tagLoving WivesAmazing Vacation Ch. 01

Amazing Vacation Ch. 01


My wife and I decided to spend a week in the Bahamas at one of those high-end all-inclusive resorts. It was the first real vacation we had for a few years, and the first time both of us were away from the kids for more than a few days. Needless to say, we were both very excited to relax, let loose and just have fun.

A little background before getting started. My wife Kate, and I (Ryan) are in our early thirties and have been married for almost eight years. I'm 6'4'', about 200 lbs and in very good shape from staying active and lifting weights regularly. I guess I'd say I'm a good looking guy, but nothing to write home about. Kate on the other hand, would be classified as hot. She's 5'6'' and in very good shape because she runs regularly with a group of her girlfriends. She has blond hair, naturally tan skin and an amazing body. She is thin and toned, but I wouldn't call her skinny. She has curves in all the right places...especially her ass. She has nice pirky c-cup breasts, long legs and an ass that makes most guys turn and look when she walks by. Needless to say, I'm a pretty lucky guy.

Despite the kids, we have a decent sex life and still have some pretty hot nights when Kate is in the mood. "When" is the key word since those nights are definitely less frequent than I'd like. She does get pretty horny when she drinks, but she rarely drinks, so that doesn't help much. If I had one complaint about our sex life, other than the frequency, it would be that Kate is a little more conservative when it comes to sex. I was Kate's first and she has never seemed to fully let herself go sexually. For example, it is pretty clear to me that she really enjoys ass play because whenever we are really into it and I brush her asshole with my finger, it immediately sends her over the edge. However, she'd never admit that she likes it, doesn't like to talk about it, and would never consider anal sex. She just doesn't seem to let herself go that far.

Anyway, back to the story. Kate and I arrived at the resort and were just floored by how nice it was. The grounds were amazing with pools, waterfalls, gardens and a long private beach that was absolutely beautiful. The facilities were also amazing with multiple poolside bars, nice restaurants and there was even an outdoor nightclub that looked like it could be pretty fun for drinking and dancing.

We checked into our room and immediately got changed and headed down to the pool to get some sun and relax after the long flight. Kate was wearing a black bikini with a turquoise wrap around her waist. Nothing too skimpy, but she definitely looked sexy.

Once we got to the pool and got settled in, I realized that I saw very few kids running around. I figured the resort was such a nice place, and so expensive, that very few families were there. It seemed like most of the people there were couples, or groups of adults. I started thinking to myself that this was definitely going to be a relaxing vacation.

We both had a few fruity cocktails and were just soaking up the sun when another couple approached and got settled next to us. The sound of them settling in woke me from my relaxed state and I glanced over to see who was sitting down. What I saw really caught my attention. They were a very attractive couple, but it was the woman that drew my attention.

She had long dark hair, a dark tan and a deliciously voluptuous body packed into a skimpy white bikini. Her bikini top barely concealed her firm d-cup breasts and her bikini bottom did very little to cover amazingly full, but tight ass. She was curvy but a little muscular and every inch of her body was tight and toned. Her big tits and big ass combined with a very small waist and flat stomach, made for an amazingly juicy hour glass figure. I couldn't tell what ethnicity she was (somewhere in South America I guessed), but she was extremely exotic and literally oozed sex without even trying. Luckily I was wearing sunglass because I definitely could not keep my eyes off her as she laid out her towel in the chair next to mine.

The man was also pretty impressive himself. He was a tall black guy, about my height, with a lean muscular build. I noticed that the man wasn't preparing to sit because he didn't have a chair and was looking around. He noticed the empty chair next to Kate's and walk over to the foot of our chairs.

"Excuse me, do you speak English?" the man asked politely, not knowing if either of us were awake.

We both looked up and Kate said, "yes, we do...can we help you with something?" Kate is always very friendly and polite, and always seems to make friends wherever she goes.

"Oh, good" he said with a very confident smile as he seemed to look Kate's body up and down, "I was wondering if you were using this chair."

"Nope, it's all yours" Kate said with a very innocent and friendly smile.

"Thanks!" he said as he dragged the chair around ours to squeeze it in next to his girlfriend/wife.

As he was getting his chair situated, Kate sat up and being the friendly talker that she always is, said, "I'm Kate and this is my husband Ryan."

With that, we started chatting with the other couple (Anthony and Rachael) and learned that we were both from Atlanta which caused us to continue the conversation further. Anthony and Rachael were married, no kids and were both in their late twenties. They have been at the resort for a week and were going to be here for a few more nights. They were both very friendly and we talked for a few hours before they had to head back up to their room to get changed for dinner.

They said they had reservations at one of the nice restaurants at the resort, but said they were planning on dancing later that night if we wanted to join them for drinks. Kate immediate said that would be fun and we agreed to meet them at the main bar at 10:00.

We said our goodbyes and I discretely kept my eye on Rachael as they walked around the pool. I'm a certified ass man and I definitely felt a pleasant stirring in my shorts as I watched her nearly naked ass saunter out of sight with just the right amount of bounce with each step.

"They are really nice!" Kate said in an excited voice, "It will be fun to hang out with them tonight."

I agreed, thinking that I was definitely interested in seeing Rachael again.

We finished off our latest round of Lava Flows (whatever that is) that the waiter kept bringing and decided to head back to our room to freshen up before figuring out where to eat dinner. I was still feeling pretty horny from feasting my eyes on Rachael for a while so I grabbed my wife's firm ass as we rounded the corner and were out of sight from everyone at the pool.

"Hey!" Kate said playfully as she bumped her hip into mine, pushing me away. "At least wait until we get to our room!"

As soon as the door to our room was closed, Kate gave me a big kiss, pressed her body against mine and grabbed my ass with both hands.

We kissed for a few moments and then Kate said, "Welcome to the Bahamas" and then continued to give me a passionate kiss.

I wasn't quite sure what got into her until I remembered that we were drinking tropical drinks all afternoon and realized she was probably just as horny as me; just for a slightly different reason.

By now my cock was rock hard and I pressed against her stomach and slipped my hands under her bikini to caress her wonderfully full, but firm ass.

"Mmmmm, why don't you join me in the shower?" she said as she pulled away from me and headed into the bathroom.

I followed her into the large shower with my throbbing cock straining against my shorts. I pulled my shorts off and stepped up behind Kate who was standing just outside of the shower waiting for the water to heat up. I pressed myself up against her warm skin and slid my hands up her flat stomach and cupped her breasts over her bikini top. I got the response I was looking for when she moaned playfully and pressed her ass against my cock and slid her hands back to grab my ass and pull me in tighter. I kissed her neck and shoulders while caressing her tits and grinding my hips against her firm ass cheeks. She was definitely very into it because her body just relaxed and let me kiss and explore her body with my hands.

We stepped into the shower and I removed her bikini while I kept kissing up and down her smooth, tanned skin. Once her bikini was off, I turned her around to face me and we kissed passionately and groped the other's body roughly, pressing ourselves harder into each other. As we were kissing, Kate reached between us and started stroking my cock. I moaned into her mouth and took a step back to let her continue working on my aching hard-on. Without any prompting (it normally takes a little), she dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth.

Kate actually gives very good head; she just doesn't do it very often. But today was totally different. She seemed hornier than I had ever seen her and she took it out on my swollen dick. She was sucking me hard and taking almost the entire length of my 8 inch cock into her mouth. She grabbed my ass with both hands and started fucking her face with my cock, taking it to the back of her throat several times before releasing it to suck on my balls. She kept milking my cock with her hand and sucked my balls into her mouth one at a time while looking up at me with lustful eyes.

She was getting close to making me cum so pulled her back up to her feet, turned her around and bent her forward slightly against the wall of the shower.

"Oh yeah, fuck me!" She moaned as she spread her legs and reached between them to grab my dick and guide it into her pussy.

Kate does not talk dirty very often, and when she does, it means she is extremely horny and losing a bit of control. She almost never swears and doesn't really like to talk about sex so when she says things like fuck, cock or pussy, I know that the heat of the moment has taken over and she is no longer the sweet, proper Kate that I see 99% of the time.

I wasted no time once I entered her and started fucking her hard from behind, causing her ass to slap against my hips. Kate hunched over a little more to give me a better angle to fuck her and she started pushing her ass back encouraging me to pound away. I reached around with both hands to grab her tits that were swaying back and forth, and began pinching and pulling on both of her erect nipples. Kate has very sensitive nipples and cums almost every time start to play with them while fucker her.

Sure enough, it took only a minute or two for Kate start cumming and through her panting and grunting she was able to moan, "ohhh....god yes, keep fucking me!"

I continued fucking her until I felt her legs start to weaken so I pulled out and turned her around to face me again. She was breathing really heavy and looked at me lustfully before throwing her arms over my shoulders and kissing hard and deep. I still needed to cum, so I grabbed her ass with both hands and lifted her off the ground, lightly pressing her back against the shower wall. Kate let out a playful giggle and wrapped her legs around my waist and pressed her pussy against my cock.

I lifted her off my hips slightly so I could guide myself back into her hot pussy. Once I entered her again she started grinding her hips back and forth while I lifted her up and down slowly. I was getting close to cumming and I could tell she was still very horny, so I decided to test the waters. My hands were still griping her ass cheeks which naturally spread them apart. I slid one hand down further so it was between her cheeks and I started rubbing my fingers up and down her ass crack.

Her body tensed when I first brushed across her asshole and I felt her pussy contract around my cock.

"Ohhhh, what do you think you're doing?" she asked in a teasing voice.

I ignored the question and continued pumping my cock into her pussy and rubbing her ass with my hand; focusing more and more attention on her puckered anal opening. The anal stimulation started having an effect on Kate almost immediately because she was quickly breathing heavily again and was moaning loudly in my ear.

I was about to cum so I started fucking her harder and pressed my middle finger directly on her tight asshole. Before today I had only brushed my fingers across her asshole and never tried to penetrate. The tip of my finger just barely pressed into her ass and she erupted in an intense orgasm with her pussy clamped down on my cock. This sent me over the edge and I started cumming hard.

The tip of my finger was still pressing into her ass and she was bucking on my cock saying "ohhh god, ohhhh god" over and over as she rode out her climax with her head buried at the base of my neck.

We were both spent as I lowered her back to her feet and we locked in a passionate kiss. We kissed for a few minutes until she pulled away and said, "Mmmm, this should be a fun vacation" while giving me a sly smile and a soft pull on my semi-erect cock.

We finished our shower and started getting ready to head out for dinner. As I was getting ready, I couldn't stop thinking about the sex we just had and how horny Kate was. She gets horny when she drinks, but this was a whole other level. She seemed consumed by lust and I didn't even have to do much to get her to that point. She was just ready to be fucked, and fucked hard. I started getting hard again just thinking about how much fun might have on this vacation.

We finished getting ready and headed out to find a place to eat before meeting up with our new friends. Even though Kate and I had been married for almost 8 years, I still couldn't help but notice how hot my wife was. She didn't dress real sexy, she never does, but she was definitely showing off the goods. She was wearing a white blouse with two thin straps over her shoulders that was just low enough and tight enough to really accentuate her perky c-cup breasts. Her light blue skirt was made of a really light weight material so it moved freely when she walked and the slanted cut on the hem of the skirt caused it to ride relatively high on her left thigh as she walked. It wasn't real short, but when she walked, it showed enough of her tanned toned legs to make any warm blooded man stare.

As I was admiring my wife's tan body, I started to think back to our encounter with Anthony and Rachael, and how Rachael looked in her skimpy bikini. Based on what she wore to the pool, I was definitely looking forward to seeing what she wears to the night club.

Kate and I ended up eating at a nice little restaurant near the beach and had a great dinner while talking about our kids and looking forward to relaxing a letting loose without them. We finished our dinner and had a few more drinks before walking back to the club at the resort.

As we approached the club we could hear the music pumping and what sounded like a large group of people having a great time. As we got closer we could see that the place was packed with people talking, drinking and dancing. The crowd seemed to range from groups of guys and girls in the early twenties (probably college kids) to married couples in their 40's and 50's. The attire was as diverse as the ages. Some people were dressed up like they just came from a five star restaurant, while others were dressed like they just came off the beach. I was very surprised, and rather pleased to see that several women were actually on the dance floor in their bikinis...a sight I hadn't seen since spring break in my college years. It definitely looked like a fun place to be.

It was close to 10:00 so Kate and I went to the bar to grab a drink and found two stools near the end of the bar to sit and wait for our new friends. I was scanning the crowd when I realized that Anthony and Rachael were already on the dance floor. As I was hoping, Rachael was dressed pretty skimpy and she was stunning. Her hair was pulled back in a messy bun and she was wearing thin, tight yellow dress that clung to her curves in all right places. It was very low cut and it looked like her amazing tits might pop out with each dance move, and the skirt was so thin and short that it rode very high on her bronze thighs teasing every man in the room with near glimpses or her delicious ass. .

As sexy as her dress was, the way she moved her body was even more intoxicating. Both her and Anthony were very good dancers and seemed to really enjoy dancing together. Rachael moved her body against his in such a sensual way that I couldn't keep my eyes off them and couldn't help the bulge from growing in my pants. The humid air combined with the hot dance floor made her skin glow with perspiration which just further accentuated the sexy curves of her body.

Kate must have followed my gaze because she broke my trance by saying "Isn't Rachael gorgeous? I wish I could dance like that."

I didn't answer the question, but if she felt the bulge in my pants I doubt I would need to.

The song ended and I waved them down letting them know we were there. They walked off the dance floor with big smiles on their faces and Rachael greeted us both with warm hugs, crushing her tits against me with a longer and tighter hug then I expected from a stranger. Needless to say, every bone in my body ached to grab her sexy ass and pull her body closer to mine.

"Let's get some more drinks and find a place to sit" said Anthony, "I need to cool off a little."

We all agreed and grabbed another drink and found a little table just outside the club.

We all hit it off right away. Both Anthony and Rachael were very easy to talk to, and were both actually a little flirty. Anthony was pretty open with how much he was flirting with Kate and actually commented on how good she looked a few times. Each time he seemed to look my way to see if it bothered me and I just smiled back because I knew I was admiring his wife every bit as much as he was admiring mine.

We kept ordering drinks and things started loosening up a bit. Kate commented on how sexy Rachael looked in her dress and said she wished she could dress that sexy sometimes. Rachael said she was crazy, and that she could easily dress very sexy with the body she had. Both Anthony and I fully agreed and Anthony went as far as saying that the first thing he noticed when we met earlier in the day was how sexy her body was. I was surprised Anthony was so bold and I turned to look at Kate's reaction and her face was flush and she just gave him an embarrassed smile back.

I looked back across the table and Rachael had a big smile on her face. We made eye contact and she gave me a wink and brushed my leg with her foot under the table. I wasn't quite sure about why she did it, but I was definitely starting to think there was more to this couple than I originally thought.

The conversation continued to liven up as we were all starting to feel the effects of the alcohol. Things started to get interesting when Kate commented on good Anthony and Rachael looked on the dance floor.

"You guys looked so sexy out there" she said with a big smile, "I wish I could dance like that!"

"Oh, it's not that hard" said Rachael, "it's really all about feeling the music and having a great partner. Do you guys like to dance?"

"Yeah, we dance sometimes, but we can't move like that" Kate said as she elbowed me playfully in the shoulder.

Right on cue, Anthony chimed in. "Well, do you want to dance? I can show you a few things."

"Oh I don't know." Kate said hesitantly.

"Why not" Said Rachael, "It would be fun, Anthony is a GREAT lead!"

Kate looked over at me to see what I thought and I just gave her a smile, shrugged my shoulders and said, "why not?"

After a little more back and forth, Kate nervously agreed and stood up from the table. Anthony then took her hand and led her towards the dance floor. I watched as they walked away and Kate looked nervous, but also looked pretty excited. She has always liked dancing, but I'm just a decent dancer and we've never really learned any legitimate dances.

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