tagSci-Fi & FantasyAmbassador's Life Ch. 02

Ambassador's Life Ch. 02


Abel Kalitz, Ambassador Extraordinary of the Federation of West Asia to the Dekerin Domains, had just arrived at his new Embassy, which turned out to be a disappointment. It was a dull, Spartan-looking building with only 2 stories and a rather utilitarian décor.

Nevertheless, it was bad form for a diplomat to complain about his accommodations, especially one whose host had provided him with 2 maidservants required to service him sexually. That was one pleasant surprise about his new living situation. His office also proved nice for such a drab facility. It had the rich maroon color associated with a government official, though not the navy blue reserved for the peers and magnates of the State, of course.

What Mr. Kalitz didn't realize was that things were about to get worse for him. He had visited a planet whose rulers had unwisely started a war with their neighbors. They hadn't bothered to mention this to him, but he started to notice some disturbing signs of a strapped Exchequer and a private sector oppressed by rationing.

At least his own Federation had put the ancient Arab-Israeli Wars behind it. They were a sad page of history that most West Asians preferred to forget. The Dekerins, however, had a vendetta with the nearby Macureans, who were ruled by an intellectual elite. Apparently, it was a conflict rooted in ideology as well as greed for the mines of certain disputed moons.

The Dekerins accused the Macureans of being a world run by "godless", pansy philosophers with plenty of book knowledge, but no "common sense" or courage. The latter, for their part, regarded the former as a backward, primitive, superstitious civilization barely worthy of the term.

There was some truth to both sides' claims, but they were distorted by propaganda. The Macureans were atheists who would have given the late Madeleine Murray O'Hair a run for her money, just as the Dekerins had an oppressive feudal hierarchy. However, the philosophers who governed Macureus had experience with actual administration and proved capable of taking risks. The nobles who controlled Dekeris were more artistically and culturally sophisticated than their enemies wished to admit.

After a day of frustrated haggling with top officials of the Dekerin External Affairs Bureau, Kalitz was tempted to give up. His maids helped relieve his stress, but the next day proved even more exasperating. What was the matter with these inane and provincial Dekerins, anyway? Every thought and feeling seemed directed at preserving as much of the status quo as possible. They wanted to make as few concessions to necessity and reality as they could avoid. How could THEY consider the Macureans impractical, he wondered to himself.

Well, if the arrogant pricks don't learn to adapt soon, they won't have a Dekeris to defend. Either that, or revolution would be a distinct probability for the near future. Given their domestic house of cards, that was looking to be the smarter bet.

So the Ambassador thought, when he was suddenly approached by a native member of his Embassy staff, who looked totally ashen. That would have been impressive for an orange-skinned extraterrestrial, if it were not for the nature of his information. He seemed shaken and absolutely stunned.

"What's the matter, Eupas?" he probed, now quite afraid himself.

"It's an INVASION, sir! They are here and about to seize the capital! You have to leave, Ambassador! It's dangerous," Eupas announced at last.

"Who's invading? The Macureans?" Kalitz inquired, worrying about what would happen then to him and the staff.

"No, it's the Akrosian Empire! They have blasted through the planetary defenses and are landing Imperial Marines! 3 battalions of them! They are storming the capital NOW!" he screamed.

"The Akrosians are attacking Dekeris? Why? Are they allied to Macureus or something?" he demanded.

"Not that I know. The AKROSIANS don't form alliances, or at least they haven't in the past few centuries. They are imperialists and expansionists, not the peace-loving or treaty-making type of people," Eupas explained.

"Well, calm down, Eupas. I doubt that even the Akrosians will risk war with the Federation of West Asia. They have enough fighting on their hands for now, I imagine. We'll be safe, I think," Kalitz reassured the aide.

Even so, he hurried home to make sure that his maids were not in danger. He had grown very fond of the twins, Prima and Secunda, since they had become his personal servants. They greeted him with a bow, as usual. It was their habit to kneel in his presence. He had added a custom, of course: they were to stay naked in the house.

"Master, what is it?" Prima asked anxiously.

"Don't worry about it right now, dear. Bend over for me. I want to fuck your ass. Secunda, I want you to clean up for me, licking all my seed from her bottom," Abel ordered them.

"Yes, Master," they said together.

Prima gladly bent herself over some of the furniture to let him take her anally. Obviously, sodomy was not condemned in Dekerin society, either. In fact, Kalitz heard gossip about Eupas and others being homosexuals. It wouldn't have surprised him if that were true. Abel applied some of his lube to the girl's backdoor and entered her, while her sister watched lustfully. Voyeurism seemed to be ALMOST as common on Dekeris as it was on Earth. The main difference was that the Dekerins engaged more openly in acts that were sometimes still taboo on Earth. That reduced the need for voyeurism to some extent.

For all of their stupid traditions about the role of women and the social injustice that the Ambassador had observed, the Dekerins were smarter about sexuality than most humans, he realized. It was mankind that was still in the Dark Ages about sexual freedom. Dekeris, after all, didn't have age of consent laws nearly as restrictive as those on his own planet.

On Dekeris, 16 was the age of consent and regarded as "youth". The Dekerins didn't have sentimental notions of guaranteeing someone a prolonged childhood. Nor were parents allowed to deny responsibility for raising children, regardless of their age. "Deadbeat dads" were non-existent on this world. Anyone who tried that was flogged in public. It was harsh, but effective.

Kalitz thought about this for only a little while. The tight hole around his cock increasingly made it tough for him to process thoughts at all beyond the pleasure of fucking an alien's bottom. He slammed into her sphincter with greater force this time, as she was becoming used to it. Evidently, she enjoyed his dick in her backdoor, as she became wet again.

Secunda was also having fun, since she had begun playing with her clit. The key difference between hers and a human female's was that the former was more sensitive. She found herself getting off very quickly, whereas a woman of Abel's race would take MUCH longer in most cases. She was a highly sensual person, much like her sister. Apparently, that was normal on Dekeris.

After a dozen minutes of buggering Prima, the Ambassador came in her butt. Pulling his limp manhood from her asshole, he pointed to it, indicating that it was time for Secunda to eat all of it. She didn't wait for a verbal command, instead putting her mouth and tongue where he had directed her.

The truth was that Secunda was in love with her sister and had been since puberty. Perhaps it was transferred narcissism to feel that way about her own twin, but she had passionate feelings about her. ANY chance to kiss, touch, taste, or please her sibling was delightful to the girl. This was just another such excuse. Prima was clueless about this, because she preferred males. However, that didn't stop Secunda from loving her.

Her tongue slid hungrily between Prima's cheeks, lapping up the cum from her twin's ass. As she devoured her sister, Abel noticed the desire in the maid that reminded him of the way that his brother Moshe used to look at a Palestinian Arab girl in Jerusalem. He seemed to think of her as a nymph. Secunda clearly felt much the same way about her sibling.

The sight of one of his maids rimming the other was exactly the sort of diversion that the Ambassador needed after such a hectic day. He didn't worry about whether one of his servants was a lesbian. She responded too well to his dick for that. No, she was bisexual, though in love with another female. From what he had seen and felt of Prima, he didn't blame her sister for loving her.

Unfortunately, while Secunda licked his seed from her identical twin, Kalitz received a dispatch over the computer that returned him to a darker world. The Akrosians had captured the main government buildings in a daring assault that utilized a great deal of special operations. He had to hurry back to the Embassy, to check on the political situation.

"Here, clean my cock so I can get dressed. There is still some cum on it," he commanded the girls.

Prima particularly showed an enthusiasm to licking the spunk off the cock that had just sodomized her. Secunda was almost as glad, but her enjoyment of the act was less than the pleasure that she took with her beloved sister. Too bad that Prima didn't know, he thought. I don't plan to give either of them up, but when I leave, they should be together. They would make a great couple, assuming that the Dekerins didn't try to keep them apart in the future.

His dick clean at last, he kissed both girls on the mouth and returned to the Embassy, where he encountered Eupas again. The assistant clearly hadn't gotten past his concern over the Akrosian attack. If anything, he was even MORE bothered by the idea of an alien occupation. What would happen to him and the rest of his people? Would the Dekerin Home Guard be able to repulse the invasion and drive the enemy off his world? If not, would the takeover be mild or brutal?

The Ambassador had to stress somewhat himself about the same basic issues, though from a distinct perspective. The fighting was still happening in the capital, but the Akrosians seemed to have achieved a tactical surprise and taken control of the seat of government. Did that mean that the war was over, or simply that the Council of Magnates had fled the city?

If it was the latter, the Akrosians could expect bitter resistance from the Dekerin military and populace. Even the worst rulers tended to inspire loyalty and courage from their people during an invasion, Abel knew. The 2nd World War in the mid-20th Century was a case in point. Joseph Stalin had brutally persecuted, mistreated, and killed many of his countrymen, but they eventually backed him (for the most part) against Adolph Hitler and his Nazi Germany.

Suddenly, a knock was heard at the Embassy's front door. When Eupas opened it, an Akrosian Imperial Marine stepped inside. He had a squad of comrades with him. They trained their laser pistols on Kalitz.

"Which one of you is the Ambassador from West Asia?" the soldier demanded.

"I am, sir. What's your name and purpose for violating my diplomatic privileges?" Abel reacted.

"I am Lieutenant Aldenar of the 16th Battalion of the Akrosian Imperial Marine Force. I have been ordered to provide security for this facility and protect all neutrals. That includes you, Ambassador Kalitz. The Occupational Authority will want to confer with you tomorrow, so that you will understand the full situation and the Empress's reasons for going to war," the commander declared.

"Very well, but it's not necessary. The security detail, I mean. The Federation provides guards for that. Perhaps you've noticed them," Kalitz informed him.

"Her Imperial Majesty believes that your guards will not command sufficient respect from some of the rabble to protect you from terrorist activity. She has decided to station this detail here for your own safety. We apologize on her behalf for any violating of your government's sovereignty," the Lieutenant explained.

"Very well. But I will note that it is not the Government that is sovereign in West Asia. That belongs to the People," the Ambassador stated, deliberately goading the Imperial officer.

"That is a political issue. It doesn't concern me," the soldier told him.

Yeah, right, Kalitz thought. This whole fucking thing is political. The Empress is seizing a chance to attack a world that offends her ideology. She cannot accept the existence of a planet where women have no property or rights and the State has no personal sovereign. Well, it's not me that has to worry about this. I'm a neutral. I can watch and laugh. History has taught me that forcing political systems on people that are not willing or able to accept them, for whatever reason, is a gesture doomed to failure.

Any liberation must ultimately come from within, unless the oppressor foolishly attacks you. Then all bets are off. That's YOUR situation. The Dekerins will make you pay. I wouldn't be surprised if this war ends up changing your form of government more than theirs. For all of their social inequities, they have at least grasped the folly of absolute despotism. In that sense, they are astronomical units ahead of you Akrosians.

I can sit back and enjoy your suffering, you imbeciles. I don't even have to lift a finger, though I suspect that my staff will take part in the resistance and I will just look the other way. Well, at least this assignment will be more exciting and intriguing than I first hoped. No more dull consultations with bureaucrats. Instead, espionage and reports back to Kuwait City about the progress of the war will be my new role; well, that and pretending to be just a smiling diplomat at state dinners.

Something tells me that my new maids are permanently in my possession now. Lord Parlas, if he is even alive, won't be looking for them any time soon. He has bigger fish to fry for a while. I shall definitely protect and enjoy them as my own, because they are mine as of today.

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