tagBDSMAmazon-dot-cum Ch. 07

Amazon-dot-cum Ch. 07


Please do not read if under 18 years of age or offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.

(c) 2003 Couture


After we left the restaurant, we didn't go back to work. In a way I was thankful, especially after being so publicly humiliated in the restaurant. It was clear to me that Thandi had no shame. None at all. Why, even as I knelt in the floorboard of the car, between Thandi's thighs . . .licking her, she picked up her phone and called the office.

I stopped immediately, lest the receptionist hear or suspect.

Thandi pushed my face right back and told me to get back to work. God, how she made me hate her. Then she spoke to the receptionist as if nothing out of the ordinary were happening and said that the two of us were going to see a hardware vendor and for the receptionist to call her on her cell phone if there was an emergency.

When we arrived at Thandi's house, I knew she was going to push my limits, just from the look in her eyes. And she did, as soon as the door closed.

She took off her thin leather belt and began to whip my thighs. "Get those clothes off slut. You know I don't allow animals to go around clothed in my house."

God, she could be a bitch sometimes. Who did she think she was calling me an animal? And shit, that little leather belt hurt and it always seemed to strike the most sensitive areas. I quickly stripped, while she continued to walk around me, striking me with that wicked belt.

"And animals sure as hell don't stand on two legs acting all high and mighty. Get down slut. Get down where you belong."

I got down on my hands and knees for the depraved bitch. Was this how I was repaid for going down on her for helping with her presentation? I wanted to cry. As a matter of fact I did, but I did my best to wipe my tears on my shoulder so she wouldn't see that she had gotten to me.

Thandi took off her clothes, looped her belt around my neck fashioning a makeshift leash, and knelt beside me while stroking my hair. "There's my pretty puppy girl," she cooed.

Just when I thought she was being nice, was being human, she stood back up and pressed her pussy in my face. Her scent was strong. "Now kiss Mommy like a good pet."

I kissed her nether lips and licked her from bottom to top, while she continued running her fingers through my hair. She lowered the key down to her sex, I kissed it too. 'Please please please undo this belt. Let me cum,' I silently pleaded.

"Does the little puppy want to be let out of her cage?" Thandi asked.

"Oh yes," I gasped eagerly. "Please ma'am, please let me out."

She slapped my breasts with the end of her belt. "Puppy's don't talk," she warned. "Now, does puppy want to be let out?"

I nodded my head. I felt so stupid.

"My pretty pet must like being locked in her cage. If she was an excited puppy, she would wag her tail for me."

God help me, but I did it, I wagged my bottom like an animal . . . her pet. My face burned in humiliation.

Thandi moved behind me, reached under my hips, unlocked the chastity belt and removed it. A waft of my musky odor hit me. I was so ashamed.

"I hate keeping my puppy all locked up, but it is for her own good. Smell that. The puppy's in heat alright. The male dogs would smell that and fill puppy's pussy full of sperm, and little puppy babies. And we don't want that now do we?"

I shook my head, but I was lying. If I could have, I would have fucked anyone . . . anything. Thandi's hands moved over my back, scratching me lightly with her nails.

"Puppy means well . . . but puppy girl is lying," Thandi said. Her hands moved through my hair and down to my breasts and over my stomach. Her crotch pressed tightly against my ass, as she spooned behind me. I wondered if this was how lesbians made love. I wondered if she would fuck me. I moved my arse up and down against her, to let her know I was ready.

"Oh yes, the little bitch is in heat, isn't she?" Thandi said, her fingers traveling to my sex and in between my sticky and soaked lips.

I let out a whining moan. I needed her so bad.

"It almost hurts me to do it, but instead of playing with puppy I'm going to have to punish puppy for all the bad things she's done today."

No-no-no. I shook my head. I humped my hips against her crotch faster.

"Puppy doesn't remember what she did?"

I shook my head. No, I didn't remember anything. I was good. I helped her with her speech. I helped her with . . . other things.

"Puppy didn't get dressed in time and I promised to punish," she said, as she pinched my nipples. "These."

"And most of all." Thandi's hands moved down my body, toward my sex. I trembled in her grip. "I'm going to have to think of an especially bad punishment for the worst crime of all. . ." Her finger plunged without warning into my hot wet welcoming hole. I pumped my hips and rotated them in a circle, all in an attempt to reach the blinding light of release. She pulled it out before it came, leaving me empty inside. My tears dropped to the floor below. "You've turned me into a dirty queer like you and for that I'm going to have to make you pay."

My world turned upside down! Her a queer! Me? But I didn't have time to ponder what she said. Thandi stood up and tugged her makeshift leash. "Heel bitch!" And began to walk.


She took me to the spare bedroom she had converted to an exercise room. "I'm going to take the little doggy for a little exercise. Would you like that?" Thandi said.

I nodded my head and wagged my arse stupidly, eager to avoid whatever punishment she had in store.

"Good," she said. "Let's get the puppy ready."

I looked back and noticed she held some sort of dildo in her hand. I arched my back and lifted my hips, making myself available to her.

"Such an eager bitch," Thandi said.

I felt her fingers graze my sex and I groaned desperately. Her fingers moved to my entrance, but, oh, to my dismay they kept going, passing it over. A finger probed at my arse. I fought against the volition briefly, but soon surrendered, desperate for any form of penetration, even there in my dirty hole.

"That's a good bitch," Thandi said, her voice thick with passion. "Now let's try something bigger."

The plug was cold and less forgiving than her finger. And it spread me, Lord, how it spread me. I felt so stuffed and yet, so open.

"That black plug looks so pretty in your tight white ass Tracy. God, you're turning me on," Thandi said. "Now, let's get you up on the climber."

She put a block under the pedals to the stair climber and had me stand on them. Next, she secured my hands behind my back.

"I do believe I mentioned a punishment, didn't I?" Thandi smirked.

I grew more and more scared as she continued with her plans for me. First, she gagged me with a stocking and a soiled pair of panties. Then came the worst part. I trembled in fear as she looped a cable over a pipe crossing her ceiling. One end of the cable she attached to the back of the climber. From the other end hung two clamps. The clamps were for me - one for each of my breasts.

"Oh, yes, I promised a special treat for these big girls." She pinched and teased my nipples trying to get them erect.

I thought of my husband sitting on the couch drinking beer and watching sports. I thought about all the problems at work. I thought about anything to keep from responding to her touch. But it was useless. My nipples betrayed me, growing hard almost instantly at her touch. The clips were unlike any I'd ever seen before. They pinched horribly as Thandi tightened the screws which attached them securely to my nipples.

"You're my smart girl Tracy. I assume you know what will happen to your pretty pink nipples if you don't keep up with the stair climber." With that, the mean bitch smiled wickedly and turned the setting to expert.

I shook my head and pleaded with my eyes, but she just laughed, pushed start and kicked the block out from beneath the pedals.

I climbed those stairs for all I was worth. With every step, I felt the plug fighting against me, resisting the tug and pull of my internal muscles. Not only did I have to contend with the plug, but Thandi, as she walked around me and occasionally struck my tender flesh with a leather belt, urging me on.

"Work you lazy slut. Slap! Get that white arse moving. Slap! No pain no gain my little pussy licker."

I toiled. I gasped. Sweat rolled down my body in rivers. It felt like I climbed for hours, but it was only thirty-five minutes. My thighs burned and I watched in horror as the LED display showed that I was due for a really fast climb shortly. Then the realization struck me . . . I wasn't going to make it.

The stepper sped, but I grew slow. My legs felt like lead, and I tried to pick up the pace, but they refused, regardless of the consequences. I felt nothing but numbness and burning. The belt didn't even sting anymore. I watched horrified as I sunk, the cable grew taunt, and my nipples stretched.

"peeeez" I begged through my gag, tears mingling with the sweat down my face.

"Don't worry pussy girl, I don't think I'll mind if you have stretched nips or not. I'm not sure about your husband though."

I climbed faster. Momentarily moving back up, but then sinking again after only a minute. "Peeeez!" I pleaded.

"Oh is that it. You want to stretch your tits for me?" Thandi said. "I said I didn't mind, but I don't know that I'd recommend it. I think it might hurt."

I was going down. I wailed in anguish through the gag. My nipples were stretched as the infernal clamps held fast. Dear God, I was afraid I was going to be permanently maimed, but at the last moment, Thandi came to my rescue and unhooked the other end of the cable.

She may have saved me, but when my breasts flopped down, it felt like I'd been kicked in the chest. Thandi caught me as I fell, as guided me to the floor.

She undid the gag and freed my arms from behind me. "Tired?" she asked.

I could only nod my head.

"Let's talk for a minute pussy girl. You don't mind do you? Or would you rather exercise some more?"

"No, ma'am. I want to talk." Lord, I was eager to talk. Anything but get on that fucking stair climber again.

Ms. Moore picked up a towel and joined me on the floor, propping herself on an elbow.

"You've been doing a good job of pleasing me girl. I'm really happy you decided not to get fired." She said, while wiping the sweat and tears from my face. "That's a compliment."

"Thank you ma'am."

"And you've been doing a pretty good job of keeping me happy," she said. "And how do you know when you've made me particularly happy?"

I wasn't quite sure, it was an instinct by now. I could just look at her and tell. I could almost hear it in her voice, but mainly it was . . . "By your expression."

"Very good," she said. "And would you say you make me particularly happy say 90% of the time?"

Not really. She only seemed particularly happy when I was pleasuring her or when I was debasing myself for her. I shook my head.


Again, I shook my head. I already didn't like where this was going.

"50%? 25%? 10%?"

I finally nodded my head.

"That's a good girl," Thandi said. "I think that's about right. Now, you're my number one pussy girl, and my number one pussy girl's job is what?"

"Keeping you happy and satisfied," I answered.

"So, number one pussy girl, do you think that 10% is acceptable performance?"

"No, ma'am," I squeaked. "But, I think maybe I'm keeping you satisfied around 15% of the time."

"Do you think 15% is enough?"

Her look told me no.

"No, ma'am," I answered.

"And you'd like to do better, wouldn't you, number one pussy girl?"

"Yes, ma'am." I was trembling.

"Good girl," she said. "So I want you to pay particular close attention to my expressions and think about what you should do to please me all the time. Like for instance, say I do this." She licked her lips with her curled pink tongue. "What would you do to please me?"

My gaze fell instinctively to her crotch. "I would lick you," I whispered.

"Look at me bitch," Thandi grabbed my chin and pulled my head back up to her fierce gaze. "Can my pussy tell you how to please me?"

"No, ma'am." I withered under her glare.

"Good, now if I do this." Again she licked her lips again so close to my face I could feel the heat emanate from her. Even after the stair climber, I felt myself growing aroused. "What would you do to please me? And you better say it right."

"I would - I would worship your s-sweet black pussy," I stammered. Butterflies flew in my stomach as a thrill of pleasure overcame me.

"Now, say I was to look down at your titties, what would you do?"

"Lick your beautiful black breasts?"

"I like the way you are thinking, but no," she said. "What you should do is give me a coy smile and undo a button of your blouse in a teasing way. And if I look pleased and continue to look at your breasts?"

"Another button?"

"That's my smart girl. And you would keep going too, You would undo your buttons and give me a glimpse of your breasts, even your nipples. Then you would play with them. Whatever it takes to make me happy."

I trembled inside. It felt like her eyes were going to swallow me whole.

"And if I'm watching you walk, how should you walk?"

"I should walk sexy."

"And if I'm looking at your face?"

"Look sexy for you?"

"That's right, that's just the look I'm talking about . . ." Thandi said, moving from her side up to her knees. "Just like you're doing right now. I want to see pouty lips. Fluttering eyelashes. Licking lips. Oh, shit, you're making me hot. What if I look at you there?"

She was looking at my sex. I spread my legs. I could feel the wet sticky lips of my sex open for her.

"Very good." With that Thandi licked her lips and straddled my shoulders. "What do you want to do now, Tracy-girl?" asked Thandi.

"Worship your sweet black pussy," I said. I was actually getting rather used to it. Licking her that is. As I leaned forward in an attempt to kiss the dark purple lips of Miss Moore's moist sex, she stopped me with an index finger to my forehead.

Thandi removed the finger from my forehead and inserted it into the wet folds of her sex. "Mmmmmm," she moaned. "And it is a sweet pussy, isn't it?"

"Yes," I admitted. It was a sweet pussy.

Thandi's shiny wet finger moved from her sex to my lips, where and I couldn't resist the urge to lick it. "And you do want to worship it, yes? Worship my sweet black pussy."

"Yeth," I said from around the finger, which was pulled free from my lips with a lewd pop.

"Then beg for it," Thandi demanded.

No, I wouldn't beg her - the bitch. It was bad enough that she had blackmailed me, forced me into this form of sexual slavery, but I wouldn't-couldn't beg for it. I was a human being, not some sex puppy or her pussy girl. I was a married woman, with a husband waiting for me at home.

Thandi opened the lips of her sex and lowered herself until they touched my own. It was a kiss of sorts, but when I tried to respond and return the kiss, she pulled away.

"Please," I begged, loathing myself for letting her break through my defenses and crumbling my resolve.

"Please what?" She looked down at me, smiling with a superior grin.

"Let me - let me worship your sweet black pussy." There, I said it.

"Why?" she asked. Her smile grew even bigger. She had trapped me, verbally, maneuvering me into a corner.

Such a simple question, but to answer it, I had to face a truth that I had been ignoring for some time. I looked up at her, straddling me, staring smugly down at me from between her high-set breasts. She was attractive and just being near her aroused me beyond belief. I wondered if I were truly bi-sexual, or if this was just a result of not having any sexual release, yet watching her, no, giving her sexual satisfaction time and time again.

"Because I want to," I answered. Either way, whether I was bisexual or just sexually starved, I still wanted her.

"I don't think I heard you," she said, lowering her sex until it was mere inches from my mouth.

"Because I want to. I want to worship your sweet black pussy. I-I-I think you are beautiful." There, I admitted it. I hoped she was fucking happy.

"I knew it," she said knowingly, as she lowered herself to my face. "I knew all along you were going to be my white little pussy slut . . .all along."

I ignored her smug comments. I was in a heaven of decadent rapture, as I worshipped at her altar. She moaned and hugged my head between her thighs. It was good to feel so needed. I only had one other wish; I wished for release from the aching torment of need that throbbed through my empty sex.

Thandi said something that I didn't hear. "Hhhhh?" I murmured between her thighs.

"Whatever happens, don't stop."

Stop? Why on earth would I stop licking? Then I felt her fumbling with the clamp on my left nipple. It was numb from a lack of blood flow. At first there was a slight tugging sensation, and then a tingling, which grew in power until it was a shooting pain.

God, my nipples were overcome by a mass of raw sensation as feeling returned. My screams were muffled by Thandi's cunt. The rocking of her hips grew frantic and she freed my other nipple from the clamp, causing me to scream all the harder.

Thandi's screams drowned my own. "Fuck-oh-fuck. Don't stop baby. Lick me bitch! Oh yes, I'm drinking your screams with my pussy. Oh-oh-oh-fuck-yeah-here-it comes - oh- oh-I'm cumming," she screamed, as she soaked my face in her secretions.

Afterward, I just wanted to lay there, trapped in the warm embrace of Thandi's thighs, but it was not to be. Instead the makeshift leash was put around my neck and I was forced to follow her to the bathroom on all fours.

Once there, she secured my arms behind my back again and helped me into the shower, where she coated me liberally with cold shower gel and turned on the shower. She bathed me by pressing her soft body against my own and rubbing sensually against me. There we were, face to face, thigh to thigh, breast to breast, sex against sex.

"But you're my whore, aren't you?" Thandi continued.

"Yes," I gasped.

"Tell me," she demanded.

"I'm your whore." I felt breathless and overwhelmed.

"My personal pussy licker . . . my white queer."

"Yes . . . yes." I humped my hips against her, my pussy against her own. God, I was going to finally cum! "I'm your pussy licker-your slut- your white queer - I'm anything you want me to be."

Cum-cum-cum-cum, it was a mantra in my mind.

But it wasn't to be. She pulled away at the last instant, robbing me of my release.

"Kiss me like you mean it," she said, and then her mouth was upon me, devouring me. Soon, I was devouring her, suckling her large sensual lips, dancing my tongue against her own. We shared each other's breathe. She made love to my mouth with such ferocity, I forgot for a moment the aching need in my sex.

The feel of Thandi's mouth and of her body sliding against my own, haunted me for the rest of the night, long after I had left her house bound again in that hated belt, even after I returned home and had dinner with my husband. While performed oral sex on my husband and deposited his ejaculation in a container, it was Thandi who was on my mind.

Even while I lay in bed awake and unable to sleep, my thoughts were of the kiss of the few tender moments. I knew I was being a fool. The bitch had forced me, blackmailed me . . .she had even tortured me. My aching nipples and the plug that was still buried in my arse were proof. She had even made me perform oral sex on her while my husband was on the phone . . . and yet . . . and yet. . .

To be continued . . .

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