tagLoving WivesAmber & the Hungry Duck

Amber & the Hungry Duck


There she was; my wife was dancing with four nearly naked men on a stage in front of dozens of cheering women and men.

Amber, my wife, had surprised me one Friday evening. Our normal routine was to end work in downtown Detroit and head home together. But not this Friday night. I picked up Amber from her job as a public affairs officer and was told we were crossing the river to Windsor, Ontario, for some entertainment.

It seems that her co-worker, Kate, had thrown down a challenge to my competitive wife. To understand this challenge you had to know Kate, and you had to know how competitive my wife was. She hated to lose or be outdone by someone else...on almost anything. She was a very competitive Scorpio. And Kate was an attention getting Leo.

Kate was my wife's mentor in the public affairs office in which she worked. She was ten years Amber's senior but was quite the party animal and athlete. On occasions when we had gone to parties hosted at Kate's downtown apartment Kate was definitely on stage and the center of attention. She would often wear a short skirt and a white knit top with no underwear. Her shaved pussy was often on display if you were a guy who sitting across from her and in whom she was interested in toying with. She would ever so slightly open up her legs to let you catch a long look. Or she would brush against you with her perky breasts. She would flirt something fierce with any man who was there with his wife or girlfriend. I know from personal experience; several times when she would catch me alone she grabbed me in the crotch and told me, "Amber must be a lucky girl to have this junk up inside of her!!"

The thing is she would later tell Amber about doing just that and how she could easily steal me from Amber. Amber wasn't surprised by Kate's assertions because I had told Amber myself what had transpired, but Amber's Scorpio personality didn't like not being number one and didn't like someone fucking with her husband. She related to me that on one occasion when she had played tennis with Kate, Kate had shown up at the tennis court in a very short tennis dress sans panties and soon had a crowd of men and teenagers hoping to catch an eyeful. So the next time that Amber played with Kate she dressed similarly: sans panties, and they both drew an even larger crowd trying to get a double eyeful. And at one of the parties we hosted at our place Amber wore wraparound culottes that didn't hide anything when she sat a certain way; her victim would get a clear shot up to my wife's curly-haired pussy. She had Kate's date positively stripping her with his eyeballs. Kate retaliated at that same party by taking me by the hand down the hallway to our guest bedroom, hiking her skirt up, doffing her panties, dropping them into my one hand, and taking my other hand and placing it against her smoothly, shaved belly and pussy lips. I about blew a load in my pants right there. I also had to explain to Amber later on what Kate's panties were doing in our bedroom.

So this is how it went for about the year and a half that Amber had known Kate. Oddly enough, despite the athletic and sexual competition, they really enjoyed each other's company and they really enjoyed the sexual tension that they mutually stirred up with men.

So based on a challenge as yet undefined to me we were heading to a strip club for ladies. We grabbed dinner first and then headed over to the Hungry Duck.

The Hungry Duck shared a large parking lot with its sister club, the Slippery Clam, a strip club for men. Both clubs had totally nude dancing which was legal in Windsor. We parked in the shared parking lot and entered the Hungry Duck paying the private club fee, a gimmick to stave off any legal actions which might ensue from the activities inside, which went further than just stripping. As we entered we were assaulted by loud music, dozens of women screaming furiously, and nearly naked male dancers moving on the stage and in and among the mostly female customers. There was only seating around the edges of the club; the rest was an open dance floor. There was a lot of physical contact, something that hardly ever happened in the open in a male strip club. As we pushed through the crowds to get to the stage we actually saw a young woman on her knees sucking on one of the dancer's cocks which she had pulled out of his bikini briefs. This would never happen in a male strip club; you couldn't get near a dancer's pussy there.

As we finally made it near the stage that ran down the middle of the club, the music changed and all the dancers out on the floor retreated backstage. Four new dancers came out on the stage. All were muscular, black men wearing sheer knit briefs that accentuated their well-endowed cocks and hid very little front or back. The colors were yellow, white, bright green, and pale purple. After a brief announcement and a reminder for ladies to get out their golden tickets, if they had one, the dancers moved out into the crowd of women and men. Amber pulled out a golden ticket and almost immediately the guy in the bright green briefs approached her and lifted her off her feet.

Amber screamed as he carried her up onto the stage. The other dancers headed back to the stage and quickly surrounded her. At first she looked stunned and lost and just stood there while the guys gyrated around her. I don't think she knew what would happen specifically. But then out of the corner of my eye I caught Kate in the front of the audience and she had a golden ticket. So she too would be up on the stage. Amber saw her too and at that point began to actively dance with the four guys; she didn't want to be one-upped by Kate.

Soon the dancers were all grinding against her. Then one of the guys lifted her arms up over her head and before she knew it they had unbuttoned, unzipped and removed her skirt. She screamed and tried to pull her arms down to cover herself to no avail. While one of the guys continued to hold her arms up in the air, Mr. Green positioned himself in front of Amber and began grinding between her legs while gripping her butt in his hands. She looked terrified at first then began to enjoy the erotic attention. A smile broke out on her face and she leaned forward and kissed Mr. Green on the mouth. Mr. White let her arms down and she wrapped them around Mr. Green's muscular shoulders and he lifted her off the floor.

At that moment she received a second shock. As Mr. Green lifted Amber into the air and off her feet, Mr. White reached up under her blouse which was covering her hips and pulled her panty hose and panties down her legs and off her feet. Amber struggled to free herself but Mr. Green held her fast while Mr. White lifted up her blouse baring her naked butt to the whole club. And what a nice butt Amber had all, white and shining under the stage lights.

As Mr. Green rotated her around the stage so everyone could see her bare ass, Mr. White held her blouse up and patted and grabbed her bare round behind.

Mr. Green never let go of her as the three others kept pulling her blouse higher and higher and higher and playing with her bare ass. In shock Amber realized that they were not going to stop until she was naked and exposed to everyone at the Hungry Duck. She started to struggle.

Now Mr. White wrapped his arms around Amber's bare waist as Mr. Green started to unbutton her blouse. She tried to stop him and so Mr. Purple grabbed her wrists and held her arms up. This allowed Mr. Green to unbutton her blouse from the bottom up and then reach behind her and unhook her bra. The whole time Mr. White was clearly moving his hands down Amber's naked belly towards her exposed pubic hair and was grinding his groin into her bare behind. The crowd was roaring its approval as the dancers messed with Amber on stage and slowly but surely were getting her butt naked.

Mr. Purple held up Amber's arms all the way and while she was screaming on stage Mr. Green pulled off her blouse and bra in one swift move before she could clutch at them. My wife was standing on the stage totally naked. To me she was beautiful in her frightened nudity. She tried to cover herself with a hand over her breasts and one over her crotch but the dancers took her hands and began to dance her around the stage.

Soon with the cheering crowds egging her on Amber was dancing to the throbbing rhythms of the dance music pounding out of the speakers at the Hungry Duck. Here was my wife moving her beautiful naked body back and forth on the stage between the four dancers whose hands were touching her everywhere. Her long brown hair was swaying to and fro, her round, full hips were moving back and forth, and her round butt was shaking to the rhythms of the dance. Her small breasts were bouncing as she moved more aggressively on the stage, and her nipples were just standing out all hard and pointy from excitement and the cool air of the club.

While my wife danced on the stage with three of the dancers, Mr. White, who had been grinding his groin into my wife's bare bottom, had moved a little way off. He wrapped a beach towel around his waist and much to the pleasure of the women in the audience her reached under his towel and unsnapped his briefs. To let us know he was naked he flashed the audience so at one moment we could see his naked hips and at the next moment he displayed his hardening cock. It was a big one. He had gotten excited from my wife's soft bare behind, but Amber, preoccupied with Messrs. Green, Purple, and Yellow hadn't seen any of this.

Now as if on cue Mr. Green and Mr. Purple picked Amber up, one on each side of her, and opening her legs began to display her naked pussy. Now everyone in the audience was seeing my wife's pink engorged pussy peeking out from her light brown patch of pubic hair. Not wanting everyone to see her private parts she started struggling, but Messrs. Green and Purple just lifted her higher in the air. Fearful of falling she stopped struggling and let them parade her around so everyone in the place got a good look at her gorgeous naked pussy. I didn't know about anyone else at the Hungry Duck but I was getting horny.

That's when I felt a hand grab my "johnson" through my pants. I looked to the left of me and there was Amber's co-worker Kate. "You feel damn good, Mark,...as always" she laughed, "Girl's exciting to watch isn't she; she's even making me wet!" She started rubbing my cock into stiffness which didn't take much since I was already sexually charged up from watching my wife get stripped and fondled before a hundred folks at the Hungry Duck. With the dim lights on the dance floor and the crowd paying rapt attention to the action on stage no one seemed to notice that Kate was rubbing my cock through my pants. But then she upped the ante by unzipping my pants and slipping her fingers inside my pants until she got a firm grip on my cock and pulled it out. To hide my exposed cock she moved in front of me, hiked up her skirt, and positioned herself against my cock. She must have been wearing either a thong or nothing under her skirt because I felt her naked butt cheeks moving side to side and back and forth on my cock. Within seconds I was exploding with a stream of semen ejaculating out of my cock and spraying Kate's bottomside and thighs. She reached behind her and massaged my cum into her ass cheeks and then licked my semen off of her fingers. She then tucked me back in my pants and zipped me up, saying, "Now, enjoy what they're going to do to Amber now; maybe you'll be ready for round two in a few minutes."

It was then, after my dick was tucked back in my pants and I had calmed down that I looked back up on the stage. Now Mr. White was positioned between Amber's outspread legs and Messrs. Green and Purple were lowering her down as Mr. Yellow spread several towels on the stage. When Amber's hips were level with Mr. White Briefs' hips he opened his towel and thrust his naked groin against Amber's naked belly. She started to struggle again, so the guys lifted her high in the air again and she calmed down again for fear of falling. As they lifted her, Mr. White covered himself with his towel. His towel was tenting so it was clear he was very aroused by my wife.

Again they started to lower Amber again but more slowly this time. Now as her pussy came level with Mr. White Briefs' face he buried his mouth in my wife's pussy and began pleasuring her right there on the stage. He held her in place with a hand on each of her hips. At first she struggled trying to break contact but his insistent tonguing and sucking on Amber's pussy soon had its desired effect. As the crowd watched we saw Amber's hips shudder and buck in pre-orgasm. And then with a long moan she came. Right there on the stage in front of a couple hundred people, my wife had an orgasm.

Now the dancers lowered Amber to the stage on which a couple of towels had been laid out. She was weak from climaxing so didn't resist. Mr. White opened up his towel to cover his waist and my wife's waist and proceeded to fake fuck my wife on stage. Or did he?

Amber told me later, "Everything happened so fast. Before I could think and react, the guys had my clothes off. I saw Kate in the crowd and she waved a golden ticket. I just knew that bitch," she laughed, "was going to one up me. So I went along with what was happening. I figured what the hell. I'd dance naked around the stage a few times and then that would be it. It was when I saw Delmondo's (that was Mr. White's name) naked penis dangling between my legs that I panicked. Sex, fucking? That hadn't been among my plans for this evening. Show and tell, not in and out.

"But the guys had other plans for me and between their strength and Delmondo's tongue I just about lost my mind on stage. Dancing naked and having everybody see me naked on a public stage already had me extremely aroused. When Delmondo plunged his long tongue into my pussy and vibrated my clit with his nose, I lost it. But that wasn't the half of it. When the guys lowered me to the stage I was weak from that first orgasm and was apparently very slippery and open. I thought Delmondo was just going to put on an act of screwing me on stage, but his very hard, long, hot penis was inside of me before I could stop him. The sensation as his enormous penis filled me up was unbelievable. I don't know if the crowd noticed but I came two more times on stage. At one point Delmondo was moving so fast and so deep inside of me I thought I would pass out from pleasure and then I felt his penis spasm and my insides were soon filled with his semen squirting in big, hot gushes inside of me. I think he had gotten turned on by my response and lost control himself. He told me as we walked off the stage that this hardly ever happened. He apologized."

As the act finished the dancers wrapped a towel around Amber's waist and escorted her off the stage, still topless. A few moments later she joined me back on the dance floor. She looked all flushed and happy. Her body felt warm and soft as she crushed against me and laid a big kiss on me.

"Thanks," she said. "For what," I responded. "For letting my fantasy happen," she said. And she kissed me again. As I pressed my hands against her butt I noticed that she had no panties on under her skirt.

"Souvenir," she responded. "The guys ask for each woman to sign their panties and leave them on the wall. Mine are now a part of the hundreds of panties tacked to the wall back there," she pointed.

Of course not wanting to be outdone, Kate later took the stage. The same act was played out but Kate pulled off the towel as the dancer began to fuck her so that everyone could see the act of penetration. But much to her chagrin, she and Amber were both outdone by a cute, young Asian girl who bent over at the waist and had one of the dancers fuck her from behind and then had yet another dancer fuck her anally. The crowd saw it all and cheered her on as she got more and more excited and had to be held up by the other dancers so she wouldn't fall to the stage while climaxing violently. She was positively shrieking during her orgasms. She got everybody in the place extremely horny. I'm sure that there was a lot of loving that happened later in bedrooms all around Detroit and Windsor that night and maybe even on the dance floor at the Hungry Duck.

For us that was definitely true. Thoroughly sexed up, Amber had me drive while she first masturbated to an orgasm then sucked me off. Even as we passed by several vehicles that could see Amber working her fingers vigorously between her legs, she didn't stop. And when we got home to our apartment we stripped in the car, streaked to the door to our apartment, and spent the night ravishing each other repeatedly. After that first time Amber returned about every three months to capture the thrill of being part of a sex act on stage.

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by JeanCFNM11/29/17

Sexy in the extreme

It was only slightly non consent but had the nuance.
I have written a less extreme version of wife stripping but yours was a big turn on for us both.

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