tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAmerican Pickers: Peggy 03

American Pickers: Peggy 03


This story can be read alone but would be enriched by reading Chapter 1 & 2.

Note: This is a fantasy, real rape is a heinous crime.

Nate, aka Pretty Boy, reaches out and slides a finger into Madi's cunt, gently pushing it in and out, watching her face to see what reaction it will cause.

"Now Madi, what are you going to do for me?"

"What can you possibly offer me that I can't take from you?"

The naked young 18 year old blonde girl is lost in a world of emotions; after just witnessing the brutal rape of her mom she promised this monster she would be his if he stopped the rape.

Madi, Pretty Boy and his assistant Lisa are in a small secret room in Pretty Boy's luxury penthouse suite. There is a one way mirror looking into the master bedroom where Madi's mom, Peggy, was just raped.

Poor Madi just witnessed her mom being assaulted by three men; Tom, Wee Willy and Magpie. Magpie was fisting her cunt, Tom was fucking her mouth and Wee Willy was viciously pulling on a chain that led to nipple clamps. They were just about to fist her cunt and ass at the same time when Madi made the ultimate sacrifice; she offered herself to stop the rape.

Looking through the one way mirror Madi can see her mom sitting naked on the edge of the bed, her legs spread wide open and there is a trickle of blood coming out of her cunt staining the sheets. The nipple clamps are still on and the chain is dangling down resting on her thighs. Her shoulder length blonde hair is a mess as is her cum and tear stained face.

Madi's body is shaking and she starts to silently cry. Oh mom what have you gotten us in to.

What Madi doesn't know is that Pretty Boy lures unsuspecting women into a sexual liaison and then they assault her as a group. Peggy, her mom, was their latest victim and Madi is collateral damage.

Pretty Boy's finger is still sliding in and out of Madi's cunt when he suddenly finds out Madi is a virgin.

Surprized he asks her "Madi, are you a virgin?"

Lowering her eyes Madi is unable to talk only nod her head yes.

"Have you ever sucked a cock?"

This time Madi looks at Pretty Boy and says, "no, but I gave my ex-boyfriend a hand job."

Both Lisa and Pretty Boy are smiling and realize they have just hit the jackpot. A beautiful 18 year old virgin that is about to be their new plaything.

Pretty Boy continues to finger fuck Madi and leans in and kisses her sliding his tongue into her mouth; she offers little resistance.

Lisa comes behind Madi and reaches around and starts to play with her tits and nipples, squeezing, pulling and twisting.

Madi is now sandwiched between Pretty Boy and Lisa, helpless to stop them from doing anything they want to her.

Lisa lowers one hand down and slides it between Madi's ass cheeks. Her fingers reaching under until she meets Pretty Boy's hand. Together they finger fuck her cunt then pulling back slightly she pushes her finger into Madi's ass.

"No, please don't," says Madi as she feels Lisa's finger enter her ass.

But they don't listen and now Madi is being finger fucked from the front and the back in her cunt and ass. Even with all the embarrassment

Madi starts to get excited and her cunt is getting moist.

Pretty Boy stops kissing her for a minute, "Madi, is there anything you have always wanted to do sexually? Something you only dreamt about?"

"Well, my boyfriend was always asking me to give him a blow job, but I was too shy as I didn't know how."

"Would you like Lisa to teach you how?"

"If I do this will you leave my mom alone?"

Pretty Boy reaches over and pushes a button on the wall, the intercom comes on and he orders his followers Tom, Wee Willy and Magpie to take Peggy into the master bathroom and clean her up. He also says to have her stay naked and come back out when she is finished.

Pretty Boy takes a step back and looks at Madi, god she has a great body and he can't wait to have her pouty lips sucking on his cock.

Lisa and Pretty Boy take all their clothes off and now they are as naked as Madi.

With his cock semi-hard Madi can't believe how big it is, at least twice as big as her old boyfriends.

"Madi I want you to kneel down in front of me and Lisa will show you all the tricks to a good blow job."

Lisa is in heaven, she is in love with Pretty Boy and would do anything he told her; and she has done some very sick and perverted acts in the past.

"Now Madi, I am going to show you where a man is most sensitive and what will really turn an ordinary blow job into a mind blowing one."

"Okay, take his cock in your hand and lift it up. Now I want you to lick the underside of it all the way from his balls to the head. Good, do that for a bit."

With every lick Pretty Boy feels his cock getting harder and harder. This girl is holding nothing back and if he didn't know better she seems to be enjoying it.

"Now take the head into your mouth and swirl your tongue around it several times." Lisa reaches over to Madi's cunt and is surprised to find how wet she is. "You little slut, you are enjoying this aren't you?"

Madi doesn't say anything just lets out a little moan. She knows Lisa is right but can't admit it.

"Madi, now comes the fun part, I want you to suck hard on his cock and slide your head down as far as you can, then come back up and do it again."

Pretty Boy and Lisa watch as Madi gets more than half of his 10 inch cock into her throat without gagging; they are amazed.

"Good girl Madi but you have to get all the way to the bottom, try again."

Madi tries again and this time she is almost there before she starts to gag.

"Fuck Madi, are you sure you have never sucked a cock before, you're a natural!" said Pretty Boy.

Madi loves the attention and tries again, this time she does make it all the way down.

Now she gets into a rhythm licking the underside of the cock, then swirling her tongue around the head before plunging all the way down the huge cock. Alternating her sequence, never allowing Pretty Boy to know what she is going to do next. They may be forcing her to do this but she is in control and she loves it.

Lisa reaches under Madi and slides a wet finger into her ass. Madi lets out a moan and spreads her legs wider so Lisa can have better access.

Pretty Boy grabs Madi by her blonde hair and pulls her off his cock. "Madi, I am going to fuck your mouth like it is your cunt; hard and fast. This is your test now; if you can't take it then I am going to have my boys rape your mom again.

Do you understand?"

Madi nods and then smiles she loves sucking a cock and can't believe she waited so long to try it.

Pretty Boy starts out slow guiding Madi's mouth down his cock, all the way down to the bottom. He is surprised when she doesn't gag, in fact she is sucking hard all the way down. Faster and faster he pushes and pulls her head until it is just a blur; blonde hair flying everywhere.

Lisa is still finger fucking Madi's ass and has now added another finger. She is trying to keep pace with Pretty Boy and Madi is getting a good work out on both ends.

Pretty Boy slows down and gives Lisa a nod and a smile, "this bitch can really suck a cock, almost as good as you."

He lets go of Madi's head and she continues to deep throat him on her own. She is lost in her own world and the pleasure she is finding is making her own body react. Her ass clamps down on Lisa's fingers and Madi has her first anal orgasm.

"Fuck," says Lisa, "she just came."

She slides her fingers out of Madi's ass and brings her head up close to Madi's.

"Madi, Pretty Boy is going to come soon, I want you to swallow it all and if you spill any then I want you to lick it up."

Madi is driving her mouth down his cock as hard as she can all the way to the bottom, sometimes sticking her tongue out and licking his balls. She can feel his cock getting bigger if that is possible and then it starts to pulse.

Instinctively she knows he is about to cum and her sucking increases; as hard as her mouth will allow.

Pretty Boy reaches out and roughly grabs her hair pulling Madi all the way down just as he cums.

Shot after shot explodes into her mouth and down her throat, he can see her trying to swallow it all, and still she is sucking as hard as she can.

He lets go of her hair and Madi's mouth stays at the base of his cock; like she never wants to come up for air. After several minutes of her sucking and sucking she finally comes up and looks at Pretty Boy.

Like a young kid looking for praise and encouragement her eyes are focused only on Pretty Boy. A small amount of cum is trailing down her chin and her face has never looked so beautiful.

"Madi, use your finger and wipe your chin, some of my cum is dripping down." He doesn't tell her to suck her finger but she does so automatically.

"I can't believe that was your first time, you are going to make a lot of guys very happy with that mouth of yours."

Even though Madi knows she shouldn't be proud she is. If Pretty Boy thinks I am good then I must be. The smile on her face is contagious and soon everyone is laughing and talking about her great first blow job.

Pretty Boy brings her up to her feet and stands back to look at her naked body. Like he is inspecting a new possession and wanting to make sure he is getting his monies worth.

"Put you hands behind your head," he orders.

Her tits are stretched out and they are firm with no sag.

"How big are your tits?"

"34 C," she says.

"Did you like sucking my cock?"

"At first I was scared I was going to bite you but then it felt so good and I loved it."

"Would you like to suck the other three guys in the room with your mother?"

"I would rather suck you again, but if that is what you want I will do it."

"Listen bitch, I asked you a question now answer it!"

Madi is surprised by the out burst and then realizes he is not her lover rather her rapist. She is also surprised by her answer.

"Yes, I want to suck their cocks. I didn't know it would feel so good in my tummy and my pussy when I am sucking."

"Okay here is what we are going to do; while you are sucking Tom I am going to fuck your virgin cunt and then your ass. After that we are all going to take turns fucking you. Then we are going to teach you how to suck a cunt and Lisa here will be your first. And guess who will be your second; your mom."

Together they walk naked from the secret room to the master bedroom. Peggy is just coming out of the bathroom, all cleaned up and looking sexy herself.

When she sees her naked daughter, Madi, she bursts into a new set of tears and starts moaning, no, no, no.

The next several hours are spent breaking in Madi, while her mom is forced to watch from a chair. They give Peggy a dildo and make her fuck her own cunt while watching. Pretty Boy notices that Peggy has several orgasms of her own and even though she is humiliated her body can't stop being excited.

When they are done Pretty Boy has Peggy clean out all the cum from her daughters cunt and ass with her tongue. She doesn't want to do it but he promises if she does they are free to go.

Peggy is devastated, her world has been turned upside down and to top it off she feels like she caused her daughter to be raped along side her.

She slides her tongue into Madi's cunt and ass and tries to clean out all the cum. There is so much and it is making her stomach sick; but she continues hoping that Pretty Boy will keep his promise.

"Okay Peggy you can stop, good job by the way. Only one more thing to do and then you are free."

"But, but," Peggy wants to say more but stops.

"Madi, your turn, I want you to suck and lick your mom's cunt until she cums. If you don't make her cum then the boys here are going to fist her ass and cunt again." Pretty Boy is starring hard at Madi to make sure she understands.

Madi, also feels her world has been turned upside down; but for her it is different. She loves everything that has happened to her and knows she is now a slut. She even loves the word slut; it makes her cunt tingle in anticipation.

Madi doesn't hesitate and goes at her mother's cunt like it is her last meal. She is sucking, licking, tonguing; even fingering her mom's cunt and ass. Peggy is surprised by the change in her daughter but thinks it is just because she is being forced.

It doesn't take long until Peggy is moaning and screaming as an orgasm hits her. Madi doesn't stop and then suddenly another orgasm lifts her mom's ass right off the bed.

There is clapping and cheering from around the room and Madi looks up with a big smile on her face. They all know a new slut has just been born, maybe one they will use again in the future.

Pretty Boy kisses them both good bye but before they leave he shows them a sample of the video he has made.

Peggy knows she could never charge them with rape as they have her consent on film and besides she would never want her daughter exposed like that.

Madi whispers to Pretty Boy, "thank you so much, I never knew I could feel so good and I loved every minute. If you ever want me to come over again please call."

He smiles, pinches her ass and says, "You never know."

He sends her off with her mom and Tom; down the private elevator to a waiting car that will take them back to their ordinary lives.

When they are gone Pretty Boy says, "That was fun, I wonder if the next rape will be as good as this one."

Everyone laughs and say they hope so.

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