Amish Country Blues


Hannah realized that this was different, "I love you too" had a different meaning. A flicker of emotion caught in her throat, she began to speak, cleared her throat and began again, "Tomorrow?" Was all she could muster before the flood of emotion overwhelmed her.

"Tomorrow? Sure!" Tommy announced, visibly pleased.


Tommy slept like a log. When morning came he worked diligently to finish early so he could take an extra long shower in preparation for the evening with Hannah Yoder. He smiled and whistled as he finished up, his mother taking special notice of the change in her son.

"What has gotten in to you?" She asked Tommy.

"Oh, nothing really." He responded.

She wasn't buying it. "There's only one thing that cheers a man up this way...What's her name?" She asked deviously.

"Oh, Mom..."

"Come on now, tell your mom."

"Her name is Hannah," he admitted, "but you don't know her." Tommy added quickly.

"Well, be safe honey."

"Sure mom." He said and quickly left.

Hannah was frantic by the time he arrived. She had nearly burst with anticipation of his visit, but as he drove in and parked she began to shake with the excitement for the impending coupling. She met him at the door and hugged him, releasing some of the pent up emotion.

Tommy was taken aback, she had certainly changed for the better, but no longer was she the reserved Amish wife. She was clinging to him as he bent down to place a kiss on her head. She responded by kissing him back fully on the lips.

Without pretense she led him to the bedroom and they both stripped bare and got into the bed. She felt his tangling fingers pull her by the hair until her lips were crushed against his, her lips contorting against his in a grotesque manner. His hands moved to her shoulders and twisted her body harshly until she fell on her back on the bed. Tommy rolled himself full length on top of her and she twisted and squirmed, smashing her hips against the hard penis pressing against her wildly rocking belly.

"Oh, thee are large," she whimpered uncontrollably as he drew his hand up tight against the warmly swelling moistness of her vagina, searching for the tight elastic little opening.

"And you are so wonderful." He said.

Hannah had never been told she was "wonderful" before. She decided she liked it greatly.

He worked at her hotly quivering vaginal lips now, slowly parting the thinly curling pubic hairs and insinuating his fingers, hurting slightly at first so that she gasped and bit down on her lips to stem the pain.

"Oh, hurry! Please!" she whimpered through contorted lips, flailing her head from side to side on the spongy, sweat soaked material of the bed.

She shuddered expectantly as his hands pushed her thighs apart, stretching her vagina until it lay before him in a flat exposed plain. Her legs snaked out on either side of his body and her calves locked against the backs of his legs. He grasped his hard aching Penis in his hand and then Hannah felt the lips around her softly quivering vagina slowly stretching open. The elastic rimmed tightness resisted for a moment, then gave way before the hard cruel pressure.

"Ooooooh," she groaned as it slithered deep inside her belly.

Tommy shoved again slowly forward, and then suddenly he could stand it no more, and he rammed into her with everything he had, sinking the lust-inflated Penis all the way to the deepest recesses of her warmly accepting young belly. He could feel the soft, sperm-filled sac of his balls slap tightly against her jerking buttocks and her legs kicked out in the air from the relentless onward pressure. But she responded like a creature from his wildest dreams, digging her heels into the bed and grinding her wetly clasping vagina back up his smoothly skewering shaft, begging for more of the cruel treatment.

He could hardly contain himself as her grunts of pleasure resounded through the thick sex filled air. He set up a quick rhythmic fucking motion, further incited by the flat smack of naked flesh on naked flesh as his belly smacked heavily against hers with each lust-heated stroke. It seemed impossible, but it was true: he was ramming that hard thick Penis up into the warmly quivering confines of this Amish woman's vagina and she loved every minute of it ... it took the utmost of his self-control to hold off from coming instantly into the softly squeezing walls of her vagina.

"Oh, Ooooooh, Arhgh," she groaned as it pushed with greater force through the hotly pulsating passage. "Oh, Tommy," the sounds came incoherently around the swabbing tongue sunk deep in her throat.

He dropped his body heavily down on her, smashing the full ripe tits tightly against his heaving chest. He reached back grabbing her ankles and pushing them brutally back over her shoulders, until she was rolled up into a tight round ball of helplessness beneath him. His shoulders pushing against the backs of her full rounded calves kept her locked in that vulnerable position as he fucked heavily into her.

Reaching beneath them, he forced his hands between the bed and the full white cheeks of her ass, kneading the warm soft flesh and pulling the gently rotating cheeks further apart. He could feel the hot smooth walls of her tightly clasping vagina sucking hungrily at his aching Penis, convulsing tightly around his rapidly plunging hardness. Then, before he could begin another thought, he felt it begin for her.

"Aaaaaagh!" she screamed up into his mouth and her body tossed under him, slipping and churning in a furious spasm.

"I'm coming. I'm coming too," he mumbled over and over to himself, speeding up the already furious rhythm of his strokes. He could feel the hot white cum building up inside his heated balls as they beat hard against her wildly gyrating upturned ass. But he couldn't let it stop! He was going to spurt his boiling semen into this woman's sweet little belly until she was filled to the bursting point with their dual mixture of hotly gushing cum juice ... and then, before he could complete the thought, he could feel it, the muscles of her vagina clasping voraciously around him and massaging his Penis to a flooding hugeness that threatened to split her womb.

He could feel his breath becoming ragged and short, his Penis jerking and stiffening even larger. He could sense the sensation of hot white cum spewing now out of the wildly jerking head and shooting up into her like liquid fire, ricocheting around inside her hotly convulsing vaginal walls like thick burning streams of molten lava. In a cascade of passion the lovers exploded into a mutual orgasm, convulsing to exhaustion, slowing, and then, falling asleep.

Tommy woke and left her asleep. He would be back on Monday to service her in the barn he thought, but his mind was already working out how he could be with her like this again. He hoped, he could be with her, but he began to realize the end of the affair was close at hand.


Sunday, the Sabbath. Ezekiel had purchased a new horse and rode it to services, Hannah had ridden with neighbors. Upon retuning home Hannah remembered to inform her husband that the English had brought the carriage home.

"I like this English." Ezekiel admitted.

"He seems nice." Hannah added. Monday couldn't arrive soon enough for her.

Tommy drove into the Yoder's yard and parked. He looked longingly at the house, sighed and walked to the barn. The Yoder's were there already and Ezekiel greeted him with a wave and a smile.

Hannah dropped what she was doing and walked to the work bench. As before she took up her position and awaited Tommy's penetration. Tommy walked up and loosed his penis, stroked it to full length and entered her. As he stroked he thought he heard Hannah moaning beneath him.

Hannah, concealed by her dress, sobbed tears of sadness; Ezekiel had decided this was to be the last service for a while. They would wait to see if she had "taken" his seed.

Afterwards, Hannah watched as Ezekiel explained the conclusion of the deal, and that his services were no longer necessary. It looked to her that Tommy appeared disappointed at the news. She certainly was.


Tommy agonized over the turn of events. He hadn't imagined that there was an end to the affair. Perhaps he could call on Hannah when Ezekiel wasn't around? But when would that be? Would she be receptive? He had more questions than answers.

Several months later, spring had come, and Tommy was driving to town. As he crested a small rise he came upon a familiar sight, an Amish carriage pulled by a trotting horse. He looked intently as he passed and for an instant thought he had seen Hannah. He began to wonder if she had become pregnant. He smiled remembering her warm loving embrace.

Summer came and went, and fall was already in full swing when Tommy saw a familiar figure walking toward him as he shut the barn door.

Ezekiel Yoder strode the last few steps toward the English and broke into a big grin. "Hello." He said as he thrust his hand out to shake Tommy's.

"Well, well, what brings you around Mr. Yoder?"

"I have business with you. May we talk?"

"Business? Hannah..." Tommy started to ask.

Ezekiel saw the puzzled look and interjected, "No, Hannah bore a son just two months ago." Proudly beaming a big smile of satisfaction. This is for my brothers' wives.

"Wives?" Tommy asked.

"Yes, I have four brothers."

Tommy smiled inwardly, how could a man be so lucky?


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