tagNovels and NovellasAmelia the Pirate Queen Ch. 01

Amelia the Pirate Queen Ch. 01


The gamine young woman stood at the taffrail of the westbound brigantine, her long blond hair flowing behind her in the breeze, as she stared into the sun rising over the Atlantic. As she watched she was able to make out the shape of a rapidly approaching ship emerging from the orange orb of the rising sun on the horizon.

The crew of the brigantine had also seen the approaching ship, and though they were able to make out her British colors in the glare, the captain of the merchant brig was not fooled, putting on as much sail as the aged ship would take, fearing that their pursuers were of a piratical nature.

It was the habit of pirates to patrol the middle of the Atlantic for their prey by alternating between a northward and a southward course, waiting for westbound vessels to cross their paths. As soon as their prey had appeared, they would break off and pursue them. And indeed this is what had happened. The pirate sloop had come across the brig just as it was finishing one of its southward swings and they had quickly altered course to chase the larger merchant ship. As the young woman watched from the stern of the brig, the sloop was slowly closing in on its prey.

"You had best get bellow," the boatswain, who was patrolling the deck of the brig, told her.

"Yes, sir," the young woman meekly responded, reluctantly beginning to make her way back to her cabin.

On board the sloop the crew was preparing to board the brig. The pirate captain had ordered his crew to arm themselves and prepare the boarding hooks, as the distance between the two ships decreased.

"We'll be able take her easy", he gloried, "Take down the Jack and put up the Roger. We should be upon them momentarily."

Amelia wasn't having a good time on the passage to colonies. Being cooped up most of the time her cabin with her crazy mother was not her idea of a good time, and now the one time she had been able to sneak out, she had been told to go back by the boson. The small cabin they shared, in the brig's forecastle, had only one small porthole, which was the only source of natural light during the day. She spent most of her days with her needlework and secretly when her mother was sleeping she read the scandalous new novel her father had sent her and she had smuggled on board in her sewing kit. Rereading it over and over, once she had finished it. .

This latest novel that her father had sent her was the story of young woman whose father had died while she was a young girl and had been cheated out of her father's fortune by a cruel stepmother. Sold as mail order bride by her stepmother, the heroine is sent to the colonies to be the wife of a poor farmer. However, en route to the colonies the ship that she is traveling on is intercepted by pirates, and the young handsome pirate captain falls in love with her and takes her back to England. He then helps her to recover her father's fortune and they live happily ever after. How Amelia longed for something like that to happen to her. To be caught by a ruggedly handsome pirate captain and ravished, only to have him fall enthrall to her beauty and take her away from this tedious voyage.

On deck the sailors of the brig were preparing to be boarded. The brig captain, not wanting to risk the lives of his crew and passengers had thought it best to surrender to the pirates without a fight. As the pirates came aboard the men of the brig put up no resistance, letting themselves be striped of their arms. Amelia, hidden away in her cabin, saw none of this however. Her first knowledge that their ship had been captured was a pounding on her cabin door and the loud demand that the occupants of the cabin come out on deck. The door was broken open and a dirty, smelly man in worn sea clothes, with a cutlass in his hand, demanded that they go on deck.

"Get on deck ye wenches, we got plans for you" he bellowed.

Amelia's mother, who as usual was in hysterics, cried out "Oh my god, they are going to kill us."

Amelia silently took her mother by the wrist and tried lead her by the swarthy man, but her mother resisted.

"No I won't go!" she cried.

"Come on mother, we must do what the man says. If we fight him now, it will only be worse for us."

Eventually Amelia was able to get her mother out of their cabin and up on to the deck. Once they were on deck they saw that the crew of the brig had been gathered at the rear of the boat and was surrounded by pirates. Amelia and her mother were forced to join the rest of the passengers who had been gathered at the middle of the ship. The pirates were busy having them empty their pockets, while other pirates were still down below searching their cabins for wealth.

The pirate who seemed to be in charge of the boarding crew seemed to be straight out of her visions of her handsome pirate prince. Trim and well muscled; he had short brown hair and a rakish goatee. He walked down the line of passengers examining them one by one.

"Aren't you the pretty one?" He said when he got to Amelia. "Going to have you first I am," dragging her by her hair to the rail at the side of the ship.

"A coward you are, taking me defenseless as I am,"

"What do you say?" he hollered incredulously.

Having spent her youth cooped up in her father's house with nothing but his library to keep her company, she had a strange idea of her place in the world, feeling more at home with the heroes of Homer than among the line of cowering women that faced the pirates. Many a time in the forests of his estates she imagined assaulting the walls of Troy, running with Achilles, watching him run Hector through with his spear. Some times a poacher would come into her father's lands, intent of filling his larder with the deer that ran there in abundance and end up by being beaten soundly by this "wee little wench". She was not about to let a coward such as this pirate have his way with her without a fight.

"Give me a blade and I will run you through like the son of a dog that you are!", she said, folding her arms across her chest and with a defiant gleam in her eye.

"What?" he asked laughing.

"You heard me coward."

"Somebody give this wench as sword", he laughed.

Quickly one of the mates handed a sword to Amelia. Grasping it in her hand, she swung it around several times, testing its weight.

"This will do", she said, bringing it up into the ready position, her feet spread apart and body loose, ready for combat.

Without another word the pirate captain drew his own blade and made ready. Taking the advantage he quickly swung his blade, aiming for the shoulder of her sword arm. The blow was expertly parried, as were his next, and his next. After the third blow, Amelia took advantage of her opponent's imbalance and slashed him in his chest, cutting in to his shirt and drawing blood.

After being wounded the pirate captain took a step back, as if admitting that this wasn't going to be as easy as he thought. She stood, sword ready, waiting for his next assault.

Not taking any chances this time, he took a step forward and quickly swung the blade at her hand. Amelia tried again to parry, but the strength of the blow came through her defense, striking the sword from her hand and leaving her hand bleeding as the sword clanked to the deck.

"Do thee, yield?" he asked pointing his sword at her chest.

"Yes," she admitted, grudgingly, clutching her bleeding hand.

He whiped the trickle of blood from his blade with her dress and taking a piece of rope that had been handed to him by one of the other pirates he tied her hands to the ship's rail, so that her mid section was over the rail and her back was to him. Taking the dagger from his belt he quickly cut away her skirts and petticoats so that her sex was exposed.

"A sweet virgin are thee?" He asked fingering her hymen.

Amelia didn't know if she was more scared or excited. All through this voyage she had been dreaming about this moment, the moment when her pirate prince would take her and fall in love with her. But, she found that she was crying for fear of what was going to happen to her. The excitement and fear swirled within and her stomach filled with nausea.

"Please, no", she cried plaintively.

"Oh yes I say", said the pirate, working to undo the laces at the fly of his trousers, and taking out his erect member.

Amelia strained twisting her head back as far as it would go to look at him, but seeing his swollen erection only caused to get more excited. To Amelia the pirate's organ looked enormous, since this was the first time she had ever seen a man's erection. The fear and excitement swirling around inside her stomach built up as the pirate came up behind her and she felt him slide his erection into her sex. As she felt the pirate enter she felt a sharp pain as her hymen burst, but it slowly subsided and she felt pleasure slowly building as he penetrated her. The swirling in her stomach engulfed her whole body and her continued screaming only seemed to cause the pirate to penetrate her faster. But as he pumped his organ into her, her cries slowly started to become soft moans, and the building pleasure swept away her fear. As the pirate continued, she felt her sex start to quiver as her orgasm built and her moaning grew louder and more insistent.

"She likes it, says I", exclaimed the pirate.

As there was no point in hiding her pleasure any further, and she started moaning louder in earnest. The pirate responded by increasing the speed and depth of his thrusts.

"She likes my cock in her she does," he cried, as he continued to penetrate her.

Instinctively her sex clenched around the pirate's penis, quivering and urging it to disgorge its load, which it happily did. Amelia cried out in ecstasy as she felt the pirate's member quiver as he released his load into her. As the pirate pulled himself out of her, she quivered with the last of her orgasm, heaving for breath, her hands still tied up on the rail.

"This one's mine. I'll be keeping her", the pirate captain told the men. "Have her brought to my cabin," he said as he went on lacing up the crotch of his pants.

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