Ambien Rape


So, my wife's friend Wendy comes over for a late dinner the other night. She got married a few months ago, and with her husband out of town, this was a chance for her to get out and visit. Just so you know, Wendy has a history of staying over so late that she ends up sleeping on the couch. We typically play cards and drink wine all night.

Well, a few weeks earlier, we were at her high rise apartment in downtown Milwaukee, watching it snow from the 16th floor. Wendy grabbed a photo album and started sharing pictures of the times she and my wife had spent together years ago.

However, in the middle of the album, Wendy had a few pages of some nude, self portraits. She was very embarrassed that we had found them. Wendy and my wife laughed and blew off the incident. I, on the other hand, could not stop thinking about her.


The night went as expected. I grilled steaks. We all drank fine red wine. The girls talked about the early years of marriage (sex, sex and more sex) and Wendy shared her plan to have children sooner rather than later.

I wanted to fuck Wendy. I couldn't get my mind off her.

Around 11:30 PM, I grabbed 4 Ambien sleeping tablets from the medicine cabinet and dropped 2 each in the wine glasses of both my wife and Wendy. By 11:45, they were nodding off and complaining about the effects of the wine. My wife passed out first.

While Wendy was still groggy, and mildly capable of supporting her own weight, I helped her to the bedroom and laid her out on the bed. I went back to the living room and carried my wife to the same bed. By now, Wendy was completely out. I took her cloths off first. I positioned her on her back, head hanging over one side of the bed and her feet over the other. I spread her legs wide enough to part her cunt lips. She was out cold. I did the same to my wife, except I put her head at the feet of Wendy's.

I took several pictures of my drunken bitches then I set up the digital movie camera.

I was worried that penetrating the women's pussies would wake them, but I couldn't help myself. I coated my dick with a small amount of KY and slid into Wendy first. She started to wake up and lifted her head off the bed. She said my name. I reached up with my forehand and pushed her chin up; driving her head back and down to the edge of the bed. She just moaned a bit more and squirmed gently to my rhythm. I pulled my raging hard dick out of her wet cunt and slid it into my wife's waiting mouth. I fucked it for a while, reaching all the way to the back of her throat. I kept going back and forth from hole to hole. It was time to cum, so I jumped up on the bed and straddled Wendy. With my full body power, I drove deep into her. For leverage, I reached under her back pulled her body against mine. She yelped and gasped with all my trusting. Finally, I drove into her cunt as far as I could go, and I exploded with everything I had. I pulsed over and over again as I continued to fill her pussy with my cum. God, I needed that. It felt incredible fucking her with my wife laying naked right beside us.

I rested a while, and then started to finger Wendy's hole. My finger would come out coated with cum. I transferred it o my wife's mouth while she slept.

After 40 minutes or so, I was hard again and pulled Wendy's ass over to the edge of the bed. I pushed my dick into her musty cunt and looked at her face to see her reaction. She moved her head to the side, so I knew her body felt my presence. I decided to take some risks, so while I was in deep in her, I paused to twist her nipples and wake her up.

She screamed surprisingly loud and woke right up to find me between her legs and deep insider her naked body. She struggled to push me off, but the drug was still in full effect. I dropped my chest on hers and fucked her harder as she wiggled and twisted to get me off. I pinned her still, with my hand aggressively on her neck. I told her, "you are my fucking bitch tonight... I'm going to keep fucking you over and over... See that camera? If you tell anyone, I'll post it all over the internet for your family and friends to see". She froze for a while and got quiet while I finished pumping her full of cum. While she was partially awake, I mounted her face with my semi hard, wet dick and had her suck me clean. She fell asleep before I got complete soft.

I allowed Wendy's pussy to drain a bit before putting their cloths back on. I left them in the bed and I slept on the couch.

The next morning, I was expecting awkwardness as Wendy and I danced around the memories of her rape last night. It never happened. The Ambien is well known for causing amnesia, and it appears she was clueless.

However, the girls quietly giggled and whispered back and forth. Later that day, my wife told me that they were wearing each others underwear, and my wife assumed that they spent some time experimenting with each other in a drunken state last night.

I was off the hook.

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