tagErotic CouplingsAmber, Grace & 3 Elves

Amber, Grace & 3 Elves


Amber wasn't very happy. It was exactly one month since her meeting with the elves. Tonight was the full moon she had been waiting for. Her cousin Grace, who was a year younger than Amber, was visiting. Amber knew the elves wouldn't care if she brought Grace with her, but she didn't want to share them.

Finally she had no choice. She had tried to slip away several times before lunch but was always caught. So she told Grace about the elves and what had happened the month before. Needless to say Grace didn't believe a word of it.

Now Grace was a virgin but had wanted Ambers luscious body for several years. So she made a deal with Amber. She would go to the lake with her and if the elves didn't show up by dusk, Amber would have to do anything Grace said, no matter what it was.

Amber didn't like the deal at all. She knew her cousin was after her body and had some idea what would happen if the elves didn't show up. But she had to see the elves again, she would never last another month. She hadn't had sex with anyone except the three elves and planned to keep it that way. Amber really liked her cousin and if she hadn't met the three elves when she did, she might have been willing to try having sex with her cousin. But now all she wanted was more of those nine inch cocks inside of her. Finally, she agreed and they headed for the lake.

They took a picnic lunch and two bottles of wine. Both were wearing bikini swimsuits and carrying a blanket and towel. When they arrived at the spot between the lake and forest where Amber had met the elves, they spread their blankets and went for a swim.

The three elves were in the woods watching them. They had told Amber that they would only show themselves if everyone was totally nude. So they stayed hidden and watched the two girls swim for a while. Amber was as beautiful as they remembered and the other girl was really built too. Where Amber was graceful, red haired and had pert little breasts. The other girl was filled out better with blonde hair and large breasts. Just as the elves were about to give up and leave, the girls left the water and started arguing.

It was slowly getting dark and Grace had decided that there were no elves and that Amber had to keep her part of the bargain. After arguing for a little while, Amber gave in. She was so horny from anticipating the elves that having sex with anyone was better than nothing.

Grace told Amber to remove her swimsuit and lay on the blanket with her legs spread wide. Amber slowly reached back and unhooked her top. Grace was in heaven. Amber had such beautiful breasts she wanted to jump on her right then. She couldn't believe her eyes when Amber removed her bottoms and revealed her shaved pussy. Grace shaved her pussy too but had never even suspected that Amber shaved hers. This was fantastic.

Once Amber was laying on the blanket with her legs spread, Grace knelt beside her and started kissing Ambers pert breasts. Amber felt that she should do something, so she removed Graces top and played with her large breasts & nipples. Soon Amber was moaning and wiggling in the throes of passion. Finally Grace could wait no longer, she had to taste that luscious pussy. She worked her way down Ambers belly to her pussy and started licking and kissing her clit. It didn't take much of this before Amber had her first orgasm. Grace kept licking and sucking Ambers clit while she slowly inserted two fingers into Ambers cunt.

The elves were watching in amazement as one girl ate the other one's pussy. By the time Grace shoved her fingers into Ambers cunt all three of their cocks were trying to burst from their pants. They really wanted to join the girls but as long as one of them had clothes on the elves would have to stay hidden.

Amber was feeling so good now that she decided to make her cousin feel the same way. She wanted to give as much pleasure as she was getting. Grace was surprised, but pleased when Amber started to return the favors without being told to. It didn't take very long before Ambers hands were inside of Graces swimsuit bottom. Grace inserted her thumb slowly into Ambers ass so that she could fuck both Ambers pussy and ass at the same time.

Amber was in heaven now. This wasn't nearly as good as a nine inch cock in her but was good enough for now. Wanting to please Grace in the same way Grace was pleasing her, Amber pulled off Graces bottoms and moved under her so that she could raise her face and lick Graces clit. Soon she had two fingers in Graces cunt and her thumb in Graces ass.

The elves seeing that both girls were naked finally , stripped off their clothing and moved quietly to stand near them. All three elves were watching with awe as the girls finger fucked each other and ate each others pussies at the same time.

Soon both girls had another orgasm and laid beside each other, facing in opposite directions. Both had their eyes closed. Both were enjoying the feeling of being satisfied when they each felt hands spreading their legs and tongues licking at their bare pussies. Both opened their eyes expecting to see the other one licking them.

Grace yelped when she saw the green hair on the head between her legs.

Amber laughed and said "I knew you would be here, I just knew it."

Grace looked over at Amber and saw more green hair and a pointed ear on the head that was buried between her legs. The elves were really good at eating pussy and had long tongues. Grace noticed that the cock of the elf that was eating Ambers pussy was right near her face and was soon trying to swallow the whole thing.

When Amber looked over and saw what Grace was doing she looked up and saw a huge cock near her face too. Soon she was licking and sucking on it while enjoying the feel of a long tongue in her cunt.

The third elf was starting to feel left out when he noticed the valley between Graces breasts. He then knelt with a knee on either side of her stomach and placed his cock in the valley. He pushed her breasts together, massaging her breasts. Then he started moving his cock back and forth.

Grace couldn't believe how good his cock felt between her breasts and she discovered she loved the taste of cock. It didn't take long before she was groaning in ecstasy.

Both girls came at the same time and all three of the elves came shortly afterwards. Two of them shooting their load of hot cum into the girls mouths and the third shooting his cum all over Graces face.

After a quick swim to get clean. They all sat on the blankets, eating and enjoying the wine. They chatted a little bit and Amber finally got up the courage to ask the elves their names. They refused to give their names until they knew more about the girls. (Elves believe that knowing someones name gives you power over them and are very careful about who they give their names to)

As it got dark the elves started a fire so they would have enough light to see. While two of them were doing that the third elf (who hadn't had a chance to eat either girl yet) was laying on his back resting.

Amber knelt with a knee on either side of his face and told him to start licking her. The elf was glad to comply, since Grace was already licking and sucking on his cock and balls.

Grace watched in amazement as his limp cock grew and grew.The more she licked and sucked it, the bigger it got. She was feeling a strange yearning to feel it inside of her. When it was as hard as a rock she stood up and carefully placing a leg on either side of the elf, she lowered herself down until his cock was just touching the lips of her cunt. Slowly she worked the head of his huge, nine inch cock into her virgin pussy. She couldn't believe how good it felt and there was still a lot more of it.

Grace lost control after the first inch of his cock was inside of her. She sat down hard on his cock, breaking her hymen and filling her cunt with the whole nine inches in one quick thrust. She was going too fast and as a result she couldn't move now because of the pain.

Amber heard Grace whimper in pain, turned and saw what had happened. She then turned clear around, still sitting on the elf's face. This allowed him to insert his long tongue deep inside her. She then started massaging Graces tits and kissing and licking them too.

Grace was still hurting a little and was afraid to move but she realized what Amber was doing and returned the favor. She soon forgot the pain. After a short while she was moving up and down on the large cock without even realizing it. When Amber finally had an orgasm, she rolled off the elf and was soon asleep.

Grace was feeling really good when another elf came around to stand in front of her. His cock was already hard. Taking his cock in her mouth she tried to keep moving on the cock inside of her but was having a little trouble doing both at once. The third elf took care of that problem by slowly inserting his cock into her ass.

Once all three cocks were all the way into her, she had an orgasm. Then the elves all started pumping their cocks into her at the same time. Grace couldn't believe how good it felt. All her life she had been having sex with other girls and now she was finding out that sex with men was just as good if not better. (Grace wasn't gay - she was just shy around men so had never had a chance to get to know them before)

Grace had two more orgasms before the elf she was sitting on finally shot a load of hot cum deep inside her pussy. It was only a few minutes later when the second elf shot a lot of hot cum down her throat. There was so much of it she couldn't swallow it all and some ran down her chin. She came again before the third elf finally shot his load of cum deep into her ass. That was too much for her and she passed out from the pleasure of having multiple orgasms and from having all three holes filled to overflowing at once.

After Grace passed out, the elves noticed that Amber was awake and had been watching. She was playing with herself and had gotten excited to the point that she didn't realize they were done with Grace. The elves moved over to Amber and started kissing and massaging every part of her body. It only took a few minutes for Amber to have an orgasm.

Once she was done the elves moved around her and tried something new. The first elf lay back and pulled her on top of him, then the second elf got behind her. Instead of putting his cock in her ass like she was expecting Amber was surprised to feel the head of his cock pressing against her already full cunt. The third elf was helping the other two by pouring large amounts of a really slippery oil on her ass, so that it ran down and covered her pussy and both cocks.

Amber felt like she was being ripped in two as the head of the second cock joined the first cock inside her. But after a short time it became more of a pleasure than a pain. Once the second elf realized that Amber was enjoying it, he slowly pushed more of his cock into her while the first elf remained still. The third elf moved into position so that Amber could suck and lick his still limp cock and soon had another erection.

Once both elves had about eight inches of their cocks inside of Amber they both started moving in and out at the same time. This had the effect of making Amber cum over and over again. To Amber it seemed like there was a single giant sized cock splitting her wide open.

The elves could only keep this up for a short period of time before they both came at the same time. They shot load after load of hot cum deep inside of Amber. Amber was in heaven, she had never felt anything like this before and thought she was going to die of pleasure.

Soon all five were asleep, curled up against each other for warmth.

The next morning the elves woke up first. Both girls were sleeping on their sides so the elves decided to wake them in a pleasant manner. They all had erections when they woke up and there was plenty of the oil left. After rubbing oil onto their cocks all three lay down beside the girls again.

The first elf slowly inserted his cock into Ambers ass as she lay there sleeping, causing her to moan and press back against him. He then started pumping his cock into her slowly and tenderly. Then he reached around and started playing with her clit. After a very short time of this, Amber woke up with a smile on her face. She had an orgasm shortly after waking up but the elf just kept on going.

The second elf slowly inserted his cock into Graces Ass. The third elf slowly inserted his cock into her pussy at the same time. Grace woke up the minute she felt the two cocks enter her body. She couldn't remember where she was for a few seconds, but then saw the smiling face of an elf.

By the time Grace realized where she was she had two nine inch cocks all the way in her. Seeing Grace was awake, one elf stopped what he was doing but left his cock all the way inside her. The elf behind her didn't realize she was awake and kept going. Soon she was moaning with pleasure. Then the other elf started moving again.

Grace was having orgasm after orgasm. She couldn't believe it, they were real. She was being screwed by elves and she thought it was all a dream. It was so nice she didn't want it to ever stop.

But finally all the elves were sated and both woman were satisfied (and sore). They all went for a swim to get cleaned up and ended up frolicking in the water most of the morning.

When they were done, they all got dressed and the elves bid the girls goodbye until the next full moon. (Elves liked full moons for some reason)

The girls were gathering the towels and blankets when Amber tripped over Grace and they both fell in a heap. Laughing, Amber started to move, then she felt Graces hands inside her swimsuit. Soon the two girls were naked again and were licking each others bare pussy. After several orgasms for each of them they finally went for another swim, got dressed and headed for home.

It was almost dark when they got back and there were several people looking for them but after telling everyone they had fallen asleep by the lake, they finally got to say their goodbyes to each other.

Grace made plans to be there for the next full moon as she was leaving.

Amber was happy now, she was so sore that she was sure it would take her the whole month to recover.

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