tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAmerican Gods: Mad Sweeney's coin

American Gods: Mad Sweeney's coin


Mad Sweeney shifted around in the back seat, his hat over his eyes. His knees were seizing up from his 6-foot-5-inch bulk being crammed into the yellow cab. He tried to stretch out enough to pop his joints but couldn't get very far, so instead he kicked the front seat a few times to maybe make the others in the car as uncomfortable as he was.

He could feel the dead wife, Laura's, withering gaze on him for a second, then heard the rasp of fabric on a seat as she turned back around. The cab driver, Saddiq-not-Saddiq, just went on talking - he didn't even stutter a syllable.

Sweeney could feel his coin just feet away, buried in that bitch's belly and powering the abomination - it was so close, yet so fucking far away. Everything would just be easier if he could have ripped it out of her at the motel. But no, she had to give it to him, not to mention she had that freak bitch strength going for her.

No, he was going to have to get her to Kentucky before he could get his coin, and his luck, back. So Sweeney settled in to his seat, trying in vain to get comfortable, and thought of the first, and only other time he'd lost his lucky coin - getting it back that time had been a hell of a lot more fun than this.

That time he'd been woken up, not by crash in a bathroom stall, but by a hand rooting around in his pants. Sweeney was groggy and a headache was already threatening to crack his skull open.

He tried to say something and roll over but it came out as more of an angry moan. The hand snatched itself away and Sweeney heard steps running off.

Sweeney lay there for a few minutes, gathering his strength and then finally pushed himself up. He was lying in an alley - mercifully shady at this time of the morning - surrounding by contents of a dumpster that had been turned over.

This was a new one for Sweeney - he always ended up on a bed or indoors at least.

He braced himself and stood up, but almost fell back over thanks to the headache that somehow managed to pound even harder. He looked to the left and right and chose to go right - the sun was shining bright to the left.

Something was nagging at the back of his mind, but he pushed it away - if it was really important it would present itself in time.

He looked around once he got out of the alley and it was the building just across the street that told him where he was. "Hair of the Dog" read the sign on the pub.

As he was watching, the "open" sign turned on.

"Why not," Sweeney said to himself. He ran a hand through his dull red hair, and back through his short beard of the same colour, brushing away any garbage that managed to tag along with him.

When he walked into the pub the middle-aged woman wiping down tables looked up.

"Hey, stranger. It's been a whole..." she looked at the clock above the bar behind her. "...eight hours since you were here last. Did you miss me?"

Sweeney rolled his eyes and waved his hand like he was batting her words away from him. "Rye" he said simply.

The smile slid off her face and she went to fix him his drink without a word. Sweeney followed to her to the bar.

Almost as soon as she set the rye down in front of him he picked it up and downed it one swallow. "Another"

She raised an eyebrow, but poured the drink and again Sweeney downed it immediately. Once the fire passed through his chest Sweeney started to feel better.

He asked for another, but she didn't move. "Show me your money first, that'll be eighteen dollars for the two."

"Fine," Sweeney said simply. He reached to his back pocket, but found nothing there. He patted his other pocket then, finding nothing there either. He felt all over then remembered the hands on him before he woke up.

Sweeney swore, and the waitress's face turned from incredulous to angry in a flash.

"You start shit up last night, now you're stealing drinks? Get the fuck out."

"Hey wait a minute," Sweeney started, but he didn't get any farther because the woman had pulled a sawed-off shotgun out from under the bar.

"That's not going to work for you sweetheart. Pour me another drink and I'll show you a trick."

Her finger responded by pulled the trigger, making Sweeney's ears ring as the shot passed just over his left shoulder. That had never happened before, guns in his direction always misfired, or weren't loaded, or any number of things that meant they didn't fire at him.

This was bad.

Sweeney backed out of the pub slowly, his hands in front of him, watching the woman follow him out the door with the barrel of the gun.

He turned around when he walked out the door and started stomping "fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK!"

Then the car hit him. It clipped his hip and sent him spinning and tumbling to the ground. He lay on the pavement and heard the squeal of tires as the car swerved and then the revving of an engine as it sped off.

This was very bad.

Sweeney got up gingerly, he was going to have a few bruises later, and he wiped the blood that was trickling down his face.

He got back on the sidewalk and started emptying out his "pockets", pulling the coins from everywhere, but the one he wanted didn't come.

Now he knew what had been gnawing at the back of his mind - his lucky coin was gone. This was the real deal, the one fit only for kings and gods.

Having figure out what it feeling was, Sweeney could follow it, the slight tug pulling him west - no, northwest.

He shouted another couple times for good measure, scaring a nearby tomcat in the process, then started walking toward the pull.

It must have been that woman from last night - a nice piece of ass. She was a redhead - dyed, but that didn't bother him. He bought her a drink and she seemed to warming up to him, she was laughing at everything he said and leaned in when he grabbed her. But it all got ruined when that fucking bruiser picked a fight. Sweeney couldn't remember anything after that.

He and the woman had made a bet, something about the pool game. He'd bet her a coin she couldn't make a shot - mostly to get to her bend as far over the table as she could - and when she made it he must have given her the wrong one.

By the time he got to the roadside motel just at the edge of the city it was getting dark again and Sweeney decided he would try to buy the coin back from her - he'd give her a hundred more if that's what it took.

The only room with a vehicle in front of it was number twelve so Sweeney knocked on the door.

A woman opened the door, the same woman from the night before. She looked confused and then surprised.

"Well, you're persistent." she said, taking a step back from the door.

Sweeney stepped inside, past her, looking around. "You have something of mine."

"Come on in," she said from behind him, then closed the door.

The room was small: a bed was pushed against the wall across from the door, a bureau with a twenty-year-old TV on it, and a small round table in front of the window, next to the door.

Sweeney leaned back against the table and repeated himself. "You have something of mine."

"What are you talking about?"she asked, crossing her arms.

She looked better than the night before thought Sweeney, though that could be because she was wearing a lot less clothing. She had a tiny pair of shorts on that showed off most of her very long, milky white legs. Above that she wore a thin white tank top and Sweeney was sure he'd be able to see her sizable tits easily if she hadn't crossed her arms.

"I need that coin back," Sweeney said, tearing his eyes away from her body to her face, which was showing a small smirk.

"You mean the coin that I won from you fair and square?"

Sweeney put on his most charming smile. "Yeah, but it was the wrong coin. How about this, I'll trade you. That one coin, for these..."

Sweeney took his hand out of his jacket pocket and opened it to show her five more gold coins, each glinting in the light from the one floor lamp in the corner.

Her eyes widened at the palmful of gold but instead of giving in, she told him she liked her coin better.

"Fuck woman! I'll give you however many more you want, just give me the coin back!"

She smiled even wider at that though, and a mischevious glint crept into her eyes. "It's Anna, if you don't remember. Anyway, I mean, what would I do with more gold coins anyways? It's not like you can spend them anywhere. Plus those are heavy as all get out."

Sweeney was getting frustrated, the longer he was without that coin, the more likely he wouldn't get it back. He flung the handful of coins to the other side of the room.

Anna walked to him, that grin still on her face. She stepped in close, running her hands up his chest, lightly touching his neck and locking behind his head. Her breasts were pressed against his chest now and he could feel the heat from her body.

She leaned in and breathed into his ear "calm down, you'll get it back... maybe..."

And she pulled away at this and walked away from him. Sweeney looked down and the barest hint of her ass cheeks were peeking from the bottom of her shorts.

"... we can make a deal." She finished as she sat down on the bed.

Sweeney was trying to decide what he could bargain with, until she cocked her head to the side and leaned back further onto the bed. He could indeed see the darker skin of her nipples poking out underneath her shirt.

Sweeney felt his cock start to move to attention but instead of moving himself he raised his eyebrows at her.

Anna slowly tilted her head back and let out a little growl from the back of her throat, then pulled her head forward again and locked eyes with him. "You give me what I want... and I give you what you want."

"Alright," Sweeney kept his face neutral, he needed that coin. He took a step forward and took off his jacket, revealing thick, muscular arms.

"If that's all you want," he pulled his suspenders of his shoulders.

Sweeney made to take another step forward but she stopped him with a foot on his stomach. "That," she pointed to his now-bulging crotch, "is not just what I want."

She laid all the way down onto the bed and stretched her arms up above her head. "I want an eyes rolling to the back of my head, toes curling, and seeing GOD! ending."

"I think I can manage that," Sweeney allowed himself a smirk then pulled off his shirt.

Anna heart raced in her chest and she let out a little moan when she saw him. His sculpted body had a glistening of sweat from the walk and her hips moved toward him in spite of herself. There was a bit of coarse red hair in the middle of his chest, then a slight trail running from his belly button down, past the pants hanging at his hips.

Sweeney undid his pants but didn't take them off. He kneeled onto the bed over her on all fours. Her breath hitched - he was so big, every part of him rippling with power. He could kill her or crush her or make her do whatever he wanted.

He leaned down and kissed her, she was expecting it to be soft at first but he went into it hard and fast, sticking his tongue in her mouth. He didn't normally have time for foreplay, but she'd set the terms of the deal.

She was surprised at first, but he tasted sweet and she pushed right back.

His hands pushed up her shirt and pushed down her shorts at the same time. Then he was massaging her ass and cupping her breasts and running his cool fingertips all over her burning skin until it felt like he had ten hands instead of two.

Finally he let her come up for air when he started moving down her body. His rough beard scratched her skin but he kissed and licked her right after, sometimes giving her a nip. He sucked and kissed her nipples as he passed by.

He backed off the bed, kneeling down on the floor, then wrapped his arms up and under her hips and yanked her to the edge of the bed, forcing a little squeal from her throat.

Sweeney spread her out wide before him. She could feel a slight breeze from his breath on her sopping wet pussy - her hips shook a little in anticipation.

He stuck out his tongue and gave a first lick, wide and broad all the way up. His tongue was warm and soft, but firm - it pushed a low moan out of her throat.

After that he dove in, licking her clit, flicking it with his tongue then sucking on it for a second - once or twice giving it a little nibble. She clawed at the bed and despite trying to keep silent, moans started escaping her throat.

He kept his eyes locked on her face which was being hidden more and more often by her heaving chest. The faster he got his coin the better.

As his tongue moved faster her hips started to move with it, he pulled her tighter onto his shoulders, one hand pressing her down to the bed. His spread out hand covered her entire stomach, but the cold ring on his pinky shocked her back.

She scrambled up the bed, away from his mouth, managing to do it just before he tongued her into an orgasm. She had to stop herself from letting out a sob for the loss.

Instead she pasted on an innocent mask and said "We can't make it that easy."

Now it was his turn to growl. She watched him stand up, revelling in the more than six feet of his rising above her. He dropped his pants before climbing onto the bed this time, revealing a huge throbbing cock. It bobbed up when it came free of his pants, pointing up to the god Anna was silently thanking.

He finally let himself smile. If this was going to take a while, he might as well enjoy it.

Sweeney climbed onto the bed between her legs, but instead of leaning down he grabbed her by the hips, picked her up and turned her over.

She assumed the position, settling on her knees and spreading them wide then leaning forward to push her shoulders into the bed and arch her ass up as far as she could.

He kneeled behind her and stared at her perfectly shaped ass for a moment, running one hand over it and the small of her back, and rubbing the head of his cock with the other.

She was so wet she was almost dripping onto the bedspread below her.

He slapped one of her ass cheeks and watched it jiggle for a moment, then he grabbed both of them and spread her wide.

He moved forward and rubbed his cock up and down her slit. He was going to push in just an inch and make her beg, but her hot wet mess let him slide in so easily he just pushed all the way.

They both let out a moan as she stretched for him and he filled her up.

He stopped, but she pressed back, pushing him deeper into her until her ass was pressing against his hips. Then she starting moving around, back and forth, up and down. He had to hold her hips still to make her stop - he wanted to make her cum, not let her take it from him.

He held her while he slowly pulled out again, and she could feel every vein and bump as he moved. He moved even slower as he worked his head out of her until just the tip rested against her opening again.

Her hips tried to move backward again, but he held her still easily until she gave up and stopped moving.

She started to speak, but he cut her off by shoving into her again, then all the way out and back in again. With every long hard stroke she let out a yelp and soon he let her move with him again.

He leaned over her and grabbed her breasts, massaging and tweaking her nipples. He fucked her softer but deeper, and her eyes rolled back and her fists gripped the blanket like she was trying to kill it.

Sweeney could feel himself losing it, feel it starting to build, so he stopped and pulled out. Her sigh twitched a smile onto his face.

He flipped her around again, and rubbed her clit with a large thumb while he calmed down.

Then Sweeney leaned back onto his haunches and lifted her onto his lap.

Anna didn't think her heart could beat any harder, but it felt like it was going to fly out of her throat as she turned to face Sweeney. He almost looked angry, but there was a hunger in his eyes too.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and lifted herself up and lowered herself slowly onto his cock, savouring the feeling of him sliding into her.

His eyes closed and he leaned back on one arm, the other gripping her ass.

She smiled to herself and grabbed his hair in her fist, yanking his head back when she got all the way down. His eyes snapped open and he looked at her and she gave him a wicked grin, but kept a tight grip on the back of his head as she started pumping her hips back and forth.

She made sure his cock hit every sensitive part of her, and hit the right places every time it slid in.

Anna tried to keep her eyes on him, but eventually she had to close them. The fire inside her was building, slowly at first, but she started to lose control of herself and her body started moving against him, harder and faster, on its own.

Sweeney felt her getting tighter around his cock and he smiled again in spite of himself. He started grinding up as she moved down, and she started moaning from the back of her throat. His hand on her ass helped, pushing her rhythm faster and faster.

Soon she knew he was going to push her over the edge and she started repeating "fuck, fuck fuck," under her breath.

They rocked together harder and harder until fireworks exploded in front of her eyes and the fucks went from under breath to loud cries.

Her toes curled as the orgasm rolled through her and she gripped his shoulders so hard she brought blood.

Her whole body was tense with the rolls of pleasure but he kept her moving on his cock for a bit more until he came. He let out what sounded more like a war cry than a moan and she squealed as she felt him get even harder inside her and then let go.

They both sat there panting for a minute as the orgasms ebbed, then she slid off him, he twitched a couple times as the press of her released him.

She laid back onto the bed and watched him unfurl his legs. She felt a twinge of want again watching him stand and stretch his huge body. He grabbed a towel off the floor and wiped off his dick, then started getting dressed.

Anna was still lying on the bed when he finally put on his jacket.

"Where's my coin," he said, staring at her still glistening tits while he talked.

She propped herself up on her elbows and said "oh, I don't know." She picked an imaginary piece of lint off her stomach. "I didn't see god."

Anger flared across his face. He marched over to her and gripped her chin in his hand. "You saw me, that's good enough."

"I thought you said you were a leprechaun?"

"See?" he said. "Better."

When she didn't move he roared "we had a deal woman!"

She rolled her eyes, got up, and padded over to the table. She grabbed a jacket and pulled a gold coin out of the pocket.

Anna turned and then held it out to him in an upturned palm. Sweeney didn't take his eyes off of it as he came across the room in three steps.

He snatched it out of her hand and immediately felt better.

Anna was sorry when the weight of it left her hand, but it was just some novelty coin - she felt like she got the better half of the deal.

Without looking at her again Sweeney turned around and walked out the door. His last thought on the way out was "maybe I should lose this more often."

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