tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAmazon Tamed Ch. 04

Amazon Tamed Ch. 04


Chapter 4: Keith doms Paula and Greta

What you missed Paula honors her commitment to be Keith's slave for the night

"It doesn't get much better than this" Keith thought. "He had found a potential soul mate and had her and another beautiful woman to do with as he pleased. He brought them down to the dungeon

"O.K you two, I want you to stand under the cross bar facing each other."

Keith than secured both of their arms so they were stretched out. Then he began kissing and sucking on Greta's nipples making them hard. Then duplicated the process with Paula. Grabbing two nipple clip chains attached one to each girls tit than the other.

"Here is the game girls as long as you remain in position you will feel little pain, but if one of you moves both will feel more pain. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master Keith." Paula answered

Keith grabbed a crop" Let's examine that pussy" He started lightly tapping Paula's snatch.

Paula tried to maintain control, but shuddered and jerked

Greta screamed "Oh shit!"

Paula looked at her "Sorry."

"Greta lets see your control," using the crop.

Greta faired no better:


"Damm!" Paula hissed.

"I am disappointed in you two" Keith teased "I was hoping you would be able to show more" Lets try it again."

He played the game with the crop alternating between the two sometimes they were able to control the body sometimes not.

Greta finally pleaded " I am a my limit, please stop!"

Looking at Paula "What about you?"

Paula looked down "You have mastered me"

"Not yet slut, I see the fire still there but it's time to change the stimulation" Keith grabbed two vibrators and sat between the two and simultaneously played on both their pussys.

Both woman alternated between the pleasure on their lower body and the torment on their tits. Greta came first and Paula shortly after. Keith stood and removed the nipple chains.

Both females hissed. Keith positioned Greta so her body was pressed against Paula. Then using some rope he tied them waist to waist so they were secure.

"I want you sluts to make out. I want you alternate French kissing".

Greta put her head down and began kissing the smaller Paula. Keith picked up the discarded crop and gave 10 quick strokes to Paula's ass, than went to the other side and did Greta.

"Keep going sluts." Keith had restrained himself but needed his own release.

"That's enough" he quickly released them both. Dragging Paula he threw on the bed in the corner "Spread your legs."

Paula eagerly complied "Oh yes."

Keith rock hard cock penetrated her pussy as they went at each other animalistic.

"Oh yeah!" Paula screamed.

Keith's cum exploded all over her.

After they recovered "Greta on the bed and lay on your back" Keith secured her wrists to the post. "I want you to eat out Paula, satisfy her."

Greta started using her talented tongue, while Keith sat on Greta's chest and played with Paula breasts and began kissing her.

" I'm cuming!" Paula screamed.

After a few minutes, Keith released Greta and escorted to the cage on the other side. "You are in prison for the rest of the night" locking her in. Then turning back to Paula I want you ass. Back of the bed hands and knees."

Paula rolled over and assumed the ordered position.

O.K slut you are mine! Keith drove his tool into her while grabbing a fistful a handful of hair. They kept going for some time. Then they did a reverse cow girl before finally getting sated.

Keith than released her "That was awesome slave girl."

"Yes Master" Paula responded. But thought "I am definitely going to get you back" As she fell asleep exhausted.

When the trio woke up in the morning, Keith kissed Paula "I hope you enjoyed last night."

"I did" Paula responded, "But not as much as you did. You are ruthless."

"Well you Amazons need a firm hand." He responded.

"Sorry to interrupt lovebirds" Greta called "But I really need to use the facilities"

Paula rolled out of bed opened the cage as Greta rushed up stairs. "Let s take a shower" she suggested. "Then as your slave girl's last task I am going to make you breakfast."

In the shower, Paula knelt and lovingly washed her partner's body.

"Your turn" Keith announced as he knelt " Washing her luscious body. "You ready for another round."

Paula looked at him "Not yet" she pronounced. "Tonight you belong to me I want you to be patient."

"Mistress Paula you are starting to scare me" he said.


The trio enjoyed Paula's Apple Cinnamon pancakes.

"Greta do you still have that empty warehouse on 19th" Paula asked.

"Yes, Greta responded, "I can't unload it."

"I'd like to use it tonight if that's all right."

"Of course."

Paula looked at Keith, "I want you there by 6 PM." She rose "I have a lot to prepare." As she left the room.

"What does she have planned?" Keith thought.

Keith spent the rest of the day trying to do neglected paperwork. But his mind kept wandering as he tried to anticipate what Paula had planned. He would never had submitted to Greta but Paula was intoxicating. "It time for a new experience" he thought.

Arriving in his Prius at a non descript warehouse, he found the side door open. Walking up the stairs, Keith emerged in a large empty room.

"Behind him" Paula said" Good slave you are on time."

Keith turned, Paula was dressed in a black leather, with tall boots and had goggles on her head. "You won't break me. " He challenged.

Paula lowered the goggles over her eyes. "Lets change the atmosphere" She pressed a control and the room went pitch black. "I can still see you Keith" she teased.

Keith tried to sense where she was, and than heard a noise to his left. He reflexively tuned and was tackled from the other side.

"Got you now" Paula said triumphantly . They rolled around but Paula had the advantage and applied a hammer lock controlling him. Drawing a damp cloth she put it over his face." Breathe baby surrender to Paula"

Keith felt himself going light headed and than lost conscious.

Paula felt him go limp and turned on the lights. She looked at her prey" Oh Keith we are going to have so much fun."

To be continued...

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