tagInterracial LoveAmie is Unfaithful

Amie is Unfaithful


After Amie had unprotected sex with the two young black thugs at the lake we were faced with the possibility that she had gotten pregnant by one of them. She was on no birth control whatsoever as we had been trying to have a baby and the fact she had received multiple loads from them deep inside her just increased the possibility. I was also freaked out by the possibility of her contracting a sexually transmitted disease from them as we did not have proof they were disease free as we were accustomed. Now I was faced with the unavoidable fact that she might be pregnant with a black man's child and basically a stranger at that. This would be a very tough situation for my professional life, not to mention our private lives if she should give birth to a mixed race child.

I had been the one to encourage Amie to get it on with black men and it has been very exciting and extremely sexy to see my beautiful blond wife surrender her incredible body to her black lovers. Even now Amie's body is gorgeous, she is 5' 2", 115 lbs and her 34-24-34 figure still turns heads even though she is now in her mid 30s. I think her face is beautiful with clear blue eyes, full lips and it all framed by a mane of long blonde hair. She looks so much younger than her age. While it has bothered me at times how obsessed she is with black men and can be disturbing to see how much she enjoys their big black cocks which at times have been much larger than mine, our love life has been enhanced by our experiences.

The day after our hike and visit to the lake and black encounter was very tense. Amie had taken a chance with these guys that was not wise and she knew I was still upset with her. We did not talk much when she woke up and for the rest of the day. Later that evening as we were watching TV, Amie turns off the TV and snuggles up next to me on the couch.

She puts her arms around me and looks at me with her pretty blue eyes which were now welling up with tears. "I'm so sorry, I just couldn't help myself yesterday. Those two men were just so gorgeous and sexy and it was such a beautiful afternoon. I still should not have taken them bare without protection...can you please forgive me?"

I looked at her long and hard and after thinking for a bit I finally responded, "What if you are pregnant? I am not wild about raising a mixed race baby."

"I dunno, we'll just have to talk about it if it happens" She answers.

"That's all fine and good except what if you picked up a disease from them? I probably have it now if you did." I said, staring into her eyes.

"I think I'm fine, I just know." She whispers.

I pondered everything for a few moments before I finally said, "I just feel like I have lost control of this whole thing we do. Christ, I swear you would take you clothes off and suck and fuck for any man with a big black cock swinging between his legs. A woman with your looks can have any man you want and it seems like you are just not that choosy. I feel like I don't know you anymore and when I watch you fuck these men I sometime think I am watching a strange woman in a porn flick. And a very extreme hard core flick at that!"

She thinks and finally responds, "I guess I get carried away at times and I sometimes can't believe what's happening to me when they have sex with me. I seems so unreal and incredibly sexy in a bizarre way especially when you are watching us, you must think I am such a fucking slut!"

As it turned out, my Amie didn't get pregnant and she didn't get any STDs to our great relief. Everything seemed to turn back to normal and everything was pretty blissful. The only bump in the road we had was when Amie told me that Jackson (the big black ex boxer she had fucked after she stripped in a club) had called her and wanted to get together with her again. She told me she would like to be with him again also if it was OK with me. I hated that man and his smug demeanor and he was the only black man I ever really regretted her being with. "What are you doing talking to him?" I snapped. "We need to get you a new cell phone so he doesn't have your number. What do you see in that parking lot attendant anyway?"

Amie looks away then turns to me and says, "He's got a new job now, he in charge of security at a big nightclub in Boston."

"Great, he's bouncer...hardly much better!" I sneered and I continued, "I still don't know why you like him, he's not that good looking and is such an asshole. I think you are obsessed with his big cock."

Amie smiles slightly and says, "You're just jealous of him, sure I love his cock but I also think he is nice. He's certainly a great lover and I think that bothers you. I also think you are intimidated by him and you're afraid he will beat you up."

Amie was baiting me, trying to get under my skin and fly off the handle but I decided not to let it happen. I told her it was out of the question and went into the living room and turned on the television. I don't know how long I sat there absentmindedly watching a movie when Amie finally came in and sat next to me. She sat there in silence for what seemed like an eternity when she cleared her throat and without looking at me says, "I'm sorry, what I said was uncalled for, please don't be mad."

I look at her and she has tears in her eyes and she reaches over and places her hand on my thigh. What could I do? I love her so much and she is so beautiful and so much of this is my fault for encouraging her to take on black lovers. The next thing I knew we were intertwined kissing deeply and the sex we had was fantastic. We made up and we decided to wait for awhile before starting a family.

All seemed well and good and I had put the incident behind me and I will tell you I felt so lucky to be with such a beautiful and sexy woman. Making love to her is like real live pornography every night. The sights I have seen of her with her black lovers and the incredibly sensuous and downright dirty things she did with them are forever burned into my mind. This enhanced my libido and I know she is turned on by it all as we engage in dirty talk about her experiences when we make love. All this being said, we discussed getting out of this interracial lifestyle and putting this all behind us. Finally last year it had been over two years since Amie had been shared with other men so we decided to try again to have a child so Amie went off her birth control.

Everything went along well until last fall. For some reason I started to get suspicious of her and I couldn't keep having thoughts of distrust. At first I thought I was crazy but things kept happening to feed my paranoia. When I was away on business trips, she sometimes wouldn't answer our home phone and I would only reach her by her cell phone. I know every inch of Amie's body intimately and I also noticed that once when we made love I saw what appeared to be a hickey on one of her breasts and her arms had some scratches and a few small bruises and some marks on her backside. She explained it away that she had been out jogging and had tripped and taken a tumble into a ditch.

I wasn't convinced and I needed to know so I decided to tell her I was going out of town for business for a few days. I actually would stick around do some detective work and see if I could catch her in the act if she indeed was up to anything. I told a co-worker I needed to borrow his truck to move something. Amie was not familiar with it and I figured I could spy on her without her seeing me.

The day I was supposed to go on the trip was a Thursday, Amie always has Fridays off and I figured if she was up to anything she would do it either Thursday or Friday night so I told her I would be back on Sunday. This would give her plenty of opportunity if she was indeed having an affair. I packed my suitcase and briefcase and I kissed Amie goodbye. I drove my Jeep to work and traded vehicles and I drove to where she works an hour before she was scheduled to leave for the day. I parked way down the street where I could see her parked car and waited. It turned out I didn't need to wait long as she comes out a half hour early. She gets in her vehicle and pulls out of the parking lot and I follow. She ends up going back home which didn't exactly surprise me and I park down the street, hoping she didn't look my way. She was in the house about an hour when she comes out, dressed in a tight short black dress I had bought her recently. She was carrying her jacket and a small suitcase, it looked like she was in a hurry.

I hung back and followed her, almost losing her when a light changed red but I caught up to her when she stopped at a traffic light. She ended up going to a park and ride lot at the Civic Center and she pulls up beside a dark blue sedan that looked like a rental. She gets out with her suitcase, puts it in the back seat and gets into the passenger side of the car, I couldn't see much but she seemed to lean over and kiss someone in the drivers seat. They pull out of the parking space and head out of the lot with me hanging back, praying I would not lose them. I followed them for nearly an hour until they pulled into motel I was familiar with as Amie and I had stayed there before. I parked up the street and in sight of the motel's office. In a few moments the driver's side door opens and felt myself get light headed when I saw who it was. The man stepping out was a black man, a very big black man and to my horror it was Jackson, the asshole she had picked up at the strip club when she danced on amateur night. I shouldn't have been surprised as she had expressed interest in fucking him again but I had forbid it. I did not like the man and I did not want him to put his massive black cock inside my Amie. I couldn't believe she was doing this to me and I was totally enraged. I should have seen this coming as he had been in contact with her and had told her of his new job a head of security in a big nightclub. This was a big step up from his parking lot attendant job but made sense considering he was an ex boxer. I was so pissed off my first reaction was to run down to the car and confront them but something kept me glued to my seat. Was it fear of this imposing black man, the embarrassment of the confrontation or did I really want her to fuck him? No matter the reason, I sat there as he came out with the motel key, got in the car and drove to the room. I pulled out and drove slowly to the motel and pulled into the parking lot to turn around. As I did I saw them park in front of a room and they both got out. They embraced and kissed deeply before going into the room, I felt a pain in the pit of my stomach when I realized it was a room Amie and I had stayed in on a previous occasion. I then realized I was only about 200 feet from them and it was a miracle they did not see me, it helped that the windows to the truck were tinted. I started the truck and drove up the street, trying to figure out my next move.

I parked in a mini mall just up the street and just sat there in shock, my hands were shaking and I felt so hurt. I don't know how long I sat there but after awhile I got out and walked down to the motel and I went to the room that I saw Amie and Jackson go into. I sneaked up to the window to see whatever I could see. It was starting to get dark and the outside lights were not on yet so I figured they couldn't see me if I peered in on them. They had closed the venetian blinds but fortunately for me they had left them open just a bit so at the right angle I could seen some of the room and I was greeted with the sight of her walking out of the bathroom totally nude and crawling up onto the bed where Jackson was laying fully naked on his back with his big cock fully erect and pointing to the ceiling. Amie kneels between his legs and fondles his balls as she starts kissing and sucking his nipples. She then slowly runs her tongue down his chest and belly as she continues stroking his balls. When her lips get to his penis she lightly runs her tongue up and down its black shaft. She then engulfs the tip in her mouth and sucks him for awhile until she finally positions herself on top of him and lowers her pussy onto his bare black cock. There she was astride his massive dick cowgirl style humping up and down on it. I had a horrible feeling, it wasn't the fact she was getting fucked by a black man as I had encouraged her to do so in the recent past and it was one of the most incredibly sensual things I had ever seen. What bothered me was she was doing it behind my back and to top it off was doing with a man I intensely disliked.

Amie was leaning in and kissing him as she thrusts her hips up and down, driving her sweet little pussy onto his cock which was glistening with her love juices. She raises up a bit and he hungrily kisses and bites her pretty tits. After a few moments of this she sits back so he gets a good view of her and he roughly grabs her breasts, pulling on her nipples. She throws her head back and shakes her head back and forth with her long blonde hair flying around. After a bit of her riding him she slides off him and lies on her back. She spread her legs wide for him and he mounts her, driving his big black cock into her with one hard thrust. He sets up a furious pace, pounding her sweet little bare pussy hard as she attempts to reach around him and clutch his ass with her dainty hands, pulling him into her with each stroke. I couldn't see much of her because she had practically disappeared underneath his massive body as he fucked her.

I was in a haze, riveted on them fucking furiously like animals when suddenly I became aware of the sound of a door opening and voices. I turned to see an older couple coming out of a room several doors down from where I was. I quickly turned and walked away, hoping they hadn't seen me peering though their motel room. I get into the truck and pull out onto the street and drive around town for about half an hour. I didn't know what to do so I went to a bar for a few drinks. After a shot and a beer I finally calmed down and I nursed a beer for awhile and pondered what to do next. I finally decided to got back to the motel, I didn't really know what I was going to do. Would I confront them? Would I try to spy on them again? It suddenly dawned on me that Amie was not on birth control because we were trying to have a baby. That just put my stomach in knots as I remember watching his bare black cock plunge into her unprotected pussy.

I had been gone for over two hours and when I pulled into the motel parking lot I was surprised to see their car was gone. I left and parked up the street and waited to see if they would come back. I sat there for well over an hour and they didn't return. I drove around town a few times and each time I returned they still were gone. I was mystified and after about 3 hours of this I finally decided to go back home. I spent a sleepless night tossing and turning in our bed.

Amie didn't return that day and when I drove back to the motel and their vehicle was not there. I was totally freaking out now, practically climbing out of my skin. I went back home and spent another night alone, I called her cell a few times but she didn't answer which just added to my misery. I had to give my friend his truck back so after I did that I just went home to wait. That day I paced the floor and Amie was surprised to see me as I wasn't expected back until the next day. She came into the kitchen and gives me a smile which seemed forced. She comes over and kisses me which I barely returned, I was thinking of her kissing Jackson and sucking his cock and who knows what else with that same mouth.

"What's wrong? Why are you home, are you sick?" She inquires.

I was silent for few seconds and finally said, "No, I'm not sick. Where have you been?"

My wife averts her eyes and stammers, " I, I went to...my friend's house for a visit."

"For two nights?" I sharply responded.

Amie pulls away from me and still not looking at me, she says, "It was, was Jill I went to see. She having problems with her boyfriend and needed company."

"Really? For that long? Why didn't you answer your cell phone?" I asked her.

She hesitates and finally says, "I left it off by mistake. I need to go take a shower."

I remember thinking she needed to wash Jackson's stink off her. In a minute of so I went into the bathroom as Amie was disrobing. I stood there and gazed at her amazing body, and she gives me a weak smile. I noticed that her arms had red marks and a few bruises on them and her pink nipples seemed to be redder and darker than usual.

I could not hold back any more and I blurted out, "I saw you with Jackson!"

She stops midway as she she was stepping into the shower. "What?" She responds.

"You heard me!" I was now yelling.

Tears start streaming down her face and she looks at me with her lips quivering. "What do you mean?"

I told her, "I saw everything, I followed you to the motel and I saw you fucking that bastard. How could you do this to me?" I was now also crying. "You know I hate him and I thought I could trust you. Why did you do it?"

Amie shuts off the shower and is now facing me, "I don't know, I just couldn't help myself. When you forbid me from being with him I got mad." She is now sobbing and in a bit she continues, "I remember thinking, how dare you and that you don't own me."

I then asked her the most important question of all, "What about birth control? We've been trying to make a baby and I know you are not on the pill. What did you do about that? Please don't tell me nothing!"

"Every time I've been with Jackson I've taken the morning after pill." She answered.

"Have you taken it today?" I asked.

Amie pauses and responds, "No, not yet. I have to go to the pharmacy. I have up to 5 days to take it."

I couldn't believe she hadn't stopped and bought it on the way home or even better already had it with her when she went to be with him. I know the sooner it's taken, the more effective it is. I told her, "After your shower, we'll go to the store to buy it before you forget."

She just stood there staring at the floor and quietly responded, "OK."

I glared at her as she stood there in from of me with her arms folded over her breasts. Even now I still found her so beautiful and I ached so much because I love her so much. "What happened to you two? You didn't stay at the motel, where did you go?" I asked.

Amie stands there still staring at the floor and finally says, " I don't want to talk about it."

"What do you mean? You don't want to talk about it? I think I deserve some answers!" I retorted.

"You don't need to know every detail." Amie answers as she turns on the shower again and steps inside.

I stood there dumbfounded, I couldn't think of anything to say and didn't know what to do so I turned and went into the living room. As Amie showered I sat there in a confused state and pondered what all this meant to our relationship. I had let her take on black men as sexual playmates so long as I could watch and I really was turned on by what I had witnessed so why was I so angry that she fucked a black man when I was not there? I think it was her dishonesty as well as her choice of lover that seemed so wrong to me. I also worried about her getting pregnant by Jackson, a total nightmare for me. Hopefully the morning after pill will work this time. I then wondered how many times had she been with him and needed to take the day after birth control? Was that why she hadn't gotten pregnant by me? Was she fucking him on a more regular basis than I suspected? Of course she was wrong to sneak abound behind my back but who was I to insist on choosing her lovers for her? Amie was correct that it was her body and she should be able to do what she wants with it and to choose who would fuck her.

My mind then went to our marriage vows and what they meant. She had violated them but then again I was the one who encouraged her to give up forsaking all others and allowed strange men to have sex with her. The bottom line was I still loved my beautiful wife and I would do anything to keep her. What that could entail was left open, how much should I compromise and how much should I let her do? One thing was certain, we needed to work this out.

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