In recent months my husband seemed to lose interest in sex, and my needs were not being met. We are in our late 40's and both of us are still very fit, so there was no physical reason for him neglecting me. He was spending a lot of time on the computer and I concluded that he was getting what he wanted through one of the popular sex sites, so I tried the same. Being a bit hesitant I didn't rush out and jump into bed with the first good looking dick that came along, and there were plenty of those; in fact, too many men wanted to show only their erections and a stiff dick by itself is not a turn-on for me.

However, I managed to make a few contacts and, one afternoon when hubby was at work I had three really steamy cyber-sex sessions. I lay on my bed with my laptop, fully nude, and stroked myself into quite a few orgasms. It was enjoyable, but not good enough, and I really needed my pussy stretched by the real thing, so I decided to ambush hubby when he got home.

Before he arrived I did a bit of preparation around the bed. I took some old pantyhose, split them, and tied one end to each of the corner legs. The other legs I stretched and tied into loops that could be slid over his hands and feet, and still be a bit tight, keeping him from moving too much.

As he came in the door I told him to go have a shower – that I had a surprise for him. Whilst he was showering I put on my black body suit. He entered the bedroom and I led him to the bed by the hand.

He sat on the bed and I told him to unsnap me. He got this puzzled look on his face, probably forgetting how to get me out of the body suit he bought me, so I took his hand and placed it between my legs. He got the idea and unsnapped the crotch.

I told him to lie down in the middle of the bed and I slid the body suit almost up to my waist. Then I kneeled over his legs, with my legs outside his and my pussy very visible. I started to stroke myself (for the first time in front of him), and I could see his cock start to grow a little. I asked him if he wanted to help me and, as he reached his hand toward my pussy, his cock really jumped.

Now he really got into things, as his fingers started sliding up and down my very wet slit. I was still stroking my clit as he put two fingers inside me and started thrusting. I was still hot and wet from my cyber-sex sessions that afternoon and I felt like I was close to cumming, something that hadn't happened with hubby for a long time.

I pulled his fingers out of my pussy and lifted them to my mouth, sucking my juices while I looked him in the eye. Then I asked him if he wanted some. He said yes and I put my wet fingers in his mouth. As I leaned forward to do this his cock rose up and poked me in my belly button. What a weird feeling.

I told him to shut his eyes and I put an aeroplane sleeping mask over his eyes. I expected a protest about now, but he played along. So, I reached under the bed, got the ends of my pantyhose loops and put one on each of his hands and feet. He could move, but not that much.

Then, I knelt over his belly, bent over, and dragged my nipples over his chest and to his mouth. He has never sucked them so hard – they almost hurt, and my pussy was really aching now. I needed to cum in the worst way.

I pulled my boobs out of reach of his mouth and slid further up, so my pussy was right in his mouth. Omigod, what a licking he gave me. It has been a long time since I had been eaten at all, and never like he did that night. Maybe he learned something from a girl friend.

He gave my pussy such a long slow tongue bath, probing into me as far as he could, and put me right on the edge of cumming for what seemed like hours. Then, he sucked my clit into his mouth, held it with his lips, and used his tongue to flick it every way he could.

That did it – I really went over the top and I hope the neighbours didn't hear me scream. I think I almost smothered him when I came. It took me a couple of seconds to recover – I hadn't cum that hard in years.

He knew exactly what he had done, and I could see the smug look on his face, but it was his turn now. I really owed him that.

I removed the mask, but left the pantyhose where it was. Then, I slid down his body, making sure I dragged my soaking wet pussy over his cock, which was bigger than it had been for a long time. He tried to thrust into me, but I pulled away, moving down the bed until I could look at his cock and balls. They were pulled up tight under his cock – I guess any loose skin was now part of his erection. I took his cock in my hand, stroking it gently, as I sucked his balls into my mouth, one at a time, rolling them around like big grapes. All the time I was looking into his eyes, and he knew I was in control.

He started to thrust into my hand, and I gave his cock a squeeze, telling him to stop moving. I sucked him in, and kept moving my mouth up and down his cock without touching it with my teeth. Then, I tried something I read somewhere. He isn't circumcised, so I sucked his foreskin and the head only into my mouth and held him there with my lips. I wiggled my tongue into the 'eye' of his foreskin and slid it around the head under the foreskin. Mmmmmmmmm, talk about making a man jump out of his skin.

It was time to put him out of his misery (and me, too – I had fully recovered and needed to cum again, badly). I positioned my pussy above his cock (I think it had grown another inch) and, as he watched, I slowly slid over his cock until it had disappeared inside me. Several times I moved so he was almost out of me and slowly swallowed him with my pussy again.

Time to ride, I decided, and I really started to bounce up and down, back and forth. The longer I rode him, the stronger he seemed to get. I leaned back, fingering my clit as he watched; I know he enjoyed it.

Then I remembered what he used to do to me in this position, and so did he. I leaned over his chest, removed the pantyhose from his wrists, and kissed him. This raised my pussy a couple of inches and he started really thrusting into me. His cockshaft was fully against my clit during every inch of every stroke, and he kept pumping, really hard. As he did he cupped my bum cheeks in his hands, lifting me and driving me back down on his stiff cock, over and over again.

I came another three times, and I was near collapse.

Time for hubby to shoot now, so I leaned back again, but just slightly. I reached behind myself and gently squeezed and stroked his balls, all the while bouncing up and down on his cock.

It didn't take long, and he gave my pussy the hardest shower it had ever had. I came for the final time as he shot.

We dozed off for nearly an hour and I awoke first. He was asleep on his back, with his now-soft cock back inside his foreskin and resting on his thigh.

I lay there looking at it for a few minutes and made a decision. A few years ago he was good for three and sometimes four shots in a night, and I wondered if he could manage two this night. In fact, at this point I didn't care if he had shagged his girl friend silly all day; I was going to be his centre of attention this night.

He didn't wake up when I lifted his cock off his leg and began to stroke it. After a couple of minutes of slow stroking he appeared to at least be aware of what I was doing, but didn't open his eyes. By this time his cock had grown a little, but not enough to do me any good, so I changed what I was doing. I released my grip on his shaft and moved all my fingertips to the head, rolling it around inside his foreskin like I would have done to his balls. I hadn't done this before and at first it really seemed strange. As I rolled his cockhead it really began to grow and I really loved the feeling of it swelling in my fingertips.

Even after it reached its full length and stiffness I continued rolling his cockhead around; I felt like a child with a new toy.

Finally I leaned around and down and took him in my mouth stroking and sucking. Well!! I discovered he wasn't asleep when he suddenly lurched sideways, rolled me half on my side and half on my back, spread my legs, and started really eating me out.

'WOW', I thought. He is suddenly in control.

I had lost my mouth-hold on his cock when he took charge, but I quickly sucked him in again. It was really hard to concentrate with him playing my pussy like a musical instrument.

He sat on the edge of the bed and positioned me facing him, sitting on his lap. No prizes for guessing what disappeared into my pussy as I sat down on him.

We moved together for a few minutes and then he started to stand up. I couldn't believe it when he actually got to his feet and moved a couple of steps away from the bed. My arms were locked around his neck, my legs around his bum, and my pussy fully impaled on his cock. His hands were on my bum cheeks and he was physically bouncing me up and down on his cock. There was absolutely nothing I could do but go along for the ride. What a ride!!!

Finally, he moved back to the bed, sat down, and lay on his back. I was ready to ride him again, just like I had earlier, but he had other ideas.

He pulled out, laid me on my back, and started licking me again. My pussy was a bit sore from his hammering, but not that sore. He sucked my clit again, flicking it with his tongue, knowing I would cum, which I did.

Then he rolled my on my tummy and started to give my bum cheeks a massage, spreading them and stroking absolutely every part of me. He moved up my back next, massaging all the way to my neck in long strokes and, on every upstroke I could feel his cock start to poke me between the legs.

I raised my backside to give him better access as his cock came closer to my pussy. By now I was on my knees and he could feel me wince as he slid his cock inside me. I told him I was sore, but to go ahead anyway.

Instead of pounding my pussy again he pulled out and started using his fingers on me, but not entirely on my pussy. I was already sopping wet, all around everything, and he stroked from my pussy to my bumhole, dragging as much of my juice with his fingers as he could.

I knew what he was up to as he started to slide his finger into my bum. After using one finger for a few seconds he put a second one in, and later a third. As his fingers were gently thrusting I pushed back onto his hand, enjoying something we hadn't done for years.

I was more than ready by now and he knew it. Removing his fingers, he replaced them with his cock, gently pushing into me until he was all the way in. I had forgotten just how full it feels to have a cock in my bum. MMMMMMMmmmmm.

As he fucked my bum he reached one hand around and started stroking my pussy, not putting his fingers inside the sore bits. We both started to fuck frantically and his fingers concentrated on my clit.

When I came it was a good one, and I know how hard I gripped his cock with my bumhole. That was it for hubby. He shot just after I came and we collapsed together.

There was no third attempt.

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