tagNonHumanAmelia's Halloween

Amelia's Halloween


The rain seemed relentless in it's task to drench everything in its sight. Rivulets of water trickled down the slender column of her neck and traveled lower between the swells of those delicious full breasts. The white medieval bar wench like top that she had been wearing since late last night was clinging to the sweet curves of her body, dark rose colored nipples jutted out in protest to the cool breeze blowing through the dense forest around her. The thin sliver of a red silk cape did nothing to shield her from the weather all the way out here in the middle of natures elements.

Damning her stupidity for not following the directions her friends had given her to the party, Amelia had mistakenly thought she could take a short cut. Which in turn, turned out to be a very bad decision indeed. Considering that her car had broken down and she had spent the night in the very uncomfortable front seat of her Honda. This Halloween was supposed to have been a blast, but if she didn't find her way out of this tree maze she would never make it to the party tonight. It was a good thing that her friend had told her to come yesterday so they could have a 'girls night' before the all day long Halloween bash. And to make her situation stink even more, she had told her that she might or not might come, so no one would be looking for her.

Although those black lace up boots were very sexy, the five inch heal was killing her. Especially when she had been treading over roots and fallen leaves for the past eight hours. Had she stuck to the main gravel road she may have found her way into town. But as it had been she had gone into the cover of the trees to escape the hard pounding rain around her. And even though the rain was starting to fall softer now, she had no idea where the main road was. Why, oh why, did she veer so far into the trees for? Didn't she hear about this little town's urban legends?

Taking a slender yet capable hand, she ran her fingertips through her long rain drenched fire gold hair. Even those long ebony lashes of hers were soaked as she blinked them over slate blue eyes. Her heart rate picked up as she stopped suddenly and turned around. Her eyes darting around her nervously as she scanned her surroundings in the waning light of the day. She had been getting the weird feeling that someone or something had been following her for the past half hour. The occasional twig snap, the wind blowing through the trees, and various other noises sent chills over her creamy skin. She had to be going crazy, there was nothing following her. She kept herself in denial for the next few minutes as she pressed onward. Not really sure where she was going, but sure that she would eventually have to come upon a stream or something she could follow.

She was quite exhausted and those long bare legs rebelled against her as they had begun to ache hours ago. She was sure that just a little rest couldn't hurt. She walked over to a large oak tree and sat down slowly. The harsh bark biting through her red cape and causing a little discomfort, but she was to tired to mind. Thinking that she would just scoot down a little further into a side lying position, she would rest her eyes for a minute or two. The rain had slowed down to a light mist now, and eventually stopped. But Amelia wouldn't know this, for she had fallen into a light sleep.

Those creamy thighs curled up against each other looked so delicious, he just had to have her. Just a little closer...He had been trailing her for the past two or three miles and couldn't help himself. Her scent was so luscious and female. He needed a taste, and a small one just wouldn't do. The beast inside him roared for him to get closer, to devour her. And the man in him wanted the same. What a deadly combination. But the irony of the situation made him smirk. Those lips curling upwards into a snarl and showing off razor like teeth in the only way a muzzle could smirk. She would have to be dressed in a Little Red Riding Hood costume. He may have even chuckled if he could have, but the only sound he might make would have been a low guttural growl.

Keeping to the shadows and behind the thick trees, he had watched her for several minutes. Those amber eyes of his never leaving his victim. He waited until she had fallen asleep before he began to stalk closer. Her scent was so intoxicating. He could smell the orange blossom lotion she was wearing that mixed with the smell of her skin, even the chocolate kiss she had eaten earlier, but most of all, her sex.

Looking down upon her from his tall height, he dropped to all fours to get a better sniff. His muzzle inched closer to the juncture of those milky thighs. As he began to savor her sweet musky fragrance, she shifted slightly. Almost as if she could feel his hot steamy breath against her bare thighs. Her legs parted slightly making the short hemline of her red silk skirt slide even higher. Giving him better access to the treasure beneath those pristine white silk panties. A low snarl escaped past his lips, and he knew he just had to taste her.

A large claw clad paw snaked out and tore at those white panties. Ripping them from her body and leaving angry red welts in their wake, yet not breaking the skin. He didn't want to hurt her, well, not to much anyway. His large frame quickly covered her and she was face to face with the snout of a wolf? Wait, not just a wolf, this animal was huge. But it had human characteristics, the eyes mostly giving that away. She was horrified and so shocked that her voice escaped her. Being so traumatized she was unable to do anything but stare back at him. The whites of her eyes showing her immense fear.

It wasn't until he reared back slightly and stripped her of her shirt did she scream in pain as one of his paws scraped the top of her chest. A drop of blood surfaced and trickled slowly down the side of that firm breast until it hit the dirt beneath her. The smell of her blood only served to enhance his need to a new level. He snarled down at her in warning as he brought his paw upwards to press against those full heart shaped lips, willing her to be silent or else. She got the hint and tried not to scream as he took his paw from her mouth. A slight whimper escaped as he took that same paw that was over her mouth and drew his claws almost gently down that small chin of hers and lower still. Pausing momentarily at her jugular and tapping twice, warning her again before resuming the slow chilling pace downwards. Dragging over her collar bone before pressing flat against the firm fleshy mound of her breast.

Her skin was afire with chills, whether it be from fear or the way he was drawing his claws over her she didn't know. Her nipple had risen of is own accord in wanton pleasure, pressing flush against the palm of his paw. He rolled his palm slowly, rubbing the aroused bud. Teasing it until it was so taught she almost felt faint with morbid pleasure. But more was in store for her as claws transformed into fingertips, and his muzzle retracted to form a very human male face. His features were so harsh they could have been carved from granite. Yet those amber eyes stayed the same. His body had conformed also and instead of canine haunches lurching above her and holding her prisoner, they were thickly muscled thighs, bent at the knees and on either side of her curvy hips, pressing her heavily into the wet soil.

She almost slipped into unconsciousness from the sheer implausibility of her situation. But he brought her back swiftly with a hard squeeze to her breast, her full bosom near the point of bursting. She could feel the long thick shaft of his cock lying heavily against her lower abdomen, and the knowledge of this felt like a kick to the stomach. Arousal curled it's fiery fingers around her sex and warm viscous fluid lubricated her pussy. Her body was actually enjoying this, she thought in horror as he began to rub his huge shaft against her heated skin. She closed her eyes tightly shut, trying to pretend this was all just a dream.

The only reason he had changed forms was for her benefit, and it was very trying for him to cage the wolf inside him. He didn't want to kill her, so holding back his beast was the only way he could save her life. Grabbing her wrists, he pressed them into the earthen floor above her head none to gently and leaned down to harshly suckle the protruding pink bud of her right breast. Then he worked his way left to lick the small blood trail from the side of her left breast. The sweet metallic taste drove him insane as he lapped it up. But he just had to taste something else. Raising his head slightly he looked down at her angelic face, her features looking so delicate and fragile. His voice was deep with a jagged edge to it as he told her, " Don't even think about moving or running away, we both know what I am and what I'm capable of doing to you."

Those thick black lashes flew open as he spoke, at the same instant he finished his last word she pleaded to him, " Please, don't, Don't kill me..." Her voice cracking with terror. In return for her pleading he then snarled at her a rough response, " Shut up, hold still and I won't hurt you.". He then proceeded to drag his fingertips down her delicate arms, issuing a shiver out of her as she whimpered again. Secretly knowing what he was going to do next. His hard muscled body slowly began to glide down hers. His hot moist breath misting over her fragile body until he found what he was looking for, the bare mound of her sex.

Immersing his nose between the folds of her distended lips. He breathed in her dewy wetness and couldn't help himself as he rubbed the bridge of his nose in her pussy, easily finding her now swollen clit. His hands had followed a little more slowly than his face, stealing down her ample breasts and lower still over her soft yet firm tummy. And stopping hesitantly to toy playfully with the tiny diamond naval ring at her belly button before catching up with his mouth and nose.

His thick fingers slipped over her pussy lips, roughly pulling them apart. Stretching her open so he could feast upon her honeyed sweetness. His head was swimming with the taste and smell of her pussy. He just couldn't get enough of her as his tongue began to lap at her clit and soon sucking it deep between his lips, tugging at it and causing illustrious pleasure to tear through her body. Her breath came in raspy hesitations as he sucked her ambrosian pussy juice into his mouth. It wasn't until his teeth nipped her engorged clit did her hips jerk upwards and a yelp escape those lovely lips. But for her reaction she received a hard slap from the palm of his hand to her left breast. Hard enough to leave a hot red hand print covering from one side all the way to the other. Her tit jiggling from the impact and making her nipple sting with pain. Her voice shaky and pleading as she said, " I'm sorry...please...don't". He growled at her, never taking his nose out from the juncture of her thighs and rooted his nose deeper into the folds of her crotch.

Burying his tongue inside the entry of her vaginal cavity he stabbed at her pussy, making her writhe with pleasure. Her small hands now indecisively making their shaky way downwards to stroke hesitantly at first, and after not receiving any warning not to, she buried them deep in his charcoal colored hair. Yet it felt more like long silken fur instead of human hair. Lifting those curvy hips upwards off the dirty forest floor, she began to grind her pussy into his face. Her sticky juices smearing over that stone carved jaw line and running down his chin. She couldn't believe how wet she was, and against her will at that. He groaned low in his throat to praise and encourage her reaction to his assault on her sex. He was throughly relishing the way she was grinding against his face. Nearly smothering him in her moist velvet folds. His palms them pressed ravenously down on her hips as he turned and raised his head, giving the inside of her pussy soaked thigh a playful bite before rasing up and towering over her. His weight now pressing her down, one hand supporting himself, and the other grabbing at the outside of her thigh and pushing it upwards. Her high heeled boot clad foot now resting on his broad shoulder. The other shapely leg getting the hint and spreading wider to accommodate his lean hips between hers and bending at the knee. The toe of her boot slowly teasing it's way up and down the back of his muscled leg.

A heinous smile played across his lips as he looked down into her eyes the same moment his thick pole pressed against her entrance. Her eyes widened slightly, he felt enormous and she worried that he was going to tear her petite pussy. With his one free hand he reached between them and teasingly rubbed the swollen head of his cock against her clit, coating it with her thick honey. She could no longer resist as she lifted her hands and began to trail her fingertips over the thick cords of hard muscle that twined themselves about his back. The deeper his iron rod pressed into her pussy, the harder her nails dug into his back and he loved it. His eyes connected with hers just before slamming his pelvis against her as hard as he could, ramming his huge member deep into the hot fiery cavern of her pussy. A scream of pain mixed with pleasure echoed off the trees around them as her pussy jerked and strained to contain his large tool inside her. He didn't even give her the mercy of a moment to get used to his enormous size before he started pumping into her hot box. Making her scream for more, or less, she wasn't sure. She couldn't believe the impact his hips were having on her pelvis, bruising her tender flesh as he raped her willing pussy. He could barely control himself, especially with her unbelievably tight little pussy clutching him deeper into it's hot silken depths.

With an animal like growl he ripped himself from her hotness and fisted his fingers roughly into those damp blonde tresses. Winding her hair around his fingers as she yelped in pain. He then pulled her up to her knees as he stood and guided her sweet lips to the head of his dick. Pressing the tip against her mouth until those pretty pink lips parted and sucked him in. She could taste as well as smell herself on his cock, her fragrance clinging to his rock hard member like glue. She began taking him deeper with fervor now. Her blonde head bobbing back and forth on his shaft, and when he would jerk his hips forward, the tip of his dick would pop into the back of her throat, cutting off her air supply and nearly choking her. His fingers in her hair tangled tighter as she began to gently cup his large sac with her left hand.

He was barely keeping the beast inside at bay the way it was and he could take no more. Grabbing her small shoulders, his thumbs digging roughly into her collar bone. He turned her around and shoved her roughly to the ground on her stomach and grabbed her hips with bruising force. His big fingers digging into her satiny flesh. A fine dusting of charcoal colored fur began to appear all over his body as he felt the change begin. He wasn't able to hold back his wolfish beast anymore. As he leaned over her backside, one hand lifting her hips and pressing that thick fleshy ass of hers against his pelvis, the other leaning forward and shoving the back of her head. Harshly shoving her face into the damp dirt of the forest floor. His fingers turned to claws and palms to paws. The muscles of his back lengthened and bulged as his already large frame grew heavier and even more formidable. Just before his change was complete he rammed his massive cock into her tiny pussy. The tip of his expanding cock pressing intensely at her back wall. She screamed into the soil beneath her. She could taste the gritty dirt in her mouth as he shoved even harder on the back of her head, silently telling her to shut up and take the pounding she was about to get.

She could feel his sleek fur tickling her naked body as she quivered and writhed against him. She knew he had changed. She could feel his claws weighing heavily against her skin, but all she wanted to do was orgasm. She was so far gone that she was in some perverse way actually enjoying every minute of his abuse. As he finished his transformation, he dropped down to his paws on the dirt beside hers and she closed her eyes when she saw those four inch razor sharp claws next to her feminine hands. She could feel the heat radiating from his huge body as well as those fine hairs on his mid section rubbing her bare back. He was near his peak as he nuzzled the back of her neck with his snout. Pushing her hair to the side so he could breath hot steamy breaths down her spine. He knew one bite could paralyze her and he could eat and drink his fill of her flesh and blood, but his need to mate was stronger then his need to feed. For the moment anyway.

His cock was so mammoth it was ripping her pussy apart. It hurt so much but it felt so good at the same time. With every hard thrust he gave, she pushed that round firm ass against him. Her pussy began to tighten and convulse the same time her body was engulfed in the white hot fire of her orgasm. Her body was spasming along with her seziuratic pussy. She was senseless with total abandonment. He had to actually hold on to her to keep her from going limp as his cock began to swell and a knot began to form at it's base just before he filled her full of his hot seed. Burning her with his hot cum. Even with the knot at the base of his dick straining tightly against the inside of her pussy walls, his cum came gushing out of her constricted pussy. Unable to hold it all, even with the size of his ungodly girth sealing her pussy entrance. His thick fluid running down the inside of her thighs all the way to her knees.

In the same instant he came, the overwhelming need to taste her blood one more time took him over. But instead of delivering a paralyzing bite to the back of her neck, he quickly leaned to the side and bit down on her shoulder. Just enough to break the skin so he could gently lap the crimson blood that seeped out, staining her creamy flesh. He knew full well what he had done as soon as his sticky saliva mixed with her blood. And over the next few days she was going to be experiencing a few changes she never knew her body was capable of.

He reveled in the aftermath of his victim's pleasured pain in his assault upon her body as he waited for his rigid cock to dissipate. He fell victim to the urge to nuzzle the side of her neck. His canine tongue gently tickling the back of her ear as he licked her with the tip of his tongue. Almost as if to thank her in a way.

He secretly hoped to see her again someday, but for now, as he slipped his now deflating dick from her sopping wet cunt, he would see her safely back to her little foreign car. Having already changed back to his human form, he picked up her small listless body, now unconscious from the reaction happening inside her body due to his bite. He carried her through the woods. One arm supporting her against him and the other hand cradling her against his chest, almost in a caring manner and proceeded to make his way back towards the main road.

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