tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAmerican Mom Ch. 22

American Mom Ch. 22


This is a parody story. No characters represent any real person, alive or deceased.

All characters are over the age of 18, including cartoon characters who have failed several years of school.


Hardplay Presents: An American Mom Tale

The Falcon and The Beaver

At seven PM, thirty eight year old mother of two Francine Smith strolled confidently into Frederick's of Hollywood in The Langley Falls Shopping Mall. In exactly twenty-four hours she would be joining her husband Stan at the 70th Annual CIA Awards show. Having a great year in the spy game meant that Stan had been nominated for several awards, including "Best Spy Seduction".

Francine smirked at the irony of her husband, lacking as he was in charm, sophistication and refinement, was even being considered for a seduction award. While he had made many strides of late in opening up sexually, Stan had a very long way to go to match his wife's sexual skill, aptitude and appetite.

'I bet I could win a CIA seduction award. I can see me now...ensnaring foreign spies with my steaming sexuality...men and women, both unable to resist my spell...entrapping them with my oral skills.'

Snapping back to attention, Francine made her way around the racks.

'I would have never shopped here a few months ago...not for a gown to wear in public anyway.' She giggled to herself as she examined several deep cut gowns. 'These would have been much too risqué for the old Francine.' She considered as she held up a dress to inspect it.

"That gown would be stunning on you Francine."

Spinning around quickly, Francine found herself face to face with her back yard neighbor, Linda Memari.

"Oh, hey Linda." Francine smiled. "I haven't seen you in forever. I swear I think it was when you saved me from those vicious women in the Ladybugs Club. Do you remember? You kissed me and pretended to be my lesbian lover so they would leave me alone."

"Right...right...pretended to be bisexual...and in love with you." Linda said regretfully.

"I didn't know you worked here." Francine declared, noticing a Frederick's name tag on her neighbor's chest.

"I've been here for about two weeks now Francine." Linda beamed, exited to see the object of her desire actually in the store looking for sexy clothes.

As they talked, Francine could feel her skin warming with excitement as she noticed Linda's eyes darting from her eyes to her cleavage. 'Humm...maybe she wasn't really pretending that day?' Francine pondered. 'Maybe I was just too naïve to pick up on it?'

"Are you looking for something to wear to a special event?" Linda asked as she diverted her view up from Francine's soft cleavage. Realizing she had been staring for too long, she was pleased when she was greeted by Francine's smiling face and an intense locking of their eyes.

"Stan's work is having their annual awards show tomorrow night." The beautiful blond mother replied as she purposefully, almost imperceptibly rocked her shoulders from side to side. The movement set her substantial tits into a soft rocking motion. She grinned as her shifting boobs caught Linda's attention, drawing the focus of her eyes one more as they continued talking.

"Uhm, well Francine." Linda continued, still staring at her undulating breasts before returning her gaze to meet Francine's. "If you don't have much time to look before the event tonight, as your friend I probably need to point out that while we have some beautiful gowns, we don't carry dresses that most wives would wear to a corporate event. Our lines are a bit more indelicate. It takes a confident woman to pull them off."

"I know what kind of clothes Fredericks of Hollywood carries." Francine laughed. "I am looking for something a little more...let's say daring, or provocative than the average house wife would wear in public." She continued. "Stan is up for a lot of awards. I want him to be as proud to be seen with me tomorrow tonight as he is proud of his awards. When he wins his awards the jealousy of his coworkers needs to be complete. I want them to envy his awards...and lust after the hot babe on his arm." She giggled as she bounced up and down an inch or so repeatedly in excitement.

"Wow Francine." Linda smiled. "You are such a great wife. Let's find you something so alluring to wear that those friends of that husband of yours will not even notice he is still holding any awards when they see you on his arm."

"That sounds great Linda." Francine grinned.

"I can also get you a great discount on everything." Linda replied as she put her right hand across Francine's lower back and gently guided her towards a rack of gowns. She rested her hand on her neighbor's right hip at the swell of the top of her tight bubble butt as she held up a gown in her left hand.

"Here is a beautiful ankle length purple tube gown. Notice the way the slits are cut up to the hip on both sides. Very risqué. I am not sure if it is possible to wear panties with this or not. If it is possible, I am sure we will have panties with the right, high cut."

"I love the color. And I really like the cut." Francine fawned. "I am not concerned about panties at all. I'm not going to be wearing any, but it does look really small on the top. Do you think it will squeeze my boobs out of shape? I want people staring at my boobs, but not because they are misshapen."

Her neighbor's response about her boobs had surprised Linda. 'Did she really just say I want people staring at my boobs?' she wondered before recovering.

"Oh no. Not at all. This type of material does have both good and bad properties. The dress is made of two different materials that are stitched together at the waist, underneath this decorative detail." She pointed out with her left hand. Francine was now holding the dress in both hands, examining it as Linda's right hand remained at the top swell of her ass.

'Her hand is really teasing me.' thought Francine as she fought to concentrate on the gown.

"The bottom section is a thicker material so it does not flap around and tangle up in your legs as you walk." Linda pointed out. "The top is a somewhat translucent material similar in properties to high grade stockings."

Francine placed her hand behind the top and pressed a finger against the cloth, replicating the effect of a hard nipple in the material. She could make out a small amount of light around her fingers. In addition, she could make out a difference in color where her painted nails met her fingers. 'My nipples will show through a bit.' she thought.

Satisfied with the effect, she diverted her attention from the dress and back to Linda, smiling sweetly. "So what are the bad properties Linda?" she asked softly.

"The top gets more transparent as it stretches." Linda responded, gently dropping her right hand an inch or so, palming the hot Mom's ass.

"And the good properties?"

"It holds up the shape of large boobs unlike anything I have ever seen." Linda smiled. "I don't think even you would be able to hold a pencil under those big beauties of yours in this dress." She smiled wickedly, gripping Francine's ass softly.

"Sounds like the good far outweighs the bad." Francine smiled up into Linda's face as she examined the details of the dress and visualized men looking as her hard nipples pushed taut against the thin and stretched material, the darkness of the outline of her silver dollar areola coming into focus for all to see.

"I like this dress a lot. If it fits the way I think it will, I will take it," She said, redirecting her attention back to the rack. "I really like the color too, but I need something less casual for the awards show. Something with more flash and style."

"I know just the dress you want." Linda smiled, pulling out another purple dress from the rack. "It comes with this beautiful white decorative shoulder wrap because of its unusually risqué top."

"Really?" Francine smirked. "Tell me more."

Twenty minutes later and Francine had decided on the two dresses, as well as a couple of transparent robes and matching pom pom heels like a fifties pinup would wear.

"Can I assist you with lingerie today Francine?" Linda asked as she packaged the other garments.

"I think we both know the challenges with the dress Linda. What would you suggest to compliment it?"

"We have so many styles of beautiful stockings. You could always go with a sensual garter belt set."

"But that might interfere with the sight lines of my dress." Francine responded, noticing the look of concentration on Linda's face.

"What about thigh highs? We have many lovely patterns." Responded Linda.

"I don't know Linda," grinned Francine. "I can never tell if they look good on me or not, and I don't have Stev...uh...I mean Stan here to give me his opinion. I grabbed a pair of panties that I think will work well with the dress, but I really need an informed opinion on how they would coordinate with stockings."

"Well, you just head to the changing room and I will bring you a few styles I think will accentuate your dresses. You can try them on." Linda smiled as she walked across the store towards the stocking display.

A few minutes later, Linda opened the outer door of the changing area and entered.

"Which booth are you in Francine?"

"Over here Linda." came the reply, followed by the gentle waving of Francine's left arm over the top of the dressing room door. Linda could see from the opening under the bottom of the door that Francine had already removed her shoes in preparation for trying on the stockings.

"Sorry to be so long." Linda apologized as she opened the package and handed the stockings over the door.

"Not a problem girlfriend." Francine giggled, responding in an urban accent.

As Linda sat down to wait on the long process of Francine Smith trying on the various styles of stockings, her mind raced back to the day that she had "saved" Francine from the Ladybugs woman's group. She flashed back to the deep, passionate kiss she had laid on Francine. Linda had experienced a crush on the hot blond from the first moment they met. The kiss was so passionate that the Ladybugs immediately thought Francine was having an affair with a woman. Believing that they had enough good counter-blackmail to her own information that the other women were all cheating on their husbands, the women left her alone with a warning. The remembrance of the kiss...the remembrance of Francine slightly opening her lips to the probing of Linda's tongue brought an uncontrollable thickness to Linda's cunt lips.

"AHUMMM." Francine cleared her throat. "I said, does this match?"

Linda was pulled from her erotic day dream, only to be thrust headlong into what seemed to be another. As she focused her eyes on the doorway of the dressing cubicle, she was shocked to see Francine Smith standing in the opening, her left hand holding the door out towards the room.

"Well? How do I look Linda?"

Linda was stunned to see the object of her pussy eating dreams standing five feet away, majestically wearing nothing but a pair of black thigh high stockings and a pair of crotch-less panties.

"I was planning on going without panties tonight, but then I thought 'I bet Stan would get more of a kick out of me wearing something like these slutty panties.' What do you think?" Francine leered, running her hands up under her quivering breasts, gently nipping her protruding nipples with her fingers.

Linda stood speechless.

"Do these panties make my butt loo big?" Francine asked slowly turning her back to her shocked neighbor.

Francine reached back and rubbed her bum cheeks softly with both hands, the strong meatiness of her buttocks resisting her groping. Linda focused silently on the small strip of material bisecting the alluring checks of Francine Smith's ass.

"Cat got your tongue?" Francine smiled over her left shoulder. The motion brought her sizable bosom into a profile view.

"You are so beautiful Francine." Linda murmured.

"I'm not going for beautiful sweetie." Francine taunted. "So...do you think Stan will like this portion of my outfit tonight?" She purred. Without a word, Linda Memari swiftly walked over and brought her mouth to Francine's soft lips, kissing her passionately.

"I think Stan will love you in these outfits." Linda gushed, turning her attention to the busty mother's tits. Francine's nipples were stiffly hard and erect. Linda was in awe of their weight as she hefted the big, set of tits.

"Your boobs are perfect. I can't believe I finally get to do this." Linda groaned as she lowered her head, wrapping her full lips gently around one of Francine's stiff, ultra-sensitive nipples.

Francine laid her head against the wall of the dressing cubicle, her eyes fluttering, as she savored the delightful sensation from Linda's tongue as she licked and sucked on her tits. 'You are very good with your tongue." she began to coo and moan, a little sob of lust escaping her lips.

The need in Francine's pussy had her almost beside herself with desire. She whimpered as Linda's fingers caressed her pussy. Linda kept rubbing, once in a while letting her finger-tips penetrate Francine's burning hole for the few brief seconds, teasing her...whipping her further into a horny frenzy of pure lesbian lust. She moaned, closing her eyes, thrusting her hips.

Francine lifted her legs open, splaying them wide as Linda buried her middle finger inside of her hot pussy. Francine realized that her pussy was soaking wet, the finger finding plenty of lubrication as her horny neighbor pumped it rapidly, finger-fucking her pussy while she went back to sucking on her nipples.

"You're so wet," Linda whispered to her, pumping her finger rapidly in and out of Francine's pussy.

"Yes...Oh God! Fuck my cunt!' she gasped as Linda worked a second finger up into her steamy, desperate hole. In and out she pumped the naked MILF's juice-filled pussy, massaging the interior of her throbbing, pussy.

Francine's pussy hungrily sucked her fingers in, soaking them with her twat juice. The fingers began to produce a squishing sound each time Linda plunged them into her pink hole as Francine whimpered helplessly.

Linda eagerly chewed Francine's erect nipples, her mouth practically covering the wide, goose-bumped areola. Linda went back and forth between Francine's tits, sucking and licking both nipples as Francine writhed on the dressing room chair.

"Mmmm, do you like it when I suck on your nipples?" Linda purred.

"Yes," Francine hissed. "You're driving me crazy."

"I think your tits have had enough attention. Let's see if we can't make your beautiful pussy feel better," Linda giggled as she slid onto her knees in between Francine's spread legs, meeting no resistance as she spread Francine's thighs wider, exposing her dripping pussy quivering to her hungry gaze in anticipation. Linda ran the tip of her tongue along her upper lip before pushing her face between Francine's thighs.

Francine groaned as Linda took both hands and spread her pussy lips wide apart, completely opening her shaved pussy. She leaned close, wiggling her tongue between the pouting cunt lips.

"Oh Linda...Fuck!...Oh Linda...suck me...suck my pussy...eat me..." She cried as she humped and wiggled her sexy ass vigorously on the chair, fucking her wet pussy onto Linda's face.

Linda noticed that Francine's cunt was getting even wetter.

"Does it make your pussy cream watching another woman eating you out? How about if you think about sucking a big, thick, throbbing cock as another woman eats your pussy?"

"Oh God...Oh God...Oh fuck...I'm getting close," Francine moaned.

"Look at your clit, it's so swollen. Do you want me to lick it? Maybe I should suck on it," Linda teased.

"Oh, yes...please suck my clit...oh fuck... I need you to suck it," Francine pleaded.

"Not yet," Linda replied.

Linda dropped her head back between Francine's thighs, inhaling the fragrant aroma as she glued her mouth to the throbbing, dripping wet cunt. She flicked out her tongue, dragging it slowly up the drooling slit, lapping at the tasty juices as they flowed from the depths of the horny mom's juicy pussy.

"No," Francine moaned. "I need you to suck my clit Linda...Oh...Oh..."

Linda's tongue explored Francine's slit, sliding up and down the mouth of the busty MILF's fuck-hole, dipping inside and lapping the juice from the oozing cunt lips. Francine's horny pussy grew hotter and even wetter as she clutched Linda's head and started humping against her tongue, her big tits quivering as she shamelessly thrust her wet cunt against Linda's mouth. Her head was spinning, and she felt dizzy with lust as an orgasm began to build deep within her.

"Oh, my God! Oh yes! Eat me!" Francine pleaded, her eyes glazing over. She was starting to breathe hard. "Oh, please...Oh fuck...I'm so wet...Suck my pussy! OH!...unh! Make me cum!"

Linda didn't answer, more concerned with enjoying her licking and sucking on Francine's sweet little cunt. Tenderly, she licked her way down and then back up the horny mother's inner thighs, encouraging Francine to spread her legs even wider. Linda slid two stiff fingers into Francine's gooey pussy, inciting the MILF's ass to hump, thrusting her throbbing pink hole against their penetration.

Linda couldn't believe how delicious Francine's cunt was. She pulled her head back from her pouting-lipped pussy and eyed the swollen, dark pink bud protruding at the top of her pussy. Francine's clit seemed to be badly in need of a good, hard, nice, long licking.

Francine's eyes were half closed as she lay back, enjoyed the licking being administered to her pussy slit until Linda's tongue found her clit. The second she touched it, Francine's eyes flew open and her ass jumped from the chair. She moaned loudly as Linda diddled it rapidly with the tip of her tongue.

Linda fucked her fingers rhythmically in and out of Francine's tight, wet pussy, and wrapped her lips around the horny mother's aching clit. Skillfully, she sucked Francine's sensitive little pink nub, drawing it out with her suctioning, puckering lips.

Francine let her thighs fall even wider apart, shamelessly grinding her hips on the chair, thrusting her cunt into her neighbors face. She grabbed Linda's hair, moaning and crying as the need for an orgasm built within her.

"Unh! Oh! Oh, fuck, it feels so good! You're making me cum, Linda! Don't stop!" She could feel the pressure building, the need growing deep in her burning cunt as her juices boiled and her fuck cream flowed onto Linda's lapping tongue.

Linda moved her hand, using her fingers to delicately part Francine's pussy-lips while she continued to dart two fingers from her other hand in and out of the horny mother's slick pussy. Linda spread the lips further, fully exposing Francine's swollen, pink clit and eagerly began flicking her tongue over it, pushing Francine's ultra-sensitive little bud back and forth, from side to side as she continued to jam her fingers into Francine's pussy.

"Oh God! Oh God! Oh my God! Gonna cum!" Francine cried out. "Oh, fuck, suck it! I'm so close! Suck my clit, oh God, please suck me!"

Linda kept her lips wrapped around Francine's clit. She sucked it gently, still ramming her fingers wildly in and out of her cunt. Francine squealed as she humped her hips off the chair, her orgasm so near.

Linda suddenly withdrew her lips from the throbbing clit, wickedly with-holding Francine's orgasm from her. Francine whimpered and humped her ass up off the chair, trying in vain to get Linda to finish her, writhing with frustration at the cruelty of being pulled back from the very brink of ecstasy. Linda kept her at the edge, slowly pumping her fingers in and out of Francine's wet cooch; occasionally she'd gently rub her clit with a thumb.

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