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Amidala: Sex Machine


(Disclaimer: This is non-profit parody/fantasy for legal adults. The author claims no ownership of any copyrighted material.)


Born into a family of Nabooian hedonists, it never occurred to her that her nudity might attract admirers.

With the sandstorm gone and everyone asleep, Padmé stood with her back to the Skywalker homestead, warm sand sinking between her toes as she hugged her arms and looked up at the stars, wondering which one was Naboo. Quiet time like this had become rare since she was elected Queen six months ago, and not for the first time she found herself envying her handmaidens, young women like herself whose only job was to obey orders and look pretty.

Not that she was anything to sneeze at, making up for her merely average height with striking holoactress looks, a carefully maintained figure, and ridiculously perky teenage breasts, her soft chestnut hair fluttering in a cool desert breeze, framing high cheekbones, pouty lips, and kind brown eyes. But she was more than a pretty face. From a modest Theed family, she had been inspired to go into politics by her parents' lover, the Rodian senator she called Uncle Ono, but it was her mentor Sio Bibble and the epic slut Racté who had molded her into the shrewd, no-nonsense politician she was today: a young Queen as adept at taking loads as she was stabbing potential rivals in the back.

Royal proclamations and blowjobs wouldn't help her now. Having fled Naboo after the Trade Federation invaded, she and her crew had been forced to land on Tatooine, and now they were stranded in the middle of a small desert town because they couldn't afford the parts to repair her cruiser's hyperdrive! Had they landed almost anywhere else she could have simply traded her young holes for what they needed, but revealing her true identity on a lawless Hutt-controlled planet would be like activating a homing beacon for every kidnapper, mercenary, and pirate in the sector.

The sound of whirring gears and shuffling feet shook her out of her reverie, Padmé turning and letting out a small gasp when she saw C3P0 staring at her, his yellow photoreceptors like spotlights in the Tatooine darkness.

"Seethreepio!" she cried, quickly covering herself with her arms. "You nearly gave me a heart attack!"

The protocol droid stared at her, arms akimbo. Tall and slender, he had been cobbled together by Anakin to help his mother Shmi with the household duties. His exterior covering was incomplete, making him look like a dull gray skeleton with exposed wires and servos.

"Oh my!" C3P0 said, his high nervous voice reminding her of a Coruscant butler, or maybe a Corellian speeder salesman. "Forgive me, Lady Naberrie! I didn't mean to--"

Padmé couldn't help grinning. "It's okay, Threepio. You startled me is all." She glanced at her robe draped over Anakin's pod racer but wasn't ready to call it a night just yet. "May I call you Threepio?"

"As you prefer, milady. You are human, and thus my natural superior."

"Good. Then call me, Padmé."

"As you wish, Lady Padmé."

"No," she laughed. "It's just Padmé."

Which wasn't far from the truth. Naberrie was her family name, but royal law had required her to take a new surname when she took the throne. She was Amidala now, only using Naberrie when she wanted to mingle with the commoners.

"You'll have to forgive me," she said, lowering her arms to her sides and letting him see her in all her glory. "I didn't grow up around many droids; it's hard for me to think of you as just another machine."

She turned back to the desert, body gleaming in the starlight.

"I don't usually make it a habit of parading around like a Twi'lek slavegirl," she continued, "but this planet's so much warmer than Naboo. I just needed to feel the air on my skin. You won't tell anyone, will you, Threepio?"

When he didn't answer, she glanced back and raised an eyebrow. His

photoreceptors were brighter than ever--and entirely focused on her firm bum and rounded hips!

"Threepio! Are you... ogling me?"

His head snapped up, droid eyes flickering in the machine equivalent of nervous blinking. "Forgive me, milady! My mistress--"

"Had you upgraded for extended service," Padmé said, nipples hardening as she pondered what an aging slave like Shmi Skywalker would have had to do to pay for such a service. "I'm familiar with the concept."

Threepio sighed with relief, the most anxious creature she had ever known. "Mistress Shmi had me programmed to better appreciate the female form, hers especially, but I'm afraid it's sometimes difficult to control."

"Can I see it?"

Threepio glanced around, knowing full well what she meant. "See what, milady?"

Padmé brushed a lock of hair behind her ear and chewed her pouty bottom lip, acting like a brain-dead Moenian schoolgirl. "Your cock, silly. It's okay. Shmi doesn't have to know."

Threepio's head rocked up and down, a droid's nervous gulp.

Padmé giggled as she sauntered over, jiggling in all the right places. Threepio couldn't stop staring, his programming working just fine. "You aren't my first droid, Threepio," she purred. "And you won't be my last."

The chit-chat out of the way, she put her hands on his cold metal chest and looked up at him, searching for something, anything, behind the glowing machine eyes. He trembled under her touch, programmed to engage in sex but not desire it--basically a big walking dildo.

Well, Padmé thought as she licked his chest, leaving a long wet streak, she would just have to do something about that!

Utterly shameless, she dropped to her knees in the sand, dragging her hands down his body to his thighs, her warm fingers touching his exposed wiring and making him shudder. Or was it the sight of her kneeling before him, his willing human slut?

Unable to resist, Threepio produced his mechanical member, oily artificial pre-cum splattering across her forehead. The gray metal appendage was as long as her forearm but considerably thicker, with a mushroom cockhead as big as her fist! Chunky was the first word that came to mind, her brown hair swirling in the breeze as she leaned in and lapped droid jizz from the tip, the sweet metallic taste making her groan.

It was an older model discontinued by LeisureMech decades before her birth, but that was to her benefit, Padmé drawing on the lessons she had learned from Racté as she ducked under his dripping prick and attacked his balls. Molded out of a special material to give them a suppleness resembling real testicles, they were cold and smooth but churned with droid sperm, Padmé moaning as she kissed each in turn before sucking both into her mouth. Threepio let out a digital squeal, his pleasure receptors lighting up like a Life Day tree as she worked him with a skill even an old desert slut like Shmi couldn't match.

Leaving his balls dripping, she began kissing her way up his shaft's sensitive underside, appreciating the thick veins sculpted into the metal. She tasted all she could, kissing and licking and sucking until she reached his rigid crown. She teased the delicate exterior and was pleased to get a familiar reaction out of him, Threepio shuddering and rocking on his heels when she dug a little too deep with the tip of her tongue. Steel hard with very little give, the only noticeable sign of his increasing arousal was the oily precum pouring from his artificial piss hole. Padmé drew back, beautiful brown eyes crossing as she admired the craftsmanship; then she sucked the head into her mouth, slurping like a common Theed whore.

Threepio waved his arms in the air, struggling against her unstoppable oral talent. Had he known she was only using a fraction of what she had learned at the Theed School of Diplomacy it would have fused his neural net! Over a year had passed since the legendary handmaiden Racté showed her the difference between a slut and a professional cock-handler, and since that time she hadn't passed up a single opportunity to exercise her talents, honing herself into a dick sucker on par with the Mid Rim's best holoskanks.

She moaned loudly, not caring if she woke up Qui-Gon or Jar Jar or even the whole neighborhood! None of them knew who she really was; and besides, most of the galaxy considered Nabooians--especially handmaidens--to be little more than deadly prostitutes anyway.

Threepio joined her, his electronic cries like interference in a lighting storm as she bobbed up and down, drooling all over his bulging shaft. He was still a droid, though, and after only a few minutes began adapting to her technique--so she switched it up, changing her speed and alternating between deep sucks and loose gagging, letting him slip into her throat every few passes. She used her hands too, jacking him and squeezing him, forcing thick globs of oily spunk into her mouth. Poor Threepio was utterly in over his head, unaware that despite not having grown up with protocol droids she'd had more than her fair share of machine sex, the taste of Artoo's thick load still strong in her mouth after a mischievous Sabé (disguised as Naboo's queen) ordered her to orally thank the little astromech droid after he helped them escape the Trade Federation blockade.

She changed it up again, slowing almost to a crawl and hollowing her cheeks while staring up at him. She flicked her tongue as she moved up and down his oozing prick, teasing the underside the way her big sister had taught her years ago. It was a Naberrie trademark, and one of the reasons Uncle Ono had agreed to mentor her.

Threepio tried to pull away, overwhelmed by her pouty lips and probing tongue. Padmé refused to let go, gripping his thighs and digging her knees into the sand. Unable to physically defy his human betters, he then tried looking away, the sight of her teenage beauty and naked body too much even for a droid, but she wasn't having that either, coming off his spurting schlong with a wet cough.

"Threepio, I command you to look at me!" she sneered, nipples harder than ever.

She jammed him back into her mouth and this time she really poured it on, practically inhaling him. When he tickled the back of her throat she pushed forward, enveloping him. Having trained on the Longdongian Roj Neremy she was used to throating fat dick, relaxing her jaw like a glass snake and swallowing him until her nose pressed against his body. Threepio stiffened and went silent, luxuriating in her wet heat. She held there for almost a minute, tonguing his balls and gently biting into his root; then she drew back, coming off him just as he exploded like a faulty power converter, hot oily spunk splattering across her forehead, nose, and all over her lips before she could tilt her head back and catch the next several globs on her tongue and in her mouth, his load pooling so quickly she had to gulp several times to keep from losing even a drop to the desert sand.

When he was fully spent, she grabbed his shaft and pulled him back into her mouth, sucking hard and draining the last of the oily ooze from his big droid balls. Threepio wailed, photoreceptors brighter than ever as he stared at her, admiring her ability to do things few teenagers outside the sex industry could.

Staring up at him, she pulled his drained droidhood from her slutty mouth and let a mix of spit and jizz dribble down her chin. The night was quiet, and without their moans and her sucks she could hear for leagues. That was when she noticed a faint whirring sound, turning her head toward Anakin's pod racer.

"Artoo Detoo, is that you?" she called out. A moment later the astromech droid came rolling out, nearly tumbling over in the sand. Padmé grinned, Threepio's sperm clinging to her face. "You weren't recording me, were you? Something like that could cause quite a scandal if it got out."

The little droid whistled and beeped, causing Threepio to tilt his head.

"Pardon my initiative, milady, but he says you can ensure that doesn't happen by giving him a repeat of what you gave him earlier, though I'm afraid I don't know what incident he could be referring to. I don't really get out much and--"

"Deal!" Padmé giggled, putting a hand over her cum-soaked mouth when a panel on the little droid's body slid open and a long slender cock sprang out.

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