tagSci-Fi & FantasyAmazon Princess Ch. 4

Amazon Princess Ch. 4


Two of my clan-sisters and I had been chosen to mate this season, and thus had been chosen for the hunt. I thanked the Goddess that Leonidas had survived the trials and that we would be allowed to fulfill our destiny. Ameeni, Brisha and I spent the morning at the river, talking with the other Amazons chosen for mating, bathing and anointing ourselves in preparation for the night's ritual. I knew from prior experience that Leonidas and the other captives would be taken to the river later in the morning where they would be bathed and blessed.

After our bathing, we proceeded to the temple to rededicate ourselves to the Mother Goddess and to pray for only girl children to come of our mating. Male children, being less than human, were left to the predators of the woods. I prostrated myself on the floor of the temple and prayed fervently to be given a girl child. I wished to increase the strength of the tribe.

After our time in the temple, we were taken to the mating feast. The feast was held at the temple steps and began in the late afternoon. Fermented honey wine and roast boar were served, along with nuts and berries gathered from our range, as well as edible greens. As we took our seats on the ground around the fire, the High Priestess emerged from the temple. She began a chant to the Mother, thanking her for our bountiful feast and asking her to bless this night's proceedings. The captives were brought forward as she chanted, and made to bow before the altar. Then each captive was placed on his knees before the three chosen huntresses.

Leonidas was again looking around at the women surrounding him. He was unbound, but there were many guards watching the captives. The Amazons had learned years ago that unbound captives were not to be trusted.

As the High Priestess finished her chant, several of the other tribe members began to serve the food. Leonidas would eat well this night, served only from the hands of his captors.

Althela placed a large bark platter before me, piled high with all the delicacies prepared for this night. She smiled at me encouragingly, placing her hand on my shoulder as she stepped away. The High Priestess took her seat on a high-backed woven reed chair.

"Let the mating feast begin!" She commanded, assuming her place as avatar of the Goddess for this ceremony.

I bowed my head in the High Priestess' direction, then picked up a choice morsel of roast boar. Moving near Leonidas, I offered him the first bite. He looked to me, confusion shining in his eyes. The High Priestess had spoken in Amazonian, and he was unsure as to what was afoot now.

"Eat, my brave Lion," I whispered in Common, again offering him the food. "You will need your strength and more before this night is through."

He looked about to ask another question, but shrugged instead and took the morsel delicately from my hand. Ameeni, Brisha, and I fed Leonidas and ourselves, enjoying the sweetness of the honey wine as it contrasted with the bitter wild greens. We ate well, laughing and teasing each other, and slowly Leonidas relaxed. He spent more and more time sitting on his haunches, gazing at us as we reveled. He seemed bemused by the joyousness with which we feasted, especially when contrasted with the trials of the day before.

As the sun sank below the horizon, several Amazons added more wood to the central fire. Then the drumming began. As the wild beat entered my blood, I could stand it no longer and rose to my feet. Ameeni and Brisha rose with me, and we placed Leonidas on his knees in our center. We danced around him, twirling to the drums, leaping and gyrating as we danced our joy and our hope for a successful mating.

Leonidas' sacred rod began to rise, as he watched the Amazons' golden bodies shining in the firelight. The light made strange patterns of dark and bright on taut thighs and firm breasts, giving the Amazons an animal appearance. The women of the tribe chosen to mate this night began to strip off their skirts and dance naked, bodies twisting together in the flaring firelight.

Brisha, Ameeni and I danced ever closer to Leonidas, brushing his strong body with ours, then backing away so the three of us could writhe together, brushing breasts and thighs together.

"Ohhhh..." I heard Leonidas groan when I kissed Brisha. He lifted one hand as if to reach for us. I nodded to Kela and she came forward with four stakes and binding fiber. Leonidas looked as if he wanted to struggle as Kela began to bind him spread-eagle on the ground, but the lesson of Arturus was still fresh and held him quiescent.

Soon, Leonidas was staked to the ground and the three of us danced around our captive, teasing each other with light, fleeting touches.

"Mmmm." I sighed with anticipated pleasure as Ameeni slipped her hand between my thighs, and I heard Leonidas groan in answer. His sacred rod was jutting straight up and looked incredibly strong throbbing in the firelight.

Brisha, being the oldest of the three of us by two seasons had the privilege of taking Leonidas' sacred rod first. She sank down over Leonidas, falling to her knees as the drumming became less frantic. Around her, three other Amazons positioned themselves over their captives, waiting for the High Priestess to signal.

Leonidas grunted and tried not to thrust upward as Ameeni grasped the root of his sacred rod, positioning it for Brisha to impale herself upon. A slight hand movement from the High Priestess, and Brisha sank down upon him.

"Arrgh! Yes!" Leonidas cried out in surprise as Brisha engulfed him in one long movement.

The drums picked up tempo again as Ameeni and I moved in beside Brisha and began to help her with her task. Ameeni squatted behind Brisha, gently manipulating Brisha's clitoris, while I knelt to one side, kneading Brisha's breasts and tweaking her nipples as she frantically rode Leonidas' sacred rod.

"Goddess, yes oh yes!" Brisha cried out in pleasure, sliding up and down Leonidas' now gleaming rod. Sweat stood out on her forehead as she worked her strong thighs. Leonidas was grunting and crying out in his own language as Brisha impaled herself again and again.

Suddenly Brisha threw her head back and screamed with the strength of her orgasm. Leonidas' body went stiff as he felt Brisha convulsing around him, then he moaned as he spurted his seed deep inside her.

Brisha moved off Leonidas' rapidly deflating sacred rod, then turned and embraced us both. Ameeni and I kissed and fondled Brisha, helping her to recover from her intense pleasure. Soon the other three men had spent their seed as well. The drums' tempo slowed again as honey wine was brought. We drank again and rested.

Soon though, the drums picked up again, and we swayed together, Brisha, Ameeni and me. Leonidas' sacred rod was still flaccid, but we expected that to change soon enough. Ameeni was ready for mating now, and Brisha and I held her close and slowly stroked her body.

Ameeni's knees crumpled, as she moaned short "oh's!" over and over again, and we lowered her to the ground gently. Ameeni spread her legs eagerly and Brisha and I happily wet our tongues in her slick folds. We licked and sucked at Ameeni, getting her ever more aroused.

"Yes, oh yes, don't stop!" Ameeni cried, as she neared orgasm. Leonidas moaned, a sound of pure, sweet torture. I raised my head from Ameeni's apex and glanced over. Leonidas' sacred rod was as stiff as I had ever seen it, throbbing, and with a small amount of his juices gathered at the tip.

Brisha and I raised Ameeni to a kneeling position over Leonidas' prone figure, then I grasped Leonidas' sacred rod and guided it into Ameeni's waiting cavern. Leonidas began to thrust into Ameeni, grunting as he met her downward movements. Ameeni leaned forward, placing her hands on Leonidas' chest as Brisha and I supported her and continued to tease her with our hands. Bearing down, Ameeni ground her pelvis into Leonidas, moaning loudly, shuddering with the strength of her orgasm.

Leonidas continued to thrust upward ever more desperately, as if afraid Ameeni were about to remove herself from his sacred rod. Ameeni, however, simply bore down even harder, allowing Leonidas to thrust upward as she rotated her hips. She was nearing orgasm again when Leonidas grunted and his mouth opened in a startled "o" shape. Ameeni's body shuddered in pleasure as she felt Leonidas' throbbing.

Brisha and I helped Ameeni off of Leonidas' sacred rod. Ameeni was dazed but also still quite aroused. Brisha knelt and buried her head in Ameeni's crotch, gently licking at Ameeni's clitoris.

"Oh, yes! Yes, Brisha!" Ameeni cried out, falling to her knees as her orgasm crested.

Finally, it was my turn. Brisha and Ameeni gently laid me across Leonidas' body, pillowing my head on his shoulder. I relaxed across Leonidas, spreading my legs to receive the attentions of my two clan-sisters. Brisha dipped her head, spearing her tongue into my slick folds, and I squirmed against my captive bed. I felt Leonidas' breath rasp against my ear as he adjusted to my weight upon him.

Ameeni knelt beside me, lowering her head to my nipples. "Oh, oh yes!" I moaned as Ameeni licked and sucked at my breasts. Brisha added a rough tonguing of my clitoris and I began to squirm atop Leonidas, thrusting my hips up at Brisha.

"Damn crazy women." I heard Leonidas mutter. "I don't believe they expect me to get it up again." But his sacred rod gave the lie to his words, as I felt the tip of it pushing against my outer thigh.

I spread my legs wider as Brisha stabbed her tongue into me, bringing forth more of my juices. I felt Leonidas' body tensing below me as I wriggled and moaned. His arms were flexing against his restraints, but the binding fiber held.

"He's ready." I heard Ameeni whisper into my ear as she kissed my neck.

Ameeni and Brisha helped me to kneel over Leonidas, and I glanced down at him as Brisha gripped his sacred rod. His eyes were intent as he watched me kneeling over him.

Leonidas' sacred rod was thicker than the one that had opened me before the hunt, and as I slid onto it I felt an amazing sensation of fullness. Leonidas, too, seemed to feel something other than what he had felt with my sisters. His eyes glazed over and his mouth fell open as I slowly impaled myself on his sacred rod.

"Great Zeus, but you are a tight one!" I heard him groan as his hips thrust up at me.

Finally, I had buried Leonidas' sacred rod fully inside me. I sat upon him for a moment, becoming accustomed to this new feeling. As I did so, I noticed that his sacred rod felt very different than the one Althela had used to open me. Where the sacred yew rod had felt hard and unyielding, Leonidas felt hard and flexible all at once. His sacred rod throbbed with a life of it's own as well. The feeling was disconcerting as well as extraordinarily arousing.

I began to move upon Leonidas' sacred rod, savoring the feelings as the ridges of his rod stroked places inside me I'd never known existed.

Brisha stood behind me, palming my breasts and supporting my body as I moved upon Leonidas, while Ameeni knelt next to us, slowly stroking my clitoris with one finger.

"Ahhhhhoooo!" I threw my head back and howled like the wolves of the forest in response to the incredible sensations being aroused in me. Brisha grinned against my neck.

"Such pleasure, this is surely a gift from the Goddess and a sign that she is pleased with our hunt and our mating." Brisha whispered to me. I turned my head and kissed Brisha passionately, agreeing with her.

I flattened my feet on the ground and began to ride Leonidas with every ounce of strength I possessed, sliding nearly off his sacred rod before slamming myself back down again.

"Yes, ride me, you wild bitch!" Leonidas cried out, thrashing in his bonds. I felt myself convulsing in the first throes of orgasm as I thrust myself onto Leonidas again. The muscles in my vagina spasmed and it seemed I could feel every ridge and vein in Leonidas' sacred rod. The feeling of fullness increased and I gave myself up to my orgasm, moaning and grinding my pelvis against Leonidas.

"Ggggreat Zeus!" Leonidas moaned, and I felt his sacred rod become even stiffer, then I felt his juices spurting up into me as his rod throbbed.

I fell forward onto Leonidas' broad chest as I relaxed, my hair brushing his face. I felt him place a small kiss on my temple before my sisters helped me to sit up and then to stand.

My legs were shaking as I looked down at my captive. I'd never dreamed such pleasure existed, and the experience had left me trembling and exhausted. Brisha handed me the cup of honey wine and I took a fortifying sip.

The drums began again, this time at a slow tempo, and the tribe danced around our prone captives, a dance of thanks to the Mother Goddess for the night's festivities.

Althela was one of the women assigned to guard the captives this night and she came forward to remove Leonidas from his bonds and take him to the corral. Leonidas looked beseechingly at me as he was led away, but I had no kind words for him. He was, after all, simply a captive of the Amazons. If I felt a twinge of sadness for what tomorrow would bring, well, I would never speak of it to anyone.

The next day, the captives were brought before the Mother Goddess' altar and made to kneel. The men looked tired but satiated as the guards brought them forth. As they knelt, the men were tightly bound, both hands and feet.

The High Priestess chanted in praise of the Mother, and thanked her for giving us four strong men for our mating. As the Priestess chanted of the men's virility in the mating ceremony, the captives were bent backward over the altar. Leonidas attempted to struggle as Kela and Althela positioned him over the altar, but his bindings prevented all but the smallest movements. The High Priestess' chant rose to a shout that was echoed by the tribe and the temple acolytes slashed each captive's throat, anointing the altar with their blood.


Nine months after the mating ceremony Brisha and two other Amazons were delivered of girl children. There were no male children, and thus the Goddess showed her pleasure in us. I, alas, was not blessed by the Goddess. However, there is another hunt this spring, and I can only hope to be chosen as a huntress.

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