tagLoving WivesAmber, Howard, Debbie & I

Amber, Howard, Debbie & I


I was dreaming that I was having sex on the beach with my wife, Amber. Although people were walking up and down the beach, Amber had slid my cock out of my swimsuit and was stroking it steadily. It felt great and I was soon so excited that I didn't care that folks were walking right by us.

I was soon about to cum and with a start I awoke to realize I was about to cum for real. In the darkness of our friends' living room I was about to cum all over their sofa on which I had been sleeping since the middle of the night. I reached out to cover my dick so the semen wouldn't spray all over their blankets and the sofa and then realized that it was Amber who was in fact jacking me off. As I began to spasm she leaned over and engulfed the head of my cock with her lips. She then proceeded to suck down all the semen spraying from my cock. It felt fantastic to have my wife's warm, wet lips around me.

I opened my eyes. I didn't think Amber was wearing pink when we went to bed earlier this evening.

We had traveled from Washington, DC, up to Buffalo, NY, to visit our friends Howard and Debbie. It was a hot summer and we had plans to visit them, Niagara Falls, some beaches along Lakes Erie and Ontario, and just spend time together.

Amber and I had driven nine hours from DC to Buffalo on a Thursday. We arrived in the late afternoon, went out to dinner, and crashed in the spare bedroom in Howard and Debbie's second-floor flat. Their second-floor flat consisted of two bedrooms, a single bath, a living room and adjoining kitchen, and a screened-in porch beyond the kitchen.

During that first night I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep because the spare bedroom was too warm. The A/C was better in the living room, so I grabbed a blanket from our room and sacked out on the sofa. That's where I was when I was pleasantly woken up to a nice orgasm.

As I said earlier Amber hadn't been wearing pink. She wore her usual: a large t-shirt and panties. I thought her t-shirt had been white with some design on the front.

As my eyes focused in the semi-darkness (a night light was on in the kitchen) I noticed that it was a pink, sheer negligee that Amber was wearing now, not a baggy, cotton t-shirt.

It was then that Amber's head lifted up off my cock and leaning forward she kissed me on the mouth. It was then that I realized it was Debbie not Amber who had been jacking me off and sucking me off. Leaning into my ear she whispered, "Now it's your turn to take care of business."

Debbie drew me up from my reclining position on the sofa, and leaning back on the opposite end of the sofa, spread her legs wide. I knew instinctively what she wanted. Still flush from my own erotic experience I didn't hesitate and dove right in between her legs.

Debbie and I had known each other about as long as Amber and I had known each other. I had hung around the Delta Zeta sorority at Wayne State and had been selected as a big brother. There were three reasons I had been selected: I had a cute butt, I was a good kisser, and I treated the girls with respect.

On one particular occasion the girls had been directing me and the two other big brothers in a kissing contest with their shyer members. Debbie was one of those. Who knew that quiet Debbie T. with her brown hair tied back and her wire-rimmed glasses was a tiger under the hood? When she was assigned to me to kiss as a part of the contest, she gave it her all. She grabbed my head on both sides, locked lips and slid her tongue in my mouth. As we continued to kiss her hands slid down my back and came to rest on my butt which she grabbed and pressed towards her. I reciprocated and we held that kiss for a long time. The crowd was hooting and hollering and needless to say we won the contest. We were both breathing heavy and were quite flushed from being aroused. One of the girls even noticed that I had a boner going on in my pants and cheered Debbie with "way to go girl" and "nice try"!!

Now here we were six years later, out of college and still friends. Howard had been a best man at my wedding, and Amber and I had stood up at Howard and Debbie's wedding. When we all still lived in Detroit we went camping together frequently and did other activities together. We often kidded with each other and sometimes engaged in physical horseplay. Debbie's body was similar to Ambers, but her breasts were much larger than Amber's. Her face was also rounder and flatter than Amber's and her lips were fuller than hers. Amber's and Debbie's waists, hips and butts were similar with Debbie's hips being a little narrower and her butt rounding out in the back a little more. Amber was thin and wiry and Debbie had more softness to her body.

Now here I was with my mouth planted on Debbie's pubic hair covered pussy lips and she tasted great. My tongue worked up and down her folds and sought out her clitoris. Soon it popped out from under her clitoral hood and I worked it. Debbie was soon clenching her hands on the back of my head and pressing her thighs against my ears.

Her negligee, which was a sheer pink and hadn't been tied when she came out to the living room, opened up completely and fell away revealing her full breasts. They were covered with a sheen of perspiration and each nipple was taut with excitement. As she quivered in pre-orgasmic spasms her breasts jiggled beautifully.

Faster and faster I licked my tongue up and down her slit. Faster and faster I flicked my tongue across her clit. As Debbie came, she didn't close her eyes and lean back; instead she watched me as my mouth, buried in the hairs of her pussy, sucked and pleasured her to the finish of a nice orgasm. The muscles on her belly tightened up, her thighs squeezed my head, and she held her breasts with her own hands as she came.

Needless to say pleasuring Debbie orally had aroused me once again; I was stiff as a rod. As I sat back on the sofa my stiff penis stood right up. Debbie reached out and guided my cock inside her already wet opening and we proceeded to fuck on the couch with our bellies moving in unison together, with me kissing her forehead and face, and with Debbie kissing my chest. I am always amazed at how different each woman's vagina feels, and Debbie's was no different. I felt her surround, move, grasp, and slide around my cock with a warm beauty that was hers alone. At the moment of climax she reached her hands around to cup my ass and guided me in and out at the rhythm she wanted. I felt her vagina clench around my cock and released another series of spurts of semen and wrapped my arms around her body to pull her tight against my chest.

After we both calmed down we parted. We sat dumbfounded on the sofa and grinning from ear to ear, we both remarked, "Wow". I said to Debbie, "That was a nice surprise. In fact that was incredible."

Debbie responded with a big smile and responded, "Been thinking about doing this for six years since that first intense kiss."

Our conversation was interrupted as we heard Howard coughing in the bedroom. Debbie slipped her sheer nightie back on and I slipped on my gym shorts. Before she disappeared down the hallway she lifted her nightie up to expose her bare behind and looking back smiled a big smile.

I returned to sleep until later that morning when we all got up and had breakfast together and headed out for the day's activities. All day Debbie and I kept exchanging knowing glances and whenever we were alone for a few moments she would grab me in the crotch and remark how good my cock felt. I reciprocated by touching her too. By the end of the day we had worked each other up to the point that we could hardly keep our spouses unaware of what was going on.

It was with relief that I welcomed Howard's suggestion that we all take a dip in the community pool before heading out to dinner and dancing that evening.

After the pool and to speed things up we decided to have each couple shower together. But while Amber and I were sitting undressed in our bedroom we couldn't help but hear Debbie and Howard fucking in the shower. Amber remarked, "I'm getting' horny." I took the cue and got Amber off with my fingers. The sexy part was that we left the door to our bedroom open so the danger of being caught enhanced Amber's excitement. As it was Amber barely got herself together when Howard and Debbie popped out of the bathroom with their towels bunched in front of them, not wrapped around them. We both got a fleeting glimpse of both Debbie's and Howard's bare behinds as they raced to their bedroom.

Amber and I succeeded in taking a shower without christening the shower stall with another round of sex and we all headed out for a nice dinner and then a visit to a dance club. We all came back tired and ready to hit the sack.

Amber and I changed, but this time Amber put on her usual big t-shirt but left her panties off. "Better access during the night," she remarked to me. I chuckled, knowing that she was still horny from earlier in the evening. As the flat quieted down and we heard Howard snoring, I pleasured Amber with my fingers again. The door was open again, but Amber added an element of danger by pushing the covers off her body and then as she got close to climaxing pulling her t-shirt up over her head so she was naked as a jaybird and just as visible. How erotic was that! Even though I had just fucked her friend the night before I resisted Amber's suggestion to fuck butt naked with the door to our bedroom wide open. With a little harrumph and pulling the covers over her naked body, Amber turned over on her side and we both fell asleep.

Like the night before I woke up because of the warmth of this upper floor bedroom. But Amber wasn't in the bed. I got up and wandered into the living room thinking I would surprise her and got a big surprise myself.

As I came to the end of the hallway and could just make out the sofa, I heard rhythmic grunting. As my eyes adjusted to the faint light from the kitchen nightlight I could make out Howard's white fanny rapidly humping up and down on top of Debbie.

But it wasn't Debbie Howard was humping...it was Amber. Amber's head was over the armrest of the sofa and I could just make it out. Her mouth was open and she was gasping each time Howard's torso pushed down against hers. As I stood there flabbergasted both Amber and Howard began emitting little cries of pleasure and then finally Howard let out a big sigh. I knew he had just cum a load inside my wife's pussy. Still his hips kept moving rapidly and soon Amber was letting out a little moan and tilting her head further back. As I watched, her legs wrapped around Howard's hips and drew him down on top of her. She too was cumming.

I backed down the hallway, not wanting to embarrass Amber or Howard. I also thought fair play is fair play. Debbie and I had messed around the night before; my wife and Debbie's husband were entitled to at least one sexual tryst together.

A short time after I returned to bed after stripping off my shorts and covering myself with just a sheet, Amber returned to bed. She slipped on the t-shirt she had left in the bed and drifted off to sleep. It crossed my mind that Amber had been walking around Howard and Debbie's apartment totally nude. That was bold! She must have been quite horny.

The next morning as I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and wandered down the hallway, I heard Amber's and Debbie's voices in the kitchen. They were discussing plans for this Saturday. As I wandered into the kitchen I could see both were wearing large, baggy t-shirts but both were bareassed. I could see their bare behinds through the rails on the wooden chairs.

"Girls, can you please cover it up a little. It's too much curvaceous beauty so early in the morning!!" I said.

"Laughing both turned around to look at me and Amber remarked, "Mark, maybe you should look down before saying anything. I sleepily looked down to see I was naked and my dick and balls just hanging out there for the world to see. Because I had just woken up I had an enormous hard-on, which everyone was seeing right now.

"Omigod," I cried out and retreated back down the hallway to our room, where I slipped my shorts back on. Coming back down the hallway, I asked, "Better??"

Debbie answered with Amber nodding approval, "We liked you better the other way...party pooper!!" The girls both laughed.

Now Howard came down the hallway and joined the crowd. After a round of good mornings Debbie and Amber informed us of the day's activities. In light of the fact that Amber had told Debbie that Amber and I often used the nude beaches in our area and attended nudist events at local swim clubs, they thought we should check out the beach volleyball activities at a beach in Ontario across the border.

Now Howard wasn't a regular volleyball player, but he was willing to go along since Debbie, Amber and I all liked to play. We headed out and spent the day playing volleyball in big pickup games with lots of nude physical contact, swimming in Lake Ontario which was very cold, and staying out of the bright sun under picnic shelters. Since the games weren't meant to be as competitive as much as meant to be fun even Howard joined in with his clumsy self.

In late afternoon we headed back home with our buns a little burned but having had a great time. On the way back home we also discussed why it was that with all the camping we had done over the years we hadn't been naked in front of each other before. It was during that conversation that Debbie suggested that we spend the rest of our visit naked at their flat. She thought it was kind of sexy and fun to see all of us naked. Amber quickly agreed and Howard and I, realizing that our wives were receptive, agreed.

When we got back to their flat, we ordered Domino's pizzas for dinner, selected some videos to watch, and all squeezed in on the sofa to enjoy ourselves. We were naked. When the pizza delivery guy showed up, both Amber and Debbie had fun with him by showing up at the door naked. The guy almost dropped the pizzas. We all laughed.

At first being naked was satisfactory but it wasn't long before the sexual innuendo started. We were seated from left to right: Howard, Amber, Debbie, and then me. It was Amber and Debbie who had insisted on this arrangement. So Debbie was naked hip to naked hip with me and Amber was naked hip to naked hip with Howard.

Amber dropped some sauce on her chest and Howard offered to lick it up. He didn't do it the first time but when Amber dropped a pepperoni in her lap Howard reached down and retrieved it from her lap saying, "Best pepperoni I've ever eaten out." The innuendo and the Freudian slip were noted by all of us and we made fun of Howard for a while.

Stuff like this went back and forth. After eating and watching about three quarters of the movie we had put on, I asked if Howard and Debbie had a Twister game. They did and Howard retrieved it from their hallway closet. We set it up and began. Whoever was closest to the spinning dial, spun the pointer and called out the color. The game progressed civilly until Debbie and Amber wound up staring inches away from Howard's little chubby. They looked at each other mischievously and nodded and soon were tonguing Howard's cock. It was Amber who finally took the head of Howard's cock in her mouth and began to suck him off in earnest.

We were all so sexually aroused that I frankly didn't give a shit that my wife was blowing one of my best friends right in front of me.

With Amber preoccupied working Howard's "johnson" into a firm stiffness Debbie motioned for me to follow her to their bedroom. We were soon engaged in all kinds of sexual play, pleasuring each other with our hands and fingers, with our tongues and lips and finally with each other's sex organs. We were soon joined on Howard and Debbie's bed by Amber and Howard who pleasured each other.

So here I was with Debbie riding on top of me with her breasts bouncing up and down and her face contorted with orgasmic pleasure and her skin all flushed and shiny with sex and perspiration and right next to us was Howard pumping away inside of Amber's pussy, making sloppy liquid sounds and coaxing Amber into another noisy orgasm during which she locked herself tightly around Howard's body and kissed his mouth ferociously.

Howard never broke rhythm. What he lacked in length and girth he made up in staying power. He had Amber begging him to stop repeatedly and then laughing as she begged him not to stop.

The length and girth of my equipment was what Debbie liked about fucking me and she also enjoyed how I would just pleasure her wet little pussy and pink little clitoris endlessly with my tongue. Whereas Howard would fuck rapidly I used slow strokes to increase the friction inside Debbie's vagina that would cause her to shudder during each stroke. And when I finally came inside of her I would continue making her happy at the end of my tongue.

The rest of our visit, Amber slept with and fucked Howard and Debbie curled that luscious, round body of hers around mine. We figured when we departed we would be back with our respective spouses until the next visit so we kept these sexual arrangements throughout the whole visit. We also enjoyed watching our respective spouses sexually playing with each other too. It aroused all of us to see our spouses fucking.

Since then Amber and I return regularly to Buffalo and Howard and Debbie come down to DC whenever we miss the other's company and sexual companionship. We still love our respective spouses and we still are great friends...with benefits!!

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