I nodded down to my skirt and Ben didn't need a verbal offer before he almost leapt forward and fumbled with the button and zipper, the garment slipping down my legs within a couple of seconds.

I was still essentially covered but I felt a heart-racing thrill at being so exposed and a feeling close to fear crept through me, mixing headily with the arousal that was growing so fast inside me -- fear that if my heart beat any faster it might explode. But regardless of my fear, desire won the day.

"Well?" I said softly, my mouth dry, "Can you show me just how you managed to take my bra off last week?"

Ben gave a noise somewhere between a whimper and a grunt, "Oh, mum, yes please!" His hands snaked round my back and he fumbled there for a few seconds before I felt the catch snap open.

I gave a gasp, never expecting even after all that had occurred and all that I had remembered, just how thrilling this sensation was. I looked down, the upper slopes of my breasts now clearly visible as the bra slid down oh so slowly, and I realised -- properly realised -- that my boy was about to see my hard, tingling nipples. It felt like such a gulf between the near-tease of cleavage and the exposure of my true sexuality. I shrugged.

I don't know who gave the loudest sigh as the garment fell and I stood before my boy, breasts bared. Ben's eyes were transfixed on my nakedness for seconds that felt like glorious hours before he looked up into my eyes. The desire there took my breath away, sent the most sensational shiver through my very core, and I fumbled for his hands, our eyes locked.

I took them finally and lifted them, pausing them a couple of inches away from my flesh, imploring my son with my eyes to understand how much I wanted this, unable now to form coherent words. I felt him press his hands lightly forward, his own desire now a blaze deep in his eyes. I let his hands free, let him cup my breasts, let him feel the hardness of my nipples against his dry palms.

The contact was electric, shocking but somehow more like a circuit closing, a joining of entirely natural elements, even while my body reacted with a deep and glorious thrill. I gasped Ben's name, clasping my hands over his to emphasise my desire when he took that single word at first to be an admonishment. When he finally understood, finally squeezed my bare breasts firmly but easily, I released him.

Remembering the last time hazily, I pushed at the waistband of my knickers and my boy nodded finally, understanding. His hands left my breasts and slid down my sides, tangling with mine momentarily before moving on, snagging in the elastic of my final garment, pulling down firmly.

At last I was exposed fully. The fire in me raced to a whole new height and the fire in my son's eyes had become an inferno.

He looked at me. Examined every naked inch of my body with those eager, blazing eyes. Sent thrills coursing through my veins as I realised the immensity of what was happening. I was out of control now and I knew that much. And didn't care one little tiny bit.

I sat heavily then sprawled back on the bed, brazen, open, wild and loving it. My Ben stood transfixed, those eyes drinking in the sights before him, eating his mother, wanting her -- and I knew it and adored it.

"This," I managed, "is all yours, my angel."

Ben groaned and with amazing speed stripped off his shirt and then jeans. His boxers stood proud from his muscular young body and my own eyes were now transfixed, eager for him to bare what was causing that proudness. He must have read my eyes, seen the zealousness, the wanton desire. His hands trembled as they grabbed the top of the final garment that stood between us, but they were gripping firmly enough to pull away from his body and then down, gloriously down.

The hard, smooth cock that sprang into view had me whimpering. My son's cock was gorgeous in every way -- straight, proud, hard -- but now it was going to be mine in such a new and wonderfully, naughtily, different way. I was suddenly a slut, a sex-object for him. That's what I wanted at that moment as my legs scissored wide, and love or not, Ben let out a grunt of pure animalistic lust, almost leaping onto the bed, kneeling between my legs.

Feeling his eyes on my naked breasts had been electric, wonderful. Seeing them drop to my naked, exposed pussy was nuclear.

He was going to touch me any moment. He was going to bring that hard, young cock down to touch me, my pussy. I wanted it.

"Ben," I managed, "Sure I love you, sure we can make love -- but later. Right now let's fuck!"

"Oh mum, yes, please yes!"

My boy, my angel, my Ben, almost threw himself on top of me and I felt the heat of that hard cock crushed against my left thigh as he scrambled for position.

Then I felt it move upwards, felt the hardness of the tip of my boy's cock at my pussy lips, the very opening of me.

"This time," I gasped, "I want to feel it all."

I bucked gently and felt my lips parting. My boy's cock was there, it was almost inside me. I froze, loving the wildness of the moment, adoring the blaze of lust in his eyes, delighting in his matching of my move, his freezing to look into me.

Then he pushed a fraction and I lifted my hips to match. My Ben's cock started to slide inside me, millimetre by millimetre. I groaned and let go, bucking just as he read me and thrust. I wailed as I felt him enter me fully, gasped and groaned as my pussy accepted my boy's hardness, cried out his name as he started to move, whimpered and moaned as my bucking began to match his thrusting.

I stared up at his feverish eyes, a smile forming on my lips even as I grunted with every thrust and buck. "You, boy, fuck real good."

"Oh mum, oh yes!"

His pace increased, his thrusts harder, and I could feel the tension grow inside him.

"You want to cum in me, want to cum in mum?"


"Ben," I almost whimpered, "I know you must have cum outside last time because I was covered but... oh Ben, cum in me now!"

His pace went wild, his mouth dropped to my breasts and started to suck, lick and suckle. I could feel his cock stiffen even further and knew that it was going to happen. My own climax rose from nowhere, shocking me, ultimately delighting me.

"Oh fuck, Ben!"

He lifted his head, quizzical but close to climax, wanting to know what had made me cry out but wanting even more to cum any moment. "Wh-what?"

I gave a delighted squeal, "You... you're making me cum. Oh fuck Ben" My voice rose as the sensation did inside me, "Oh fuck I don't believe it... oh Ben... you're making me cum, making mum cum!"

That released him and I felt a spurting deep inside me as he almost yelled in delight above me, "Oh mum yes! Oh mum cum for me too cum now!"

It was the 'mum' and 'cum' that did it, and Ben's juices deep inside me. I couldn't have stopped that tsunami and had no desire to. "Oh fucking hell Ben! Yes, yes, yes!" My whole body seemed to spasm in delight, and that glorious feeling of release coursed through every inch of me, a full-body, full-on climax that had every muscle twitching, every nerve end firing in delight. I grasped my Ben's butt, pulled him as close to me as I could, bucking and twitching underneath him, glorying in the feel of my son's cock impaling me, pushing the lips of my pussy, my cunt, wide, filling me with his cum as I shook and shuddered.

Stars -- super-novae -- exploded behind my eyes and I might have passed out for a few seconds.

The next thing I remember is opening my eyes and seeing Ben staring at me, a soppy, delighted and delightful grin on his youthful features.

"Mum..." he began and a twitch shook deep in my belly making us both laugh in a way that... well... simply heightened the sensations we both felt.

"Mum," he started again, waiting this time for the little twitch which duly came, "You do realise you're so good looking, don't you?"

I was flattered, delighted really, but quizzical, "That's very nice, Ben, but what's your point?"

"I mean, I would -- any straight guy would -- love to, well, fuck a beautiful woman like you, and that was total wild desire, right?"

"Charmer, but yes."

Ben paused and bit his lip for a moment before continuing, "So that was gorgeous, but a fuck?"

"Well, yes on both counts--" I felt Ben's cock twitch inside me where it still rested, and both remembered and suddenly desired what I thought his next words might be, his next actions. I gave the tiniest buck of my hips, "But now?"

He grinned openly, "Mum," he ignored my little whimper, "I love you in all sorts of ways. And now I want to do it all again, this time making love... if you want that it?"

I lay back, staring into his loving eyes and stroked his hair. "Ben," I said, honestly, "I don't think I could want anything more." I stroked my finger around his lips, licking my own. This hadn't been on my agenda -- the fucking, yes, maybe even love-making but... I leaned my head up slightly and gave his lips a tiny kiss.

Deep inside me, Ben stiffened more. He leaned down, chasing my head as I lay back, he paused, his lips a fraction from mine. Then returned the little kiss. My lips repaid the pressure and he hardened more. Another kiss followed, both of us moving together and the stiffness returned fully.

He whispered something against my mouth, now slightly open. Oh how I wanted him now. My mouth opened wider and I dared another kiss. Ben, my glorious Ben, hesitated then allowed the pressure between our lips to increase, locking our mouths. Then it was his tongue that tentatively passed across my lips and I allowed the tip of my own tongue to seek his.

If I'd thought that his cock being inside me was electrically thrilling, when our mouths locked properly, kissing fully and deeply, the sensation rose to new heights and my whole body felt the charge.

The kiss became the prime focus of my entire existence, no matter that my son was locked sexually deep inside my womanhood. We writhed, searching each other's mouths with eager tongues, our bodies locked in that shared desire.

It was Ben who finally broke that kiss and its wild passion. He rose up on straight arms so that he could look down on my face, my breasts. His smile was such a joy to behold and the light, gentle laugh that followed made my heart surge up in my chest. "Mum?" he asked softly.

"What is it?" I was smiling, delighted with what life was giving me right then, overjoyed at what my son was sharing with me.

"Can I share the bed with you tonight?"

"This bed?"

"Yes, mum, this one."

I frowned, "Ben, that's very inappropriate for a son, you know?"

It took him a moment or two before he realised I was gently joking with him. "Oh, funny!"

I shrugged and pecked his lips with mine, "I can't abide situations which get too serious you know?"

"Then," Ben thrust deep within me, bringing forth a gasp form me followed by a soft laugh, "you had better tell me whether a laugh means love or lust."


"Oh, yes, mum. Because if you laugh during what we do next I need you to tell me whether it counts as love-making or fucking, okay?"

I thrust my hips up at him and chuckled, "I think you and I might just be exceptional that way. Now make fucking love to your mum, right?"

Ben looked down, smiling. He brought one hand across and caressed my bare breasts, his hips pressing his cock deeper inside me, "Fucking love is just about right, mum. And I think I'm going to love fucking you."

"You'd better."

"Oh yes," his face registered joy and delight, his eyes almost closing, "Over and over and over again."

And so it began...

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