tagBDSMAmazonia Chronicles Ch. 01

Amazonia Chronicles Ch. 01


The Crash

I suppose this is really for posterity's sake, but my name is Terry Grant. I used to be a freelance explorer. Mostly taking rewards for mapping out uncharted places, but when that's your profession you tend to put yourself out of a job. That, or you end up doing crazier and crazier things, like flying over the Arctic Circle in a plane like so many ship-bound explores had done a century before. It's 1938... or at least it was when I set out. A son of a veteran of the first Great War I wasn't aiming to get drafted into the second one that everyone knew was coming. So, I took near suicidal mission for laughable pay.

Everything was going well the first few hours. I took off from Ireland and began heading north. The company wanted to know really if there might be oil in the ice, jungles were tapped, so were deserts, and plains; why not under ice? Sense or no sense the pay was fair for the work. One pass over, one pass back. Honestly, I wasn't even there to scout the oil. I was just there to see if someone could fly over and back safely. Short answer: You can't.

My instruments began to freeze up worse than I had anticipated. The flaps were becoming harder and harder to move. I grunted and raged against the stick of the mono-wing plane. It was certainly worth more than me, and it wasn't a Great War surplus bird by any standard. I imagined planes like this were already being fitted with machine guns and armor. I wished mine had some kind of magical self-heater. That was the last thought before I went down in a scream of metal and man. I must have hit my head because I blacked out.

Her House

I awoke in pain and stiffness. Thankfully, I realized, I had woken up at all. Not only that, but I was warm. I tried to roll over and it hurt too much. I gasped sharply and my vision swam. There were soft footsteps and a bowl was being pushed to my lips. I drank and fell asleep again. When I woke again it was night. I could tell because several insects were being very loud and rude. I felt better this time. I felt my jaw and the copious amount of stubble confirmed I had been out for some time. I blinked furiously trying to focus my vision. The room was surprisingly big. I could see several archways leading to other room. It reminded me of the homes you saw in rural Spain or Mexico, there was a bit of Victorian England and some kind of tribal decorations. I was on a Spanish style sleigh bed in the thickest silk sheets you ever felt. I just wanted to wallow down into them and never wake up.

However, the nagging question of where the hell was I was my forethought. There were no houses in the middle of the Arctic Circle. I stood up on very shake legs. I hadn't been out long enough for them to atrophy and that was good. I was wearing a Spanish style peasant shirt and loose cotton trousers. I quietly ratted around. I felt the tight pull of expertly applied bandages. I pulled them off. Whoever had bandaged me was thorough. The wounds were almost healed. They itched so whoever had tended me probably intended them to stop my scratching. I yanked them off with more zeal than before.

I walked into the room to my left and found an art studio. I saw several pictures, and some early ones where I was the subject. Something wasn't quite right about this house, but I could put my finger on it. No, I don't mean its existence, I meant something more basic. I was holding up a charcoal sketch of a mountain landscape when I heard the clack of beads. Someone was home. I put the sketch back so I didn't look like too much of a snoop and tried to limp out of the studio to no avail.

"Nosey, aren't we." I turned unimpressively and came face to face with the prettiest dame I'd ever seen. She was of a dark complexion, like smooth Italian coffee. This might have bugged a lot of people, but I tended not to meter my desires for any women. It was just unprofessional of a professional world traveler to deny himself on grounds of racial purity or some such hokum like that. She had gams that went all the way up, a slender waist, wide, wide hip and a very large bust. Big round brown eyes and full mocha lips drew you to the fact her ebony hair was drawn into a stylish (for Victorian England) bun complete with what looked like a silk net over it.

She was swearing long leather boots and stockings. It was really immodest for what I was used to she had a skirt that was exquisitely died in bright colors in some kind of South American style. She wore a Spanish blouse, you know the ones that have the low necklines and down cover the shoulders. It was white silk. She had a basket with flowers under arm. She was wearing a bunch of gold and beaded bracelets. She put the basket down and sashayed toward me.

Normally I say I wouldn't back away from a woman like this, but there was one other thing. She was about seven foot two inches. I looked, her boots didn't have much of a heel. I was about six foot one myself. Another thing, she was very muscular. Not like male strongman at the circus, but very defined very appealing, but not exactly a normal female of my species. Oh, she was plenty curvy too. Don't mistake me on that. However, realizing this I noted that some of her curvaceous parts came from proportion than God-given good luck. She promptly picked me up, threw me over her shoulder and tossed me back into the bed. She placed herself over my hips and I balked.

"Miss," I said but she put a long slender finger to my lips. "Shush" she whispered. She spoke English but with a very strange cadence and accent. It wasn't a Spanish one either. She unhooked her skirt from the side and her silk undergarments shown pretty and purple against her dark skin. "I don't want my first man to spoil it with stupid questions." That was the end of that. She pulled my cock out and began rubbing it.

"Mmm... the orchids do work on you little men." I felt what she meant and a quick look confirmed that I had grown considerably. My balls hung heavy and dense with virility.

"What did you do to me!" I demanded weakly. She put her hand over my mouth.

"Nothing you won't love in about ten seconds, now shut up, stud." She said rubbing with the other hand until my arousal pleased her. She ripped off her panties and pulled my hand to her sex. It was just like a normal woman's but I realized why she wanted me to have more manliness. She forced three of my fingers into her sex and moaned, wetting copiously. She cried something in no language I'd ever heard and began riding my hand. It didn't last long. She gave me a wolfish grin and voraciously impaled herself on my rod. I want you to know that I fought back, but this woman was strong. A motion from her powerful thick thighs and my hips couldn't buck to the side. If I tried to push her off she pinned my hands. Nothing was stopping her from pressing her body to mine, her breasts smothering my face.

Then I couldn't fight. She pulled her blouse open and let me kiss the black flesh. She took me. That was the simplest way to describe it. I came often. She'd roll off me and I flopped to the floor. My attempts to get away only excited her and she took me again. Riding me on the floor, I never grew flaccid. Never ran out. My cum dripped from inside her body. Hell, she even laughed and let me come on her dark skin.

I'm lying on the floor trying to hold onto consciousness. Her fingers are covered in my seed and her nectar as she pumps my large member with her hand. Then she falls asleep. Carefully I extricate myself from her and find my pants. I begin to limp out of the house. Wherever I am I need to get away from it. I emerged into a bright beach-like area. The waves crash against a severe rocky coast. I could see the jagged teeth of obsidian wash ashore, as well as, jut up from the white, foamy spray of harsh waves. It was morning, I couldn't believe it. We'd tumbled for hours... then again, it sure felt like it. I staggered onward.

The Island

A cobblestone path stretched on into a small forested area. I looked to my left and right and saw several other dwellings. The outside looked like a cross between several cultures. Predominantly Spanish, English, and maybe some Oriental work, it was all tied together with very tribal motifs. I began walking down the path. I should have probably have stayed off of the winding path, but I was so tired. "Tired, sweet one?" Came a familiar cadence but a different voice. I snapped toward it. Seven feet tall, long legs, a little fuller (think proportionately). She was dark-skinned, green eyed, and red haired. She wore a corset and trousers. She had a basket full of large vegetables. She wore a sun hat that was styled after last century Cuba. I balked and began to limp the other way.

"Oh, don't be like that, dear. I'm not going to take you like Myri did. I'm a more mature woman." I ignored her and kept limping. She strode easily and picked me up by the scruff. "I said stop." I thought she'd be mad but she giggled. I nodded and she put me down. She sat down on the clover and put my head in her lap. She began to stroke my hair and I calmed down.

"Better?" She said. She smelled like sweat and earth and fragrant flowers. "I'm sure you have plenty of questions, no?"

I nodded. I closed my eyes. "Where am I?" I groaned.

"To put it simply you're in Amazonia. Well, not exactly what we call it, but the name works." She ran her fingers over my face. "Handsome." She cooed. "Ever since that Spanish man came we've used the name. So, yes, we're amazons. It's a little more complicated than that, but you're one of ten men on an island of thousands of us. You're our slave."

I tried to sit up but two painted nails pushed me back down gently, but with force. "It's not so bad. If you want to run around and try and escape the girls love it when the boys run. Technically Myri would want to lay claim to you, but since you're already free she's going to pout, besides we have a communal slavery system here. You're everyone's responsibility and everyone's pet."

"I don't want to be a slave." I sat up again and she let me. I stood up and she stood up too. My head barely made it above her voluptuous bosom. She cocked a hip. "It's not so bad. You have to do everything anyone asks but you only have to be under a woman at a time... unless you're feeling adventurous." She laughed softly at her own joke.

"Also, there are these." She pulled out a polished wooden medallion on a leather thong.

"Each girl gets one of these," she informed, "It lets others know that you're on errands. It only works for a single day, and you shouldn't walk off with it. I'd have to hunt you down and spank you."

For some reason I nodded. I had another question, "Why was... uh... Myri so eager to take me?"

"Oh, it's part of our nature. We live a long time, and we have a lust for menfolk. The younger you are the more powerful it is." She leaned down put her nose almost to my skin. "Your smell says she used you well." I noticed the slight deepness her voice took on. "You took to the flower well..."


"Oh, the flower, we eat the petals, roots, shoots. For us it... tastes good, for men it makes you healthier, live longer, and other more immediate benefits for us to use." She picked me up like her basket and put me over her shoulder.

"Come on, new pet, you're coming to my house for dinner." At first I was indignant that I couldn't walk by myself. Then I was happy, I didn't have to walk, and I sure was hungry even though I knew what she desired for desert.

"What's your name?" I asked, "Mine is Terry Grant."

"Aloni," She said cheerily, "We're going to have fun Englishman."

"American." I corrected.

"Really?" She gasped, "That's new."

Aloni's Dinner

She put me into her big bed, similar to Myri's, but plusher, if that was possible "I haven't had a man in a long time, ten men are so few. We've never been this low." She remarked letting me strip in privacy. I got a good view of her large, soft, but pert backside as she turned away. I slid beneath the covers and she came and sat by me.

"Myri might join us. I'm the only one around who would be able to take you in. No woman can stop you from going where you want to go and we can't hold you against your will for longer than a day. It's part of the communal slave laws."

I didn't think I wanted to leave. "I thought Amazons were supposed to be tribal women with no clothes and spears. You all seem so... civilized." She kissed me on the lips, "It's more of a tradition now, but we still do that. Don't all people start out like that though?" She pointed out, "You men also bring more than cocks to us. You bring architecture, culture, and technology. I wonder what you've got for us little man." She said taking off her clothes until she stood in silk underwear. It was more functional than

Myri's had been. She lied down next to me and put my head against her breasts. "We're not all that civilized. Remember Myri? She held me and I felt warm and safe, "I'm going to make dinner when you nod off, just relax."

I breathed deeply and fell asleep instantly. I woke and it was nighttime. Hadn't it been night before? How much was I sleeping? I walked easier and moved into the living room. She was beautiful and powerful sitting by the hearth in a silk robe, like a kimono but different. It wasn't as long.

"How long was a sleeping."

"All day, sweet one." She cooed stirring the pot.

This is dinner, I figured you'd sleep a while. It passes. It's your injuries and the flower." I sat by her and she put a big bowl of stew in my hands. It was fish and vegetables. I drank it and warm beer. It felt so good to eat it. "Myri found you, so don't think too unkindly of her." I looked up at her. "She says you were in a metal bird on the beach. We went to look but found nothing."

"She's right, it's called an airplane." I explain.

"Is that right?" She said pouring me more stew when I gave her my bowl.

I tried to explain airplanes and she was attentive even if she didn't understand it completely.

"Fascinating." She said handing me a chunk of sweet dense bread. She was an indulging hostess but the time came for dessert. She opened her robe exposing caramel colored flesh. I felt my arousal build in my crotch. I looked at her. "I do suppose I owe you for the meal, Aloni." I said crawling into her lap and kissing her neck.

"No," she said, grabbing my ass. "Learn something little Terry, we're going to do this because I want you. That's how it works." She smiled. I sighed in acceptance. Why argue about what was going to happen.

"If it makes you feel more powerful." I said trying to be snide.

"It does." I let her push me to the thick rug and mount me; at least I wanted to think I let her. Long legs on either side of me felt good. Her large breasts jiggled as she rushed to her first orgasm. My hands were small against the expanse of her ass. There was an appeal to a civilization filled with such curvy women. It's not like they wanted me dead anyway. She was heavy of course, but if you could find an ounce of fat that didn't add appeal then you were a sharper-eyed guy than I.

Like Myri before her she smothered me with her big breasts. This time I enjoyed it more consciously. Aloni was a much more classy lover. Our flesh made wet slaps as she had me. I came filling her and she cooed gratefully rubbing her taut stomach. "You just don't know how good this feels to us, pet..." She breathed showering my face with wet happy kisses. She milked several more orgasms out of me. We made love for a few hours before she decided to turn around before taking me again. I never got tired. I never go flaccid. It was the flower, it had to be. She screamed as I grabbed her ass and helped her ram herself over and over again on my thick cock.

She stopped. I slapped her rump and she shushed me. "Hello, Myri." Aloni said rubbing my large balls with her hand. I thought there might have been a problem brewing but Myri tore off her nightclothes

"I was looking for him for two days. I thought for sure he wouldn't have taken the path." She said, "My little pet worried me so." She didn't seem mad at Aloni at all. She crawled over to the woman and kissed her deeply, "Isn't he just a little stud." She asked her elder.

"He's very unique, an American."

"Oh, we've never had one of those, I thought he was English."

Myri reached down and put my large testicles in her mouth and sucked them, none too softly. I came instantly. Aloni pulled herself from me and let me cum all overMyri's face.I was like a small hose. How much had that flower really affected me? Myri giggled and deep-throated my cock. She gagged a little. I had grown a lot apparently. I let Aloni crouch over me and I ate out her dripping cunt. I wasn't going to tell her no either. Her big ass was giggling with her rapid motion. Myri took me again and the two inhuman women kissed over my body. They finished thirty minutes after and fought briefly over who would get to hold me and they finally decided that they would sleep holding each other with me between them. It was alien, but nice.

The Rest Stop

I woke the next morning Aloni was fondling me in her sleep. I was smothered in breasts. I groaned and extricated myself once more. Groaning I rubbed my flaccid cock. I wondered if I should try and get another roll with the girls, but now I wanted more than ever to explore this world. I didn't know if they'd know written English so I kissed Aloni goodbye. I was lustful for Myri, but grateful for the older woman's guidance. She woke.

"Going?" She whispered. I nodded. She inhaled deeply. She rose and walked over to me. "There are road signs." She put on a pot that smelled like coffee but not quite. "Stay to the roads and come back if you want rapture again." She winked. She talked me into waiting for one cup of coffee. Still, I left Aloni for the greater island. A slave, a wandering slave.

The path was dim and cool, the island was fairly temperate and this was supposed to be somewhere in the Arctic? I didn't meet anyone for a while. It was noon before I came to a pretty little bridge over a stream. Cooling her feet was a seven foot six Amazon. She had several large sacks around her. She was very oriental looking, but like her kin very curvy. Her tits were even bigger than Aloni's and her ass spread out despite her billowing silk robes. She turned to me and rustled her short coal-black hair.

"A new slave." She said smiling her eyes closing in joy. She patted next to her and I sat down. It was becoming natural for me and I began to put my head in her lap. She popped me. "What are you doing Englishman?" She asked good naturedly.


"Oh, still what are you doing American?" I admitted that I had no idea. She laughed and put my head in her lap. "I'm just playing with you, funny man." She cooed rubbing my hair. "It's refreshing to meet a slave so willing."

"Well, I have been picked up twice and claimed twice." I pointed out to her, "My name is Terry."

"Fast learner, most girls like the sweet ones who act so adorably. I'm Barre. She put out her hand and I kissed it. My hands aren't small, but she could fit mine with a little extra room. Her cadence was thicker than the other two women I knew.

"I think I like it here." I said rubbing her thigh as she rubbed my hair.

"Most do." She observed. "We love men here, but don't think it makes you king, little slave. We have a Queen Elect these days." She smiled but I was too busy enjoying the smell of her. She smelled like orchids. "What drew you to me, and be honest." She asked.

"Your ass," I said too happy in her lap to care if it was not couth.

"Really? Most men have to be impressed into pleasuring me. Though none of them leave the capital these days. She touched my arousal and gasped, "Are you sure you're new?"

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