tagMind ControlAmerica's Playboy Ch. 01

America's Playboy Ch. 01


America's Playboy...What's His Secret? How does an old man get beautiful, buxom, big boob, blonde bombshells?

When Anthony flew out to LA, he told everyone that he was going there because he needed a vacation. Only, truth be told, he went to LA because he owed a bookie, Julio Russo, money, a lot of money and rather than have his legs broken or worse, he decided to go west. He had never been to California, specifically LA, but he begrudgingly went when Julio Russo made him an offer that he couldn't refuse.

It all started when Julio Russo saw yet another photo in the newspaper again. He threw the entertainment section of the newspaper down on the counter.

"Look at this fuckin' guy, America's fuckin' playboy. How does someone this fuckin' old get broads who look this fuckin' good? Look at these fuckin' broads. He's forty to sixty years older than them. He's old enough to be their father. He's old enough to be their grandfather. All of them are beautiful, buxom, big boob, blonde bombshells. And it's been like that with him for fifty fuckin' years. He's such a fuckin' pig. He's fucked everybody. He's probably had more pussy than Wilt Chamberlain. I don't get it. How does he do it? What's his secret?"

Mario scooped up the newspaper while Vito and Angelo looked over his shoulder.

"Holy shit, Boss, those are three good looking broads," said Angelo whistling his appreciation for the beauty of the women after studying the photo. "I'd love to get with any one of them, never mind having the three of them together."

"Wow, look at the tits on that one," said Vito. "Momma Mia! I'd love to rub my face in those big breasts."

"Look at her ass. I'd love to slide my dick into that," said Mario. "Can you imagine being naked and in bed with her? Oh, my God."

"Imagine the possibilities of having three women who look like that in bed with you," said Angelo giving Mario a nudge while looking at him. Mama Mia," he said waving his hand up and down and whistling. "That's the way that I want to die when I die. I want to die with three beautiful, buxom, big boob blonde bombshells in bed with me. Wow! I'd die happy and with a big smile on my face. What a way to go."

"You die like that and Saint Peter won't allow you in Heaven," said Vito shaking his head and making the sign of the cross.

"Won't allow me in Heaven? Are you kidding me? Saint Peter is a man or once was a man, that is, before he became an Angel. He'd understand when he asked me the question how I died. I'd tell him that I died happy. I'd tell him that I died with a big smile of my face. I'd tell Saint Peter that I died while doing something that I love to do," said Angelo moving his hand back and forth. "I'd tell him that I died sharing myself with others who were less fortunate and who didn't have me in their lives," he said with a laugh. "I'd tell him that I died giving pleasure to the masses of women kind, well, at least to three beautiful, buxom, big boob, blonde bombshells," said Angelo laughing.

"What you just said is sacrilegious," said Vito making the sign of the cross again. "You're going to Hell when you die. You're doomed. Even Saint Peter won't be able to save you from burning in Hell's fires."

"Well, I'm going to Hell already, Vito," said Angelo waving a hand of despair at him. "I've done much worse than being sacrilegious with Saint Peter's name. I think I've already broken all the Ten Commandments a few times over. The devil and I are pals." He nudged Mario with his elbow and said, "Hey Mario, the devil is a friend of mine."

"Read the article," said Julio pummeling the newspaper with his fat, stubby finger. "Read the fuckin' article. Look at that, they all fuckin' live with him. Do you believe that shit? He's got three broads who look like that living with him. Let me ask you guys a question. You tell me this, why would three beautiful broads who look as good as that and who can get any man they'd like want to live with someone this fuckin' old, unless he was their fuckin' grandfather or unless he was using some kind of mind control shit on them?"

"Mind control? Nah. Maybe, he is their grandfather, Boss," said Angelo winking at Mario.

"Grandfather my ass. He's their Sugar Daddy. Sugar Granddaddy is more like it." Julio started pacing the room while thinking. He always paced when he didn't understand something. "It's got to be something more there that what meets the eye here. Only, what the Hell could it be? I don't get it," he said walking while shaking his head from side to side. "How the fuck does he do it?"

"I don't know, Boss," said Angelo. "Maybe he's got a big cock. Maybe his cum taste like cotton candy and that's why they call him a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Granddaddy," he said laughing at his own old ill humor.

"Yeah, a big, old, soft cock that oozes sugar that tastes like cotton candy," laughed Mario. "Do you ever listen to some of the shit that comes out of your mouth? Don't you never think about what you're gonna say before you say it? Do you realize some of the stupid shit you say? You embarrass me all the fuckin' time. You should think about what you are going to say before you say it and then just don't fuckin' say it. Sometimes, it's better just to be fuckin' quiet. Sometimes, it's better just to listen."

"Hey, at least I finished high school," said Angelo. "At least I graduated."

"Yeah, well, just 'cause your educated doesn't mean that you're smart. You might have book smarts, but I have street smarts and commonsense, which you ain't got neither of those. Besides, I got my GED when I was in the Army serving my country," said Mario sitting up straight and puffing out his chest. I was staff sergeant of supply.

"Is that what you call it, serving your country? You were stealing whatever you could out of the PX. The Army couldn't wait for you to end your service," said Angelo laughing. "You're lucky they didn't Court Marshal you and stick you in Federal Prison. No wonder why we spent so much in Iraq. It's because you stole everything that wasn't nailed down. They had to appropriate more money because of all the shit you stole," he said laughing.

Angelo and Mario continued their squabbling in the background while Julio pondered how someone so old could get women so young.

"Hey, I got big salami in my pants and I don't get any broads who look like that," said Julio. "Even when I was younger and was better lookin' than I am now and not as heavy, I still didn't get no broads who look like that."

"It's probably all for show, Boss. He does it for his image to promote himself, is all. Maybe he doesn't do anything with them but stare at them all day and all night," said Mario. "Maybe at night they just spoon and cuddle is all. Maybe, they are even allowed to have boyfriends and to have sex with other men and/or women. Maybe he just likes to watch them having sex while jerking off. Fuck, they probably all sleep in different beds for all we know. For all we know, they're probably lesbians, Boss."

"Nah, I ain't never seen no lesbians who look as good as that," chimed in Vito. "Normally lesbians are fat and ugly and don't shave their legs and underarms. Normally, lesbians don't like men. Matter of fact, they hate men. They'd rather die than to fuck a man. They'd never be standing there and smiling like that to take a photo like that. They'd embarrass themselves to all their other lesbian friends to look so happy being with this degenerate."

"Well, if you consider a woman who is fat and ugly and who doesn't shave her legs and underarms a lesbian, she could be a Sicilian woman instead of a lesbian. She could be a French woman. The French women don't shave their legs and underarms. And did you ever see the bush on a French woman? Momma, they have hair as black and as thick as they have on their head," said Mario laughing while making a sour face. "I'd never be with a woman who didn't shave her legs and underarms. I'd feel like I was doin' a guy."

"Hey, you'd be surprised. There are some beautiful lesbians out there who'd you never think they were pussy lickers. What about that big, tall blonde from Texas that died of an overdose recently? She was a lesbian," said Angelo. "She preferred women to men."

"Who Anna Nicole? Nah, she wasn't a lesbian. She was just another slut," said Mario. She loved men and love sucking cocks too much. Don't you remember we watched her sex video? Now, that was hot. No lesbian I know could make a sex video like that."

"Yeah, Anna Nicole, that's right. I always forget her name. She was a lesbian and she was really beautiful," said Angelo. "She said she was a lesbian when she had that television show, The Anna Nicole Show. Maybe, she liked both pussies and cocks. Maybe, she was one of those bisexuals who swung both ways."

"Yeah, that could be. I could see her being a bisexual, but not a lesbian."

"Oh, and what about that Sharon Stone and the one who played in the quiet sheep movie. Oh, yeah, and what about Madonna. Definitely she's a lesbian the way that she kissed Britney Spears. Now, that was hot. Oh, yeah, and Britney Spears is a lesbian, too, in the way she returned Madonna's kiss with a French kiss and then when they caught Britney Spears with those two women exchanging bikinis. Yeah, Britney Spears is a lesbian alright. They are all beautiful women and they are all dykes."

"Quiet sheep movie? What the fuck you talkin' about, Angelo?" Mario looked at his friend with disbelief. "Do you mean Jodie Foster in Silence of the Lambs?"

"Yeah, her. She's a lesbian," said Angelo.

"Maybe so, but all those broads put together don't look any where as good as these three broads do separately. Are you kiddin' me? Just look at these three beauties. I ain't never seen women as gorgeous as these three," said Mario.

"Listen to me," said Julio getting agitated more now by the conversation of his knuckleheaded captains than by the photo. "That's what I'm fuckin' talkin' about. How the Hell does this senior of senior citizens get three young, beautiful blondes to spoon and cuddle in bed with him? You tell me that," he said looking from Mario to Angelo and to Vito while banging his finger on the newspaper. "How? I don't get it. I just don't get it." He threw his hands up in the air and returned to pacing back and forth in the room. "It makes no fuckin' sense to me."

"Maybe, it's like what Mario said, Boss. It's just one of those, what do you call them, platonic relationships," said Angelo.

"Plutonic my ass. What the Hell does planet Pluto have to do with what I'm talkin' about here. I'm talkin' about broads and I'm talkin' about controlling those broads with your mind, you moron. What d'ya have wax in your ears and can't hear me so good?"

Julio put his hands on the table and leaned his fat belly into Angelo's shoulder. He knew to be quiet when the boss was agitated like this, but spoke anyway.

"Take it easy, Boss. You're getting all riled up over a photo in the paper. It don't mean nothin'. It's just a picture," said Angelo knowing not to correct his boss about planet Pluto and knowing not to make his boss appear stupid.

"Listen to me; I don't care how old you are, unless you are retarded or a vegetable, if you are living with three broads who look like that," he used his index finger to pontificate his point by pounding the paper with it, "you're gonna do more than just stare at them and you're going to do more at night than just spooning with them. Capice? Definitely, you're gonna want to touch them in a sexual way and you're going want them to touch you in a sexual way," said Julio waving his fat finger in Angelo's face. "Momma, if I was spooning with these three broads, I'd have an erection that would keep me up all night. And I'll tell you somethin' else. I'm gonna find out how the Hell this guy does it so that I can do it, too."

"Okay Boss, okay. Calm down," said Angelo patting him on the back. "You'll get yourself all nervous like that and you'll give yourself agita or take a heart attack."

Julio stood and walked away from the table where his three captains were still sitting looking at the photo.

"I'm jealous of him." There was a long silent pause. His three captains stared over at their boss. "When I get old and if I live to be his age, I don't want to be alone without no broads," said Julio suddenly showing a face that appeared sad. Immediately, he looked away from his Captains. "I can't imagine a life with no broads, you know? I can't imagine not having sex no more. I'd kill myself if I had no broad in my life and if I couldn't get it up no more."

"I can sympathize with your predicament, Boss, but people in our business, especially bosses who have the responsibility of a family haven't been known to live long enough to collect a Social Security check," said Angelo choosing his words carefully and looking up at the receiver of his message to see how his message was taken. "That is, except for Whitey Bulger, but he's on the run. Besides, he's probably dead already. The FBI probably killed him to keep him quiet and they'll never find his body unless a FBI agent rats it."

"What the Hell does that mean? You don't think I'll live to see my retirement? You know somethin' that I don't know? You lookin' to be the boss of this family? You lookin' to take me out? I ought to plug you full of holes right here and right now," said Julio pushing a chair out of the way and putting his hand on his gun.

"No, no Boss, I was just making an observation is all," said Angelo. "Gees, take it easy. I didn't mean anything by it. I wasn't even talkin' about you."

"Angelo meant nothing by what he said, Boss. He's just a stupid fuck, Boss. He always says stupid stuff," said Mario looking at his friend. "Right Angie?"

"Yeah, yeah, Boss, Mario is right. I always say stupid stuff. I meant no disrespect to you or to this family. I'm sorry."

"Maybe he hypnotizes them, Boss," said Vito. "Maybe he uses some kind of mind control to get them to do whatever he wants." Now it was Vito who had Julio's focused attention.

"Yeah, yeah, that's what I was thinkin', Vito. It's got to be somethin' like that," said Julio.

"I had a friend who could give hypnotic suggestions. He started hypnotizing girls to put them in a trance so that he could feel them up. Then, he graduated to hypnotizing girls so he could get them to give him a blowjob. He even had a women strip naked once right out in the middle of the street. She was the mother of a kid I used to play with. It was so hot to watch this woman remove her housecoat, her panties and her bra and stand there naked with her eyes closed and her head forward until my friend gave her the command to come out of the trance." Julio, Mario, and Angelo listened to Vito in stunned silence.

"Yeah, so what happened when he woke her up," said Angelo.

"She couldn't believe it when she woke up. He was laughing his ass off and she was so embarrassed. She didn't know what to cover first. We were just kids. I don't know how the Hell he did it, but he did."

"See? That's what I'm talkin' about," said Julio. "Mind control and hypnotic suggestions is probably how he gets all these broads. He probably hypnotized them to think that he is a young stud." Julio looked at Vito. "Where is this friend now who hypnotizes women? Maybe, he could show me how he does it, so that I can try it, too."

"Oh, he moved away. I have no idea where he is, Boss. This was twenty years ago."

"Hypnosis. Yeah, yeah, I never thought of that and now that you mention it, it makes perfect sense," said Julio. "That hypnosis shit is very powerful stuff, very powerful. Sure, sure, it could be that. He could be a master of hypnosis. That could be how he gets all these beautiful broads. How else could he get them?"

In the next chapter Boss Russo is determine to find out how an old man has so many young, beautiful girlfriends.


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To be continued...

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