tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAmerican in Paradise Ch. 05

American in Paradise Ch. 05


"Guys, this weekend is going to be so cool!" Ayako said as she steered the car onto the coastal road leading north from Paradise City. "Is everyone as excited about the festival as I am?"

"Sounds killer," Jack said from the passenger seat, running his fingers over the smooth skin of her bare thigh.

"Mark, you're from the States, right? You ever go to Burning Man?"

"No, but my older brother went a couple years ago, and he told me all about it."

"I've always wanted to go, but it's a long way from here. This party is the closest thing we have in Paradise. And, wait until you see Steve and Bianca's house. It's right on the beach, just a little down from the festival."

"Sounds cool," Mark said, looking out the window at the tropical scenery going by.

It was Friday. Mark had been in Paradise for a week, and he was finally getting to explore the island beyond Paradise City. There were five people packed into Ayako's small car. Ayako and Jack were up front, with Ollie and Chelsea in the back seat, already starting to make out. And Mark, wedged in next to them, trying to keep his eyes on the road instead of staring at Chelsea's tits.

Jack and Ollie were buddies from Australia. Like Mark, they were here in Paradise for the summer. Mark had met them at the hostel in Paradise City, and they had gone out on the town a few times. The Aussies had met Ayako and Chelsea just a few days ago, and hit it off instantly. Ayako was the only local of the bunch. She was the one who had invited them all up to the north shore for a local festival called Lava Moon, which was a weekend of surfing and partying on the beach.

Chelsea's bare back brushed against Mark as she kissed Ollie, and he couldn't help sneaking a look. She was a blond, Australian surfer type. Like a lot of girls in Paradise, she was topless, with beautiful, perky tits and silver studs through her nipples. All she had on was a pair of bright orange booty shorts. The way Ollie's hands were roaming over her body, Mark thought they might not stay on for long.

Prying his eyes away, he instead caught a look at Ayako in the rear view mirror. She was just as beautiful as Chelsea, and also topless. Her thong was black to match her straight, black hair, and she had an impossibly cute face that made her look a lot younger than twenty-three.

If only Lisa had been able to join them. She was Mark's sort-of fuck buddy from Paradise City, and she would have loved this weekend. But she had just patched things up with her boyfriend and was planning to spend the weekend with him.

So, he was flying solo. He just hoped they would get to the party soon so he could do something about that.

In the meantime, he stared out the window at the scenery of Paradise. It might just help to distract him from the erection that was pushing uncomfortably against his tight shorts.

The coastal road passed endless beaches and sparkling turquoise water on one side and dense, green forest on the other. It was quiet here, away from the bustle of the city. The beaches were mostly empty but for a handful of surfers, and the forest was unbroken except for scattered farms.

Jack pointed to a spot on the beach up ahead. "Hey, looks like some bonzer waves here. Want to give this spot a go?"

"Sounds great," Ayako said, and pulled the car over to the edge of the beach. The five friends climbed out of the car and unbolted their surfboards from the roof rack. They walked down onto the sand, dropped their gear, and started stripping off their clothing. That didn't take long. The guys were all shirtless as well, all wearing only the tight, square-cut shorts that all the young guys in Paradise City seemed to like. Mark had left most of his clothes in his suitcase back at the hostel. He loved wearing as little as he could get away with. Almost as much as he loved being naked.

He dropped his shorts onto the sand, picked up his surfboard, and ran to the water's edge with his friends.

They surfed for an hour, enjoying the big, booming waves. Mark wasn't nearly the surfer that the others were, but he managed to stay on the board a few times as the breakers barreled down on him.

When they were done surfing, Jack pulled some beers from their cooler. They sat in the shade of some kind of big, tropical tree that Mark didn't know the name of, watching the waves roll in off the ocean.

In no time, the Aussies and their girlfriends were kissing. Hard.

"Think we have time for a quickie?" Chelsea whispered to Ollie, but loud enough that everyone could hear.

"There's barely anyone around," Ollie whispered back, his hand already between her legs. "I bet we could get away with anything out here."

"Good," she said, and climbed onto him.

Mark watched as Ollie and Chelsea started fucking while Ayako was sucking Jack's cock. Then he shook his head, drained the last of his beer, and walked off down the beach. He didn't want to let on how horny the scene was making him.

* * *

It was late afternoon by the time they got to the north shore. At the northern tip of the island was a coastal plain fringed with broad, white sand beaches. Pineapple and taro fields lined the road on the inland side. Along the coast were a few small towns, all with indigenous names. The largest of these was Nakoro, a town of five thousand with a few beachside resorts, bars and restaurants, and surf shops.

The town was bustling with people getting ready for the festival. A few people were wearing elaborate costumes, but the rest were wearing next to nothing. Short shorts, thongs, and sarongs were popular, and almost everyone was bare-chested. It was as uninhibited as Paradise City, just with a quieter vibe.

"People are pretty casual about clothing up here," Ayako explained when Mark commented. "Nakoro was the ancient capital of Paradise. Hundreds of years ago, the island was ruled by Queen Iwaihoʻia, who was a high priestess in the ancient fertility religion. She believed nudity was a sacrament. When the missionaries came to the island, they tried to get her to put on clothes. She refused, and had her army chase them back into the ocean. Legend has it that a horde of naked soldiers attacked at midnight on the full moon, and Iwaihoʻia actually commanded the volcano to erupt to drive away the missionaries. They never came back. So, that's why we call it the Lava Moon festival."

"Wow. I wouldn't want to get her mad, either," Ollie said.

Ayako continued. "This weekend, with the festival on, pretty much anything goes. Last year, three of us walked naked right through the middle of town and no one cared."

"That sounds like a challenge," Mark said. In his week in Paradise, he had learned what a thrill it was to show off his body. He was hoping to spend as much time naked as he could this weekend. Even the thought made his cock swell. It was rock-hard in seconds, his eight-inch shaft straining against his tight shorts.

"This town looks packed," Jack said. "I bet all the hostels are full. It's cool that your friends are letting us crash at their place."

Ayako smiled at him. "The more the merrier, they said. Besides, we're not going to be sleeping at the house. Pretty much everyone just sleeps out on the beach. That is, if we sleep at all."

They drove a few minutes outside of Nakoro, down the narrow road heading along the coast. Ayako parked on the roadside in a stand of verdant, tropical woods. They grabbed their bags and surfboards and headed up the driveway to the beach house.

The house was the kind of place that would only exist in the tropics. It had almost no walls. The two bedrooms were enclosed by movable panels, which had been slid open to let in the breeze. The kitchen and living room were open to the beach, covered by a sloped roof with solar panels on top. It was shielded from the road by a wall of trees. A wide trail led out to the beach through a stand of palms.

Half a dozen people were in the yard, tossing a frisbee around. Many looked like college students on summer break. Some were older, in their thirties or forties, but they were all as beautiful as anyone in Paradise. Almost everyone was naked.

The five friends had barely set foot on the property when Ollie tugged at the waistband of Chelsea's skin-tight shorts. They dropped to the grass, exposing her perfectly waxed pussy. "Oh, yeah?" she said in her Aussie accent almost matching Ollie's. She stepped out of the shorts and turned around to give him a kiss. She was already massaging the bulge in Ollie's shorts again.

"Come on, let's go see who else is around," Ayako said, as she casually shed her thong and stuffed it into her backpack.

The three guys shucked their shorts and followed her into the back yard. It was a beautiful setting, with verdant green plants everywhere, sporting the colorful flowers that were always in season in Paradise. Beyond was a thin strand of white sand beach and the brilliant silver-blue ocean.

In the middle of the deck was a large hot tub, with two naked men and three naked women in it. There was a big barbecue grill at one end of the deck, and at the other end a stairway led down into the yard, where six people were hitting a ball over a volleyball net. Other people were hanging around at the edges of the yard, on blankets and lounge chairs. Many were kissing. Two couples were fucking openly.

Ayako walked up to a naked trio, two women and one man, who were sitting on a couch near the hot tub. The guy was lean, fit, and had long blond hair in dreadlocks. The woman on his left was curvy, with big, round tits and long hair dyed in rainbow colors. Both of them looked like they were in their late twenties. On his right was a beautiful, slender Polynesian girl. She was no older than twenty, and had long, black hair and small, perky tits. She was wearing a neon yellow fedora and nothing else.

"Ayako! You made it!" The curvy woman said, standing up to give Ayako a kiss.

"Yeah! This is going to be awesome! I wouldn't miss it!" She introduced her friends, and the trio introduced themselves as Steve, Bianca, and Leilani.

"I can't wait to see the effigy this year," Ayako said, then turned to her friends. "Steve is the guy who designs the sculpture we're going to burn for the main event tomorrow night. This is supposed to be his best one yet."

"We could use some help getting things set up," Steve said. "Looks like you guys have some muscles. Want to help?"

Chelsea smiled. "Ollie and Jack have promised us a shower and a soak in the hot tub. Maybe they can help when we're done with them." She winked and ran her hand up and down Ollie's bare ass.

Mark smiled. He knew the two couples would be fucking again in a few minutes. He wished he was doing the same, but he needed to find a girl first.

"I'll help," he said.

"Good," Steve said. "It's pretty simple, really. Come on, give me a hand with these poles for the shade tent."

Mark set his surfboard and backpack against the wall with the other guests' gear. He started to pull on his shorts, but Steve stopped him. "No need to get dressed, unless you want to. We can walk on the beach the whole way."

"Good," Mark said. "I love it that all the beaches here are clothing optional. It's way too nice out to wear shorts today." He tossed his shorts into his bag and picked up the bundle of poles for the large shade tent Steve wanted to set up on the beach.

They gathered up as much gear as they could carry and headed out onto the hot sand, walking five minutes down the beach to a secluded cove. A few dozen people were already there, some of them unloading more gear from a pickup truck parked at the end of a gravel road, just off the beach. They were a colorful bunch, mostly naked except for an assortment of unusual clothing like bizarre hats, feather boas, and jewelry. Some had body paint and hair just as colorful as Bianca's.

They spent the next hour setting up shade structures, tables, and the like. Then another truck drove up, this one with a large wooden sculpture in the back. Steve led Mark over to the truck, where he got a better look. It was a life-sized, topless mermaid with big, round tits. Mark's jaw dropped. The workmanship was impressive. Steve had put a lot of effort into something that was going to be set on fire in 36 hours.

He helped Steve set up the sculpture on top of a pyre on the beach, right in the middle of the festivities. It immediately lent a feeling of completeness to the scene. In the shade under a nearby tree, a drum circle was starting. A few people started dancing and hula-hooping around the statue.

"Whew. Well, that's done," Steve said, wiping the sweat from his forehead. "Let's go smoke a joint."

"Way ahead of you," Bianca said, pulling a baggie of weed from her backpack. "Mark, you want to join us? It's legal here, you know."

"Yeah, I know," Mark said, claiming one of the camp chairs underneath the shade structure.

Bianca lit the joint and sat on a hammock, with her arms around Steve and Leilani as they passed it around. Two more of their friends joined them in the shade.

Mark wasn't a big pot smoker, but he didn't mind it once in a while. It was good weed and he felt a buzz coming on quickly.

"So, you three are all living together now?" Steve's friend asked as they smoked.

"Yeah," Bianca said. "Leilani just moved in with us a month ago."

Mark's eyes widened. It was obvious that the three of them were lovers. He just hadn't realized until now that they were all officially dating each other. "Is that a common thing here?" he asked. "Being a threesome, or whatever you call it?"

"We like to call ourselves a trio," Bianca said. "And, yeah, there are lots of polyamorous people here. I fucking love it. It's so much fun to have three people in a bed every night."

"Especially being able to date a girl and a guy at the same time," Leilani added. "It's a bi girl's dream."

Mark nodded and took another hit from the joint. "I never knew any poly people in the US, but I did once get in big trouble for dating two girls at once."

"Were they into each other?" Steve asked.

"No, they went to different schools and didn't even know about each other. Until, one day, they found out and shit hit the fan. It was a really awkward graduation. Which is why I came to Paradise, to get away from all that."

"It's much better to just be open about it all," Bianca said. "And it's definitely better if all three people like each other." She gave Leilani a short, but very deep, kiss.

The weed must have been affecting his judgment, because he couldn't help but admire the view of Bianca's voluptuous, naked body. Her tits lifted and bounced slightly every time she moved, and she sat with her legs slightly apart, enough to give a view of her smooth, waxed pussy. Leilani was quite a looker, too. What she lacked in curves, she made up in grace and slender beauty. She looked amazing naked. Mark guessed these three almost never wore clothing. He was a little envious.

"Hey, babe," Steve said to Bianca. "Speaking of weed, Jake is bringing some from his farm, and it's supposed to be killer. I'm going to go see if I can find him."

"We'll go with you," one of Steve's friends said, and the three of them were off in search of Jake, whoever he was.

Which left Mark alone with Bianca and Leilani.

"Weed always makes me so horny," Bianca was saying. She had her big, bare tits in her hands, rolling her erect nipples between her fingers. Sitting next to her, Leilani started doing the same thing. Bianca slipped a hand between her own legs and began fingering herself gently.

Mark just sat there, watching. He was impressed. These two babes were so totally confident in their sexuality that they would start masturbating right in front of a guy they had just met. And with dozens of other people walking right past them. If anything, that made Bianca even more aggressive. Mark's cock grew hard between his legs.

"Let me see it," Bianca said as she continued to rub her clit.

Mark spread his legs, revealing his erect, uncut eight-inch cock.

"Nice," Bianca said. "I love turning guys on."

Mark smiled and stroked his cock gently, keeping it hard. It felt good just to have it in his hands. He hadn't masturbated in a week. There hadn't been time, with all the girls around.

Bianca and Leilani were both working hard on their pussies now, and Leilani was caressing Bianca's tits. They were both moaning, not too loud, but enough that Mark could tell they were into it. Leilani lifted Bianca's luscious tits, making them jiggle in her hand. Then she pulled a vibrator from her bag, switched it on, and rubbed it against her clit. She moaned louder.

Bianca had her legs spread very wide as she masturbated. She even pulled her labia apart to give Mark a full view of her pink, before slipping two fingers deep into her slit. She worked frantically at her pussy and clit, until she threw her head back and moaned as she came.

Leilani came a minute later, biting her lip and arching her back.

When they collected themselves, the women sat with their hands still between their legs. They watched Mark, who was still stroking his cock casually. He hadn't tried to come yet, though he wasn't too far off. He was desperately trying to get himself to stop. He was going to need that load for later, he thought. No matter how hot Bianca and Leilani were.

Then Leilani changed his plans.

"I think we've teased Mark long enough," she said. She knelt down in front of him and caressed his huge cock with both hands. She planted a kiss on his shaft and slowly took it into her mouth. It felt warm and wet, and the way Leilani's tongue circled the head drove him wild. She took him deeper and deeper, sliding his cock down her throat. Bianca watched from the hammock, one hand on her tits and the other between her legs.

Leilani kept sucking and sucking Mark's cock, not letting it out of her mouth for a second, while her hand caressed his balls. He moaned as she brought him close, then moaned even louder as he came, shooting a huge load of come into her mouth. She swallowed half, and the other half spilled down her chin and landed on her tits.

Bianca was still watching, now working her pussy with both hands again, and she moaned as she came for the second time.

"Well, I think I'm ready for a swim, after that," she said. She looked at the drops of come on Leilani's face and chest. "I'm guessing you guys are, too."

The three young people got up and waded out into the ocean under the late afternoon sun.

* * *

Mark hung around the house and the beachfront cove for the rest of the afternoon, taking in all the festivities. By sunset, there were about a hundred people there. A second shade structure had been set up, with a DJ and a set of turntables. Electronic music was blasting and a dozen people were dancing nearby as a big, fat full moon rose over the bay.

Mark was still naked and three-fourths of the others were, too. He had plenty of chances to admire the girls' naked bodies, and he noticed a few of them looking at his cock, too.

One girl, in particular, caught his eye, as she walked right past the shade tent. She was short and olive-skinned, and looked about college-aged. Her long black hair and flawless brown skin hinted of somewhere tropical. She had a tight little body, on the skinny side, with great curves and a beautiful, round ass. She was topless, and the tiny black sarong around her waist was more of a decoration than actual clothing. It was nearly transparent and didn't even reach down to the bottom of her supple ass cheeks. It was tied at her hip, lifting it up on that side to show even more skin. She looked delicious as she walked away from him.

"Wow, that's a hell of an outfit," Mark mused aloud.

Bianca smiled. "That's Andrea. She's cool. She's about your age, too."

"Is she single?"

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