward him, so that I was now effectively laying down facing up in mid air, with my legs from my knees to my feet hanging down as the guy in front of me was still bouncing me up and down upon his still very hard shaft.

Several guys standing to the side of my stretched out body started to jerk themselves off watching my almost naked upper body while hands still groped at my fully exposed boobs. One of the guys jerking off stepped closer and intermittently began to slap his penis onto my exposed stomach while continuing to stroke himself off.

Then, without warning, a string of cum sprayed onto my ribcage from the opposite side of me. Then a second string of cum shot right across my stomach, some of it landing on me and some of it shooting past me. Almost immediately, I felt the guy inside of me tense up and then begin to convulse as he too began to cum, becoming the second guy to plant his see inside of me.

Before the guy fucking me finished filling me with his cum, the guy on my right side that was slapping his penis against me began to cum onto my ribs and boobs. No sooner did his runny cum land on my tits, did one of the guys holding my upper body up by my arms and shoulder reached in and start to massage the cum all over my chest, rubbing the cream into my nipples and surrounding cleavage.

The guy that had been fucking me pulled out and not so softly released my bottom causing me to fall slightly forward to the ground onto my knees. Another guy almost immediately stepped in place of the guy that had just finished fucking me and stuck his hard penis right into my face. Clearly he was intent on having me take his dick into my mouth. As he continued to massage and slap his penis into my face and against the closed lips of my mouth, I finally ceded to his desire and opened my mouth allowing him to thrust his penis into my throat.

He let out a cry of pleasure and said something that I could not begin to understand, but the message was clear as he swayed his hips backward and forward, causing his penis to go out and then back into my mouth, deeper with each thrust. The general stench that was in the air and his bad taste caused me to gag at first, but then I gained control of myself and just went with it.

As I glanced up I saw a virtual sea of hands holding out cell phones recording the sordid scene before them. I hadn't noticed all of that before, but I suppose there had likely been lots of hands holding their cell phones recording the rape of an American girl on A Race Around The World by those that weren't already too busy with their dicks in their hands waiting to get their piece of me.

As I started to hear a commotion and some yelling from a distance in front of me, I took the penis in my mouth by my hand and began to control his fucking of my mouth in a slightly slower manner, guiding it partially out and then all the way back in, feeling his long penis sliding down into my throat. More yelling ensued but then that was temporarily blocked from my mind as the guy fucking my mouth began to cum deep into my throat.

With each consecutive thrust deep in my mouth, another blast of cum filled my throat and mouth. I really had little choice but to I swallow as much of his thick juice as I could. He then pulled back and out of my mouth, but did so before he was finished spewing, causing a last blast of cum to shoot into my face with some of it getting into my hair.

The next thing I knew, I was hoisted back up onto my feet. My bra, which was sitting higher up on my stomach than my tank top, was tugged at and then unlatched and completely pulled off from my body. I knew that would be the last I would see of that bra of mine. The yelling and commotion I had heard was suddenly fast approaching from in front of me. At that moment, one guy behind started to pull my tank top back up as if he was trying to cover me back up, then all of a sudden he let go and he and about six guys in front of me hurriedly rushed back behind me. As they quickly rushed past me, they were joined by more of the people in front of and beside me in their retreat.

I could see a group of several people pushing forward through the remaining crowd in front of me, while I also noticed a lot of the other people that were still around were suddenly putting their cell phones away.

With nobody now grabbing at me I took the opportunity to slip my arms back through the shoulder straps of my tank top and pulled it back up to cover my now braless, sore, cum soaked boobs. Just then I caught the sight of my partner and two other teams of guys that were also in the race, along with three of the cameramen, fighting their way through the crowd that had before stood in their way.

I tried quickly to sort my top and skirt out and amazingly, to my surprise, my panties were still on, though well out of place. I straightened those out as best I could and wiped my face with my hands and ran my fingers through my hair in an attempt to even out the new hair gel that had been shot into place.

My partner was the first one that made his way through to me and he called out my name, asking desperately if I was okay, before taking me into a big comforting bear hug. The other guys were all aggressively pushing many of the other bystanders aside to create space for me, while all also asking me if I was okay.

I said, "Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. Just get me out of here!" With that, surrounded by my new entourage, I was escorted back to the train car that I had first tried to get into.

The next car, which now had four teams in total along with the crew of cameramen and one of the show directors from the network in it, was also overly crowded, but was much more civilized in nature. Everybody kept coming up to me asking if I was okay, blah blah blah. After a couple of hours amidst the safe confines of the current train car, the cameraman assigned to my team came up to me and said to me in private that while he was previously recording when I first got on the train, he saw my shoulder straps get pulled down over my shoulder and then the sight of my shirt getting pulled down, before his camera got knocked off to the side and he was pushed away.

Apparently he and my partner tried to immediately get to me, but there was a group of too many imposing locals that kept them away. They then went back the other way and recruited the rest of the crew of heroes that then fought their way back for the rescue of lil'ol me.

In detailing to them what had happened, I didn't bother to go into all the exact details of just how used I was on that train, though I did admit to being very aggressively groped and pawed at. I also admitted to my bra being ripped from me and stolen as a souvenir. I think they could see through me, though, and could tell that I had been much more than just groped, but nobody seemed to want to press the issue. Rather, it seemed everybody just wanted to get past whatever had happened and move forward to getting off of that stinky, disgusting, overcrowded pit of abuse that was a public transit train in India.

I won't share with all of you all of the details for the remainder of that leg of the race, or the rest of the race in general, except to say that perhaps the gods of India quickly decided to try and make amends, as my partner and I actually plowed our way through the remaining tasks and somehow finished first on that memorable leg of the race.

At the check in, after the usual greetings of the host, he actually asked me in front of the camera, "Jennifer, I heard you had a tough time of it, today?" I started to tear up and very nearly broke down into a cry, but I managed to keep it together and just said "Yeah, it was a very hot, hard day."

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