tagBDSMAmber: The Next Generation (Director's Cut)

Amber: The Next Generation (Director's Cut)


Amber, my beautiful young neighbor and now my wife, and I have been going at it hot and heavy for the past four years, now. Since she gave herself to me that first time.

We just celebrated our first wedding anniversary, or "anal-versary," as we call it!!!

It all started at our wedding, when I was introduced to my lovely bride's young cousin.

"Chris, I'd like you to meet my cousin, Amber," my bride said.

Apparently, Amber was a family name. There were at least two Amber's in every generation. I was introduced to nine different women, that night, all named Amber. They were all just as beautiful as the other. Some were old. Some were young. But all looked stunning.

My wife and I left for our honeymoon. The island of Barbados was spectacular. We didn't wear clothing once during the whole trip.

When we got back to our home, THAT's when things got interesting...

I had only just started to sleep nights shortly after Amber and I'd moved in together. I guess I just needed someone to share my life with. Go figure! We had been asleep for two hours (after our long flight home from Barbados) when we heard a pounding on the door. It was my wife's cousin, Amber, who came lurching in, crying her eyes out! From what I was able to understand, through all the tears and sobbing, was that she'd been kicked out by her "boyfriend" for being a slob and for not putting out, as well.

I'd reminded my wife that we had to get up for work in the morning and invited the younger Amber to stay the night in a spare bedroom.

We live in a really big house that I had bought, as a wedding present to my bride, hoping to fill it full of kids. Amber and I have talked about this and when she's ready, we'll do it. No big hurry.

I had made some really good investments in the late 70's and early 80's, so we really didn't have any money worries.

My wife was to start working at my Consulting firm the next day as the new VP in charge of Marketing. She was fully qualified to run any company, but she chose mine, as she was already sleeping with the boss. How could anyone argue with logic like that?

I'd written Cousin Amber a note saying she was welcome to stay as long as she needed a place to crash. And to make herself at home.


After a long first day at the office for both of us, my wife and I just wanted to get home and relax. When we got home, however, we were both shocked by what we saw!

There was little Amber, kneeling on the living room carpeting, servicing two big cocks with her mouth! The two young men didn't hear my wife or me come in to the house, so they were just happily standing there, with goofy looks on their faces, getting the best blow-jobs of their young lives!

I was too aroused to be pissed at Cousin Amber for bringing guests into our house without asking first, but my wife sure wasn't. She tore into the three of them like a rabid wolverine! She was all up into their faces, my little 5 foot-nothing sexpot! (When she gets pissed she gets all red in the face, and her nipples get really, really stiff. It's quite a sight to behold!) The young men didn't know what to say... So they just grabbed their pants and ran out of the house thru the front door, not even stopping to get dressed!

Then my "blushing bride" turned her attention to her 18 year old cousin...

The younger Amber didn't, couldn't, say a word as my wife tore her a new ass hole! I finally was able to calm her down, using some of my funniest jokes from my days as a stand-up comedian. I've always used humor to diffuse touchy situations. It had served me well in the business world, as well as my personal life.

"Oh, Chris. What're we gonna do with her?" my wife asked of me, after sending our house-guest off to bed.

I just smiled and, kiddingly, suggested that we should tie her up and beat her into submission. My wife's face lit up like a Christmas tree. And the scary thing was, I liked the idea of it, too.

Amber, my wife, decided the next day to fix up two of the bedrooms in the guest house.

In one room, she put chains and shackles and all mannerisms of S&M paraphernalia. In the other she just put padding up all over the four walls, with a single chain hanging from the ceiling.

She finished all of this in under a day. I was instructed to leave her alone until she was finished. And to keep little Amber away from the Guest house until she was done.

When my wife sets her mind on something, she'll move Heaven and Earth to get it done.

It was 3:00 in the morning when my wife woke me up, saying nothing but, "Its time."

I didn't dare ask what she meant after seeing the serious look on her face. I instantly knew! And my penis got immediately erect! And it stayed that way for the next three days...!

Little Amber didn't know what hit her. My wife just kicked open her door, waking her up from a sound sleep, and started wailing on her ass cheeks!!!

I turned on the light in the room there and saw a really big mess. Clothes everywhere. Papers, garbage, food scraps; the place smelled like a garbage dump. No wonder her last boyfriend kicked her out. She was a total slob. Move over "Oscar Madison..." Here comes Cousin Amber!

Little Amber was crying loudly as my wife kept up the assault on her buttocks! Then she dragged the little slob, by the hair, all the way down the stairs, across the property, to the second floor of the Guest house. Little Amber was cussing and screaming the whole way: "You bitch let go of me you bitch ow that fucking hurts you fucking bitch let me up and i'll kick your ass you fucking bitch..." When she said, "Chris you dickless prick aren't you going to help me," I got pissed at her myself, and helped my wife. I grabbed a handful of hair and, twisting her arm behind her back, I smacked her ass a few times myself. I enjoyed it, too. I wasn't sure the little slut needed this kind of punishment before. But I sure as hell thought she deserved it now.

Once inside the small house, we dragged the little bitch up the stairs and into the padded room, where I got my first look at my wife's handiwork. I must say, I was quite impressed!

There was nothing but dark grey, soft paneling all over the walls, the floor and the nine foot high ceiling. There was a single light-bulb in the ceiling at the far corner from the door. And, there was a rickety, old-looking, wooden chair in the middle of the room. Attached to the chair legs, were leather cuffs, which gave me the chills when I thought of my dear, sweet, little, young wife conceiving of such punishments; much less, the fact that we were going to carry them out, right now! On her cousin, no less!

I knew better than to ask her about any of this, but suggested, half-jokingly, that we really needed to talk later. She got my refference to the comedy we'd watched the week before and smiled, saying, in her best English accent, "Just wait...It gets better!" English accent or not, I realized that my wife was, in her previous life, either a nazi Gestapo interogator or the frickin' Marquis du Saade, himself! She was enjoying herself way too much!!!

Little Amber was, literally, thrown into the chair, and shackled at the ankles! Then my wife told me to flip the left switch, just outside the door of the room. Upon doing so, I saw a ceiling panel silently open up and a chain, with two shackles attached to it, slide downward to the center of the room, just above the little Amber's crying, heaving body.

"Strip, slut!" my wife yelled out, startling her young captive.

"Strip! NOW!" the last word really got to her. I watched the younger Amber quickly obey her older cousins command.

Once completely nude, she was chained, by my wife, to the shackles above her head. I was then asked to flip the switch on the right, until she said stop. I then watched the chain pull little Amber's arms above her head. This exposed her young breasts and made her lovely, young, vaginal labia puff out thru her fuzzy, dark bush. It turned me on so much, to see the girl's humiliation. She saw me looking at her pussy and she started to cum from the sheer sensuality of the situation!

My wife slapped her cousin's ass hard, pulling little Amber and me from our reverie!

"You will not cum unless we say you can! Is that understood?" my wife barked out!

"Eat shit!" little Amber screamed in insubordination.

This really pissed my wife off!!! Her face turned a deep shade of crimson in total anger. And with a rage I've never seen before or since anywhere on Earth, my young wife, Amber, the love of my life, opened her mouth and out spilled every foul and profane term ever uttered by man or sailor since the beginning of time! My God! She even put George Carlin to shame!

Well... This, needless to say, shut young Amber up for good! There was nothing, I mean, NOTHING, that could be said. By ANY one. ANY where, for fear of incurring my wifes verbal wrath!

With all that said, my wife told me to get out. She followed directly behind me and closed the door and turned out the lights, leaving the little Amber in a darkened room all trussed up like a leg o'lamb in a meat locker.

It was 6:00am and I was horny as hell. My wife saw the discomfort in my eyes as I winced with each step that I took. The truth was, my afore-mentioned erection had grown harder and it hurt like hell...

Amber threw me into the other bedroom and turned on the light. I blinked twice, then did a double take! What did she do to the room? It looked like a medieval torture chamber.

"How did you do all this in one day? And, where did all this stuff come from?" I asked.

"Some of it I bought from an old boy-friend, you remember Tom? The boy from my 18th birthday party? Well, he now runs his family's Porn Shoppe, in town. He helped me put some of it together." She continued, "The rest of it---I just made myself. The Torture Table you're sitting on, was an old door from the basement bathroom." I had wondered what had become of that door, the day before, when I had to use that bathroom. Now I knew. My wife was the "Martha Stewart of S&M!!!"

Amber said, "Here. Tie me down, so you can help your little friend, there" as she pointed to my, still-aching, hard-on.

She laid, flat on her back, on the table/bathroom door and locked her left hand in a shackle. I put her right hand in the other leather wrist cuff and clamped it tight. I then cut off my wife's night gown and put a cushion under her ass, exposing her shaved pussy. I love looking at and playing with her bare lips, which she still shaves for me every 3 days. I decided not to give her any foreplay. I just wanted to sink my sore cock into her tight hole. I needn't have worried, tho', as her pussy was already drenched from the anticipation of the pounding it was going to receive.

And pound it I did, too! I sank my cock right into her cunt in one thrust! Her juices started squirting out the moment my penis entered her vagina. I'm telling you, my wife was one HOT little woman!!! This was the first time we'd had sex since we'd got back from our honeymoon, four nights ago. We were so ready to fuck each other's brains out, at that moment, we'd've killed anyone in our way!!!

My orgasmic little wife was gasping for breath as she let out an ear-splitting shriek and gushed a load of juices all over the table. I wasn't far from cumming, myself. A minute later I blew a load of love sauce, and filled up her tight little cunny with my own cum!!!

"NNAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" we both screamed in unison, vowing to never deny our need for sexual gratification with each other, again. And sealing the deal with a kiss (a sacred bond between us!)

With that taken care of, we could now turn our attentions on what to do with the messy, little slut in the next room...

The next morning,was a Saturday, so we didn't have to be in the office. We decided, however, to ignore the little slut and just have an "us" day. Amber and I did things that a normal newlywed couple would do: We went shopping for furniture. We went grocery shopping. We went walking thru' the park, holding each others hand, and laffed the whole time we were together! We had a great time. The fact that Amber was half my age didn't bother us at all. In fact, it felt like she was older than me at times. Fr'instance: I wanted to climb a tree. She didn't, saying that if I were to fall and break a hip, she would be forced to put me into an old folks home!

"Hey! I'm not THAT old, yet," I was quick to point out!

"And you may not make it to 'that old' if you're not careful," she was quick to counter!

The truth was, I was only forty-four years old. I looked twenty-four, because I'm Irish (Irish men tend to stay young looking well into their sixties.) And each day I spent fucking my beautiful, young bride, took another two days off my looks! (So, at this rate, after we've been married and fucking for thirty years, I might look like a "toddler!?")**


We got back home, put away all the neat stuff we'd bought for our future(not to mention dinner,) and remembered our little problem, bound and gagged (my wife had stuffed her cum soaked panties into her cousins mouth to shut her up)still in the bedroom of the Guest house.

"Leave her alone," I was told in no uncertain terms.

"Gee, you sure are bossy lately," I said. "I'm going to have to show you who's boss when this is all over. And don't think I won't, little girl. You're still my wife... And I can still put you over my knee for a spanking, my little fuck hole!"

She just got all giddy at the prospect of a good, sound thrashing to her buttocks, but said we first had to whip young Amber into shape. And when she said "whip," she meant "whip!!"

It was time.

"Oh, Lucy... 'Jou ga' some 'splainin' ta do!" I said, doing my best "Ricky Ricardo" immitation.

"WAAAHHHH!" Amber, my wife said, doing her best "Lucille MacGillicuddy" immitation. We skipped, hand-in-hand, to the Guest house, singing the theme song from "I Love Lucy" the whole way.

We always found it a good idea to lighten up a tense situation before going into battle. And this, we figured, was gonna be a battle... of wills!

"Wake up, little slut! Its time to start your new life!" my wife yelled at her cousin, after turning on the bright lights in the Torture Chamber. We had carried little Amber's sleeping body from the padded cell into the Torture room. She couldn't move at all. We'd strapped her down to the same table on which my wife and I had fucked the night before. Knowing this made us both really horny, but we decided to prolong our "agony" a little bit longer.

"Whould you please untie me?" little cousin Amber pleaded.

"No! Not 'til you've learned to behave, you little slut!" My wife continued, "That is to be your new name around here... 'slut!' Chris, we will now refer to my cousin as slut. With a small 's'. I am the only 'Amber' here, from now on! Is that understood?"

All "slut" said was, "Fuck you, bitch!" To which my wife just said, "You don't know when to wise up, do you?"


Amber hit her cousin with the whip.



She just lost herself in the moment...

Both girls were breathing heavily, now! I have to admit, so was I!!

I said, "May I partake of yon maidens fair flesh?"

"Please, Master... Have at her!" my wife replied.

I decided to use the paddle on her tight, little buns. I really hauled into her ass flesh, too.

"Now who's a dickless prick, huh?" which made absolutely NO sense to me either, but it made me feel good to remind her to never call me an insulting name again!



I completely lost MYself in the moment, as well!!!

Our little slut was beginning to see the error of her ways. But I didn't care, yet. I was having too much fun reddening the little sluts bare ass, until I heard my wife remind me, "Honey, we're not trying to draw blood! We're just trying to teach her a lesson, or two. Remember?"

I felt so embarassed.

"Oh! Yeah! Sorry, cousin AM... Uhh, slut! I just wanted you to know that,...well,...you hurt my feelings the other day,...and...well...If you do it again, I'll tan your ass, again! Got it, you little cunt?"

"I'm very sorry, Christopher. Very, very sorry! Please, forgive me?" slut begged.

"Yeah, I guess so," I replied, cracking her ass again, just to further get my point accross!

My wife (whom I'll refer to as Amber for the rest of this story) looked over at me and smiled, saying, "Good for you, Honey. Good for you! Now aren't you glad you got that off your chest?" Then she rolled her eyes. She obviously knew I was kidding about my feelings being hurt. Heck, I'd been heckled by proffessionals, in my days as a stand-up comic, MUCH worse than "dickless prick," and lived to perform again. It taught me to have a thick skin, I guess, if nothing else.

No, Amber knew the reason I was spanking "slut's" bottom red was because I liked to! I had always wanted to do some B&D... Show my true nature as a Dom. And seeing this sexy little cunt tied up like this, must've brought out the "Master" in me.

Again, Amber posed the same question that started all this in the first place: "Well, Lover, what are we going to do with her, now?"

I thought for a moment... And I'll be darned if a little light bulb didn't go on above my head when it hit me, "We need someone to take care of the estate when we're off globe hopping, right? Wellll..." I said, pointing to our little slave.

Amber got the hint, but said, "Can we trust her?"

"There's only one way to find out," I concluded.

We decided to continue with slut's training a bit more, before trusting her with the 7 million dollar estate, however.

Besides... I was still enjoying myself with the torture of the young girl's firm flesh!!!

Amber then suggested that we do something about her cousin's cherry! And I, being the noble gentleman that I am, volunteered to help out!

"Thank you, Honey. I knew I kept you around for SOME-thing," kidded my wife. She was getting to be a comedian in her own rite.

But I had to say something in return to her slight. "Remind me to fuck your ass, for that little remark, Dear."

"Oooo, I will. Count on it, Stud!" she countered, giving me a big smile and a wink. Her smiles always gave me an erection, for some reason...

The little slut needed a stiff dick up her cunt. Since mine was the best in the immediate vacinity, it was "HELLO, CHERRY" time.(Maybe, "goodbye, cherry" would better describe the situation. I didn't much care. All I knew was, I was gonna put my cock in my wife's cousin's pussy!)

Amber grabbed a bottle of olive oil from the kitchen in the guest house. She slathered her cousin's whole crotch, and her reddened ass cheeks with the wonderfully smelling "lubricant" then tilted the table downwards. Slut was cuffed, spread-eagle in front of me, now. Then Amber went down on me. She got old Henry up to his full seven inches. And hard... Oh, was he HARD!!! Anyway, I stepped toward little slut's naked body and she started to cry out, "No! Please, don't! It'll hurt!" "Probably," Amber said to her cousin, "but only for a bit. Then, you little tramp, you'll begin to enjoy it! Chris was the one who took my cherry, and look how much I turned out to LOVE sex! I bet you'll be a great lover of all manner of objects up your puss, in no time at all, slut. So, shut the FUCK up!!!" And with that, Amber twisted "slut's" nipples, excrutiatingly hard, until "slut" cried out in pain. Then "slut" started to climax. Amber said, "Quick, Hon. Fuck her, now. She's cumming!" I stepped up to her little exposed body, bent down (she was 9" shorter than me,) and plunged my penis into her little vagina. I felt her hymen try to stop my progress, but with one hard push, a lot of screaming from "slut," and a little bit of blood mixing in with the olive oil, I was in. All the way. Up to my balls. It was so damned tight. (Again, thank you, "Viagrow." Those little, blue pills make me hard as granite!) I was able to saw my way in and out of her little love hole for two solid hours, before I spewed a BIG load of semen in her twat! Little "slut" had her first vaginally penetrated orgasms of her young life! And I got to fuck my third virgin. (The second was my wife. The first was Melissa, a girl I met at a college, back when I was 34, but that's another story. One Amber doesn't know about, yet. So, shhh, don't tell her. I'll do it in my own sweet time.)(Thanks, friend.)

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