tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAmbridge Affairs Ch. 1

Ambridge Affairs Ch. 1

byquinn rogan©

"I'm getting too old for this cricket lark," pronounced Tony Archer as he shambled into the living-room and flung himself down on a chair.

"You mean too old for the post-nets drinking," came the response, in a soft Welsh lilt, from his small dark wife, Pat.

"Not at all!" said Tony, grinning. "That's the only thing that keeps me going!"

Tony was medium-size, with fair thinning hair and a narrow face with a bony prominent nose. His work on the farm, and his cricket, kept him lean and tanned.

"Who was there?" asked Pat, with just a little more than the usual non-committal interest in her voice.

"At nets? Oh, just the usual – David, Eddy, Tommy, William, Sid, Neil - you know. And Roy, of course."

Pat registered the momentary shadow flitting across Tony's face at the mention of Roy Tucker. Tony and Pat's elder son, John, had died in a farm accident just over two years ago, at the age of twenty. Roy had been his best friend and, just three weeks previously, had married Hayley Jordan, a lovely girl who had been John's girlfriend – and, probably, his future wife – at the time of John's untimely death.

They had slowly come to terms with the loss of their son, but it had been hard to stand by and watch the growing love between Hayley and Roy, while their own close relationship with Hayley had slipped further and further into the background. They had attended the wedding, along with the rest of the village, but their feelings as they watched the radiant bride on the arm of her new husband had been very mixed.

"How was Roy – after his honeymoon?" she asked.

"Oh, full of beans," replied Tony, unable to keep a touch of bitterness out of his voice. "What man wouldn't be, after two weeks in a hotel bedroom with Hayley?"

"And what woman?" murmured Pat. Tony, narrowing his eyes, glanced across at his wife. In her early days, as a radical left-wing student, Pat had sampled most human experiences and had never tried to conceal her enjoyment, from her husband, of her not infrequent visits to the Isle of Lesbos. Like most men, Tony was aroused by the thought of woman-on-woman sexual encounters and had always encouraged his wife to describe her past adventures as graphically as possible.

"Meaning – someone not a million miles away?" he guessed, feeling a stirring in his loins as he spoke.

"Well, what do you think?" said Pat, unfolding herself from the settee and coming over to sit on the arm of Tony's chair. Her fingers ruffled his tousled thatch absent-mindedly. "She looked good enough to eat in that wedding-dress."

"Even better out of it, I should think," sighed her husband.

There was a short silence, then Pat took a deep breath and seemed about to speak, then lapsed into silence again.

"What were you going to say?" asked Tony.

"Oh, nothing," replied his wife, then, before Tony could say any more, suddenly left the room and Tony could hear her running up the stairs. A worried frown on his face, Tony stayed where he was. Pat had had a very bad time after John's death, which she had shared with Hayley, and Tony wondered if their discussion had sparked an emotional reaction in her. He felt even more guilty about the erection their speculation about Hayley in, and out, of her wedding dress, had aroused in him.

Then Pat appeared at the living-room door, clutching an envelope in her hand. The colour in her cheeks was high, and her eyes were bright. She went back to the settee and sat down, leaning forward, facing her husband, the envelope clutched in both hands.

"Tony," she said, a little breathlessly, then stopped.

"What is it?" he replied, also leaning forward in his chair. "What's in that envelope?"

She ignored his question. "How do you feel, now – about Hayley? I mean, now that we're no longer really part of her life – not her potential parents-in-law, any more?"

Well," said Tony. "I'm still very fond of her – and I accept she had to … move on, as it were, after John. After all, she's a young woman – and a very attractive one. We couldn't expect her to – well, you know. But things definitely aren't the same as they used to be."

"And what if you saw her now, for the first time? Say she walked into the Bull while you were having a pint? What would be your first thought?"

Tony gave a little embarrassed laugh. He knew only too well what the answer to that question would be. With her long auburn hair, her wide brown eyes, her full-lipped generous mouth, her high firm breasts, her narrow waist above wide, flaring hips, set at the top of long shapely legs, Hayley sparked the same natural reaction in every man who clapped eyes on her. Tony had had enough difficulty suppressing it when she had been his son's girlfriend.

In fact, one of his first thoughts, once he had accepted the fact of John's death, had been a fervent prayer that his son, before he died, had had a full sexual relationship with Hayley. It was dreadful for any man to die a virgin – to have missed out on a stunner like Hayley Jordan would have been too sad for words!

"Well?" demanded Pat, her eyes glittering. Tony shrugged and smiled, weakly.

"OK," she said. "I'll make it easy for you – I'd be thinking exactly the same. I'd be wondering what she looked like – stripped naked. I'd be wondering what her tits would feel like in my hands, whether her nipples would rise as I kissed them, what her pubic bush looked like, whether she had a responsive clit – and how she would sound when she had an orgasm with my fingers plunging between her open thighs."

She had crossed the floor by now and was kneeling in front of her husband, her hand caressing his erection on top of his trousers. Tony was groaning, his hand dipping down Pat's open shirt, squeezing her small, hard-nippled breast.

Not looking at him, she resumed talking.

"I always hoped John had screwed her, you know. It would be such a shame if he had died, without ...... "

"Me, too," muttered Tony. "I'd hate to think Roy Tucker had been the first."

"Well, he wasn't!" announced Pat, triumphantly. "Our boy gave her a bloody good seeing-to. Roy's got a lot to live up to!"

Tony knew the envelope held the key to this pronouncement, but he bided his time. Pat would tell him in her own time, in her own way. He was overjoyed to hear her say that she, like him, had prayed that John had fucked his lovely Hayley before his life had been cut short – and that she knew that he had.

"You remember when we redecorated John's room just before Christmas?" Pat went on. Of course Tony remembered – it had been a symbolic, cathartic gesture which had caused them both no little pain.

"Well, when I was clearing it out beforehand, I dismantled an old chest of drawers and … and I came across those in the back of it," Pat said, her hand clutching her husband's groin tightly. "Before you look at them, though – just, be prepared. They're photographs, and John's in them. They were taken on that Greek holiday they had the summer before – before ...... "

Tony nodded and, hand shaking, took the envelope from Pat. As he did so, she stood up and retreated to the settee, her eyes fixed on him. Tony took a deep breath and lifted the flap of the envelope. It was not sealed. Two photographs slid out, face down, into his hand. He checked that the envelope was empty and it fluttered down to the carpet.

He turned over one of the pictures and his eyes widened in shock and astonishment. The setting was hotel bedroom. His son, John, was standing, naked, supporting himself by his hands leaning against a dressing-table. He was smiling down at the camera. Kneeling in front of him was Hayley. She, too, was completely naked and the top third of John's erect penis was in her mouth. Her face, too, was turned towards the camera and her lips were parted in as wide a smile as she could contrive, under the circumstances. One hand was holding her hair back from her face, the other lightly gripping the base of John's penis. Her breasts were obscured by her elbows, but her delectable bottom jutted enticingly towards the camera, milky-white against the golden tan of her thighs and belly.

"Jesus!" he breathed. He was conscious that he ought to be affected by the hitherto unseen picture of his dead son, but he could not pull his eyes from the delicious form of the lovely girl in front of him. Tearing his eyes away, he turned over the second photograph.

It featured the same dressing-table but, this time, it was Hayley who was using it to support herself. She was bent forward, thighs spread wide, hands on the dressing-table, arms straight. Once again, her head was turned to the camera and she was attempting a smile. Behind her, John was leaning forward, his hands clasped round the girl's breasts, his rock-hard penis halfway into her spread vagina. He, too, was turned towards the camera, but his attempt to smile was doomed to failure. His mouth was forced open in a mirthless grin and he was obviously in the grip of an imminent orgasm.

Tony spread the pictures on his thigh and looked back and forth at them. Somehow, Pat had re-crossed the carpet and was sitting on the arm of his chair again.

"Jesus!" he said, again, his hand reaching up and clutching hers.

"They're quite something, aren't they?" she whispered.

"Christ, you can say that again," Tony stammered. Pat's hand snaked down and found his cock again. This time, she unzipped his trousers and pulled it out, at the same time sliding off the arm of the chair to kneel in front of him again. Her head dropped and her tongue licked round the head of his throbbing erection.

"Now, you look at these pictures and pretend you're John, squeezing these big tits and shoving you hard cock between her spread thighs, into her warm, tight, wet cunt," she whispered urgently as her hand squeezed the base of his cock. "Listen to her gasping as you thrust it further and further up her cunt, until she starts to scream with ecstasy ... "

And Pat wrapped her lips round her husband's rampant prick as he stared at the pictures and imagined himself taking his son's place between those gorgeous thighs, his cock supplanting John's in that receptive fresh vagina, thrusting, thrusting, thrusting until .... ohhhhhhhhh!

He pushed his buttocks up off the chair, fucking his wife's willing face. His thighs squeezed together, he felt the eruption start deep down in his balls, then starts exploded behind his eyes and he jerked uncontrollably as the first jet shot out.

"Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh!" he yelled, as he shot jet after jet of fluid into Pat's willing mouth. He hadn't come like that for years. It seemed to go on for ever, but, at last, she expertly squeezed the last blob out of him and licked his cock clean.

Tony collapsed in his chair, gasping, as his wife stood up in front of him and slipped her shirt off, exposing little breasts with no hint of sag, and two very long, hard brown nipples. She lifted her hands and toyed with her nipples, emitting little gasps of pleasure, as she waited for her husband to recover.

"Bloody hell, Pat," he gasped eventually. "That was incredible – and please stop playing with your tits like that. You'll get me going again, and I'm not sure I'll survive it this time."

As he spoke, his wife could see his recumbent cock begin to stir again. She slipped off her jeans and stood in front of him, her hand down the front of her panties, the outline of her fingers clearly visible as she stimulated herself. She bent over and picked up one of the photos, which had fallen to the carpet. It was the one of John fucking Hayley doggy-style.

Pat sat down on the floor, her hand still down her knickers and held the picture up so they could both see it.

"She's even more gorgeous, stripped, isn't she, Tony?" she asked. "Wouldn't you just love to give her one?"

"Yes," he muttered, leaning forward and cupping Pat's tits in his hands. He rolled her erect nipples between fingers and thumbs. "And you? You'd like to watch, wouldn't you?"

"More than watch," she said.

He laughed, a trifle bitterly. "Ah, well," he said. "Dream on! She's a one-man girl, our Hayley, and I don't think Roy's leaving her short!"

"Mmmm," said Pat, thoughtfully. "I wonder what he'd say if he saw those pictures, though?"

As she spoke, she dropped the picture and slipped her fingers round Tony's semi-erect cock.

"Oh, I suppose he knows she and John 'did it'," replied her husband, sighing contentedly as Pat stimulated him again. "He must have had to come to terms with that. In fact, John probably told him, at the time – they were best mates, after all, and I can't imagine John could have kept it to himself when he first got inside her knickers."

"Why – is that what you did when you first had me?"

"You know I did," laughed Tony. "I told Alan and Paul – and it turned you on, knowing that I had!"

"Yes, but I wasn't Hayley," replied Pat. "You knew I'd been with other men – and women. Hayley's an innocent. I bet she's only had John and Roy in her whole life – and I don't see John going into all the gory details with Roy, anyway. I think he'd just have said that he'd shagged her, and left the rest to Roy's imagination."

"Yes," mused Tony. "You're probably right. Anyway, there's no way Roy's going to see those. I wouldn't do that to her – she's a nice girl and they're really in love. You can see that."

"Oh, I know," said his wife. "I wouldn't dream of showing them to Roy." Her hand slid up and down her husband's erection, then she quietly added – "but Hayley doesn't know that."

"What do you mean," asked Tony, in genuine puzzlement.

But Pat didn't answer. Instead, she turned her head and planted a kiss on the end of his knob.

"Come upstairs and give me a good fucking, you horny bastard," she said. "Remember – I haven't come yet."

She held on to his cock as they stood up, and pressed his hand against the front of her panties. They were soaking, and he pushed his middle finger against the thin material, forcing it inside her sopping slit.

"Ohhh," she groaned. "Why can't you grow a nice big pair of tits for me to play with while you're stuffing that big dick inside me? I could do with a nice young girl to fondle, right now."

And she turned and ran up the stairs, followed by her husband, who was throwing his clothes off as he pursued her. By the time he entered the bedroom, she was on the bed, stark naked, her legs wide apart, one finger teasing her clitoris while the other squeezed a nipple ecstatically.

Tony fell between his wife's spread thighs and he tongued her open cunt, forcing his tongue inside, tasting her strong juices. She reached down and grabbed his hair, pulling him up her flat belly.

"I need a cock in there," she hissed. "I want to feel it filling me up and splitting me apart."

They had played this game before, and Tony enjoyed it as much as she did.

"Any old cock would do, wouldn't it?" he said. "As long as it was big enough!"

"Yes," she replied. "If you hadn't come home, I'd have phoned Brian Aldridge. I hear he likes a hairy bush, and he must have a big cock, the way he likes to put it about. I bet he'd love to give me a good fucking, the arrogant bastard. I bet he doesn't get much from your stuck-up sister!"

"Oh, I don't know," said Tony, as he slid his weapon into Pat's eager orifice and felt her vaginal muscles close round it, pulling it in. "He certainly used to get up her plenty when I used to spy on them in our summer house at home."

"What did it feel like, watching your sister getting a good rogering?" she gasped. "Miss Snooty, with her tits out and her knickers round her ankles – did she make a noise when she came, or was it quiet and refined?"

"I'm not sure," replied Tony, the visual memories clearer than the audio ones. He had always spied on his sisters – watching them through cracks in doors and between curtains as they changed or bathed, enjoying the sight of their developing breasts and the hair growing between their legs. Lillian had been better than Jennifer in the tit and pubic hair department, but Jennifer had been more careless, probably because it had never occurred to her that her brother would behave so badly.

Jennifer had also been the careless one where boyfriends were concerned, and Tony had often masturbated as he peeped at the sight of her latest boyfriend uncovering her small firm tits, to the accompaniment of excited gasps of protest and excitement from Jennifer. Then it progressed to hands sliding up her skirt or dress until, finally, a man called Roger, ironically, had stripped her naked in a barn one summer's night and, in full view of a breathlessly excited Tony, had spread her thighs and inserted what had seemed, to Tony, a truly massive cock into his sister's eighteen-year-old vagina.

After that, he had seen four different men and boys pleasure themselves on Jennifer's receptive naked body, the last of these being Brian Aldridge, now her husband – but not the father of her oldest daughter, the lovely Debbie, who had been the fruit of Roger's loins, as far as anyone knew!

"So, does he have a big one, then – Brian? Would it be big enough to fill me up, Tony? Think back to when you watched him stick it up Jennifer, then think about him spreading my legs and sticking it up me! I'm thinking about it – oh, yes, I can just feel it travelling up inside me. Oh, yes, it's thicker than yours, Tony – and longer! Oh, I don't think I've ever had one so big inside me. Out of all the cocks I've had – oh, yes, it's a big one! And his hands on my tits – oh, he's squeezing them so hard. It's really sore – but I like it and – oh, yes, Tony, the dirty swine, he's going to make me come – he's really pounding it in and out of me and – ohhhhhhhhh!"

Pat's head shook from side to side as Tony rammed his cock into her repeatedly, his hands squeezing her breasts brutally. As he felt her go over the final edge, into the abyss of orgasm, he allowed his mind to conjure up the picture of his brother-in law, Brian, plunging his penis through Pat's thick thatch of black hair, and the image provided the final stimulus he needed to release his second come of the night and he spurted jets of his semen into the woman writhing frantically beneath him.

But his very final thought, before collapsing into a contented post-coital slumber, was of what his wife had hinted at earlier – would she really use these pictures to 'persuade' the lovely Hayley – the new Mrs Tucker – to ………??????????

E-mail comment welcomed - especially from "Archers Addicts"

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