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Ambition Fulfilled


[Editor's note: this stories contains gay male scenes.]

This is the second story of a short series examining male sexuality.

As I have got older I have found the borders of sexuality becoming blurred, particularly as I seek more and different sexual kicks.

It's not essential to read Confusion first, but it might help.


So life trundles on. I'm not gay that's for sure, but after my three massage experiences where I have been jacked off by a man, I am certainly now bisexual, well up to a point; perhaps I always have been, but have never before tried it. Maybe most of us might be, given the right opportunity!

My wife of nearly twenty years, Kelly and I have good sex and I find other stuff on the side when and where I can. We've always had a fairly open marriage, but have never actually discussed that or owned up to having other partners; some things are just best left unsaid in a marriage and the number of other people you have had sex with most certainly falls into that category.

I've had lots of bits on the side and I am pretty sure she's had a few and we have been swinging on a few occasions. Nothing particularly heavy, just dinner then partner swap, change round then go home to bed. We haven't, even though I have wanted to, been to an orgy or swinging party with numerous couples there and we have never got in with a regular group.

I have often said that I would like to see her with another guy and although this didn't seem to faze her we've so far not got round to it.

We have, though, got round to a threesome with a friend who Kel worked with. I, of course, loved it, but Kelly wasn't too keen. Not only did she find it 'difficult' having any form of sexual contact with the other girl, but when I fucked her friend or wasn't paying much attention to her, she felt left out and jealous. So we only did that a couple of times a few years ago. Shame, for what can be better than having sex with another bird with your wife's approval.

How it came up I can't remember. It was after we'd had some nice sex and we were in that mellow post orgasm state where sometimes you feel that you can talk about anything sexual. The inhibitions have gone and the barriers are down. It's often a time when couples can and do talk about their fantasies.

"You know I would love to see you with another guy?" I told her running the back of my fingers across her still hard nipple.

"Yes you have said that several times, but how could you see me? What would you do get in the wardrobe?" She laughed.

"Hmmm true, well I haven't though that out very much" I lamely admitted, feeling as I often do outwitted by my wife whose brain is so fast, it makes me feel old.

"Clearly," she said in the acerbic manner she has when scoring points off me.

We were quiet for a while until she said. "Of course there is a way you could."


"Well a threesome of course."

"What me and another bloke have sex with you?"

"Well darling," she said running her white painted, square cut nails across my balls "That is generally what threesomes are about isn't it?"

We didn't talk about much more that night, but over the next couple of weeks I asked her several times if she meant it.

"Yes, but it would have to be with someone I fancy, like you did with Jan," she replied referring to the threesome we'd had with her work friend. I often wondered if the pair of them ever got up to anything, but thinking of Kel's reactions when Jan kissed her and caressed her breasts I doubted it, for Kel did rather clam up.

"Anyone in mind?" I asked rather ambitiously?

She gave me one of those withering looks that always puts me right in place. "I would have thought that's your job, darling."

I tried to think of someone, but it's not an easy proposition. I knew a few of my mates and quite a few guys at the golf club fancied her. That's not surprising for she's a hellishly attractive natural blonde. She's slim with nothing tits really, a B cup at best, but great nipples, fabulous legs and an incredible arse. However, I didn't feel able to broach the subject. I mean 'How would you like to have sex with my wife and me' is hardly locker room chat is it?

We were in Boston, Mass a few months later. It was late summer and it was hot. I was there on business and Kel had come along for she really likes the city, as indeed I do. We were staying at the Marriott on Copley Place. I do some consulting work for the company and get great rates that mean it's just not worth my while going for the more luxurious Four Season or other slightly more upscale hotels.

It was our third night. I had done most of my business and tomorrow was a rest day before we would fly down to New York, spend a night there and get the daytime BA flight to Heathrow; that almost makes jetlag redundant.

We'd had dinner at our favourite Boston restaurant, L'espalier on Boylston Street, and had had a pleasant few blocks walk back to the hotel. We'd toyed with getting a drink in a bar on the street, but had opted to go back to the hotel. We went to the very busy Champions Sports Bar on the first floor and I found a stool for Kel right at the bar. It was crowded, mainly with businessmen, but also a few couples and the sprinkling of pairs and groups of girls. There's always a nice atmosphere about Champions, even though it is something of a pick up joint, albeit an elegant and rather sophisticated one. Don't ask how I know that!

We were about half way through our first drink when my Blackberry started vibrating. I had an email from a potential client in Singapore with an attachment responding to a proposal I had submitted a few days ago. The mail asked for a reply today. Being thirteen hours ahead of Eastern Time they were already into their day. I explained that quickly to Kel.

"Look I'll have to pop to the room and look at this on my laptop and get a reply off."

"How long will that take?"

"Only fifteen minutes or so I guess, you coming?"

She gave me that quizzical, head inclined to the side look when I have said something wrong, in this case the double entendre.

"It's not When Harry Met Sally you know darling," she smiled "I'll stay here, but give me a call if you're going to be much longer."

I didn't realise until I was on way back down from the thirtieth floor that I'd been gone the best part of forty minutes.

"Sorry darling," I said pushing my way through the throng round the bar, which was much deeper than when I'd left.

"That's Ok James, Brad here has been, how should I put it?" She replied looking at a guy leaning on the bar his long legs stretched under her stool quite near to her ankles. He raised his eyebrows as she leaned towards him a little and said "Chatting me up I suppose we could say couldn't we?"

"Well trying, but I was warned. Hi you must be James," he said putting his hand out "I'm Brad Gilbert, pleased to meet you."

We shook hands. "I've been trying to do that for twenty years," I smiled back "She's very canny Brad. What can I get you to drink?"

"A Dewars with ice and a twist please James."

He seemed a nice bloke, about my age and quite good looking he was well dressed in a white polo shirt, thin beige chinos and burgundy coloured, what looked to be Gucci, loafers. It had all been said in a 'tongue in cheek' manner so I didn't feel put out. The three of us chatted for a while, before Brad got another round and then excused himself to visit the bathroom.

"Well you work quickly," I smiled looking at my wife. Perched on the stool with her bare, tanned legs crossed and one heel hooked into a rail on the stool, the pale. Lemon silk dress had ridden quite a way up her thighs; she was showing too much really, but it looked bloody good.

"You left me for too long, you were nearly too late," she smiled. "I think he was about to ask me to his room for a nightcap."

"Would you have gone?" I asked not quite sure where she was taking this.

She looked into my eyes, smiled, put her hand on my hip and said.

"If he'd have asked, which he nearly did, I would have said as long as my husband can too."

"Shit, you are joking Kel aren't you?"

"Not really luv, this could be it, if you can broach it with him."

We chatted a bit more about Brad and the threesome that we had discussed and agreed that this was an ideal opportunity.

"Reckon he will?" I asked.

"Hard to say, but he's divorced and single and seems to be a player from what he said."

Brad came back. We talked about baseball and business; we were in linked industries, until Kelly said that she needed to go to the bathroom. I helped her down from the high stool and we both watched her walk away from us her shapely arse wiggling and wobbling wonderfully inside the tight silk. I looked at Brad and caught him looking at her.

"Nice eh?"

"Lovely, you're a lucky man James," he said raising his glass.

"Were you trying to pull her, as we call it in the UK?"

"I wanted to and I started, but to be fair she made it clear almost right away that she was off limits."

"Did she really?"

"Well yes absolutely, you've no worries there man."

"Actually Brad she isn't totally unavailable," I said leaning closer to him, lowering my voice and looking at him. He seemed nervous.

"What do you mean?"

"Do you want her?"

"Er look James she's your wife."

"I know, but do you?"

"Yes of course, any man would."

"There is a way."

"Go on," he said in almost a whisper.

"The three of us."

"A threesome?"

"Yes, you up for that?


Marriott had done us proud with the suite. It had a nice sitting room with a stocked bar two big overstuffed sofas facing each other across a dark wood, low table with armchairs either end. The pile on the carpet was so thick you could lose your ankles in it and the sitting room was lit with a delicate light from a series of lamps and diffused lamps creating a warm and really quite intimate setting. Both the lounge and the bedroom had floor to ceiling windows looking out over Back Bay one way and towards the Charles River past the Hancock Building the other. The views really were impressive and not unlike those in Bangkok, I thought, remembering when I had shagged Kel from behind with her pressed up against a similar big window.

The bed was huge and beautifully covered with really crisp white sheets the bedspread, throws and cushions having been turned down earlier.

Now that the three of us were away from the noise and bustle of the bar in the solitude of the suite, we were less talkative, more on edge and a little uncomfortable. Well I was for sure and both Kelly, who had hardly said a word after returning from the ladies, and Brad seemed to be like that as well.

I poured thel drinks as we stood by the windows looking out over Boston. Brad was first to broach the reason why we were all there.

"Look guys," he said sipping his Johnny Walker Black Label for there wasn't any Dewars, as if he could tell the fucking difference I thought. "I don't want to push my way into anywhere I'm not welcome. If you have any doubts," he went on looking at Kelly who looked fantastic in the tight, lemon, silky dress, "I'll just drink up and go."

"No Brad we asked you..." I started before Kelly took over.

"Look Brad you were trying to pull me down there weren't you?"

"Yes, until you said you were married and James was upstairs."

"Yes but that was merely an inconvenience wasn't it?"

"Yes a real fucking nuisance actually," he said laughing out loud. I couldn't help smiling.

"No, what I meant was that was the only reason you didn't try harder wasn't it?"

"Yes of course."

"And when you started did you think you had chances?" She asked so matter of factly I knew then for sure she'd had other lovers, but shit, I couldn't blame her.

"Well to tell you the truth Kelly yes I did."

"Why, was I sending out signs?"

He looked at me obviously in a quandary that Kelly should have avoided I thought, but I did want to know the answer.

"No not really, but a woman, an amazingly attractive and sexy one at that alone in that bar sort of says something."

"Does it, why?"

"Well it is a bit of a singles bar, you know."

She smiled, sipped her white wine and went and sat on a stool by the bar, obviously a feature of her evening.

"Is it, we didn't know that did we?" I chimed in. Kel smiled at me.

"Well I didn't darling, I don't know about you," she said resting her elbows on the bar and leaning back making her dress ride even further up her slender, shapely, bare thighs.

"And sitting as you were there Kelly did raise my hopes."

"Well Brad," I said topping up his drink "It looks as if your hopes will come true. Yes Kel?"

"Mmmm," she sighed looking Brad up and down "It rather looks that way.

"Jesus Christ, guys this is amazing," he said croakily.

"Well what do you think you two would be doing now if I wasn't here?"

"Interesting thought," Brad said.

"Mmmmm, very interesting, Well Brad?" Kelly asked clearly giving him an invitation. I felt myself starting to harden. He looked at me; I raised my eyebrows, smiled and inclined my head towards my wife. He walked over to her and stood so that her knees were nearly touching his legs. He whispered something I couldn't hear and then, putting his arms round her neck, he kissed her. It wasn't a peck on the cheek either. No, as his face closed the gap between them I saw my wife tilt her head to one side and as his lips closed around hers, she opened her mouth. It was a full on,

mouth open, lips squirming and tongues duelling kiss. I knew exactly what that felt like with her, I knew the smell and her taste. I stood and watched as her arms went round his waist and as his hands slid up and down her back. Their heads were rolling slightly from side to side and their hands were moving quicker and becoming more adventurous. I saw one of his legs pressing right on Kel's closed knees and although nothing happened I guessed it would only be a matter of time before she opened them.

I wasn't quite sure how I felt. I know I was excited for I was completely erect, but I also felt left out and a little jealous, but, I reconciled, it was my idea and I did want to see her with another guy so I had to take the rough with the smooth.

I poured myself another snifter of brandy watching the amazingly erotic scene unfolding in front of me.

One of Kel's hands was on Brad's bum squeezing it and the other was running through his hair. One of his hands slid round from her back and went straight onto her breast. He cupped it and squeezed and she seemed to push herself more firmly against it. Things were hotting up and I loved it.

I could already see most of her legs for her skirt was almost at panty level due to the way their kissing had caused her to squirm on the stool and her back was pressed firmly against the bar. As I'd expected, Brad then started to do precisely what I would have done in his position; pushing his leg right against where Kelly's knees were squeezed together.

A couple of times as they'd been kissing she had opened her eyes and glanced at me. There was a look in her eyes that I didn't see often. It was part a sort of 'fuck you' look, but also a triumphant stare as if saying 'I'm really the winner.' Perhaps she was, I didn't know for in addition to my recent sexuality confusion I was now totally mixed about my sexual relationship with my wife?

As Brad presumably pressed harder with his leg on her closed knees, Kelly stared right into my eyes those looks now even more pronounced as slowly she opened her knees and Brad's leg went between them. I think she must have slid her bum forward a bit on the stool for his leg went right up between hers, onto her thighs, pushing the hem of her skirt even further until his leg, just above the knee, pressed against her white, panty covered mound. Holding my gaze she squeezed her thighs against his leg, closed her eyes, wrapped her arms tightly round his neck and let out a low, deep moan. Then they kissed again, long and passionately.

I had to do something, the game was passing me by and I was getting sidelined. Although I had started this by asking if she would let me watch her have sex with another guy, she had upped the anti by suggesting I join in and I intended to do just that.

Putting my glass down I walked over to them. I took hold of Kel's shoulders and turned her on the revolving seat of the stool. That brought her back away from the bar towards me. I ran my fingers across her shoulders and looked at Brad who opened his eyes. We held each others gazes.

It was the strangest sensation to be standing behind my wife, my fingers stroking her bare shoulders just where they joined her neck, as I looked into the eyes of a man who was kissing her deeply. It hit me then that if we went through with the threesome, there would be many more situations like this, but in them we would all be naked.

I started to slide the zip of her dress down. It was one of those that ran from the scooped neckline down to just beneath her waist, right on, I noticed as I slid it all the way down, the white, lacy waistband of her panties, which I could now see was, as usual, a thong. Putting my hands back on her shoulders, but this time on the dress I folded it forward so that slowly and with a bit of difficulty for she had to take her arms out, I was able to let it drop so it bunched round her waist. That exposed her breasts in the white, diaphanous, lacy fringed bra. They and she looked fucking gorgeous.

"Jesus James," Brad groaned his eyes taking in my wife's tits, which were very much on view through the gossamer thin fabric of her bra.

"Nice aren't they?" I said slipping my hands down and cupping both of them as I felt Kel squirm her back against my hard on.

"Absolutely gorgeous," he croaked running the backs of his fingernails across the bare skin above the bra.

I took one hand away from her tits and pulled her face round so I could kiss her. She was wonderfully receptive with her lips squirming and her tongue delving deep into my mouth as she usually does when highly aroused, and boy was she aroused.

I broke the kiss only for her mouth to then immediately seek Brad's. This rapid switching from mouth to mouth surprised, but also excited me as I suddenly wondered would she soon be swapping cocks as well!

Brad's fingers started to push into the cup of her bra easing her boob out and pinching the already nicely erect nipple. I undid her bra and between the three of us we wiggled it off so all of her small, but beautifully shaped tits were bare. They looked great, particularly with another man's hands on them. I got hold of one as Brad fondled the other and as he and Kelly kissed. I squeezed it as I knew she liked and pulled the nipple stretching it to over half an inch from the areola. Brad was more pressing on her other tit, flattening it and then squirming his hand against it. Kel was writhing her upper body and rolling her head from side to side thus breaking contact with Brad's lips. He was, though, still slobbering on her chin and cheeks as I was kissing and licking her forehead. My cock was squashed hard against her back and she was rolling herself against that and then I saw, with a touch of jealousy, her hand reaching out for Brad. She rubbed the very evident bulge in the thin, beige chinos running both hands at once up and down his length. Low moans and groans were coming from her mouth and sighs and grunts from both Brad and me as slowly we all were becoming overcome with the excitement of the situation.

"Come on let's go to the bedroom," I croaked.

Kel stood up her bra falling away onto the floor, her dress hanging down at the front with the skirt bunched up around her waist. Her tits and the glorious cheeks of her bum with the merest slither of white lace and silk vanishing between them were bare. She looked absolutely fucking awesomely wanton as Brad pulled her to him and kissed her. As we shuffled our way across the sitting room and into the bedroom I stroked her bum and felt marvellously proud when she rubbed my cock through my trousers. I had almost forgotten she was my wife and was more thinking that she was Brad's and mine equally, but then I guess she was really.

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