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American Geisha


It was the Crowne Plaza hotel, corner suite. I had moved the small breakfast table and two chairs out to the balcony where Jay loved to sit and watch the lake and eat. The table was presented well; a centerpiece of flowers that I had arranged myself, a spot for a single plate (I had already eaten) and a glass waiting for the wine which I had opened fifteen minutes earlier to allow it to breathe. I too was well presented. I was wearing the little black dress my lover had bought me, black thigh highs and matching heels. The heels were off for the moment so I could better prepare for my lover's arrival. Sometimes he wanted me barefoot, other times shod. Since I had found them in the hotel room upon my arrival, I knew that today he wanted me shod. I was also wearing the new teal bra and panty set he had provided me. He really seemed to like teal on me! My hair and make-up were done to his desires. The book he had required me to read lay read on the bed. The CD of traditional Japanese music he had bought played on the hotel's CD alarm clock. I had sprayed my perfume in the air, so that to his nose I was just another part of the room. I am a modern, American Geisha.

My cell phone rang, it was him. "Lady, are you ready for me?" It was more of a command than a friendly question. If I was he would be up in five minutes exactly. We would then begin the ritual that brought Man and Geisha much happiness. However, if I responded no he would leave and I would not get whatever present he had brought me. And more importantly, I would not be able to spend the morning with my lover.

"Yes, honorable sir." I answered demurely. I then hurried to retrieve his carefully prepared plate from the iceless cooler I used as a warmer. I poured his glass of wine. I then slipped into my heels and proceeded to the door. I stood there so I could open the door at his first knock. I looked at the clock; I had three minutes until I hear that familiar rapping.

Unk. The knock was muffled by the heavy wooden door. I opened it promptly and smoothly. "Anya-ha-se-o" I greeted him in Korean and bowed respectively at the waist as he entered the room. He did not reply or return the bow. As the man, that was not required. He stopped just as he cleared the door way, and stood. I closed the door and immediately began slipping his jacket off of him. He was a businessman who used me to relax, and today I could feel the tension in his back as I made him more comfortable. I then hung up his jacket in the closet next to where he was standing. "Shoes?" I asked. Any servile questions I had, he wanted me asking in only one word.

"Yes." He responded, although he was free to use as many words as he wanted. I dropped into a crouch, and held his right shoe in place as he raised it up and out. He held his foot in midair, and I leaned over slightly and lightly kissed it. Then he lowered it to the floor, and I moved to his other foot to repeat the ritual. When this was done I stood and put the shoes under his jacket in the closet and closed the closet door.

He then inspected the room. Everything was neat and tidy. All signs of my personal effects were hidden. He walked over to the bed and picked up the book. This visit it was the Tao Te Ching, and he opened it to a random page. His selection often varied. If he was happy with me he might give me a choice. If he was unhappy with me he may choose a book about BDSM to remind me how good I had it. If he thought I had done something dumb, he may choose a children's book so I wouldn't hurt my brain.

"In battle, what side is the soldier on?"

"The left, active side." He smiled, his only indication that I was right.

He then moved to the table and took his seat. I stood dutifully behind him. He gingerly tested the food, making sure it was warm. He then sniffed the wine, making sure I had allowed it enough time to breathe. I am honestly not convinced that he is a wine aficionado but I would be mortified to test him!

He held up his hand and with two fingers, he beckoned me to take my seat close to him. He began telling me about his day. As he did his hand would find its way to various parts of my body. He never touched me in any overtly sexual ways; a brush against my breast here or a hand resting on my knee or inner thigh there. But it was enough to get me flushed. I was enthusiastic about the good points, sorrowful about the low and acted upset when he was upset. He told me about a problem employee that had made him mad. I told him it would make me very happy to go beat up this scum, and I asked permission. He laughed a dismissive chuckle. "No, lotus blossom, I don't need a woman" he said the word in amused contempt "to solve my problems." He then leaned over and lightly kissed my forehead as one would a child who had brought home a 100 on her spelling test.

Finished talking about work, he pointed to his plate. This was my sign to begin feeding him. I cut a piece of his steak and delicately picked it up with my fingers and gently put the food in his mouth. He closed his lips around my fingers and looked in my eyes. Then he began to chew and I pulled my fingers out of his mouth to prepare his next bite. I never looked my lover in the eyes and kept my head down out of respect. I fed my lover in complete silence as he enjoyed the view of the lake and myself, the smell of the room and myself, the feel of the breeze and myself and the taste of his meal and myself.

Satisfied he stood and went back into the suite and sat on the bed. I followed and took up position behind him. I began to slowly massage his aching back. He asked me what had been on the news that morning. In a soft voice I conveyed every story that had been on Headline News. He told me his opinions and I made sure to agree with him on everything but one thing; as was his pleasure. Then he began to tell me about his football team's game over the last weekend. I showed him how enthusiastic I was his team had won. I also asked him for the hundredth time what a touchdown was.

Relaxed he lay down and I snuggled next to him. He kissed me, lightly at first, then harder. His tongue entering my mouth, tasting me to make sure I had properly brushed and gargled after I had my light lunch. His hands freely exploring my body, which he knew was not mine but his. He did not try to take off my dress which was my sign that all he wanted was fellatio. I unbuttoned his dress shirt. I broke his kiss to nibble on his ear, and then slowly and softly kiss down his bared chest. He spread his legs open for me to move my body so I was kneeling in between them. I unbuttoned his pants and softly slid them down just enough that his cock was free.

I softly grasped his thick shaft in my left hand and cupped his massive scrotum in my right. I used my fingernails to delicately tease and caress his balls. As I played with him I leaned forward, and starting at the base of his shaft I slowly licked the underside of his penis from bottom to top. I smiled at him making contact, to show him I appreciated his treat. I then licked both sides of his penis from bottom to top, repeating my smile. Finally I licked the top of his penis from bottom to top, tracing his bulging dorsal vein.

Now I began flicking his head with my tongue. I watched his expression as he groaned his approval. As my tongue tired I lifted my head up and spit onto his cock as he so loved. My spit slid down his shaft, oozing onto my hand. I think he liked it since it was like a premonition of his cum splattered on my face. After just the right length of time I eagerly slid my mouth over his shaft. I tried to inhale him, but as usual he was just too much man for me. I felt his hands on my head, guiding my speed. Slowing my tempo or speeding it up; whatever he desired at the moment. Within minutes he was in charge, holding my head while he thrust up from the bed like he was fucking my pussy or holding my head down on his shaft until I gagged. Unlike other girls I knew not to hide the slurping, gagging and other weird noised that my warm, wet mouth made on his penis.

Within moments he pulled my head off his cock, grasped it and pointed it at me like a gun. He then fired a massive, stringy load of creamy, gooey cum all over my face. It was all over my cheeks, nose, glasses, lips, chin and I could taste a few precious drops in my mouth. I watched him as he got up and retrieved a spoon from the table and came back over. For the next few moments he cleaned my face with the spoon, and fed me his cum.

When he was done cleaning me, he stood and headed to the door and opened it. I stood and crossed the room to him and retrieved his shoes and slid them onto his feet one at a time, kissing each foot after I put a shoe on him. A few people walked by. The women displayed their disapproval while the men struggled to hide their jealousy towards my lover. I then stood up, allowing any passerby to see my face, and the little bit of cum that was drying on my face. I helped my lover into his jacket.

"You may keep the room to pleasure yourself." He said, kissed me on a cum-free spot on my forehead and then left me to pleasure myself, alone, happy and fulfilled by my lover's satisfaction.

I am a modern, American Geisha.

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