tagNovels and NovellasAmelia the Pirate Queen Ch. 03

Amelia the Pirate Queen Ch. 03


The next morning it was clear with the bright yellow sun rising behind the ship as she made her way west. The wind had not changed during the night and when the log was thrown she was making nine knots. The captain called for divisions after eight bells. When all the men assembled on deck, Amelia with her new shorter hair and dressed in her new ship's boy togs stood next to the captain on the quarterdeck, the captain called out the first lieutenant.

"Mr. Jeffries, is the ship's company assembled?"

"Yes Sir, all present, except for Lewis, who is in sick bay."

"Very, well Mr. Jeffries. Mates, I would like to introduce a new member of our crew. This is Adam Stackhouse," holding his hand out toward Amelia. "Mr. Stackhouse is my new cabin boy. He has signed our agreement and will be entitled to a full share. Does anybody have a problem with Mr. Stackhouse joining our crew?"

While it was unusual for a cabin boy to be entitled to a full share of the pirate's ship's booty, with Amelia fingering the dagger at her side, there was silence from the rest of the crew.

"Yesterday, one of the crew attacked Stackhouse here. Mr. Stackhouse was not injured in the attack and was able to defend himself against his attacker. The guilty party is now in sickbay recovering from his injuries. This sort of attack is against the rules of our charter and could be seen as grounds for marooning. It is my opinion that in view of the injuries sustained by the guilty party that reduction in pay to half a share and being left in Nassau is punishment enough for this offense. Be there anyone who disagrees?"

There again was silence from the assembled men.

"Good, we shall be Nassau in three days if the current winds hold. Initial shares will be distributed upon our arrival and we shall be in port until the rest of the cargo can be sold. You may go about your duties."

There was a cheer at the mention of shares being distributed as the crew went back to work. As the crew dispersed, William looked at Amelia and asked, "You know what your duties are?"

"Yes, Son of Edmund."

"Very well, you will kindly get to them then."

"Aye, aye, sir," said Amelia, saluting and walking forward to the main cabin.

On a real Royal Navy ship this amount of familiarity with the captain would have been unheard of and called for a flogging, but the pirate's crew, although they tried to run things like a king's ship, had no need much of the courtesy that would have been due a real naval captain and officers. The Phantom was a democracy, with the captain and officers being elected by the crew. Their orders were followed, but if the crew felt that they weren't taking the right actions to maximize the profit of the crew, new officers would be elected in their place. This was written into the agreement that all the members of the crew had signed and Amelia was now a party to.

Amelia spent the rest of the morning watch cleaning the main cabin. It had been a while since the cabin had been cleaned, and without a river to divert to wash away all debris of two years at sea it was a sizable task. She had finished cleaning the cabin and begun washing the captain's clothing when William returned that afternoon. He was pleasantly surprised at how good the cleaned cabin looked, but wasn't about to mention it to Amelia.

"What do you say to some supper?" he asked.

"Sounds good, I'll go get it."

Amelia left the cabin and went aft to the galley. As Amelia entered the galley a silence fell over the men assembled there. A normally boisterous group of men eating a meal suddenly went dead silent, all eyes on Amelia. Uncomfortable being the center of the men's attention, she went to the cook and got the captain's and her meals and carrying the meals she quickly left the silent galley.

Since the events of the day before, Amelia noticed that silence would descend upon crewmembers whenever she came into contact with them. At first she thought it was because they were scared of her, afraid she might do to them what she had done to Lewis. Soon the silence intimidated Amelia. If only there were some way, she thought, that she could prove she was just another member of the crew. However, each time she came into contact with them, they would stop whatever they were talking about, saying anything to her only when it was necessary. But, that would change with their time in Nassau.

The Phantom arrived in Nassau harbor just after eight bells in the morning. Sailing into the shallow harbor between Paradise and New Providence Islands the crew dropped anchor and made ready the long boat. It was a bright, beautiful island morning, however the town and the adjoining sailcloth tent city looked like a ghost town as most of the residents of Nassau were still sleeping off last night's debauchery.

There was no local authority, the British colonial government having long ago abandoned the island, leaving pirates and their ilk free reign. The shallow harbor was ideal for sheltering small-hulled pirate vessels because larger, deeper hulled men-of-war were unable to enter it. Additionally the high the hills of New Providence provided a valuable lookout when the Royal Navy came prowling. The island also provided abundant resources of timber, food and fresh water. All of this combined to make Nassau a pirate haven.

The Captain, Amelia and several of the men took the long boat to the quay along New Providence. Tying the boat up to the quay, the captain told the men who had come with him to stay by the boat; he and Amelia would go and reconnoiter. The men grumbled at being told they couldn't go into town, but he reminded them that nobody would be about yet and they would have plenty of time for revelry later, in the evening, when at least the island's taverns would be open and the whores would be awake.

Nassau was deserted. Though early yet the hot tropical sun beat down, baking the white washed adobe walls and canvas sailcloth tents of the town. Here and there the street urchins and bastards ran and played, huddling over some coppers found in the gutter or rolling a barrel whoop down the street. The Adult population (if it could be called that) of the city was still at rest, recovering from last night's revels.

William and Amelia walked through the town and he led her to a run down tavern. They walked up to the bar and William asked the man standing behind it if Louis was available. The keeper said yes, he is awake, and offered the pair some coffee while they waited. They sat down at a table in the deserted establishment, sipped their coffee, and waited for the proprietor. It was only a few minutes, when he came down the stairs, behind the bar, to greet his guests.

"William, how are you mon ami?" said the skinny Frenchman.

"Well, Louis, and you?"

"I am well, it is good to see you, how was your voyage? Profitable I hope."

"Yes, we did well, I have plenty of merchandise for you. Louis I would like you to meet the newest member of our crew. This is Adam Stackhouse, my new cabin boy."

"A pleasure, young sir, welcome to my establishment," said Louis, shaking Amelia's hand. "I hope you will be with us later tonight."

Amelia mumbled that she would.

"Adam, Louis here is the best fence in Nassau, and he runs excellent tavern."

"Tres Bien. You will have an inventory of your prizes for me?"

"Here" said the captain, pulling a sheet of parchment out of his coat and handing it to the Frenchman.

"Hmm. Let us see." Louis took several minutes examining the list of goods that the pirates had captured. "Well I will have to see the merchandise before I can give you a full quote, but you seem to have done very well. I will advance any of your men credit at the bar should they want it, but as you know the girls upstairs are a cash only business."

"As always Louis, thank you for your hospitality," said the captain, as he made ready to leave.

"I will see you this evening, mon ami?"

"Of course"

Amelia and William left the bar and went back to the longboat. Getting aboard they were rowed back to the ship, anchored in the harbor.

That evening, William assigned five men to stay behind on the ship and stand watch, while the rest of the crew were given a preliminary share of gold coin, until the rest of the goods could be liquidated, and sent ashore. The long boat ferried back and forth, carrying the pirate crew to the onshore establishments. William and Amelia were in one of the last groups to go ashore. Nassau seemed to be lit up with fire when they came ashore, as the evening's revelry was already in full swing. The streets were filled with drunken sailors rolling on the cobblestones, assaulting passers by, and begging for money for more alcohol. William and Amelia made their way back to Louis' place.

Inside the party was in full swing, as the crew was already quickly spending their booty on liquor and women. Louis quickly recognized William, as he entered, and hustled a couple of drunken sailors from a table so William, Amelia and a few other members of his pirate crew could sit down. William ordered tankards of ale for everyone sitting around the table and they were quickly delivered.

Amelia looked around the tavern. All the men around her seemed to be having a good time and drinking heavily. She sat and listened as the men sitting around them told tales of their times at sea and their conquests. It bothered Amelia that she had none of her own to brag about. Amelia started drinking the tankard or ale that had been set before her. William, sitting next to her, challenged her to finish her tankard before he could finish his. Lifting their tankards to their mouths, they stared at each other, each trying to finish their ale before the other. Amelia tried drink as quickly as she could, but she did not finish it before William. William laughed, and ordered another pair of tankards, which quickly arrived.

William produced a pair of dice and proposed that they play a game of chance, betting instead of money, they would bet drinks of ale. Amelia and the other men sitting around the table agreed. As the game proceeded and the men were able to assign drinks to the other players, and it seemed to Amelia that she was being given more drinks than the other players. She was afraid to say anything, but particularly when William was giving out drinks, he always gave them to Amelia. Soon Amelia was beginning to feel a bit strange as she noticed that her coordination in rolling the dice was suffering.

As Amelia was about to finish her third tankard, a lady with long bright red hair and wearing a scarlet colored sleeveless dress sat down at the table next to William and kissed him on the cheek.

"Hey Will, how are you?"

"I am well, Lavender."

"Who is your new friend?" she asked.

"This is Adam, he is new on our crew."

"Hello Adam, aren't you a strapping young man," tapping Amelia on the shoulder.

Amelia looked away trying to hide her embarrassment.

"Adam," said William, "this is Lavender Spray, she is one of the ladies that works upstairs."

"Hello Lavender," said Amelia, shaking the woman's hand, finally looking up at her.

"Oh, he's a shy one," said Lavender, giggling. "Hey Adam, why don't you come upstairs with me and we can have some fun?"

"I'm not really in the mood for that sort of thing," said Amelia feeling very drunk for the first time in her life.

"What as shame?" said Lavender.

"Why not?" said William, smiling to himself, reaching into his pocket, pulling out a few pieces of gold and handing them to Lavender. "Lavender, why don't you take Adam here upstairs and make a man of him?"

"But…" said Amelia, too drunk to offer any coherent resistance.

"Mmm, what a good idea," said Lavender. Taking Amelia's hand, she led her across the bar and upstairs to her room. All the way up Amelia had tried to put up resistance but feeling very drunk she had trouble and Lavender was able to lead her, chiding her all the way not to worry that everything would be all right.

The room was small and decorated with purple cloth wall hangings. The only lighting was three candles burning in a holder on a nightstand next to the bed. Lavender led Amelia to the bed and sat her down.

"You sit there for a moment honey, I'll be right with you," she said.

Amelia, in a daze, sat down and watched as the woman began to undress. She slid her dress down her body, to reveal a matching red lace bra and panty set and stepped out of her high-heeled shoes. Her skin was of the palest ivory color and the only trace of color was her bright red lips. She sat down on Amelia's lap and began kissing her, first kissing her on the mouth and then down her neck. Amelia felt herself beginning to get aroused despite her drunken condition. Amelia felt her arousal begin to grow, like a fire started from a smoldering coal sitting amongst tinder, slowly catching light and then building in intensity.

Lavender stopped kissing Amelia and looked into her eyes.

"Do you like me honey? I'll make a man of you. How does that sound?"

Amelia felt her resistance crumbling, as Lavender stood up and removed her bra and panties revealing her ample breasts and a tuft of bright red hair between her legs.

Smiling at Amelia, she said, "Now it is your turn, honey." She sat back down in Amelia's lap and began to unbutton Amelia's shirt. When three of the buttons had been undone she was able to see the piece of cloth that Amelia had tied around her breasts to cover them up. Lavender assumed that it was an old bandage, covering a healed wound.

"Does that hurt, baby?" said Lavender as she ran her hands over the cloth.

"Mmmm not really," said the dazed Amelia.

"Wait a minute," said Lavender realizing the truth and pulling the cloth off. Amelia tried to grab the cloth, but too quickly for her to react the cloth was away and Amelia's small breasts were in view.

Seeing them Lavender stopped for a moment and stared at them.

"What the…" she said jumping off of Amelia's lap.

Her hands went to Amelia's crotch and she quickly began unlacing Amelia's trousers. When she got the trousers unlaced she began to gently laugh.

"Oh honey, you should have told me," she said laughing, and giving Amelia another kiss on the lips.

Amelia tried to get up off of the bed, but in her drunken state was unsteady getting up.

"I'll go back down stairs," she said as she finally got to her feet.

"That's okay honey, you don't have to go," said Lavender, hugging her and giving her another kiss. "Let's give the boys something to fantasize about."

She helped the drunken Amelia remove the rest of her clothes, pulling off her shoes and socks and pulling her trousers off of her legs. After removing the rest of Amelia's clothes she helped Amelia lie back on the bed and climbed on top of her.

"Don't worry honey, us girls have ways we can have fun by ourselves. While the boys may have some good things about them, they don't always do things right."

Lavender began kissing Amelia again, starting with her mouth, feverishly inserting her tongue into Amelia's mouth. Amelia's tongue responded, reaching out to meet her tongue as it entered her mouth. For several minutes they kissed, tongues rubbing against each other, feeling each other. Lavender soon began kissing her way down Amelia's chest. She began kissing Amelia's breasts and taking each of her nipples in her mouth in turn. Amelia felt her nipples harden as Lavender took them in her mouth, and all thoughts of resistance left Amelia as her pleasure grew.

"Oh yes," Amelia mumbled.

"You like that," said Lavender. "No reason I should stop." She continued kissing and licking her way down Amelia's body. She kissed her way down Amelia's belly, sticking her tongue into her navel. Slowly she was approaching Amelia's unshaven blond pubic hair. For several seconds she licked just above Amelia's pussy, letting her anticipation build. Amelia knew what came next and could not wait to feel Lavender's tongue on her and in her, but Lavender made her wait.

"Lick me," she begged.

Lavender laughed, and spread Amelia's legs. She saw that Amelia's pussy was wet as she began to lick it. She licked slowly at first, working her way around the edge of her folds. Licking her away around and around, she felt Amelia begin to shudder at her ministrations. As she started to lick faster Amelia began to moan.

Leaving Amelia lying on the bed, Lavender went to the nightstand and blew out one of the candles that had been burning in the holder. Taking the candle in her hand she knelt by Amelia's side. Amelia didn't say anything, but Lavender could tell by looking at her face that she was uncomfortable with what she was about to do.

"That's okay honey, we can save that for later."

Setting the candle aside, Lavender went back to licking Amelia's cunt. This time she concentrated on Amelia's small clit, taking it into her mouth and massaging it with her tongue. Amelia's moaning increased as the speed of Lavender began to lick faster. Soon Lavender took a finger and began to penetrate Amelia's cunt as she continued to lick Amelia's engorged clit.

"Mmmm oh, yes," Amelia moaned as she felt her orgasm build. Lavender put two fingers into Amelia penetrating her faster and faster. Soon Lavender's fingers were awash with Amelia's fluids as she climaxed and loudly moaned.

"Yessss," moaned Amelia as she came.

Lavender continued to lick and finger Amelia, now inserting a third finger. As the first orgasm subsided, Amelia felt another one building. Soon it was upon her and another wave of her fluid broke as Amelia's cunt clasped around Lavender's fingers. In silent ecstasy, eyes closed, Amelia felt the wave of orgasm break over her body and then ebb.

With Amelia stunned into silence, Lavender climbed back on top of her and gave her a long kiss on the lips.

"If you're ever back in Nassau you come see me, okay?"

After a few moments of silence, and lying in bed together, the women got up, and slowly got back into their clothes. Amelia was still slightly drunk and full off post coital bliss as she walked back down stairs with Lavender.

When they got back down to the bar they found William and several men of the pirate crew were rolling with laughter.

"I didn't think you would do it," he laughed at Amelia.

Amelia and Lavender smiled knowingly.

"Maybe you could join us next time?" said Lavender. "But, of course I'll have to charge you double."

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