tagBDSMAmber's Dark Secret Ch. 01

Amber's Dark Secret Ch. 01


The night had started out like any other Friday night. Amber rushed home from work, changed into her slinkiest red dress, and had rushed back out the door headed to the club after freshening up her make up and hair. This had been Amber's routine for nearly six months since she had turned 21. She was a beautiful girl, nearly six feet tall with chestnut colored hair and deep blue eyes. She had the type of lips that models would kill for…plump and pouty. She was amply equipped on both the top and the bottom, a 38D cup and what her friends called a "ghetto booty", filled out the clothes she often wore to the club. Red was her favorite color and it looked amazing brushing the top of her milky white skin. By all accounts she was a normal and beautiful girl. But Amber had a secret, one that only a few friends knew about. It was this secret she lived for as often as she could.

It was only 9:00 and Amber decided to go to the most talked about club in San Francisco, Echo. She handed her car over to the valet and headed towards the line forming outside the building. As she approached the line she realized that one of her boots zipper was down so she leaned over to fix it. As she was leaned over a strange man rubbed up against her running his hand over her luscious ass. She immediately popped back up and whipped around to give this man an evil glare. But as she did, she was greeted by the sight of what some would call a Greek god. He was tall, like her. He had brown spiky hair and pale green eyes. His muscles bulged from underneath his form fitting shirt and she could tell he was well endowed by glancing south. He was a very fine specimen of man.

She looked him dead in the eyes, cocked her head to the side and gave him a smirk. Then she took a few steps forward along with all the other patrons of the club. She could feel her heart pounding underneath her dress. She felt a warmth come over her that she had never felt before. She almost was at a loss for words when it came to speaking with this man.

"I'm Amber," her voice crackled as she turned to speak to him.

He extended his hand to meet hers half way. He had very large hands. They almost swallowed her hand inside of his. They were warm and soft.

"I'm Sam," he replied.

They stood in line for nearly an hour chatting about the small stuff, where they worked, where they lived, what brought them to this club, just your average small talk. When they approached the bouncer, Amber had reached into her purse to get her cover charge money but before she could hand it to the gentleman at the door, Sam had already paid for them both. The bouncer stepped to the side and allowed them both to enter. Sam guided Amber into the club and ushered her over to a table in the corner. It was a dark corner of the club with a semi-circle table with velvet seats. There was a single candle on the table to give off a small amount of light. From there she could watch the dance floor.

Amber slid inside the booth and Sam followed her. They sat there a moment laughing at the nerd trying to pick up on an attractive woman at the bar. When the waiter came over Sam ordered them both a drink and paid the man. They sat there a moment sipping their drinks and talking some more. Sam, she had learned, was the CEO for one of the cities largest advertising companies. This impressed her a great deal. After a few more moments of small talk Sam asked her to the dance floor.

Amber and Sam headed towards the center of the floor. They had to brush past a number of people to get there as the place was packed this evening. In the middle of the floor, Amber started dancing using some of her best moves. She placed her ass against his crotch and made circular movements causing a rise in Sam. Then she dropped down to the floor and popped her ass back up against him. He in return wrapped one arm around her waist to hold her closer to his cock. His other hand made its way over the top of her shoulder and down the top of her dress. He was aroused by her bare breast, nipples sparking forward. He pinched them between his fingers as he bent her forward causing her ass to jet back even farther into his groin. Then he spun her around to face him. She smiled at him as she made her way to the ground, her breasts rubbing on him all the way to the floor and back up again. She even went so far as to wrap one leg around his waist and asked him to dip her backwards. As he did this he noticed how warm her pussy had become and couldn't help but grasp her ass and hold it against his now throbbing cock.

"I see somebody liked that," she laughed in his ear.

He made no answer to her, still pressing her body close to his. His hands were firmly placed on her ass, one hand trying to ease up the back of her dress to sneak a peek at her soft, supple skin.

"I'm not wearing panties," she whispered to him. "Come to think of it, I am completely naked under this dress."

He grabbed Amber by the hand and pushed her back through the crowd of dancing people to their booth in the corner. He pressed down on her shoulders causing her to fall back on the booth seat. She sat near the end face level with his aroused member. As if to tease him she drew her face closer and pressed her lips to the outside of his pants, giving him a little kiss.

"Come to think of it," he responded, "neither am I".

Amber slid back into the shadows of the booth, spreading her legs so Sam could climb between them. She reached for his zipper and tugged it down. His throbbing cock fell forward and for a moment she gazed at it, but then placed it in her mouth. She swallowed all of it, head to shaft, sucking slowly up and down. When her lips reached the top of his head she licked some of the pre-cum off of it and went back down, this time humming causing his cock to vibrate in her mouth.

She watched him intensely as he tilted his face back and let out a pleasing sigh. She continued bobbing up and down, humming deeper each time she made another trip downwards. He reached forward, exposing one of her breasts. His hands caressed her breast moving from the skin closest to the chest all the way to the nipple. When he arrived at the nipple he pinched it softly at first but then harder and harder. The sharp tinge she felt in her nipple only made her suck him more rapidly. She liked the pain. The pain turned her on. She had found a man that knew the key to her secret fantasy.

Sam pulled his cock out of her mouth. He leaned forward and kissed Amber running his tongue over hers to taste his own juices. This aroused Amber a great deal and while he fidgeted with her nipples, she ran her hand up inside of her dress and began to spread her pussy lips and insert a finger. It was inserted quite easily and made a very squishy noise as it plummeted in and out of her wet cunt. She removed her finger and gave it to Sam to lick clean and lick it clean he did.

"Let's get the hell out of here!" she gasped. "I have a place a few miles from here.

"Come with me to my place," he insisted. "I have something you might like there."

Intrigued by this notion she places her bare breast back into her dress as he zipped his cock back into his pants. He helped her to her feet outside the booth and pointed her towards the door. People that had a brief glimpse of the sexual contact that had just taken place there watched wide eyed as Amber and Sam left the club.

"The valet has my car," Amber announced.

"Perfect," Sam replied. "He has mine too. Do you want to follow me?"

"Yes, that's fine," she answered.

The valet returned with Amber's 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse. He pulled it over to the side, held the door open for her, and she climbed in to wait for Sam's car to be brought out next. She rolled the windows down. Their brief encounter inside had left her sweating and very wet all over. The valet returned with Sam's car, a 2005 BMW in jet black. She thought to herself how nice it must be to afford such luxury. Sam tipped the valet and pulled in front of Amber to guide her to the destination.

They drove for awhile, for what seemed like an eternity to Amber had really only been ten minutes tops. She followed Sam down a steep hill and through a few more winding streets until he turned up a private drive. He opened his window and punched in a code on the key pad and waved for Amber to follow him. They continued up a steep driveway finally pulling to a stop in front of the biggest house Amber had ever seen. She sat there in amazement for a moment and as Sam came towards her door to open it, she gazed at him in sheer wonder. He helped her out of the car and escorted her to the front doors. He fished for his keys and opened the door to a long foyer.

"Is this your place?" she inquired.

"Yes," he replied. "Anything worth doing is worth doing big!"

"Umm, yeah, I guess," she stuttered.

Sam showed Amber to the living room and offered her a seat. She sat carefully on a white leather couch and placed her purse under the end table. She looked around totally amazed by what this man had acquired in his life. There was a huge 52" flat screen high definition television with a large entertainment system in front of her. To the right, a 500 gallon tropical fish tank fully stocked with the most beautiful fish in the world. To the left was a den fully equipped with a desk, chair, computer, television phones, pretty much anything you could possibly imagine.

"Can I offer you a drink?" Sam called from down the hall.

"Please," Amber called after him.

Sam returned shortly with two crystal glasses containing single malt whiskey on the rocks. He handed one glass to Amber and sat beside her on the sofa. She pressed her lips to the glass and took a small sip. She wasn't all that fond of the taste of whiskey but she didn't want to be impolite. To be honest though, this particular brand of whiskey wasn't so bad. She took another sip and then placed the glass on a coaster on the end table. She sat back on the sofa and rested her hands on her lap.

"You have a nice place," she told Sam. "Do you live alone?"

"Not exactly," he chuckled.

Amber looked at him slightly confused. She didn't remember him saying anything about a girlfriend or a wife, but then again, with all that had already happened, her memory was a little foggy. He couldn't be married, she thought to herself. He wouldn't be so bold as to bring another woman to their home, would he? A girlfriend, well that was a horse of a different color as far as she was concerned. If he had a girlfriend and he was in a club looking for a little action on the side then she could be all that good. She was starting to feel awkward about being in a home with this man, not knowing if he was married, had a girlfriend, or what the situation was that led him to tell her that he didn't live alone. She started to feel hot and sweaty again.

"May I use your restroom?" she asked.

Sam pointed down the hall and to the right. Amber wearily made her way down the hall and opened the bathroom door. She flipped on the light and closed the door behind her. Her heart was racing like cars at the speed way. She hiked her dress up and used the restroom. After washing her hands and patting her face with a washcloth, she stood up and looked at herself in the mirror. She began to wonder what the hell possessed her to come to a stranger's house in the middle of the night. She quickly thought about what she could use as an excuse to get out of there as quickly as possible. Before she could really come up with something good she heard a knock at the bathroom door.

"Are you okay in there?" Sam asked her.

"Oh, yes. I was just a little hot. I'll be out in a moment," she replied quickly.

She took a deep breath in and opened the door. Sam was standing there waiting for her, whiskey glass in hand. He handed it to her and she took a few more sips as she headed back towards the living room. But before she stepped down the single stair to the floor, Sam grabbed the back of her arm. It knocked her a little off balance so he helped to steady her by grabbing her under both arms.

"This way," he pointed and they made their way up the spiral staircase.

Amber stopped at the top of the landing and looked around. The place was enormous. There were bedrooms, bathrooms, and what appeared to be office space everywhere. Sam led Amber down the hall and towards the double doors at the end. He reached for the door handle and began to turn it when Amber suddenly stepped backwards. She took a few more steps away from Sam and fumbled along the corridor wall.

"What are you doing?" he asked her.

"I, I need to go now," she squeaked. "I can't do this."

Confused, Sam went after her, stopping her at the top of the stairs. He grabbed both her arms and jerked her forward and away from the stairs. He pressed her back against the wall leaning all his weight into her tiny body. She pressed against his shoulders trying to pry herself loose but he was too strong for her.

"Stop!" he commanded. "You have had too much to drink and you can't go anywhere in this condition."

"Who lives here with you?" Amber cried.

"It's not what you think," Sam answered her calmly. "I don't have a wife or a girlfriend but someone does live here with me."

Amber was still very confused. Her body fell limp against the wall. Sam propped her up and held her face steady, forcing her to look in his eyes. He came closer to her and began to kiss her neck as his hands rubbed her breasts.

"Stop it!" she yelled. "I want to know who lives here with you or I am leaving!"

"Trust me doll, you aren't going anywhere until I say so," he retorted.

Sam wrestled Amber away from the wall and held her arms behind her back, almost as if she were being arrested. He shoved her down the hall and back to the doors which he had already opened. It was completely dark in the room. Amber couldn't see but perhaps an inch in front of her face. She started trembling and sobbing. Her long hair covered her eyes, nose and mouth and with Sam forcefully holding her arms behind her, she couldn't get it out of her face.

Sam guided her further into the room and tossed her onto a bed. She felt along the bed for an edge, trying to find a way to get away from Sam, but being unfamiliar with the room layout, she was unsuccessful at her attempts. Sam told her to lay there and not say a word. She did as she was told. He left the room, closing and locking the door behind him. As she lay there she let her eyes adjust to the darkness, trying to catch a glimpse of what was in this room. Was he going to kill her? She cried harder with each moment that passed. As the door opened, Amber could make out the shadows of two people.

The two people entered the room and closed the door behind them. Amber could hear a latch being secured to the door and then the sound of two deadbolts locking shut. She lay perfectly still on the bed as Sam had commanded her to do. It was so quiet in the room, all that could be heard was Amber breathing heavily and little sniffles as she sobbed silently. She closed her eyes and began to pray.

Her eyes shot open in an instant when she realized that a light had been turned on, but when she looked around, she couldn't help but think it would have been better for her if the lights had stayed out. She was lying in the middle of a large bed covered in pillows. On one of the walls were chains with 4 large metal cuffs, two at the top and two at the bottom. They were just plain metal cuffs, no lining in them, nothing. On another one of the walls were leather straps with softer restraints, again with two on the top and two on the bottom. Along the top of a dresser were whips made of different types of material. Some of the whips were leather and some had spikes on the end of them. This was Sam's torture room and while Amber should have been completely petrified, she was also strangely aroused; after all, she did enjoy rough sex.

After briefly looking around at all the devices, Amber caught sight of who the "live in" was. Sam had another man with him. A MAN, she thought to herself. While this was San Francisco, Sam certainly did not appear to be gay. He was aroused by her movements in the club. He had been moaning with pleasure as she deep throated him. So what was he doing with another man there? Perhaps he was bisexual she thought. Now that thought, that turned her on.

"Sit up!" Sam demanded in a stern voice.

Amber sat up and edged to the corner of the bed. Her long legs dangled, barely touching the floor. The room was slightly chilly and her nipples had again become erect, partially from the cold but partially from the thought of Sam having sex with another man. She didn't move a muscle. She continued to sit perfectly still at the edge of the bed.

"This is Andrew," Sam gestured with his head. "He lives here in the summer months."

Amber didn't say a word. She was more confused than ever. She cracked a brief smile towards Andrew and then put her face down towards the ground.

Andrew walked towards the bed and climbed behind Amber. He wrapped his legs around her side and let them drape like hers over the side of the bed. He scooted forward until his penis was pressed into Amber's lower back. He was naked and a fine specimen of man, just like Sam. He reached around her, lifted her dress, and rubbed his hands over the top of Amber's soft, silky pussy. He pressed his lips to her neck and kissed from the bottom of her hair line, down her neck and across both shoulders, one at a time. She could feel him become more aroused with each kiss. She rolled her head to the side, opening up more skin for him to kiss. She reached down and held his hands against her wet box as she gyrated against his palm. She then looked over to Sam who had removed his clothes and was standing to the side sliding his hand slowly up and down his own cock. Amber bit and sucked on her bottom lip continuing to gyrate against Andrew's palm.

Sam walked to the edge of the bed and kneeled in front of Amber. He reached for her dress and lifted it over her head. He tossed it to the floor and marveled at the beauty of Amber's naked body. He continued to stroke himself with one hand but used his other to guide Andrew's fingers into Amber's tight hole. Amber arched her back pressing her tits into Sam's face. He soon found himself sucking on her nipples and helping Andrew to finger bang the beauty between them.

"Ohhhhh," Amber let out a moan.

"Andrew, stop!" Sam commanded in a voice with which they all knew he meant business. "Move away from her!"

Andrew did as he was told. He backed away from Amber and off the bed. He stood to the side of Sam waiting for his next set of instructions. Sam rose to his feet, grabbed Amber by the arm and yanked her up. Without a moments notice, he whipped her around to face the bed and shoved her over it. Her ass was pointed upwards, tits scrapping against the mattress.

"Get behind her, Andrew," he cackled.

Andrew stood behind Amber, hands grasping her hips. He slid his cock into her throbbing, tight, wet cunt. He forced her forward and jerked her back 15 to 20 times. He slammed her so hard that she screamed out in agony. Andrew reached up with one hand and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled it backwards, forcing her head up. He held onto her hair like it was a saddle, jerking his cock in and out of her, harder and harder with each thrust.

"It hurts!" Amber screamed out.

"It's supposed to you little bitch," Sam laughed at her.

Andrew continued to ride his new found bitch while Sam climbed on the bed in front of Amber. He also grabbed a handful of Amber's long silky hair and he yanked her head down towards his shaft. She bit her lip tightly. She wasn't about to suck Sam off in this way. She continued to bite her lip, almost to the point of bleeding. Sam reached across and slapped her cheek which loosened her grip on her lip. As she started to bite her lip again, Sam slapped her from the other side and then forced his penis into her mouth. He shoved it so far in that she gagged for air. He continued to pull it out and shove it deeper into her mouth each time that she cried for him to stop. Finally she gave up fighting with him and bobbed on his cock. She went in reverse from the club. She started at the base of the shaft and worked her way towards the head making sure to circle the tip with her tongue and then went all the way back down.

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