tagRomanceAmnesty for Jennifer Ch. 01

Amnesty for Jennifer Ch. 01


We needed something to reignite our sex life. Jennie and I have been married for almost twenty-six years and our love making had become something more like a duty and not a desire. We needed something.

I stumbled on the answer last Sunday morning as we sat and talked over breakfast at our favorite diner. That may sound dumb, but we don't often just talk. Since we are both avid readers, the genres we prefer don't seem to cross. Jen prefers romance novels and I prefer the more erotic physical stuff. Recently, however, Jen has started enjoying romances that involve more physical descriptions of sex acts. I still prefer love making between older women and younger men.

I started our little talk with simply asking Jennie if we could have a sex amnesty day. You know, a day where we could act out our sexual fantasies with each other or others. Knowing and that all would be forgiven. There would be no ground rules limiting who we do whatever to and the other could participate, watch, encourage, grope; well, you know what I mean or just not want to know any details.

To my surprise, Jen blurted: "not good enough, bucko; I want it all. Ray, our sex life is boring me to tears and I want more. I want better. I want the passion of my lover's kiss. I want his desire to please me and not just jump my bones. I want husband swapping. I want multiple partners. I want to feel the passion that we don't have anymore. Not so much bizarre shit, but I would be willing to try some of that, too. I want more. If that is what you mean, I'm all in. Now, if that is the sort of shit you have in mind, we have something to talk about; otherwise, I think we should separate. This just isn't working for me anymore. If it only means you want to fuck some young twat without me getting mad, then go fuck yourself and I'll find the lovers I want."

I was flat out stunned by Jennie's desires and her language. Stammering, I asked, "I'm in. This is more than I'd hoped for." Like an idiot trying to find the right words, I questioned, "have you looked into this sort of thing? I didn't know you wanted to do this. I am loaded with questions, please tell me more and don't ... "

Jennie interrupted, "the sex described in the books I've been reading really turns me on. Matter of fact, after you go to sleep at night I frequently pick up one of my books and pleasure myself while reading passages and cumming wildly while you sleep. Look, Ray, I don't love you less, but I have needs that you just don't fulfill anymore. You just don't pursue me the way you did when we first met. Our love making has gone from rare to almost never since the kids grew up. I need someone who will make me swoon from his kisses and make love to me. A man who will ravish me in public, who will secretly finger fuck me in a crowd. A man who will bend me over every chance he gets. Someone who wants me and you just don't. Simple answer to my sexual needs don't seem to lie with just you and I want to feel desired, even lusted after."

"I can do that!"

"No, you can't. At the least, you don't seem to want me anymore and if you don't give me more attention, you won't have me around. I'm moving on, with or without you. What do you say about that?"

This is where I finally came to the conversation I really wanted to have with my Jen. "Chet from next door asked if we would come to their husband-swapping party next Saturday night. That's why I broached the subject of an amnesty day for the two of us. After listening to you, will you go?" Jennie's eyes light up.

"You just heard me scorn you for not appreciating me more and you offer this idea that I might want to ... wait a minute, you're telling me that Chester and Trinka from next door want to swap spouses for sex? This coming Saturday?" Jen sat open mouthed and, I think, shocked. Doubting me, Jen went on, "does Trinka know he came to you? Holy fucking cow, Chet wants to fuck me? When did this happen. Holy shit!" Jen was still in shock. She just stared at me open mouthed and wide eyed.

"That's what I'm telling you. Trinka put him up to it. Chet has asked a few times before. Simply, dear, Chet next door wants to fuck you and his wife wants to fuck me. I can't blame him. I find you sexy, but we never seem to have any spontaneity in our sex life. We really need to get back to that and this might just be what we need."

Dumbstruck, like she wasn't registering what I was telling her, Jen interrupted again; "no shit! Hmmm, wait a second, you're telling me that Chester wants to fuck me? Wow! I know I'm repeating myself; but, holy shit, that's such a fucking turn-on." Narrowing her gaze at me, "don't you fucking tease me. Tell you what I'm going to do. When we get home, I'm call Trinka. I'd like to know what to expect and, yes, this interests me. Interest me? Shit, when can I get started? Talk about spontaneous." Turning on me again, "don't get your hopes up 'Romeo', but this could be a real blessing in disguise for you. I don't know what to expect from a husband swap, but it has to be better than slipping a hair brush into my neglected pussy while you're sawing wood. And, yes, that is one of the things that I do while you snore away right next to me."

"Wish you'd wake me up. I'd eat you and push whatever into your tasty ..."

Jen interrupted, "in your dreams. Let's pay the bill and get out of here so I can call Trinka this morning."

It was just after eight in the morning when I pulled the car into the garage and Jen bolted into the house to call Trinka. After I came in from the garage I found Jen on the phone already. I only heard Jennie's side of the conversation.

"... he told me while we were eating breakfast that your husband wants to (pause) So, you know all about this and (long pause) No kidding? He really wants to (longer pause) Holy shit, yeah, I'm interested (pause) I had no idea and (pause) Trink, I've always wanted to do something like this, but (longer pause still). How about I meet you in your back yard right now for a private conversation? (pause) Ok, fifteen minutes. I'll be there. There's something I want to do first. See you after I shower and spruce up, so to speak (pause). You, too? Go for it and I'll do the same. Won't the boys be surprised. Fuck, you are so wicked!"

Jen looked at me with a conniving smile on her face and said, "I'm going next door to talk to Trinka and I'll be back later. You may have just saved your ass! Right now, I have to clean up before meeting Trinka. It might not hurt for you to shower and shave, too."

About twenty minutes later, Jennie walked out our patio door headed for the Trinka's house. I don't know why Jennie felt she had to shower and change clothes before heading over to Trinka's, but it was quick. Should I have been upset that my wife was wearing her short, white tennis skirt and pink tank top. Obviously, Jennie was not wearing her bra and her swollen nipples were pushing at the tank top's sheer fabric. I hadn't seen her this excitement in a long time. I wondered, who is this woman and what did she do with my wife? I went for a shower.

Shortly after finishing my shower, I dressed and peeked out the kitchen window toward Trinka's. My concerns were confirmed when I saw Chet come out of his patio door to join girls. Damn, Jennie was sitting right across from him and looked like she was flirting with him. Yup, she was definitely flirting. I'm pretty sure Jennie had spread her legs to expose her panties. Holy shit! I watched until I saw Trinka get up and head for our back door. I bolted for the family room.

(Knock, knock) Trinka opened our back door and called out: "can I come in?"

I came back into the kitchen as Trinka started to walk into the family room. "Hi Trink."

"Your wife seems to think I should talk to you instead of having Chet do it. Ray, you know damn well what I'm here to talk about, right?"

"Well, yes, I think so. Talk to me."

"Be nice, Ray, Chet is over talking to Jennie about what to expect when you guys arrive for our party Saturday night. Just listen up." She sat down at the kitchen table. Trinka was wearing her flimsy purple swim suit wrap around. However, it looked as though she might not be wearing her swim suit or, for that matter, anything. Okay, so I lust for Trinka and she has a 'to-die-for figure'; so, I was happy to sit across from her. "Jennie is over with Chet right now discussing the particulars of our party and I came over here to do the same with you. We can take our conversation over there in just a few minutes, okay? Never mind, you are going to do exactly as Jennie and I say, understood?" I nodded okay. "Next, you should know that your wife is not wearing any panties and she is flashing her snatch at my Chet right now." Wow, I hadn't seen that coming, but, okay. "By the way, did you know that she just showered and shaved her snatch for our little meeting? Well, now you know. She's a real sex kitten or, maybe, you didn't know that."

"No touching or feeling until later; Ray, but you should see this!" Trinka stood up and untied her wrap around dress. She held it open for me to see she was completely naked. All over tan, nicely shaped tits, a little bit of a tummy and a thin strip of brown fuzz pointing to her freshly shorn pussy. "You like? You can even do more than look Saturday, but right now stand up, I'm going to drop your pants."

I was up like a shot and was experiencing the hardest erection I'd had in years. Trinka took two steps over to me, undid my belt and dropped my shorts to the floor. Next, she deftly pulled my cock out of my briefs and yanked a few times to see what I felt like in her hand. "Nice, I think this whole idea is turned you on Ray, or do you just like what you see?" Trinka grinned at me, she let go of my cock, closed her dress, gave me a head-to-toe passionate kiss, stuck her tongue all the way to my tonsils, pulled away and headed for the door. "Well, come along little boy or lose me forever," she grined and I followed.

All four of us sat on lawn chairs on Trinka's deck.

Pouting to her husband and cupping her own boobs, Trinka began, "Chester, honey, it seems Ray likes my tits and," turning to my wife, "I liberated his dick from his shorts and stroked his 'throbber' just a little." Jen's mouth was open with shock. "Surprised? Don't be, I thought maybe Chet would have already done something to tease you."

Jennie winked and replied, "oh, I sort of teased him until he came over to my chair and kissed me. Ray, he kisses nice. Oh, Trink, did I mention, he did manage to insert a finger or two into my, otherwise, wide open, pussy, don't you know. You did know I forgot my panties at home, didn't you? Well I did." Addressing Chet, "I like this so far and we will be accepting Trinka's invitation for next Saturday."

Trinka continued, "Jennie, you are such a slut. Back to business. We are not going to be the only couples here. You two probably remember Adrien and Dee from down the street? Well, it took Dee about two seconds to accept my invitation last fall to join our little group. She and Adrien have been coming, so to speak, every month for our get togethers. My cousin, Sylvia and her new boyfriend will be joining us for their first encounter. Not sure she told her boyfriend what to expect. We may have a few more, but I am planning on about five couples all together."

"This brings up one of the most important situations: there will be couples having sex in very close proximity at the same time. I have been known to play with more than one man at a time. If that bothers you, maybe this isn't for you. What do you think?"

Without hesitation, Jennie said, "I'm looking forward to it. Like I told you, Trink, I need this. Further, is it okay if I entertain more than one person at a time? Just thinking outside my box, so to speak." Chet and I laughed uneasily.

Trinka frankly stated, "Jen, you can entertain all of the men at the same time if you wish and even a couple girls. Just be warned that you may find this addictive. I have and I like having sex with several different men at our gatherings. I plan to suck my husband's cock after I persuade him to fuck my cousin. Sort of looking forward to tasting her juices on his dick. I feel so wicked at the thought." Trinka turned to her husband, "didn't know I had that planned, did you?"

Chester couldn't stop smiling. "I could always have her sit on me while you lick my shaft."

"You come up with the most wicked thoughts, honey." Trinka licked her lips and smiled.

Jennie just couldn't hold back. My wife smiled and winked at me and asked, "Trink, is it okay with you?" Jen pointed at Chet's bulging shorts.

Jen turned to me and asked, "Honey, you don't mind a little practice, do you? You might want to do the same favor to Trink."

"How could I say no, sweetheart?" My wife dropped to her knees in front of Chester and slipped her hand into the leg of his shorts. I dropped to my knees in front of Trinka and asked, "may I, pretty lady?" Trinka nodded yes and pulled her dress open to reveal her tasty hoohoo. Without hesitation, Trinka spread wide her legs, slid her butt forward on the chair to give me full on access to her glistening clit. I dove in and tasted the sweetest juices I can ever remember. As I lapped at Trinka's clit, I could hear her moans over what sounded like slurping coming from my wife. I glanced sideways just enough from my snack to see that Jennie had pulled out Chet's hard-on and was sucking feverishly as he pushed his cock deeper into her mouth.

Trinka gasped, "Everyone stop, save something for next weekend. Ray, one more little taste and you go home. Chet, let go of Jennie and you go in the house. Jen and I have to talk." Reluctantly, everyone obeyed Trinka. After all, Trinka and Jennie were running this show and you don't defy the bosses.

I trudged home. This can't really be happening I thought, but I had an immense hard-on. Right there in the kitchen I stroked off the most massive load I'd had in years. Damn.

It wasn't even ten thirty in the morning when Trinka started by telling Jennie, "don't prejudge anyone, Jen, but you will definitely be surprised who's coming, every pun intended. First, Justin from down the block brings his mother to our gatherings. They don't indulge one another here except to watch each other perform. I don't know if they have a relationship outside partying together, but you can ask and (in a whisper) let me know. I think Justin is about thirty and his mom about fifty-five or so. She acts like a tigress in heat around the other husbands. She likes cock and newbies really excite her. She will likely go after Ray. You know, Ray is nicely put together, too."

"Next, Cindy will eat your pussy if given half a chance. She has an amazing tongue, I ought to know, and likes to take it in the ass while she eats pussy. Her husband likes abusing her while she enjoys a good clit. Another thing, I haven't figured out Lisa, yet. She shows up with a new young guy every time and introduces them all as her son. She does prefer one companion more often. That seems to turn her on and inspires other couples to fuck her in front of her, quote, son. Honestly, I have enjoyed her various sons fucking me from behind while I bury my face in her snatch."

"Lastly, there are Natalia and Drew. At least those are the names they gave us on their first gathering. Lisa brought them to our group. They show up in costume. Their costumes are right out of the Erotica Wear catalog always hiding their eyes with a mask. Honestly, I don't know much about them as I've never seen their faces, but they are more passionate than any of the others.

Terra and Ron show up once in a while. She is, maybe, late forties and he looks late fifties. Chet says she has a killer kiss and a delicious pussy. I don't know since I am always intrigued by Ron. He is not as physically fit as some of the young men wandering around naked, but he has a thick cock that always seems ready to fill me up. Gotta' tell you, if you have a chance to sit on his cock, take it all in. You won't regret the feeling. He likes tits and will devour yours while he fucks you deep."

Jennie was squirming in her chair at the description of all the wanton sex. She whispered, "Trink, I just am so turned on, I just need some relief. I think I'm going home to do something about this urge to have something fill me up."

Fully understanding, Trinka winded and said, "wait a minute, I can help with that, come with me," and took Jen by the hand and led her into her kitchen. There, Trinka pushed Jennie, face down, on the kitchen table. "This is going to help both of us, Jen. Just be quiet. I don't want Chet to know we're in the house." Trinka reached into the fruit bowl to find a stiff banana. "Hold still, Jen, and let me introduce you to my little friend." With that, Trinka folded Jennie's skirt over her ass to reveal Jennie's super wet and gushing pussy. Trinka grasped the banana and deftly teased Jen's pussy lips with the blunt fruit sliding the length of the tool along Jen's slippery slit. Jennie opened her legs further to invite Trinka's toy.

"Stop teasing and give it to me now," gasped Jen.

Trinka purred in a malicious voice, "don't squeeze, you wanton cunt, I want you to take this all the way in, slowly." Trinka firmly, but gently, pushes a few inches of the yellow fruit into Jen's lubed snatch. Jennie gasped in heightened pleasure. "Jennie, honey, imagine this is a really immense cock. Let me tell you about it. Your pussy juices are making this easy. Honey, your snatch wants it all. She seems really hungry for the whole thing. Think you can take it all?" Jen's breathing comes in gasps of pleasure as the penetration deepens. "This cock is almost eight inches long, sweetie. Can you take it all in? Can you be that slut?"

Between panting breaths, Jennie gasped, "oh fuck yes, give it all to me. I want it all. Stop teasing me and give it all to me." Trinka pushed the last three inches into Jennie pulsing pussy. Jennie gulps air as fast as she could, groaning with pleasure.

"Now squeeze it, honey. Show this cock who's boss. Oh, yeah," As Jen bucks her hips to gyrate on the whole banana, her legs tensing with pleasure. Trinka inserts her right pinkie finger into Jennie's ass, "here is a little friend to help you along." That sent Jen over the top.

Jen couldn't hold back any longer. Her thighs were quivering uncontrollably as her orgasm erupted. Trinka's table was barely able to handle Jen's squirming and bouncing. Jen gripped the edges of the table. Her passionate howl brought Chet running into the kitchen from the living room. He was awe struck. All he could do was watch in admiration as his wife held on for dear life as Jen thrashed away on the table. When Jennie finally came down from her orgasm, Trinka pulled her finger slowly and stroked Jen's ass cheeks gently, "damn girl, you needed that, didn't you!"

"Oh, so much," as Jen slowly calmed to a sweaty mess, "Oh shit," Jen realized Chet was in the kitchen staring at the yellow weapon protruding from her slathering pussy. Giggling, Jen gave one great squeeze and out popped the banana. "What do you do with that, oh never mind," Jennie noticed that Trinka was sharing the banana with her husband.

"Tastes great, Jen," was all Chet said as he took a big bite of the banana as his wife bit off the other end. They kissed. "Yummy," is all Trinka said.

"Go home to your husband, you little slut and be ready for even more Saturday night." Jennie staggered home to her husband as Trinka and Chet got naked together.

Chapter 2 coming soon

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